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Karissa's Dream

The new masseuse has a secret...

Karissa felt like she was living two lives: one at work and the other at home with her boyfriend.

The first time it happened, she promised herself that it would be her last. But then Amy had given her the cash. It was as much as she got paid in a week and all she had to do was fuck. It's just a job, Amy had said. It doesn't matter.

But it did matter. She could have sex at work and she could tell herself that she needed the money and that was all.

She had gone right home to her boyfriend to tell him what happened, to tell him it was for the money and it didn't mean a thing. But Amy told her she couldn't tell anyone, and Karissa had promised.

"What's wrong?" Jack had said to her. He saw the look on her face, knew she had something to say.

But she couldn't tell him. Somehow, Amy's order was more important. So she fucked him. She leapt into him and wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed him onto the couch and she fucked him. Hard. 

She had been wearing the sweats she usually wore to work and now they were twisted on the floor. Karissa took down Jack's jeans and straddled him. He wasn't hard. She pulled off her shirt and ground on him. He put his mouth around her nipple. She loved the way he did that. She loved Jack. Yes, she loved him.

Karissa pushed him inside of her and groaned. She'd forgotten how much bigger the other man's had been. She watched her boyfriend underneath her, but she never really saw him. At first, she thought about the other man - Maxwell. Then her mind drifted, somehow, to her boss. She closed her eyes.

Karissa imagined herself back into the massage room, straddling some man on her table just the way Amy had shown her. She was riding him, grinding on his cock. Then she imagined how Amy might come in, might tell her what to do next. On command, Karissa would pull herself out of the man and put her pussy on his face. She would kiss her boss and when she had finished with the man, Amy would fuck her.

Karissa imagined Amy coming back to her apartment when Jack wasn't home. Amy would sit her down on the same couch Karissa was fucking him on now and she would undress both of them. Karissa wanted to be told what to do. She wanted Amy to put her mouth on her pussy. She wanted her to let her tongue ride along the folds of her, to bring her to the verge of orgasm and then stop and switch places. 

Karissa had never wanted anything so much in her life.

She didn't even notice when Jack came. She made herself come with her fingers to the thought of her fantasy come to life.

At work, Karissa saw Amy only when an old client came in. Amy would tell Karissa that she had to learn when to make the move on her male clients, that she had to learn to charge them extra, offer the "special package." But sometimes, when Amy took on a new client of her own, she would invite Karissa to join her with an old one. They'd fuck him together and, from time to time, Karissa would attend to him. This was as close as Karissa would get to what she wanted. But it was never close enough.

She'd be riding cock and Amy would be face-sitting - it got to the point where it was a routine of theirs - and Karissa would lock eyes and reach over. The intimacy would occur there, between them, but one-sided, and still Karissa told her boyfriend none of this. She'd come home and fuck him wordlessly on the couch, a poor substitute for what she wanted, and her desire became an obsession.


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