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Fuck Doll - Chapter One

Fuck Doll - Chapter One

Fuck Doll Dominates a Submissive Boy
You remember when we were kids in school, and our teachers would ask us what we wanted to be? We were asked every few years, and our answers would always change. I guess it’s not the same for everyone though, for me I never really knew what I wanted to be. I always did well in school, and could even gone to college, except that isn't what I wanted to do.

I've always been a people pleaser, but mostly I liked to please myself. When I lost my virginity at sixteen, I was addicted to it. I took many boys virginities in high school, but it always came with a price for them. This went on for two years, until I left high school, and I no longer fancied boys.

When I was looking for a job I couldn't find anything I wanted to do. As I said, even as a kid I didn't know what I wanted. It wasn't until I read on the Internet about becoming an escort that made me wonder what it would be like. It of course read that it wasn't about sex, it was completely legit.

When I went in for an interview I was hired after only five minutes of talking. My boss was seemingly nice, but something did seem off. I was young, and didn't pay much mind to it. I quickly got started. It was slow at first though, I was weaned in. I got simple easy dates, they were all nice though. I got paid nicely, and enjoyed it.

It wasn't until I met Mr. Carson that things started changing. I had been working as an escort for almost eight months and figured it really didn't involve sex, at least until then. Mr. Carson had a function he needed to attend to and required a date. He had been going through our company a while, and wanted a new girl. I was picked.

It was for his own business that was having a party, celebrating the fact they made it fifteen years as a company. When Mr. Carson, also known as AJ came to pick me up, I was stunned at how gorgons he was. I was in a long white semi sheer gown, with my long dark hair tied up in a fancy bun, a few loose strands of hair around my face. My piercing green eyes stood out the most, as they always do.

Mr. Carson seemed pleased with what he saw in me. The party was as fun as a business party can get, and around midnight he asked if I wanted to go. I figured he meant home, but he brought me to his. We had wine, and talked and he asked why I was in the escort business. I told him why, and he seemed satisfied with the answer. It was then he kissed me, held me with such possession it almost took my breath away.

He was without a doubt a very Dominant type of man, and it was a huge turn on. He had me strip for him, slowly he said. I didn't have much on, but I made it seem like I had so many layers to peel off. Once I was undressed, his eyes roamed my naked body. He took me to his bedroom, and fucked me into many orgasms, until he filled me with his own seed.

After that, I became his number one girl. If he needed a date, I was it. We never took it beyond what it was; I was his escort, nothing more. This isn't Pretty Woman. He took very good care of me. After I started with him, others like him followed. I started getting really well at my job, and brought in an amazing income. I was just eighteen, and was making more money than my friends did, even my folks. Not that anyone knew what I really did.

By the time I reached twenty I was racking it in. I loved my job, but wanted more. My boss was becoming increasing greedy, and expecting more of a percentage. It was AJ who suggested that I start my own escort business, but I told him I didn't want to handle other girls. I just wanted to do me. He said then do it, and well, I did.

I started off on line, getting all I needed to be an escort on line. Yes, men and women even look for on line dates. It was a brilliant idea. AJ gave me the money to get the finest computers, web cams, and microphones, all you needed. He even bought me all kinds of new toys, and clothes for my clients to be happy.

When I finally did leave my job, to fully run my own a good handful of my faithful clients came with me. I was off to a good start. I was constantly busy with them, and the on line dates. I had a bunch of offers to travel, and I told them if they paid, I shall come. And, they did! I started traveling around America, having going on dates and giving men and women what they wanted.


It’s been two years since I started my own escort company, and still it’s just me. It can be hard at times, but I mange. AJ is still my biggest supporter, and client. He treats me well. I’m now twenty two and couldn't be happier. I never knew when I was younger, this is the kind of life I was going to have, but I love it.

It’s a typical Wednesday afternoon for me; I have an on line date with a guy named Daniel. He’s a submissive, and likes for me to dominate him. I have learned to do all kinds of role playing off and on line. It’s actually quite fun. I know what he wants, and I get ready. I dress in my leather outfit, grab my whip, and set up my room. I light a few candles, and draw the shades closed so it’s a bit darker. I wait for him to sign on line so we can begin. He knows better than to be late.

It seems he doesn't though, and is six minutes late. The date will start with a punishment. He pings me first.

“I’m so sorry, Mistress that I’m late. I missed the train, and had to take a cab.”

“You know the rules, slut. You’re not to be late. There are no excuses. I’m going to call; you know how I want you.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I could hear even in his typing the tremble of fear. I couldn't help but grin. I put my ear piece in, and call him. Our cams both flash on, and he’s already naked, and on his knees. His head is down, his hands on his thighs facing upwards.

“So, you want to give me more excuses, slut?”

“It’s not an excuse, Mistress. Honest, I was just running late. I’m sorry.”

“Save it, slut. I don’t want to hear it. Do you have everything ready, or you going to waste more of my time?”

“No, I’m ready Miss. But please, please don’t punish me.”

“You know better than that, slut. You were six minutes late, so six one each side. It’s not so bad. Get on with it.”

I hear him faintly sigh, and reach to grab his own crop. I had him buy one after our second encounter, so if he needed punishment he could do it properly. He’s been my client for about ten months now.

“Yes, Mistress.” He says to me, turning around so I can watch him spank himself. He does, and nice reddish welts appear on his naked, white ass. When he finishes he turns back around, I can tell he’s already aroused.

“That’s my good boy. Do you wish for me to please you now? I see you’re already hard, and without even asking if you can be. Tut-tut.”

“I would love if you did, Mistress. I can’t help myself; you turn me on so much.”

His voice is submissive, and full of pleading, I know how much he wants me to please him. I climb onto my bed, and begin to rub my own pussy through my leather panties. His head is still down, but I faintly moan, just enough to tease him. His cock becomes even harder, straining hard and wanting to be touched.

“I’m sure you want to see what I’m doing, don’t you? You little whore. You can’t get enough of me, can you? You can’t live without me, needing me to please your little slutty ass.”

I growl at him in the most seductive, controlling way. I hear him whimper out through certain words, doing his best not to grab his cock and stroke it. He knows better, he’s not allowed to do anything without my say so.

“Yes, I want to see you, Mistress. Oh god, please I do. Let me watch you, I’m such a little whore. I can’t get enough of you, my life is yours. Please, oh please I beg of you.”

My body does tingle hearing this. I know its role play, and that I’m not his but as I said I love pleasing people, but love pleasing myself more. I’m addicted to the way sex makes me feel, and the power it holds over people.

“You may look, my little slut puppy. You however cannot touch, not yet.”

“Yes, Mistress I understand.”

Daniel looks up slowly, looking at his computer screen. He sees me spread eagle on my bed. I’m wearing my black leather panties and bra set. He groans out seeing me touching myself. I have reached now inside my panties, touching my clit slowly.

“You like what you see, slut puppy?”

“Oh fuck, I do Mistress. Please may I touch?”

“No, you can’t. I do want you to get your cock ring though, but it just around the head and set it on low.”

His cock ring is something I've never seen before, at least not until him. The vibrations and what it does remind me of what a bullet does for a girl. He grabs his cock ring, and places it just under his engorged head. He sets it on the lowest speed, and whimpers out again. I see a tiny bead of pre-cum at his hole. I know how bad he wants to touch now.

“That’s a good slut. Now watch me.”

I get up, and slowly undress. I get back on the bed, giving him a full view of my pussy. My clit is swollen, and I begin to rub it. I softly begin to moan again, before I start a tale that’ll make him tremble.

“Think of it, my slut puppy, you here on your knees before me. I’m at the edge of the bed, offering you the chance to please me. Your collar is on, and leashed as I pull it, pulling you closer to my pussy. You can feel my heat, you can see how wet I am, you want to lean in, and devour me. You don’t though, not until I give you the okay to. I reach down with my free hand, and begin to touch myself, soaking my fingers and offer them to you. You suck greedily on them. You like that, slut?”

“Oh yes, very much Mistress. More please?”

“Mmm okay, I’ll give you more. I want you to feel me yank on your chain, telling you to please me. You quickly do so, opening my folds and going straight for my clit. You lap fast and greedy at it, hearing my moans as you do. A single finger is pushed inside me, fucking me as you suck on my clit. Oh, that feels so good.”

All the while, he watches as I please myself, his cock raging hard. The vibrations are making it harder not to touch. His breathing is increasing, every so often he shifts trying to get comfortable. I smile as I watch him, as he watches me.

“I come hard for you, you please me so. I growl in delight, praising my little slut puppy. I shall reward you.”

I feel myself shake into orgasm at the thought of this all. I am brought to my own undoing by teasing him.

“Please, oh fuck can I touch now, please?!”

His tone is rough, and aching in pain. I don’t want to be overly mean, and I give him a cheeky smile.

“Yes, you can touch yourself now.”

“Thank you, oh thank you Mistress.”

He grips his cock, and begins to stroke it to the same speed as I touch myself. It’s a semi lazy movement right now, teasing him still. I can still feel my insides twitch from my orgasm.

“I suppose you want inside me now, don’t you?”

“I’d love nothing more, Mistress.”

“Come on then, tell me. Let the speed of the vibrations go to medium.”

He bites his lip, before letting go. His hand stroking a little faster, getting turned on even more. He turns it up to medium and begins speaking.

“Once I made you orgasm by oral, like a good boy you’d pull me up so I can kiss you. You want to taste yourself on my lips. You wrap your legs around me, and let go of our kiss. You tell me to fuck you now, make you come again. You lift your legs, I hold you in place. My cock, the one you own is right there, ready to take you. I begin to push in slowly, feeling the tightness wrap around my head. The both of us are moaning slightly.”

My fingers move rapidly over my clit, listening to him. I moan out for him every so often to encourage him to keep going, telling him he’s a good boy. I know my orgasm will be hard, I can’t wait to come.

“Once I’m all the way in, I begin to fuck you hard and slow down again. I tease the both of us, wanting nothing more than to please my Mistress. My cock is riding along the inside of your perfect pussy. I can feel how tight you are, pulsing around me as I throb for you. You grind up towards me, forcing me to fuck you harder. My cock slams deep into your womb.”

I cry out and begin to orgasm hard for him. His eyes locked on his screen, watching me come for him. My hips lift off the bed, my fingers moving quicker over my clit, moaning out in delight. His own hand moving faster, and begins to beg to come.

“Please, please can I come too, Mistress?”

He cries out, holding back his urge. He knows he can’t come unless I allow him too. I sometimes make him hold back many times, I can get mean but he loves that. However, not this time I moan out through my own orgasm that he can come. I want him to fill me with his seed.

My Slut Puppy begins to come hard. I watch as jet after jet or seed sprays his floor. He groans, trying to keep balance as he releases hard. Even after he’s done coming he strokes himself. Only until I tell him to stop. When we’re done, I tell him of how I’d allow him to cuddle with me for being a good boy.

“One day Mistress, I’ll afford to bring you out here. I’d love for this to happen in real life.”

“Keep saving your pennies then, Daniel. I’m sure it can happen, if you want it bad enough.”

I can’t deny that going to Settle, and doing this with him in person doesn't turn me on, because it does. But, I don’t change my rules for anyone, they must pay. He tells me he’s saving though, so I’m sure one day it might happen.

After a short talk, I let him go. I hardly ever fuck and leave my clients, unless they want it. I want them to feel important, and wanted. I am after all their fuck doll.

This is my life, and even though I don’t have the everyday relationship most people have I see the people I take care of as my partners, at least to an extent. I suppose AJ would be the biggest one, since he’s been in my life the longest, and my biggest supporter. He thinks I can do anything, and helps me see that every day.

Thinking of him makes me want to call him. I know he’s out of work by now, and we've not talked in a few days.

“Hello, Elexis, I was just thinking of you.”

“Were you? Funny how that works.” I purr softly into my cell, as I curl up on the couch.

“Mm, I was. It’s been a few days; I had some business I had to take care of. How are things?”

“Oh, you know, fucking fabulous. I just got done Daniel. Easy to please that one is.”

“He brings you good income, keep it going Lex.”

“Trust me I plan to. He seems adamant he’ll bring me to Seattle.”

“You've not been there yet, have you? It’s a nice place. Though I like living over here. You know, less rain and all.”

“I like it just fine here, this is home to me. It’s fun to travel though, you know this. We go all the time.”

It is true, any time AJ had to go somewhere he took me along, more so if it was a place I hadn't been. I’m convinced that if I ever do settle down, it will be with him, but we’re too young and loving the life we have. We’re not committed to each other, but love is there. Just not that kind of love, we won’t allow ourselves.

After an hour of talking we hang up, with a date planned the following day. I have to shower, and change for my next on line date, a new client who’s looking for a little fun. I've talked to him a few times about what he wants, and seems simple enough.

In the shower I think of this guy Chad. He’s in his forties, and his wife just left him not long ago. They’re in the middle of a messy divorce, he loves her still and can’t find it in his heart to actually have sex with anyone just yet, but he wants a release and doing it alone isn't enough.

I told him I’d be happy to help, and he relaxed a lot. He isn't sure what he even wants, but I have an idea of what I’ll give him. When I’m dressed in my robe, I slip into my bedroom and log back into my site. He’s already on, waiting for me.

“Good evening, Chad. How are you?”

“I’m doing alright, nervous. I feel like a teenager all over again. Stupid, isn't it?”

“No, not really. You married your wife right out of high school, it’s all you know. Don’t worry; I’ll take good care of you.”

“I know you will.”

“Shall we?”

“Yes, let’s.”

I ring him, and his cam comes to life, and he’s in just a pair of jeans. He’s pretty fit for his age, with a nice dusting of gray in his dark brown hair. His blue eyes are soft, gentle almost, he looks nervous. He’s watching me, but trying to be respectful, I can tell. I slip my robe off, allowing him to see my full breasts, my pierced nipples are hard and I touch them, pinching lightly.

“Do you like that, Chad?”

“I-I do. You’re beautiful, Elexis.”

“Thank you, Chad. Why don’t you show me your cock? I want to know what I’m playing with tonight, sweetheart.”

“Oh, okay. Of course.”

He unzips his jeans and pulls his cock out, its semi hard and he begins to stroke it.

“Mmm, very nice Chad. I want you to lean back and think of me there on my knees in front of you, okay?”

“Alright, okay.”

He leans back, closing his eyes he listens to my words as though I’m there and not over call.

“Think of it, feel me Chad. My body so close to yours you can feel the heat of my skin so close. My mouth inches from your cock; I lick the tip gently to tease you. My fingers moving up your legs, between your thighs and up over your shaft.”

I watch as he touches himself, he says nothing, his breathing is labored, and I continue.

“So hard for me, Chad, I like that. See it now, my mouth wrapping around your head, sinking down the entire length. I move with a slow touch, my tongue running along the underside of your shaft. You taste so good. I can taste the soap you use, mixed with your own taste. Pre-cum is already dripping, as you throb against my tongue.”

He is stroking himself a little faster, not even watching me. I don’t mind though, because I know he’s so wrapped in my words that he can feel my mouth on his cock, not his hand.

“Feel my pace quickens, Chad. My mouth is working up and down you, my lips tight around you. The soft slurp noise of my mouth and your moans are all that is heard.” I purr softly, letting out a light moan. “Mmm, so good, Chad. Don’t stop.”

His hand starts moving a little faster, moaning out a little louder for me. I keep talking to him, telling him how I’d suck his cock. I love how he moans for me at the perfect times; it’s increasingly making me horny. I begin to touch myself as I talk to him.

“I’m touching myself now, Chad. I’m sucking your cock, playing with my own pussy. I’m moving at the same speed as you. Oh, feel it, Chad. I’m going to come so hard, and I want you to come with me.”

“Fuck, I will, please Elexis.”

He begins to come hard just saying it and I come with him. I grind myself into my chair as I finger my pussy deeper. We come hard together. His eyes are now on me, watching as I fuck myself into orgasm.

After we’re done he turns ten shades of red, blushing hard. He tells me he has never done this before. I reassure him he did fine, and if he enjoyed it I did well. He tells me I’m the perfect little fuck doll.

With that, I know I did well, and he’ll be back. I let him go after a while, once he booked another ‘date’ with me. I’m grinning from ear to ear, knowing I please so many people. I guess I always knew what I wanted to do. I’m simply a people pleaser.

Make sure to come back and read more about Elexis The Fuck Doll, she’ll have many great tales to tell. She is after all a people pleaser, and she wants to make sure she pleases YOU.

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