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Same time, next year

We met up for our once a year affair. I was shaking with anticipation of him.
Alan and I had been having an affair for about 10 years. The most interesting affair, right out of the movies. One night a year, we would spend making the world turn. This year was different. We didn’t usually email or talk until it was time to book the date. This year, we had the date picked out about 8 months in advance. And for some reason, we were sending erotic emails to each other almost every day. His emails made me wet and quiver. I couldn’t wait for that special night to arrive. I was looking forward to his making good on the sexual promises made in his emails.

Usually meeting in California, I called Alan when my plane landed. I gathered my bags, and grabbed a cab to the hotel. Alan was already in the room for about 2 hours, so I could only imagine what waited for me. I stopped at the hotel desk, already starting to shake with pure need. I continued to shake as I put the key in the door, grabbed my suitcase on wheels and walked in.

Beyond the door, the hallway was short. There was a door to the bathroom on the left and a small wetbar on the right. Alan already filled a bucked with ice. There was a large bottom of rum and soda sitting on top. When I shut the door to the room, I noticed a small closet. I left my suitcase there. I walked deeper into the room and found an oversized king bed, balcony doors, and a dresser with a TV opposite the bed. Alan had the TV on and was watching lesbian porn, my favorite. I still didn’t see him. “Alan?” I questioned into the air.

“Here, baby.” He whispered seductively. Turning left after the short hallway towards the bed, I noticed this room had something we’d never had before; a large Jacuzzi. Alan was sitting on the side and had his hand in the water. “I just filled it. What do you think?” Alan stood and approached me. I didn’t get a chance to answer when he took me into his arms and kissed me, so deeply, my legs felt like they would give out. He never gave me a chance to answer his question before he asked another. “You want to get in.”

“I would love to get in!” I answered excited, trying to hide my nervous need to have him satisfy me. I started to unbutton my blouse when Alan put his hands over mine and took over. With each button I could see his eyes watching my breasts. He pushed the shirt off my shoulders and reached behind me, unlatched my bra. The bra fell to the floor, but his stare never left my breasts. He took one in each hand and began to massage them, feeling every bit of my large breasts. “Suck them,” I whispered. I had to feel his sweet mouth. Alan smiled and pinched my nipples which made me suck in some air. Once my nipples were hard, he took his mouth straight to the left one. His tongue followed around the middle and then he started to suck.

While still pinching the right one, he leaned up to my ear. He started to lick the lobe of my ear. “Oh yea, “ he laughed, “your right nipple is so much more sensitive than the left.” Alan smiled and went back to the right nipple. I wanted to scream; I wanted him to start fucking me that instant. He started to unbutton the top of my jean skirt, then the zipper. He put his big hands around my waist and slid them down to the jean skirt. He slid it off. I kicked my flip flops and jean skirt from my feet. One flip flop and skirt flew under the bed. I grabbed his face and started to kiss him. I untucked his T-shirt and pulled off. I stopped being seductive about it, I just wanted his clothes off. I untied the string of his cotton shorts and pushed them down, exposing his hardness. I ran my hands down his chest and felt his hair. “I have a confession to make.” He said playfully.

“Uh oh….” I paused. “What?”

“I took a little blue pill a little while ago.” He said, almost looking embarrassed.

“Is something wrong? You’ve never had trouble with me?” Wondering why he need them.

“Nope, nothing is wrong. I don’t NEED them. I just thought it would be fun to seek a doctor after a 4 hour erection.” He laughed at his own little joke.

“If you have a 4 hour erection, the last place we’re going is the doctor!” I took his hard cock into my hands and slowly began to stroke. Alan took my hand and led me to the Jacuzzi. He held my hand as I stepped into the hot water. The mix between the hot water and air conditioned room made my nipples much harder than they were already. When I noticed the jet control, I turned them on. Alan walked back to the wetbar, fixed 2 drinks and returned. He sat down next to me as we both took a long swig of our drinks. He grabbed me and put me on his lap. My clit was right above his knee. I almost wanted to hump his knee I was so excited. He started to kiss me and felt around my ass.

“Even through the water, I feel how wet you are.” I went with my own silly desire to hump his knee. Rubbing my clit against it felt so good. I let out a small moan and a face showing my satisfaction. As we continued to kiss, he began to rub on my asshole as I rubbed my clit on him. I reached down and went back to stroking his cock. I moved closer to him, to lean my tits in to his chest. He moved his hand toward my clit, moving me so he could feel my pussy. He felt the wetness, brought his hand out of the water and put his fingers on my lips. I started to suck his fingers, realizing I wanted more in my mouth. I wanted to hear him moan. I got off him and kneeled on the bottom of the hot tub.

“Sit on the side, I want your cock.” I motioned the order with my hands. As he obliged, I place my face in between his legs. Cupping his balls in my hand and gently stroking them, I took his cock in my mouth. I went all the way down to the shaft and slowly sucked hard on the way out. I suckled the tip and began to suck him faster. I felt both of his hands move down to play with my nipples. I loved having my nipples played with while I suck cock, but I was concentrated on the noises he was making from my feverish sucking. I leaned down, most of my long brown hair in the water, and started licking his balls. I took on in my mouth completely and very gently sucked it. Alan gasped. I repeated with the other ball as I stroked his cock with my hands. Now Alan was moaning louder. Still pinching my nipples, I put his cock back in my mouth. I kept sucking hard and fast until he warned me he would cum. I had intentions of taking his cum and the thought was turning me on. Alan pulled his cock from my mouth and sprayed his cum all over my tits. I rubbed it in and noticed I left on drop right on my nipple. While meeting Alan’s gaze, I took the nipple into my own mouth and sucked it off. Alan’s cock stayed hard. I slowly kept stroking it, slapping my own nipples with it. With my other hand, I reached for my own clit and started to rub. Alan stood up.

“How does your clit feel when you do that?” Alan looked down at me and watched me rub for just a moment. He reached down and lifted me to my feet. We kissed and turned, he sat me on the edge of the tub, where he was before. “Spread your legs.” I obeyed, proud that I was still limber enough to put my feet on either side of me. “Oh wow, you are so swollen,” Alan whispered. He ran his finger down my clit and towards my cunt. Barely going in, he got a finger full of wetness. He sucked my juices off his own finger. “You taste so sweet. Can I have more?” All I could do was nod my head. He kneeled down and his mouth went straight to my clit. I just about shrieked as I felt his tongue. “You like that?” He mumbled with my clit in his mouth. He took turns between sucking and licking my clit. I couldn’t help myself, I started moaning hard. Alan slid his fingers in my cunt, slowly. My sounds showed him how much I enjoyed it. He started fingering me fast as he sucked my clit. I felt one hand come up my stomach and reach for my right nipple. This was my all time favorite combination.

“Oh yes,” I screamed. I continued to make some funny noises while I tried to remember to breathe. “My God, that is so good. Don’t stop,” I ordered. I felt his fingers leave my cunt. Slightly disappointed, I concentrated on his tongue and other hand on my nipple. I felt his thumb enter my cunt again, but this time his other fingers began to play with my ass.

“You are so wet, it just trickles down your ass.” He fingered me harder and started getting a finger in my ass.

“Yes, keep doing that. Wow, I love it!” I was just about scream with pleasure as he went back to licking my clit. “Oh yes, I am going to cum. You are making me cum.” I could feel me grinding my hips to his fingers. I came hard. I struggled to speak; it was that good. Alan stood back up.

“Would you like to be fucked now? Or a rest?” He asked, smiling sheepishly. I tried to stand up. My legs felt like a newborn deer. He took my hands and helped me out of the tub. He lifted me from the tub to the bed. He threw me down. I laughed as I bounced. I popped right back up and got on all fours. He walked over and gave my wet pussy another lick. He licked all my juices from my cunt. Alan grabbed his raging hard cock and lead it into my cunt. With that first slow penetration, I moaned in happy acceptance. He started pumping me. I thrust my hips backwards, into him, hinting for him to pound me. As he grabbed my tits, he did just as I hoped. He started pounding me. I started rubbing my own clit. I started moaning loud and continued to tell him how good he was. “Are you rubbing your clit?” Alan asked as if trying to give me ideas to intensify what I was feeling.

“Yes… I love rubbing my clit when you fuck me.”

“You are so wet. Your cunt feels so good.” Alan’s dirty talk was turning me on even more. “You like it when I fuck you”

“Yes,” I answered like his little servant.

Alan exhaled deep and kept fucking me. I could feel him calming on the speed to finger my ass. “You like that?”

“Put that hard cock in my ass,” I ordered quickly. Alan pulled out and slipped right in my ass. I was so wet and made his cock so wet, it was well lubricated. He started slow and not too deep. Alan worked on getting deeper and then faster. The feeling was great. I reached down and started fingering myself. Alan put his hands infront to go after my clit and cunt. He moved my hands away and fingered me himself. It was beyond intense. I kept moaning, not realizing it. I came, again, all over his fingers.

“Your ass is so tight.” Alan thrusted.

“It feels so good.” I met his thrusts with my own.

“I am gonna cum,” Alan screamed, just about leaning his torso on my back. “I want to shoot this load in your ass.

“Yes,” I screamed again. “Fuck me! Let my ass have all that cum.” My own dirty talk was erotic enough to make me just a little wetter. As Alan shot the load in my ass, he was using a couple fingers to play in my cunt. As he pulled out, his cum dripped from my ass.

He flipped me over and spread my legs. Alan always had a gift for making me cum quick if he wanted me to. He buried his mouth in my clit and fingered me deep and hard. He got the button and I came again. I could feel his tongue licking my cunt, eating my cum. When he got it all, he brought his face back up to mine. I always found it hot to kiss after he licked me or I sucked him. After the kiss, I just laid there.

“Wow. You are good.” I told him as I thought of all the times we’ve fucked over the past 10 years.

“Oh baby, YOU are good.” Alan caressed the lined of my body gently. Alan got our drinks. We each took another long gulp. Alan noticed me look down at his cock, which was still hard. “Can your pussy handle more?”

“When you keep me as wet as you do… we can do this over and over.” Alan felt my pussy and then my cunt.

“Yup… wet.” Alan laughed. The way he was laying there hot. His cock was sticking straight up. I took another sip and put my drink down. I took it upon myself to get on that hard cock. I straddled Alan and led his hard cock inside me as I sat down. “You like this ‘again and again’ thing don’t you? Alan asked as he grabbed my thighs. I started to rock back and forth with his cock deep inside me. When I looked up, I noticed the mirror on the wall. The lesbian porn was still playing- neither of us had noticed for a while.

We continued on all night long.

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