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They Met At A Wedding - Part 3

"Mature married women Debbie and Sue meet nineteen-year-old Chris for some threesome fun"

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Forty-nine-year-old Debbie Burnside had got her first fucking by nineteen-year-old Chris Taylor in Chris's hotel room at Debbie's daughter Cindy's wedding. Since then she had been to Chris's flat for a day of sex, and more sex was planned.

The next session was also to involve Debbie's friend Sue Wagstaff, whom Chris had had three previous sex sessions with, and was to be in Sue's house. Lesbian sex between the two female friends was also on the cards, in a full-blown threesome.

Debbie's sex life with her husband Steve was average, or probably below average, and Sue's sex life with her husband Tony, was non-existent.

An exact date for the three-way sex had not been fixed, but Sue's husband was about to be away for two days, obviously including one night, on a golfing trip, so it would be then.

Debbie and Sue had a phone conversation the day after Debbie's visit to Chris's flat.

"So have you recovered from the fuckings that you got yesterday?" asked Sue.

"I can still feel his huge cock in me, he really is out of this world, isn't he?" replied Debbie.

"Yeah, he is truly sensational," responded Sue.

"I am already looking forward to the next time," said Debbie.

"I have been thinking about that; I want it to be on the first day of Tony's trip, and Chris can stay the night if he wants," said Sue.

"Which day is that?" asked Debbie.

"Tuesday of next week, you could tell Steve that you are out with me so you could spend a chunk of the evening with Chris and me," said Sue.

"Sounds great, have you checked that Chris can make it that day?" responded Debbie.

"Not yet, but he can swap his bar shifts quite easily I think," replied Sue.

"Right, well get back to me to confirm when it is fixed," said Debbie.

"What do you feel about you and me having some fun?" asked Sue.

"Well, I have not done anything with another woman, ever," said Debbie.

"I have, but you don't have to if you don't want to," replied Sue.

"Can we see how it goes?" responded Debbie.

"Sure, but it would be something to do while Chris takes a rest from fucking us both," laughed Sue.

"Yeah, he wants to see our arses side by side," replied Debbie.

"He is going to spank mine," said Sue.

"I would not mind another spanking from him, it was such a turn-on," responded Debbie.

"It will be a great day of sex," said Sue.

"Yeah, phone him and confirm it, then get back to me," said Debbie.

Sue phoned Chris, and Tuesday was fine for him, he would stay the night. Sue got back to Debbie.

"Hey, Tuesday is good for Chris and he will stay the night with me, you arrange to spend as much time with us as you can," said Sue.

"Yes, I will do what you suggested and tell Steve that I will be out late because I will be with you; it is the truth, sort of," replied Debbie.

After the conversation ended, Debbie felt excited and guilty. She told herself that it was just sex, sensational sex but just sex, so she almost convinced herself that the feelings of guilt were unnecessary.

Chris sent a text to both women.

I am so looking forward to comparing your arses and giving you both a good fucking.

He got replies from both, Sue first.

Mmm, I can't wait. I so need a fucking from you. xxx

Debbie replied to Chris very soon thereafter.

I am looking forward to Tuesday, baby.

Chris then sent a further text to both women.

I want to watch you two getting it on too.

Again, Sue responded first.

That depends on Debs, but I am up for it.

Debbie replied how she felt about the subject because she was still unsure.

Maybe, honey.

On Monday, Sue and Debbie had another phone conversation.

"Hey, are you all set for tomorrow?" asked Sue.

"Yeah, I will be with you about ten in the morning, and I have told Steve that I will be late home," replied Debbie.

"Is he okay with that?" asked Sue.

"Seems to be; I will need a good shower at your house before going home though," responded Debbie.

"I am so excited, Debs, it is going to be so sexy," said Sue.

"I am excited too," confirmed Debbie.

"Have you thought any more about you and me doing it?" asked Sue.

"Let's see what happens," replied Debbie, who was still not sure about having lesbian sex.

Tuesday dawned, and all three participants were looking forward to the great sex that promised to ensue.

Debbie and Sue, currently in their own homes, made themselves up to look as sexy as possible, and also dressed sexily.

Debbie put on a short black skirt, so short that bending over would reveal her black knickers, and a white blouse with a black bra underneath.

Sue put on a pair of white trousers that hugged her large arse cheeks, and revealed her panty line, and a green blouse. She chose to be braless.

Debbie arrived at Sue's house before Chris.

"Hello, babe, have you dressed sexy like that for me?" smiled Sue.

"Of course not; fuck, I am turned on already," replied Debbie.

"I wonder how many times we will each cum today," said Sue, wanting to touch Debbie, but deciding not to, yet.

"Countless, I would think," answered Debbie.

"Chris should be here very soon," said Sue.

"This is so sexy," said Debbie.

Although they were close and longtime friends, they had never been in this situation before, and they both felt slightly awkward. They needed Chris to arrive to break the ice, and arrive he did.

"Mmm, our hunk is here," said Sue, opening the door and smothering Chris in kisses.

"Hey, leave some for me," chuckled Debbie, pushing Sue aside, and snogging Chris.

"Hello ladies," smiled Chris.

"You have got a lot of fucking to do, young man," said Sue, feeling the bulge in Chris's jeans.

"I have been looking forward to fucking you two ladies," said Chris, feeling Sue's braless tits through her blouse.

"Can we get on with it?" asked Debbie.

"You can't get enough, can you?" responded Sue.

"Not of his lovely cock, no, I can't," replied Debbie, taking her turn to feel Chris's bulge.

"I want to see your bare arses as soon as possible," said a very aroused Chris.

"You can see mine," said Sue, lowering her trousers and then her knickers.

"And mine," said Debbie, lifting her skirt at the back and pulling her knickers down.

"They are both fucking gorgeous," said Chris, putting a hand on each bare female backside.

"Which is the best?" asked Sue, loving how Chris was caressing her bottom.

"Neither, both wonderful," replied Chris.

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"This is so hot," said Debbie, as Chris caressed her arse.

"Yeah, let's get the fucking started," said Sue.

"I want to see you feel each other's arses first," said Chris, taking his hands off the female buttocks.

"I don't know if Debbie wants me feeling her arse," said Sue, her eyes on Debbie's.

"Go for it," replied Debbie, and Sue wasted little time in feeling Debbie's substantial buttocks.

"Feel hers," Chris said to Debbie, and Debbie tentatively put her hands on Sue's arse cheeks.

The women were both very turned on, as was Chris.

"Your arse feels so good, Debbie," said Sue, as the women faced each other with their hands on the other's backside.

"So does yours, Sue," said Debbie, her eyes on Sue's lips.

Sue moved her head towards Debbie's, and their lips met. The kiss was tentative at first, but then became more and more passionate.

"Fuck, this is hot," said Chris, getting a close-up view of the female friends snogging.

"Let's go to my bedroom," said Sue, before she took off her lowered trousers and knickers.

Debbie and Chris followed Sue up the stairs, both of them admiring her buttocks as she climbed the stairs. Debbie still had her knickers just above her knees where she had lowered them to.

Sue reached her bedroom and then turned to face her house guests, kissing Chris and Debbie in turn.

"I think that we should have this young man's cock out, don't you, Debs?" said Sue, undoing Chris's jeans.

"I most certainly do," replied Debbie, helping Sue to pull Chris's jeans down.

The women giggled as they each put a hand at the top of Chris's boxers and pulled them out and over his erection.

The giggling women then dropped to their knees and took it in turns to give Chris's penis a suck.

"Which of us are you going to fuck first, baby?" asked Sue, looking up at Chris.

"I don't know, you two decide," replied Chris, diplomatically.

"He can fuck you first Sue, I have had him more recently than you," said Debbie.

"Well thanks, Debs, you are a star," said Sue, taking Debbie's head in her hands and planting a kiss on her lips.

Sue stood, and removed Chris's T-shirt, as Debbie removed his trainers, jeans, boxers and socks. Chris removed Sue's blouse, making them both naked. Debbie felt very overdressed, but soon rectified that by getting herself naked.

Sue and Chris were kissing and groping, as Debbie watched.

"Fuck me, big boy," breathed Sue, putting her arse on the bed and bringing Chris with her.

Debbie was soaking wet as she watched Chris mount Sue, and the expression on Sue's face as his cock entered her made Debbie echo the gasp that Sue gave.

Chris thrust slowly at first, and Debbie wanted to join in. She had never been involved in a threesome, but she assumed that the term meant that all three participated at the same time.

Debbie put her hands on Chris's buttocks, the pressure she applied to them encouraged him to fuck Sue faster, not that he needed much encouragement.

Debbie played with Chris's arse crack, adding to his arousal as he continued to fuck Sue.

"Fuck! Cumming! Fuck!" yelled Sue, as Chris's cock moved in and out of her.

Chris was unsure whether to keep fucking Sue, or to give Debbie a shafting. Sue provided the answer.

"Fuck Debbie now," said the just orgasmed Sue.

There were rapid changes of positions with Chris withdrawing from Sue, who slid from under him, and then Debbie was on her back with Chris's rigid penis entering her.

"Fuck her, give her a good fucking," panted Sue, as Chris thrust hard and fast, rapidly bringing Debbie towards orgasm.

Debbie soon announced that she was cumming, and with her agreement, Chris had his cock back in between Sue's legs.

The process continued with Chris moving from one woman to the other once the woman that he was fucking came. Sue and Debbie had each cum three times, and Chris was driving Sue towards her fourth orgasm when he started to cum. Debbie was okay with that.

"Well that was a good start to our day of sex," said Sue, once her fourth orgasm had subsided.

"It certainly was," agreed Debbie.

"Now I will take a rest while you two fuck," said Chris.

"Come here you," said Sue, dragging Debbie on top of her and pawing her arse as the women kissed. Debbie was about to have her first experience of lesbian sex.

The women writhed on the bed, kissing and caressing, and then found themselves in a mouth to cunt sixty-nine. This was all very new for Debbie, less so for Sue, but they each tongued the other to several orgasms.

"Shit, now I am a lesbian," laughed Debbie, when they were done.

"I think that you should both be spanked for that," said Chris.

"Her first, she started it," said Debbie.

"Yes Susan Wagstaff, I will spank your arse first," said Chris, sitting on a chair.

Sue lay across Chris's lap, and she was soon getting her buttocks spanked by the teenager. Chris gave her quite a spanking, arousing her tremendously, before deciding that it was Debbie's turn.

Debbie then got her arse tanned, as Sue rubbed her just-spanked buttocks.

With Debbie's arse suitably warmed, it was time for more fucking. This time, Chris fucked Debbie first, and also came in her after fucking both women to further orgasms.

There was then another lesbian sex session, the two female friends were sexually very compatible.

"I think that Chris should be spanked," announced Debbie.

"Yes, he needs his teenage arse stung," agreed Sue.

Chris then spent several minutes getting spanked, first over Debbie's knee and then over Sue's. He gave both women another good fucking after that.

The three of them were drained for the moment, but with Chris staying the night, Sue was happy to watch him give Debbie yet another fucking before thoughts had to turn to Debbie showering and going home.

With Debbie duly showered and dressed, she said her goodbyes to Chris and Sue. She wondered how she would explain to Steve her wearing such a short skirt to visit her female friend, but luckily when she got home Steve was having a shower so no explanation of her clothing was necessary.

Chris and Sue had sex again that night, and once more in the morning.

It had been quite a day and night.

It would probably not be the last time that Chris fucked Debbie and Sue, although it might be individually in future. It would almost certainly not be the only day on which close friends Debbie Burnside and Sue Wagstaff had lesbian sex.

Written by PJH
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