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Office Visit

 Inside a steel and glass tower in midtown Manhattan , a young executive named Mark Ynares is riding down on the elevator. He is a tall, Italian man with good looks and a muscular physique. His immaculate blue Brioni suit complements his body well. Mark’s black smartphone starts ringing. He notices his girlfriend, Andrea, is calling him.

“Hey, baby.” He answers.

“Hi, handsome, do you have any plans tonight?” she asks.

“Oh, babe, I’m so sorry I just left my last meeting a few minutes ago. How about we have dinner in my office?” Mark suggests.

“That suggestion sounds good.” Andrea agrees. “I’ll order our food at Daniels.” 

“My favorite.” Mark smiles. “I’ll see you soon, darling.”

Now, Andrea has plans for tonight. She is a tall, tanned Asian beauty with long brown hair and has exceedingly large tits for a very slim woman. Andrea goes to Bergdorf Goodman to buy sexy lingerie from La Perla. She checks herself in the mirror. Calle de la Passion lace convertible bra, Calle De La Passion waist cincher garter belt, and black thong with matching Christian Louboutin black pumps have her looking like a sex Goddess. She smiles as she picks up her Burberry Trench coat.

After she picks up their food, she travels downtown to West 42nd Street where Mark’s office is located. Mark’s secretary, Jazz, is preparing to leave. She is a young, sporty brunette blessed with exotic looks and big brown glittery eyes. Jazz loves wearing dress shirts that she leaves one button too many undone to show off her marvelous cleavage.

“Hi, Jazzy, you are leaving so soon?” Andrea asks with a smile.

“Hey there, Andrea, I have a date tonight. Have fun with Mr. Ynares. He has been eagerly waiting for you.” Jazz winks at her.

Andrea smiles and goes straight to his office. She does not bother to knock, because she knows he is waiting for her. Mark is standing in front of his steel desk with a huge smile across his face.

“Hi, baby,” he says. “Mmmm ... You look yummy.

I have surprise for you.” Andrea wickedly smiles as she sits on his lap and kisses him passionately. Mark bites her lower lip.

“I’ve missed you, handsome,” she whispers in his ear. “Nice tie, babe.”

Mark smiles and begins chuckling. He knows the red tie is her favorite. His hands grip her Burberry trench, slowly loosening the belt. With a sudden shoulder shrug the trench drops to the floor revealing the stunning lingerie. The instant look of hunger in Mark’s eyes betrays his desire. He begins stroking her silky stockings, his smile of understanding growing as he realizes dinner will be preceded by dessert. His anticipation intensifies as his naughty girl smiles and slowly unzips his zipper.

“What have we got here?” she whispers. “Oh baby, hard and ready for me.”

Andrea keenly wants to taste him. She crawls down under his desk and pulls his pants while staring at him with the you are in big trouble look. Holding his hard cock, while licking the small drops of his pre cum, she whispers, “I want some more, baby.”

She sucks the head of his cock. Then she begins licking, teasing, and sucking him deeply.

“Oh, Andrea!” Mark moans. “Fuck baby! You are so good at this.”

“You know I love taking special care of you, honey,” Andrea tells him. 

She sticks her tongue and smiles. Rolling her tongue, she licks and sucks him ravenously.

“Oh, Andrea baby. I want you so bad,” he expresses. “I want to devour every inch of your lovely body!”

Andrea stands up and suggests, “Come here and fuck me in front of this window, baby.”

Overlooking of the hustle and bustle streets of Manhattan , Mark holds her tight as he moves one of her legs up in the air.

As he goes down to her he tells her, “I want you to ride my tongue, Andrea. Then I want you to cum hard for me while I’m eating your sweet pussy.”

Andrea opens herself wider as Mark starts sucking her pink pussy.

“Oh baby, tongue-fuck me, Mark!” She screams. Grinding her body, his tongue is going up and down. Licking and sucking her juices. She whispers, “Bite my clit, baby! Chew it! Eat me more!”

As he bites and chews her clit, Andrea becomes untamed. Mark is giving her the best cunnilingus action ever as her juice is dripping down his face and he sucks the last drop of her natural sweetness.

“Oh, baby, you are so sweet and delicious.” Mark exclaims. “I want some more, baby.”

Standing in to her back, Mark is rubbing her pussy as he pushes himself deep and hard. She moans louder. Fuck! He bites her shoulder

“How’s the view outside baby?” he murmurs.

Moaning like crazy and grinding her body, Andrea stares down at the street. Colorful vehicles are racing up the street and pedestrians are looking like trained scurrying pets.

“Oh, busy!” Andrea sighs. “Looks like some people are happy with the shopping bag in their hands.” 

“Oh yeah.” Mark begins fucking her harder. “Are you enjoying the view my love?”

“Oh god yes!” Andrea shouts. 

Mark is rubbing her clit hard. “Oh babe, you are so tight and fucking wet!”

“Mark!” She screams.

Moving himself deeper and harder, Mark bites her shoulder. Then he kisses her neck as he plays with her perfect breasts. Mark settles for squeezing and pinching her hard nipples. He continues pumping into Andrea’s pussy with a fast and furious pace. Her juices are dripping down her legs and into her stockings.

“Baby, I’m getting close,” Mark announces. “I’m going to cum!”

“Cum for me, baby. Cum deep inside of me. Fuck me hard!” Andrea begs.

That moment, Mark erupts and rewards Andrea with the biggest load of cum deep inside her pussy. And whispers, “I love you baby.”

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