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The Exhibition

The Exhibition

My journalistic endeavour takes a turn when an insatiable desire takes hold...
It was a warm day. The sun beamed down through a cloudless sky on most of the city and the building shadowed the busy streets as I made my way to the gallery across the river. A slight breeze teased at my skin and in the shade you could really feel the cold air.

My supervisor had asked me to cover the new art exhibitions opening as the writer it was assigned to had been delayed in France after his long weekend away.

“You look like the arty type!” Richard said when he had given me the brief.

“I am I suppose,” I had replied, or at least I like to think I am. It wasn't a specialty but I felt up for the task and that’s why I took it. Plus, this was to be a big column on the fourth page of the paper, so I would have been a fool to pass it up.

I was approaching the main entrance, where through the double glass doors I could see a small herd of about fifty people huddling around the lobby getting ready to start. I was dressed to impress; as I usually try to. I was wearing a red silk dress, tight around the waist with very slight shoulder straps; clingy around my bottom and legs which finished at the knee and managed to accentuate my bosoms amazingly, which was surprising considering the fact that I wasn't wearing a bra. It was too hot for something so constrictive, my 34 D’s needed some breathing room. My pale complexion was complimented by my dyed, jet black hair that sat on my shoulders and curved around my collar bones. The outfit was tied up with black high heels.

I entered with my notebook in hand ready to write.

An hour and a half into the three hour exhibition I sat down in the lobby exhausted and bored, we had come round full circle on the bottom floor and were told to take a ten minute break before we went onto the second and third floors of the gallery. As I said before, I like to think I'm down with art in general, but this exhibition was shockingly terrible and flat out mind numbing. I had hardly written anything in my journal and placed it down beside me on the foamy chair.

I had noticed a guy when we were all being herded from piece to piece who was blatantly gawking ridiculous amounts at me. I had tried to ignore it at first but I would always catch him from the corner of my eye, peripherally watching him back as I jotted down sparse comments. He was definitely older than me, maybe in his early late thirties. His hair was showing grey around the temples and his dress sense was that of a mid-range business man, a dark blue suit. Somewhat attractive.

As I began to reach around for my book I saw him approaching.

“Hi,” he said, “I take it you’re a journalist?” added with a joking tone.

“Yeah, or at least I'm trying to be!”

“Trying to be?”

“I've only been doing this properly now for about four months, my managing supervisor at the paper gave me a shot."

“Yeah I bet he did!” He quipped with a smirk.

“Sorry...?” I asked, annoyed at his tone.

“Nothing…” He laughed. “It’s just I think if I were him I’d be giving you more than a job.”

“Oh, I see. So you think that because I'm attractive that’s how I got my job?” My voice was raised, but only he could hear it. “Nothing to do with me being actually good at it? Is that it?!”

“Whoa! Calm down! Sorry!” He was agitated and his eyes darted around from face to face to make sure he wasn't being watched. “I obviously --“

“You obviously what? Didn't think I was going to talk back to you so much?”

He wavered for a second and then was about to talk.

“I could see you staring at me by the way…” His mouth closed and his eyes blinked a heavy blink. “Didn't you think I could see?”

“…I --“

“Yeah, I could see you all right, eyeing me up and down...”

“I'm sorry, I think I should ju --“

My voice lowered and I cut him off before he could finish. “If you want to fuck me, you’re going about it all wrong…” He stood stunned. “All you had to do was come over and ask me nicely.”

My mind jolted and I felt a surge of adrenaline rush through me, hitting me at the walls of my vagina; which began to throb and moisten as the words came from my mouth. He stood in front of me unable to speak, just looking down at my face. I stood up and drifted past him.

“I’ll be walking away now, but if you were to follow me, I wouldn't protest.” My heels clipped about ten paces away from him. I exited the lobby by a dividing hallway where the carpet dampened my footsteps, turning back around to look I caught his eyes and shrugged both shoulders, raising my eyebrows invitingly. He followed.

He followed a few footsteps behind up three flights of stairs. I didn't know where I was going but it didn't matter. There were no words spoken between us. We managed to find what seemed to be an abandoned section of the gallery which lay away from the exhibition, it was the west facing section of the building; empty and cold. I found a room unlocked, we entered and I turned around closing the door behind us. The room appeared to be an abandoned art room, there were a few paint brushes sat inside a pot in the corner next to a great arching wall to ceiling window and we could see the entire city over the river.

He stood facing me with desire and intrigue in his eyes which were burning holes through my entire body. I felt another surge of adrenaline shudder through my system and stepped closer to him, grabbing at his shoulders I forced him to walk a few paces backwards until his back hit the wall. Looking up at him as he smirked, his hands began searching for my hips. I snatched both his hands and placed them behind his back as I leaned in towards him, softly grazing my lips on his before I slithered down onto my knees.

“Keep those hands behind your back,” I added as I went down.

My open hand rubbed up against his swollen crotch and my eyes met his with a dirty passion. I bit my lip and began to slip off the hook of his belt. The metal clinked and fell undone as I shifted down to his zip, undoing it slowly, making him burn for me. I unfolded his trousers from the waist revealing his underwear. He wore white boxers and his excitement was evident from the circle of pre-cum that had pooled at the tip of his thick arching cock which was constricted so heavily by the tightness of his undies. I moaned lightly and rolled the tip of my index finger down his cock from base to tip.

Before going any further I looked up at him again and slipped off one strap to my dress. It slid off my shoulder seamlessly and I could feel the weight in my nearly bare breasts. My middle finger slid the other strap off and with that the top slipped down to my midriff. My pert tits were bare and the cold room had already taken its toll on them, my nipples were incredibly hard. I brought up both hands and tweaked lightly at them, feeling my horniness envelop me.

His penis rose as far as it could within his boxers and his face was a picture. He gazed down at my womanhood, almost drooling over what I had in store for him. I felt my pussy juice trickling down my inner thigh as I reached out and freed his fat erection. It stood to attention immediately, staring me directly in the middle of the eyes. His cock was big. Bigger than I thought it was going to be. I wet my lips and eased my head towards it.

Opening my mouth I took only his head inside, I knew my warm tender mouth would drive him quickly insane. I could taste him already, his pre-cum amalgamated and coated my tongue; the taste was pleasant. His head was pulsing and easily fit the circumference of my mouth. I sat there for a moment and suckled. With a pop, I released him from my mouth and held his cock at the base, my hand wrapped firmly around his thick shaft. Lifting him up slightly, I gave a vigorous lick to the underside and let my tongue slide around the head.

I noticed that his testicles were free from hair and moved my head further towards his thighs with my mouth wide open, I let his warm balls sink onto my tongue.

“Oh yeah, fuck baby!” he exclaimed, perhaps surprised at my move.

I tugged lightly at both of them, my mouth and tongue twirling and gripping at the loose skin that coated the walls of my warm opening. He knew I was playing with him. A line of saliva sneaked from the corner of my mouth and drooped down onto my rock hard nipple, my hand instinctively twirled the lubricated tit.

His balls were now dripping wet and I could tell he was ready for me to do some real cock sucking.

“You gonna cum for me?” I asked with a seductive whisper, my breathy tone was enhanced by my heaving chest.

“Fuck yeah...”

“I want your cum.” My gaping mouth engulfed his throbbing member and I eased him slowly to the back of my throat. He moaned loudly with pleasure, I steadied my thrusting head with both hands placed around his hips. I swirled my tongue rapidly around him and could feel him begin to thrust back into me. Gripping him again even harder than before I started to pump him quickly, his dick was at its fullest potential and I could see in his eyes that he was burning to bring his hands from behind his back and do with me as he wished.

My pussy was currently a mess of thick moist liquid, I was so fucking wet it was unreal and I couldn't help myself. My hands slipped down and I began to please myself immediately. I inserted my right hand's ring and middle finger into my sopping cunt and viciously rubbed my clit with the other.

His hands were released, gripping my cheek and tugging a handful of hair he started to use my mouth as a tool for his own pleasure. It was wonderful. Both my mouth and pussy were oozing fluid, I drooled like a dog around his thick, hard cock. The saliva dropped into multiple puddles on my bare tits, all the while I was thudding my cunt into oblivion.

I could feel a warmth building up in my stomach and soon enough it had slid its way to the walls of my pussy, I was about to climax very hard. I pulled my mouth away from his use and took a final few cycles at my clit, pressing down hard onto it I felt my legs go and my vagina clench. I came with an almighty sigh, my orgasm squirted ever so slightly down the inside of my leg. I brought up my hands and held onto to his hips once again.

Before I could even catch my breath he had forced his aching cock into my mouth, I could feel his tender head pulsing against my tongue. I moaned over him as I tried to catch my breath. With every full insertion into my wide open mouth I moaned harder and harder, I was loving it. He was so close and I wanted to taste his cum. 

“Oh fuck, I'm going to cum!”

He gave a deep thrust which engulfed my entire throat, my lips wrapped fully around his shaft. He gripped hold of my hair and began to pull out of my mouth, I felt his warm load spurt out and land on the back of my tongue; trickling down as I swallowed. With his cock now out of me he squirted a few more pumps towards my pouting lips, they landed in a hot sticky gel which clung to my chin and oozed downwards quickly onto my chest. I licked his pulsing head once again cleaning it of his cum.

I slipped both straps up, hoisting my breasts into the dress and stood up. Before he could say anything I was out of the door and back where we had come from. Down all the stairs I went as fast as I could, making sure I didn't come into contact with anyone as the evidence of what I had just done still lay partially on my bare chest. I wiped the remaining semen off my chin with the back of my hand.

In the lobby I rushed over to my journal which still sat on the foam chair and got the hell out of there.

My column would have to wait.

But it was definitely worth it.

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