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Kitty Kapers - A Well Seasoned Woman

Kitty Kapers - A Well Seasoned Woman

The first of my true stories, starting with the most recent Kitty Kaper. Spicy....
It was date night. That is what Kitty and Peter call the nights when all else was put aside and the only thing on the agenda was enjoying each other and lots of fun sex.

Kitty was ready for a hot night with her man. She had spent part of the day tempting and teasing one of her online lovers and got herself quite worked up.

Mid-afternoon, while preparing a salad for supper, the carrot she was going to use was so firm and so long, Kitty couldn’t resist working it into her pussy for a few minutes to relieve the pressure. Oh that carrot, it was so firm, so hard and so handy! Date night could not happen soon enough!

Peter and Kitty headed over to a friend’s home to enjoy the hot tub. The friends were out of town, but they had asked Peter to keep an eye on the place while they were gone. It was a wonderful hot tub that Peter and Kitty had made many great memories in, together and with friends.

They quickly pulled their clothes off and got into the tub. The hot water felt so good, so relaxing and they loved being naked together. They sat close to each other; fondling, touching, stroking, kissing and talking.

Kitty told Peter about her online lover and the fun sexy flirting they had been engaged in online. Kitty loves the game of seduction. Her lover was traveling on business. Kitty, being so frisky and full of mischief, had been sending him online messages while he was working in the hotel room, distracting him from what he should have been doing.

Peter loved to share his hot wife, something he had done for a couple of decades, with pleasure. Together they had fantasized and then fulfilled many of those fantasies. They enjoyed having friends join them for sex. Kitty liked to bring her cum filled pussy home for him to bury his face in. One of the things they had in common was they both love oral sex!

After a couple of hours of petting pleasure, Kitty and Peter headed for home. They wanted to make the night last as long as possible so had not gotten too “carried away” in the hot tub, though it was very tempting.

Upon entering their home, Peter quickly removed his clothes. He liked the freedom of reaching down and stroking his cock without the confines of clothing. Kitty had left her skirt on (always commando style) though she was topless. Her nice “more than a handful” tits were hanging free.

Kitty put dinner in the oven. She then turned to Peter and asked him, “What would you like to do for an hour while dinner is cooking?” She has that look of desire in her eyes that turns him on, so very much.

He responded with a chuckle, “Let’s salt and pepper your pussy. Then I’ll munch on it as an appetizer.”

Kitty laughed, one of those from the toes, whole body laughs that showed her delight at the prospect. “Ok then, let’s do it!” she smiled with a twinkle in her eye.

Peter asked incredulously “Really, you’d let me salt and pepper your pussy?”

Kitty laughed and responded, “Of course, what can it hurt? We use good Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals and make our own lemon pepper from all natural organic ingredients. What can it hurt? Oh yea, let’s do it, a peppered pussy, a well-seasoned woman.”

Peter started laughing now. He was so lucky to be married to one of the sexiest women on the earth. Who else but her would say YES so enthusiastically to a “seasoned pussy?” She was always game for anything fun that has to do with sex. It was making his cock grow larger at the thought of how good her pussy always tasted. Then to add some of his favorite food seasonings, it was going to be a blast. He ran his tongue over his lips thinking of the hotness of her pussy mixed with the hot flavors of black pepper, lemon zest, dried garlic and dried onion. Mmmmm, this was going to be yummy.

Peter grabbed the salt and pepper grinders and headed for the bed. Kitty spread her legs wide for Peter to see how wet and ready she was.

Peter loved this view of his wife; so hot, so willing. She turned him on in a big way. His cock was hard as he crawled onto the bed, between her legs. He leaned over and ran his tongue around her puffy pussy lips, then slid his tongue into her sweet hole, enjoying her sloppy wetness. He sucked on her clit for a minute then reached for the salt grinder.

He turned the grinder a couple of turns and salted her pussy like he would a fine piece of meat. The salt crystals glittered like diamonds in her bush and around her delicious pussy lips. He reached for the pepper grinder and repeated the process.

He then buried his head in her pussy and started licking up her juices, seasoned with salt and pepper. Oh man, he had never tasted anything quite like it. Delicious, spicy, moist, hot, sweet, wonderful; words could not describe the taste.

Peter rubbed his beard around Kitty’s pussy, mixing her scent and seasonings onto his face. He then rose up and started passionately kissing Kitty. He pushed his tongue deep into her mouth. Their tongues danced as she started to suck the taste of her pussy off of Peter’s tongue. This was not something new. Kitty loved the taste of her pussy and they never passed up an opportunity for her to taste it. Peter’s beard often had her scent and flavor on it. But a seasoned pussy, this was an erotic first for them!

“How does it taste” he asked?

“Mmmm” Kitty moaned. “That is amazing. You know I love the taste of my pussy but with seasonings, oh my my!” She moved in for another long passionate kiss.

Peter asked “How does it feel? Is it OK?”

“It’s interesting. It tingles, must be the capsaicin in the pepper” Kitty giggled.

Peter dove back down into Kitty’s pussy, totally enjoying the fact that he was married to the sexiest person he knew. He continued to lap luxuriously at her seasoned pussy, smacking his lips at the delightful flavors. Again and again he brought his wet face up to hers so she could enjoy the flavors and the erotic excitement. They were so hot for each other, each kiss seemed to crank the temperature up.

It finally got to the point that neither of them could wait any longer. Peter moaned to Kitty “I need my cock in your delicious pussy.”

Kitty bounced up and turned around. She was on her hands and knees with her pussy begging to be filled. She was more than ready for Peter’s cock to enter her spicy haven of delight, her fountain of youth.

As he entered her pussy with his hard and hungry cock, they could feel the “grit” of some of the spices. It was a little like having a few grains of sand in there, adding to the friction. As passionately charged as they were, it only took about twenty minutes of deep penetrating pussy pounding until Kitty started to quiver. The waves of her orgasm washed her away to that place of pleasure that only great sex could take her to.

The quivering in Kitty's pussy triggered Peter's own intense orgasm. Streams of Peter's cream mixed with Kitty's own cream in that hot, well-seasoned pussy. Mixing even more flavors to the already intoxicating sauce of her pussy.

Satiated and smiling like the cat that ate the canary, they lay wrapped in each other’s arms for a few minutes.

Peter turned to Kitty with a smile and asked “What’s next? What are you going to do to top that one?”

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