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"She isn't satisfied with just a taste, and he's more than ready to oblige."

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Author's Notes

"This story immediately follows "Eat Something" and "Getting Her Sausage", and is the completion of the trilogy."

Of course my wife giggled and took off running as soon as she saw me following. I wasn’t going to validate that by jogging after her, though the temptation was pretty strong.

The moment I stepped in front of the bedroom door, her top came flying at me. I put my hands up in time to keep it from hitting me in the face as my bare-breasted wife laughed.  She’d already kicked off her shoes, and proceeded to peel off her leggings as I dramatically tossed her top into the floor.  I put my phone down on her vanity and had to admire her.

She looked stunning with that tight little ass sticking out.  Her firm breasts with their visibly stiff little pink tips dangled and jiggled.  Her long dark hair hung in a curtain – dancing from the breeze of the ceiling fan.

Just like that, she was naked.

I pulled my shirt over my head, and my wife moaned from the sight while pinching her nipples.  She then walked to her nightstand, and pulled out the drawer where she kept her toys.

I spun the chair for her vanity around and sat down.  I knew from experience that stomping on the heel or yanking on my shoes wasn’t going to work, so I sat down and untied them.  My wife kept looking over her shoulder, and seemed to be keeping something hidden in her little sex toy chest.

She’d been playing games, so I decided to play one of my own.  I stared hard at her while pulling off my shoes, doing my best to foil whatever plan she had in mind.  My socks followed.  She frowned, pursed her lips and let out a little grunt of disappointment.

I chuckled as I stood up and pushed down on my pants.  I involuntarily glanced down as I was trying to get my legs out of my jeans for what felt like a fraction of a second, but it was long enough.  My wife had retrieved whatever she was hiding, and kept it hidden behind her back as she sat down on the bed.  She shoved whatever surprise she had under her pillow, and then reclined on it.

My wife lay on the bed pumping her middle finger into her wet pussy while her hands glided over her breasts.  I flexed my muscles down below to make my cock jump before heading to the bed.  She popped up and met me beside it.

We kissed with a need stoked by a morning full of teases.  Our tongues wrangled and our hands roamed.  She pulled away from my lips and moved to nibble on my earlobe instead.  A moment later she whispered, “I bought myself some new jewelry.”

That was concerning.

She grabbed a handful of cock, climbed in the bed, and pulled me after.  When she spun around to reach under her pillow, I turned the tables on her.  She’d been calling the shots all morning, so it was time for me to get in the driver’s seat.  I grabbed her leg and she screamed as I flopped her face down on the bed.  She moaned a second later when I bent her knee and sucked her big toe.

My wife was content to wiggle and moan for a while as I moved from toe to toe, kissing and suckling each digit.  She lifted her other foot once I reached the left pinky toe.  Before moving to her toes, I licked the sole of her right foot, and she squealed from the tickle.

Once I’d given all ten toes equal treatment, I spanked that sexy ass.  She took that as a signal to flip up her pillow, and revealed her surprise – a red jeweled butt plug.

She pushed it and the lube bottle she’d stashed with it toward me, and then rose up on all fours.  I didn’t need any more instruction than that.  I grabbed her new toy, popped the top on the lube, and started drizzling a bead along the length of the bulb.

I smoothed the first bead all around the toy, and then gave it another thick squirt on the tip.  I pushed the lube bottle out of the way, and then wiped my slippery hand on her leg.

“Hey!” she cried out as she twitched away from the slimy touch.

I chuckled and moved in behind her.  “You ready?”

I heard her take a deep breath.  “Mmm hmm.”

She sucked in a sharp breath through her nose when the cool tip pressed against her forbidden hole.  I let her anticipate it for a couple of seconds, and then pushed.  The deep groan she let out as the plug stretched her ass didn’t sound like it could have possibly come from my petite wife.

I glanced over at the mirrored closet doors to see her face was pinched tight, and her mouth was wide open.  Her fingers had curled into claws as well.

The high-pitched cry that followed when her pucker clamped down on the stem of the toy fitted her perfectly.

Air rapidly whistled in and out of her pursed lips for a few seconds as she adjusted to the violation.  She looked back over her shoulder and asked, “Does it make my butt look pretty?”

I caressed her buttocks and said, “Babe, nothing could improve on this ass.  But yeah, it’s pretty – and sexy.”

“Let me see,” she said as she turned to face her ass to the mirror.  She let out a silvery laugh and jiggled her butt as she admired her reflection.

She cried out in mock alarm when I gave her ass a solid smack.  I caressed the same spot a moment later.

My wife moaned and said, “Now give me that cock.  I’ve been waiting all morning.”

As she crawled over to the center of the bed, I said, “You didn’t have to.  I offered as soon as I finished eating that pussy.”

“I know, and god, it was tempting,” she admitted.

I’d been waiting all morning as well, and she was dripping wet, so I mounted up and fed her my cock in one steady push.

“Fuck yes!” she cried as I stretched her out.

I started out slow and reveled in how good her tight pussy felt.  My wife moaned encouragement as she watched the action in the mirror.

“Fuck yeah, babe,” I groaned as I buried myself balls-deep in her.

“So full.”

I moved my hand from her right hip to her clit, and she rewarded me with a whimpered, “Uh huh!”

My wife’s coos and moans got louder as I worked her button and gave her long, slow, root-to-tip thrusts.  She stopped looking in the mirror, and her back would arch slightly with every penetration.  Her long curtain of hair danced from the slow lolling of her head.

I could hear her breathing picking up, so I did the same.  She cried out with that first faster stroke but followed it with a long, excited moan.  I kicked up the speed of the fingers rolling her clit as well.  For some unfathomable reason, I noticed that her new bling was glinting prettily in the light coming from above.

“Oh!  Fuck!  Yes!  Yes!” my wife screamed as the power of my thrusts increased with my excitement.

My hand between her legs started getting stiff from the stretch, so I decided to change things up.  I pounded my cock home, and she yelped from the unexpected escalation.  I was far from done, though.  I leaned over her, reached under her body with my left hand, grabbed her right breast, and yanked her upright.

She shuddered violently when the change in angle let me strum that clit like a thrash guitarist on meth.  I bounced her on my cock and pinched her nipple to the beautiful music of her yelping.  I could see a rosy hue starting to rise in the back of her neck, and when I looked in the mirror, I could see that it was far more pronounced in her face.

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“That’s right.  Come for me,” I growled in her ear.

“Fuck meee!” she screamed in response.

That I did.  In less than a minute of bouncing her in my lap, I heard the telltale hitch in her breathing.  A half a dozen claps of skin on skin later, I felt her go stiff in my arms.

Her wail of ecstasy stuttered in time with my continued onslaught.  Her body wrenched in my arms, but I held on tight and maintained control.  She yelped, gasped, and screeched through the throes that I knew were even more intense because she was restrained.

There were limits to that, so I stopped thrusting and relaxed my grip when her cries took on a sharp edge that meant she was nearly at her limits.  She bucked and thrashed in my arms – still impaled on my cock – for a deliciously long time.

“Holy shit,” she whimpered between gasps once she had enough wits about her to do so.

I growled in her ear and feigned moving my hand from her hip toward her clit.  I could hear the clap of her legs snapping together even over her gasp.  I chuckled as I let my hand settle and kissed her shoulder.

It didn’t take long for her to change her mind.  She was still twitching from the aftershocks when she started slowly rocking her hips to stir me inside her.  Her moans most often shot up in pitch and cut off abruptly at first, but she wanted more, and she was determined to get it.

Her fingers barely curled around my wrist, but it was enough of a signal for me to let her go.  She leaned forward and slowly slid off my cock.  It popped free, slapped against me, and slung a couple of drops of pussy juice all the way up to my shoulder blade.

My wife sensually slithered back to the pillow, rolled over on her back, and parted her legs.  I planted my hands, hopped forward, and cupped my hands behind her knees.  Her fingers were already reaching for my cock before I even got settled.

I slid inside her with a moan that she echoed.  She put her fingers to work on her clit while I slowly pumped into her slippery canal.

“Faster,” she gasped after only a couple of strokes.

I did, but I could see in her eyes that it wasn’t enough.  I kicked it up a notch, and her fingers matched my pace, but her eyes were still insistent, so I kept cranking up the dial.  Loud smacks were echoing back from the walls before her eyes rolled up in her head and she cried out, “Yes!”

I let my eyes roam over her body as I rocked it.  Her tits were bouncing from the shockwaves, and her head lashed on the pillow.  A steady stream of whimpers and yelps burst from her lips.  Somehow, the jeweled plug in her ass was still catching the light to glimmer beneath her pussy stretching around my cock.

The itch was beginning to manifest in the tip of my cock, but she was well ahead of me.  She was flushed all the way down to her neck, and her fingers were nearly a blur over her clit.

I got chills when she lurched and screamed in orgasm.  I eased back a little, but kept thrusting to keep her coming.  I also needed a little reprieve, because that itch in my dick was spreading.  Her hands flailed and her back arched, pulling her head up off the pillow.  She cried out over and over again as the orgasmic energy crashed through her.

I leaned over her, planning to pull out and kiss her for a while to buy myself some time, but she had other ideas.  She grabbed my arms, pulled me toward her, and snapped her legs around me.

The words burst from her lips in a high-pitched rush.  “Fill me up!”

It was as if those words had flipped a switch.  What little control I was exerting over my approaching orgasm evaporated.  She wrapped her arms and legs around me even tighter as I drove her ass into the mattress.

I was right on the edge when her pussy squeezed tight around me and she screeched.  Her nails bit into my back and my amazement that she was coming again gave me a few more seconds, but that was it.

A roar exploded from me as I blasted her full of cum.

The orgasm was so intense that it was all white-hot nothing in my memory until I was panting for breath on top of her.  She on the other hand was running her fingers through my hair and moaning in a tone that sounded just a little smug to me.

I whimpered pitifully and she laughed when my phone started ringing.

I ignored it, but after the second ring, she smacked my ass hard enough to force me into action.  The sound I made when I pulled out of her was some embarrassing combination of a moan and a whimper, and set her laughing even harder.

I lurched out of the bed, stumbled over to my phone, and unlocked it.  It was the V.P. of shipping and receiving.  He was pretty much the only person in upper management who actually did anything.  He’d started at the bottom straight out of high school, managed to get a bachelor’s in business while working full-time, and slowly climbed the ranks.

I had a lot of respect for him, so I swallowed, took a couple of deep breaths, and answered as the next ring sounded.

After we exchanged a greeting, he said, “I just found out everyone has been harassing you all morning, and I want to apologize.”

“I’m used to it.  It’s just the way things are ever since Roger retired and everybody switched positions.”

“It shouldn’t be.  I’ve been preoccupied with all the problems on the receiving dock, but that’s sorted now.  I made sure Mike knows to call me if there was a problem, and to pass the word along.  They’ll probably try a little harder and think twice instead of just taking the easy way out and letting you do all the work.”

My surprised tone caused my wife to sit up and cock her head in curiosity, so I brought a finger to my lips, and put the phone on speaker so she could hear.

“I appreciate it, but–”

“No,” he interrupted, “This is what should have been happening all along.  Now I understand why you haven’t been taking any time off.  I’ve been there.  You leave for a day and the place goes to hell.  That’s not going to happen anymore.  Interested in taking the rest of the week off?”

I winced when my wife let out a squeal of delight, but my boss chuckled, which helped take the edge off.

“I assume that’s a yes?” he asked.

“Yeah, I really need a break,” I answered.

“Good.  If anybody calls you, call me.  They will not enjoy the conversation that follows.  See you next week, and enjoy your vacation.”

“See you next week.  Thanks.”

I ended the call, and as I was putting my phone down, I shook my head and silently chuckled.  I was standing there naked with my dick covered in pussy juice.  If he had only known.

I looked over at my wife, and she was leaning back on her hands with her legs spread, giving me a good view of my cum flowing out of her and dripping over her new jeweled plug.

That set off a shiver.

She naturally took it to the next level by dipping her fingers into the stream of cum and bringing it to her lips with a moan.  Then she asked, “So, what are we going to do with the rest of the week?”

I knew my schedule was going to be just as full as she was at that moment, and I was perfectly fine with it.

Written by RejectReality
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