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Camping Trip - Chapter 5

Camping Trip - Chapter 5

April and Beth go to dinner in anticipation of dessert.
Friday Evening

The twenty three camp sites were far enough apart with pine trees around them adding privacy.

Beth and I arrived a few minutes early.

Ken was grilling steaks, corn on the cob, asparagus. "Welcome girls, make yourselves at home."

"So happy the two of you could make it." Barbie poured a White Riesling for everyone.

Barbie asked us to raise our glasses, "To new friends."

Everyone gulped down their wine. Feeling more relaxed as Barbie refilled the glasses.

Both of us were happy that neither Barbie nor Ken mentioned what happened at the showers. Though it was somewhat embarrassing it was also very sexually stimulating.

Ken, who was wearing shorts with a very snug t - shirt came over and kissed us on the cheek.

"Welcome girls, make yourselves at home."

Barbie wore a yellow crop top that did little to cover the lower half of her breasts. Her erect nipples were very visible, begging to be sucked. Looking at Ken over at the grill Beth and I could not believe the bulge growing inside his shorts.

Ken asked us to help Barbie get the lanterns from the tent. When Beth and I went to pick up the lanterns, Barbie lightly slapped our arses.

"Mmmm, very nice girls."

She slapped us again then rubbed gently. She did this several times, each slap a little harder than the last. Her hands moved down our arse cracks each time. After the final slap landed, Beth moved her hands down our arse cracks. This time, her hands continued down to our damp pussies.

"Oooooohhhh, Barbie more please."

"Patience girls, this was an appetizer. Much more to come after dinner."

"Girls take the lanterns outside, I will be there in a minute."

"Ok Barbie, but hurry we are hungry," we said in unison as we carried out the lanterns.

Ken was at the grill, "Girls, please place a lantern near each end of the picnic table. The other two by our chairs."

"Sounded like the three of you were having a little fun."

"Barbie treated us to an appetizer. Would you like to see?" As Beth turned she bent grabbing her ankles.

I slapped her arse, moving my hand down her arse crack. Moving my hand down her pussy then back up her crack. I did this several more times.

"Oooooohhhh April, my pussy is so wet."

Looking over at Ken, "Do you like what you see?"

"Yes April, I like what I see very much."

"Do you want to suck, lick, and fuck this pussy?"


"Yes, what Ken?"

"Yes April, I want suck, lick, fuck Beth's pussy."

"What about her arse and mouth Ken do you want them too?"

"Yes April, I want them too."

Beth stood, she passionately kissed me as Ken stroked his cock. Barbie came out from the tent and joined us in a three way kiss.

"Girls, I think Ken needs some help. Just enough to keep him stimulated though."

"Oh girls, no touching his cock. That's our dessert."

We went over to Ken and shared a passionate three way kiss. Beth teased one nipple through his t - shirt, I teased the other. Rolling them between our fingers, then pinching, them. Ken was doing the same to ours. Barbie joined us and teased our nipples. We took our free hand and teased Barbie's nipples.

It was not long before everyone was moaning, dry humping one another. We were getting very close to the point of no return.

"We need to stop, save this for dessert as we have the entire night." Barbie stepped back, then the three of us followed suit.

Ken went back to finish grilling the food as we set the table. He brought the food to the table and we all helped ourselves to the great food. Barbie filled our glasses with more Riesling.

Ken raised his glass, "To dessert!" 

"To dessert!" As the three of us raised our glasses.

Barbie asked where we were from. I told her we both are from a suburb of Chicago. Ken told us they too were from a suburb of Chicago.

"April, what do you do?" asked Ken as he moved his foot along my leg.

"I just graduated college and will be teaching elementary physical education in the coming school year."

As his foot moved up higher along my leg, I shifted myself so his toes rubbed my pussy.

"Beth, what about you?" asked Barbie as she seductively licked her lips as her foot moved along Beth's leg.

"I am a lawyer at the top firm in Chicago."

As her foot moved up higher along Beth's leg, Beth shifted so Barbie's toes rubbed her pussy.

Beth did the same to Barbie and I did the same to Ken. Dinner was over rather quickly as we were all anticipating "Dessert."

Barbie stood, "Girls, help me clean up while Ken cleans the grill."

In no time, everything was cleaned up. The sun had set and the lanterns gave off a soft glow. Ken walked over to us, taking off his t-shirt. As his muscular torso was bared, Barbie told us to go have our dessert. Dropping to our knees, we removed his shorts. Ken was shaved, making his cock look bigger. I took the head of his flaccid cock in my mouth as Beth licked his scrotum.

Beth swirled her tongue from his swollen balls to the circumcised head. Our tongues swirled around each other, then down Ken's stiffening shaft. We sucked on the swollen balls as Beth stroked his shaft. My hand rubbed the head until I felt his precum. Licking his balls, I took my finger and wiped it from his cock head. I placed my finger on Beth's tongue, she greedily licked my finger clean.

Ken was moaning out as we continued stroking his thick eight inch cock. We stopped, stepped back looking at that monster cock as we stripped off our clothes. Barbie began moaning, we looked over to see her sitting naked in a chair. Her fingers buried in her shaved pussy, stroking herself to orgasm. They had no tan lines.

Taking Ken by the hand, we went to Barbie. I held out my hand, Barbie took it then we went into the tent. Ken had me lie on my back, he placed his cock against my swollen pussy lips. Barbie straddled my face as Beth lay on her back.

Ken slowly pushed his cock past my swollen pussy lips as I licked Barbie's slit. My tongue snaked its way into her wet pussy. Barbie went down on Beth's pussy, licking from the base of her slit to her clit. Beth used her fingers to tease her nipples as Barbie's tongue slipped past her swollen pussy lips.

Ken was banging my pussy hard and fast. Barbie pinched her nipples as her sweet nectar bathed my mouth. Beth arched her back as she came hard against Barbie's mouth. The three of us came together.

Ken pulled his cock from my pussy as Barbie pressed her pussy to my mouth. I felt the first load of warm cum hit my breasts, then a second, third, fourth. The final load landed on my stomach, stretching down to my pussy.

The girls licked my breasts, sharing Ken's cum with me. Kissing their way down my neck, I felt a tongue on my pussy. As the girls licked my breasts clean, the tongue moved from my pussy. Realizing it was Ken's tongue licking up his cum all the way to my stomach. My body quivered, as I was about to cum again.

Just as I was about to cum, Ken kissed me passionately sharing the sweet nectar. Beth and Barbie shared their mouthfuls of cum with each other. Moaning into Ken's mouth as I came, he pinched my nipples. Holding me until I recovered, Ken then told me to go to Barbie.

Crawling over to Barbie I looked at Beth, "His cock feels amazing."

Beth smiled at Ken as she crawled to him. Ken watched as Beth's 38D - cup breasts swayed with every move. She turned so her arse was facing Ken. She felt the head of his cock pressing against her swollen pussy lips. Ken slowly pushed into her warm pussy, pausing for a moment. He slowly continued until his entire length was deep within her.

"Oh my God Beth, you were right, his cock feels amazing!" as she pushed back into him.

I held Barbie in my arms and cupped her 34DD-cup breasts in my hands as we watched Ken fuck Beth. Barbie turned her head to kiss me as her hands joined mine in teasing her nipples.

Ken was banging Beth hard as he reached to tease her nipple. Beth was rocking against his every thrust as she rubbed her clit.

Reaching down I fingered Barbie's already wet pussy. We watched Beth's breasts sway with every thrust of Ken's cock. Beth moaned out to Ken to go faster and harder as she started to cum. Barbie was moaning as her orgasm was nearing, telling me to go faster as her finger moved over her clit faster.

Ken grunted out, "I am cuming!' as he gave one last thrust deep into Beth's pussy.

"Oh God, Ken, give me all of your cum!"

Ken filled her pussy with his cream just as Barbie came, soaking our hands with her sweet nectar.

Ken's cock made a popping sound as it slipped out of Beth's pussy. Beth collapsed to the floor exhausted, rolling onto her back. Ken laid back facing Beth, he watched her breasts move with every breath she took.

Slipping my fingers from Barbie's pussy, I sucked them clean. Barbie turned, putting her fingers to my mouth. We licked them clean. She then kissed me while fondling my 36D-cup breasts. Moving to my nipple, her wet fingers teased it to stiffness. I felt her other hand lightly trace circles down my stomach to my mound as she teased my other nipple to stiffness.

Her hand moved over my mound, two fingers rubbed my clit before gliding down my wet slit. Barbie bit my nipple gently at first, then harder as her two fingers snaked their way into my pussy.

Ken and Beth watched Barbie as she pumped her fingers into the depths of my wetness. Her mouth bit down hard on my other nipple, emitting a loud moan from me.

Barbie then looked over at her husband, "Babe, are you ready for another pussy?" Removing her fingers, she looked at Ken as she sucked them clean.

"I am more than ready, baby." Ken stroked his cock back to hardness keeping his eyes on the three of us.

Beth was fingering herself as I crawled to Ken. Barbie crawled up to Beth from behind. She kissed Beth, then sucked a nipple to stiffness as Beth sucked Barbie's nipple to stiffness. I moved so my arse was facing Ken who was on his knees.

"Get ready for the ride of your life, April." Ken rubbed his cock along my slit several times.

"FUCK ME, Ken!" I pushed hard against him as we watched Barbie move down Beth's body to her pussy.

Ken's mushroom sized head pushed past my swollen lips, stopping just in my pussy. Beth and Barbie were now in the sixty-nine position, tonguing each other's pussy.

"God babe, she's as tight as the two of you." Pushing ever deeper in my hot pussy.

He is so FUCKING BIG!" I felt his balls slap against me.

Ken grabbed my hips, then slowly moved me along his cock. I screamed out for him to go faster. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled back hard. Ken started to ride me hard, he pulled on my hair harder. I screamed out in both pain and pleasure as the girls were moaning while sucking on the clit before them.

Ken's cum swollen balls slapped against me with every thrust. He reached around with his other hand, fondling my breast. We saw Beth and Barbie fingering one another's arses. I was close as were the girls. Ken felt my body shudder as my orgasm started. He pumped his cock faster and faster, I pushed against him hard.

My pussy tightened around the monster in my pussy as I came. I kept squeezing the massive cock buried within me. I could feel the warm, creamy cum fill the depths of my pussy. Load after load of cum filled me until there was no place for it to go. Cum was flowing from my pussy forming a puddle between my legs.

I dropped to my stomach, turned on my side with Ken holding me from behind. His still hard cock snug between my arse cheeks, arm resting across my breast. His strong, gentle hand cupping my other breast as he softly kissed my neck.

Watching the girls rub their pussies in each other's face was very hot. Barbie and Beth screamed out as they came. Barbie looked up, her face glistening with pussy juice. She moved back up Beth's body, lightly touching Beth with her nipples. Reaching Beth's mouth, they shared their sweet nectar in a passionate kiss.

Beth rolled to her side with Barbie behind her. Barbie rested her arm across Beth's breast. Her hand cupping the other breast as she softly kissed Beth's neck.

When everyone was rested, Barbie went to the cooler to get a bottle of wine. Filling our glasses, she told us how happy she and Ken were to have run into us this morning. She went on to say how amazing we looked, having tanned bodies that were toned. She really liked that our pussies were shaved. We were blushing as she talked.

Beth told her how amazing her body looked. How toned, tanned she was along with having a shaved pussy. I told her she definitely did not look her sixty two years. Telling her she had a body that any thirty year old would love to have, she blushed. I looked at Ken and told him how amazing his muscular, toned, tanned body looked. How beautiful his shaved cock looked.

Beth chimed in, "Your beautiful cock is the largest, thickest either of us have ever had."

I went on to tell him that he definitely did not look his sixty five years. Telling him he had a body that any thirty year old would love to have, he blushed.

"Girls, Barbie and I would love to have you join us for dinner every night during you stay in Yellowstone."

Beth and I quickly agreed as we all finished our wine. After we finished dressing, our new friends kissed us goodnight. We walked back to our tent, talking about the events of the night. Both of us agreed that it was by far the best sexual experience we ever had.

Once in our tent, we laid naked on top of the sleeping bags. Our nipples barely touching, as we talked about what we were going to do tomorrow. We decided not to get up as early as today. We kissed, tasting the sweet nectar left on our lips. Beth turned to her side, my arm resting across her breast as my hand cupped her other breast. The last thing we heard was the howling of a lone wolf far off in the distance.

The remaining days of our stay brought new adventures. We went hiking on Terraced Falls Trail, Duck Lake Trail and Trout Lake Trail. The last one was Monument Geyser Basin Trail. There was plenty of wildlife to see along the road. People would pull onto the shoulder, get out of their cars to take photos. We did the same, taking photos and watching the animals.

To be continued...

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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