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The Male Lesbian

Gary gets surprised in a lesbian bar
Gary was bored from the flights all week and when he finally checked into the Marriott in Atlanta he was anything but tired; he wanted some action. After hastily unpacking he called the concierge and arranged for a cab to pick him up. A few minutes later he stepped into the cab. The driver was a woman, probably in her 40’s. She asked, “Where to, sir?”

“I’m from out of state and I just want to hit the closest bar. I may not score but I don’t want to be far from the hotel if I do,” he replied.

“Oh, so you’re looking for sex, then, right?” she asked with a grin.

“If at all possible; I could use a good hard fuck, pardon my language, ma’am,” he said.

“No problem, I’ve heard worse. So I’d expect you might be married, out of town and looking for some strange, right?” she asked knowingly.

“Well, yes, as a matter of fact, but I don’t do this a lot,” he said weakly as an excuse.

“I know just the place for you, sir and it’s close by.” She answered.

Within five minutes she pulled the cab in front of a bar called “Reggie’s.” There were only a few cars in the parking lot when Gary went inside.

He looked around the dimly lit bar and noticed two women playing pool and one sitting by herself watching something on the television. At the bar were two women talking to themselves. The one sitting on the left was dressed in denim short shorts and a matching top. She had on a cowgirl had and cowgirl boots. She was probably in her late 30’s with dark hair, a wide mouth and an average face. Her legs were tanned and her thighs looked firm.

The other woman standing on the right was probably in her mid 20’s, wearing a too short red silk dress that revealed heavy thighs and a very prominent ass under the dress. She was evidently proud of her breasts because her cleavage was barely contained in the top of her dress. However she was exceptionally beautiful.

They both turned to look at Gary as he came in and he smiled at them. The girl in the red dress smiled back and he walked over to stand between them.

“Hi, ladies; I’m Gary. Mind if I join you for a little bit?”

The girl in the red dress said, “Hi, I’m Melissa. I don’t mind, do you?” she asked, turning to the girl on the left. She looked less interested but she acquiesced.

“I suppose it’s okay,” she answered, “I’m Sandy but don’t butt in on my action; I’ve been working Melissa for a week to get a date.”

Gary looked back and forth briefly between the two girls and decided to be bold about his quest. “Well, I can understand why; Melissa’s a beautiful girl. I’ve always considered myself to be pretty good at pleasing a woman, but I guess a woman would have a slight advantage.”

“A slight advantage?” asked Sandy. “What do you mean?”

“Obviously a woman can satisfy another woman better orally than a guy can but at least I have a dick to satisfy her with.”

Sandy looked at Melissa and they both laughed out loud. Gary stood there confused for a minute until Sandy explained.

“You didn’t know this was a lesbian bar when you came in did you?” she asked.

Gary looked at both of them and then joined in on their laughter. “Holy fuck; I wondered why there were no men in here!” he said.

Sandy said with a smug expression, “So you can see why we don’t need a dick to satisfy ourselves or each other.”

Gary was determined to make his point. “Maybe so, but there are some of us men who are pretty damn good at eating pussy. Personally I enjoy giving oral sex more than receiving it, as long as I get to come sooner or later.”

“That’s bullshit,” Sandy scoffed. “Men only think of getting off; they don’t care if the woman comes or not.”

“Not true,” Gary persisted. “I’ve spent time with a woman more than once when all I did was satisfy her with my mouth, my fingers and sometimes a vibrator.”

Melissa finally spoke up. “Listen all this talk about eating pussy is getting me wet and I left my panties at home. Why don’t we challenge him to prove his point, Sandy?”

“There’s no way I’m gonna fuck this guy and I won’t eat you if you let him come in you, so what do you have in mind?”

Gary stood silent with growing interest as the women discussed his involvement.

“We won’t let him fuck us,” Melissa said, “we’ll just have some oral sex and see how good he is. He can jerk himself off anytime or as much as she wants until we’ve had enough. What do you think?”

“All right, I’m game,” Sandy answered, “as long as I get final crack at your crack.”

Sandy stood up and took Melissa by the hand and said to Gary, “Pay the bartender and when you come out, follow my blue pickup truck.”

“I came by cab; I’m staying at the Marriott and I don’t have a car,” Gary replied.

“That’s okay, we’ll take you to my place,” replied Sandy.

Gary sat in between them as Sandy drove and soon after they pulled away from the bar, Melissa began unzipping his pants. “Let’s see what you’ve got, just for curiosity.” She tugged at his pants and finally managed to pull his cock free of his pants.

“Play with it for a while and see how big it gets,” Sandy teased.

And Melissa did exactly that, all the way to Sandy’s place, sliding her fingers around the crown, lightly stroking the shaft. Gary was hard in no time and when they reached Sandy’s mobile home he couldn’t manage to tuck it back in his pants. The girls kidded him as he walked along with his cock sticking straight out.

Once inside, Sandy headed for a bedroom and Melissa was right behind her. Gary could see her thighs shining with wetness. His cock stayed hard.

There were blankets and sheets lying over a bench at the end of the bed and Sandy threw them on the floor nearby. She stared at Gary’s erection and began stripping her clothes off. “Either tuck that back in or let it free and let’s get started,” she said.

Gary slipped off his shoes then his pants and boxers. He felt ridiculous with such an erection knowing he probably wouldn’t get to plant it into either girl tonight. When she was naked, Sandy pointed to the bench at the end of the bed. “Lie down here and we’ll see how good you are with your tongue, city boy.”

He stretched out on the bench and Sandy straddled his shoulders and slipped her hands under his head. Her thighs closed around his face as she pulled his head tightly against her. Instinctively he drove his tongue into her. Coming into the bedroom he had noticed that Melissa was wearing some very feminine perfume, but Sandy had only natural smells filling his nostrils.

She actually moved his head to guide his tongue, pulling him against her, and all he had to do was keep his tongue extended. Melissa pulled a chair up at the other end of the bench and resumed teasing his cock with just her fingertips. He thought he would go crazy. Sandy decided she wanted it rougher and she began riding his face, rubbing herself across his nose, mouth and chin. He didn’t know if he should extend his tongue or not, it didn’t seem to matter to her.

After what seemed like a half hour, he could not breathe through his nose and her juices were all over his face. She finally centered her clit between his lips and he sucked and licked on it in hopes of getting her off quickly. She was not an easy suck and she held him tightly in place for another 20 or 30 minutes. Finally she began moaning and dug her fingers into his scalp.

She bumped her hips up and down on his face and came on his tongue as he flicked it across her swollen clit. She resumed rubbing her pussy back and forth across his face until she had regained her composure. When she released his head and stepped away she faced Melissa. “Not bad for the first orgasm but I had to do all the work; lazy fucker.”

Melissa’s hands were shiny from rubbing the precum off Gary’s cock. She leaned up and wiped them on his shirt. “I was too wet to sit on that chair so I sat on your boxers, I hope you don’t mind but they’re soaked.” She turned to Sandy and said, “Let’s get him up on the bed.” Gary climbed onto the bed and lay on his back. Melissa moved him down the bed until she was satisfied with his position, and soon he realized what she had in mind.

Sandy climbed up on the bed and stood over his head. Without removing her short dress Melissa climbed up and positioned herself over his face and her dress was over his head. When she lowered herself onto his face, her thick thighs squeezed his face so much he automatically stuck out his tongue. She moved enough to sink down over his tongue and he was smothered in her soft flesh. But she smelled so good and tasted so good that Gary almost didn’t realize he could not breathe.

Melissa finally settled where he could lick her clit. Then he heard Sandy moaning above him, “That’s it, baby, suck up my juices, show him how to really make me come.”

He could not see with Melissa’s dress draped over his head but he knew Melissa was eating Sandy. His cock was aching for attention and relief but he held off touching himself in the wild hopes that one of the girls would at least suck him off.

Melissa’s weight was crushing Gary but thankfully she did not last as long as Sandy. She came and violently humped his face, driving his head into the mattress with the force of her weight. He heard Melissa moaning, obviously into Sandy’s pussy and Sandy responded announcing her own climax. “I’m coming, babe, suck it, that’s it, suck itttt!” she groaned.

Gary’s cock was seeping cum like a tiny fire hose by the time the girls got off the bed. They both saw his dripping erection. “Sandy, I think we should let him come,” Melissa suggested.

“Yeah, I guess that way he’ll be able to focus more on us the rest of the night.” She replied.

“The rest of the night?” questioned Gary.

“Oh, yeah, if we know your cock won’t go off we might want to play with it a while,” said Melissa.

Sandy jumped down off the bed. “Stand by the bed so we can watch.” She and Melissa sat on the edge of the bed as he stood facing them. “Go ahead and jerk off; just catch it in your hand,” Sandy instructed, “or we won’t let you leave.”

Reluctantly Gary began stroking his hard shaft, and he was horny enough to come quickly. In less than a minute he was breathing hard, ready to unleash his excitement. When he came, he cupped his other hand and let his cum splash and dribble into it. The girls squealed with delight at the huge puddle in his palm.

Sandy crossed her arms. “Tell you what, city boy; you let us watch while you lick your hand clean and one of us might get excited enough to fuck you.”

“Yeah,” Melissa added, “we know you like eating pussy but we might want to know if your cock is as good as a dildo.”

As he raised his hand to his mouth, Gary thought back to when his wife had made him do this during role play one night. These girls had no idea what he was capable of.

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