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It started with a stare

I found it hard not to sit and gaze at your hot body.
Working for a Telecoms distributor was ok; it paid the bills. The people, if a little boring, were ok, but the working environment was dull and lacked life.

On Monday morning, at about 09:30am, you emerged as a bright ray of sunshine and walked across the office. Your sales position was diagonally across from my desk; you would be facing me every day. Typically, a few emails between the lads flew round the office, all discussing the same thing; “how hot was the new girl.”

I found it hard not to sit and gaze at your hot body, long dark hair and your gorgeous Italian looks. My mind raced with thoughts and ideas that I assumed would only ever be just that. Me being 30, with a partner and kids, I had no chance with such a stunning 21 year old.

I found it hard to break the gaze of delight that was clearly written all over my face. I sat and watched you move around the room being introduced to everyone. You clearly weren’t remembering anyone’s name. A couple of times our eyes met across the office. As you moved closer to our first introduction, I tried to hide my guilt at being caught with a cheeky, embarrassed smile.

When we were finally introduced I held onto your hand slightly longer than I should have. But, you showed no reaction as our fingers slowly parted. Instead, in that special moment, we looked into each other’s eyes, and encountered thoughts of each other.

Over the next few weeks we hardly had the chance to talk. Our eyes would meet across the office every day and I would recall the moment we had shared.

We shared an email, or several, mainly made up of random work requests, but, as the days passed, the emails became more personal. We even got a little raunchy, giving the IT department some lunchtime wank material, as we worked out more info about each other.

About six weeks after you had started our flirting had increased to a daily ritual. We dropped in as many inconspicuous comments as we could get away with. I became bolder with my actions; I felt totally at ease when you were around.

We stood in the kitchen making drinks. I stole a quick glance at your ass as you bent over to look in the fridge. 

You sighed. “No juice left.”

“Sure I could find you some somewhere,” I said.

You gasped and I wished I could take it back. 

“Don’t tease me now,” you said. “Because I’d love some of your juice.”

You turned to face me, flashed me a seductive smile and sauntered out while I stood there gaping.

A few days later we stood by the copier.

“How about you hop up and let me copy you,” I said, laughing.

“I don’t think so, if I break the copier we’ll both get fired.”

“Well, how else am I supposed to know what kind of underwear you’re wearing?”

You smiled at me and collected your copies. As you walked past me you leaned in and whispered, “Meet me later, maybe you can find out.”

Later, when I’d finally worked up the courage to ask if you really meant it, I emailed you to ask when and where. After work, you replied, and gave me an address.

The address was a disused road that led to the river on the outskirts of the local town. 

The rest of the day couldn't have gone any slower, but, at last, 18:30pm arrived. I drove to the destination we had agreed to meet. I arrived a few minutes after 18:30 I didn’t want to look as if I was too eager. 

However, I was disappointed that you weren't there, but then, I’d suspected that you wouldn't be. I would be the laughing stock of the office tomorrow. I sat and waited a little longer. 

Just as I was about to leave, you arrived. My heart raced. All the flirting, the initial introduction, and thoughts I’d had raced through my mind. For the first time I thought, “What the hell am I doing here?” 

I pushed that thought away and we sat talking for a while. Then, without warning, you leaned forward and kissed me. Our eyes, very much open, looked deep into each other’s minds and I was surprised we both didn't instantly combust into a hot pile of ash! 

Without as much as a word our hands eagerly explored each other’s faces and necks and our kiss became more passionate. I move my hand over your small pert breasts and you moaned as I gently played with your nipples between my thumb and finger. Your hands moved down towards my rapidly growing cock straining in my jeans. I leaned back and you unclasped my belt. 

You took control easily and opened the button fly. Your hand eased my cock out and I literally had to pinch myself. Here I was, sat in my car with a gorgeous 21 year old, my throbbing cock in your hand, as you gave me a look that I would never forget. 

You head slowly lowered and you gently licked the pool of pre-cum that had leaked from cock. With your tongue going to work on my bulging head, you gently massaged my aching bollocks. Each time you lowered my cock into your mouth you took me deeper and deeper, expertly sucking and giving me simply the best blow job of my life. 

After what seemed like a life time I could no longer hold back the river of hot thick cum which had been building. My partner had never, in the 7 years of being together, allowed me to cum in her mouth.

You paused. “Let me swallow your hot juice,” you moaned. 

It was all too much; I didn't need to be asked twice. My throbbing cock exploded a stream of hot juice straight down your throat. 

We talked and kissed some more before I had to leave. I thought on the way home that this was surely a one off; you’d had your fun and proved you could have anyone you wanted. 

How wrong would I be! It wasn't just after work, but during work, that I would often find myself with a gorgeous 21 year old feasting on my penis. And, there was more to come as I got to taste you for the first time but that's another story....

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