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Eat Something

"He's stuck working from home on his day off, but she thinks he needs to take a break."

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I let out a sigh of relief as I closed the last of the POs the fools at the warehouse had messed up.  “Can’t have one fucking day off,” I muttered for about the third time that morning.

I signed out of the terminal and opened my email.  Even though I’d thoroughly explained and shown the process to every single person I added to the To address bar, they obviously needed me to draw them a picture.

I seriously considered printing the example PO I was about to annotate and writing the instructions in crayon.

On the third attempt at the first annotation, I was satisfied that it was professional enough.  The first two tries had been so condescending that I knew I’d end up in HR the instant I walked back into work.

I took a deep breath, marked off the spot for my next annotation, and tried to maintain that professional tone.

I heard my wife walk into the room as I was typing, and saw her out of the corner of my eye.

“Sorry, babe,” I apologized as I typed.

“Can’t they manage one day without you?”

“Apparently not.”

“You really need to take a break and eat something.”

“I’m almost done, babe.”  I glanced at the clock on my laptop.  “I tell you what, I’ll take you out for breakfast.  It will just be a...”

I trailed off as my wife shoved the computer across the table, away from me.

There was an unmistakable note of warning in her voice when she reiterated, “I said, you need to take a break and eat something.”

That’s when I noticed my wife was naked from the waist down.

She didn’t say another word.  She pulled out a chair and used it as a step to climb up on the table.  In no time at all, she was kneeling on the edge.  I had a second to drink in the sight of her incredible ass and sweet little pussy before she grabbed a handful of hair.

I grunted in amused surprise when she yanked me in.

Needless to say, work was completely forgotten.  I curled my fingers around her thighs and dived in.  I stabbed my tongue into her pussy and found out just how worked up she was.  Her pussy was practically dripping.  I wiggled my tongue and gathered up her nectar with a hungry growl.

My wife gasped, shuddered, and tightened her grip on my hair.

I gave her a nice broad lick, and was about to slouch down in the chair so I could get to her clit, but I discovered that she had other ideas.  A yank on my hair forced me to sit up straighter instead.

I dutifully swiped my tongue over the pucker of her ass.

She cooed and moaned as I licked her ass, but never relaxed her grip on my hair.  I didn’t have the slightest worry, because she was very particular about any sort of backdoor play.  She wouldn’t allow it if she wasn’t certain she was perfectly clean – never mind demand it.  I moved my hands to her butt cheeks, spread them wide, and pushed my tongue into her ass.

“Oh god yes,” she cried.

Her ass puckered far too tight to really get my tongue in, but I knew the suggestion of it turned her on.  I brought every ounce of pressure I could to bear, genuinely trying to penetrate her with more than a fraction of a fraction of the tip, and she rewarded me with a groan.  I let up, tickled the tan oval with the tip of my tongue for a second, and then tried to shove it in her again.

I enjoyed the game as much as she did.  I only gave her a couple of swipes of my tongue before going in for the stab the next time, but the element of surprise wasn’t enough.  I was biding my time for the next attempt by drawing a figure eight over her back door when she suddenly let go of my hair.

She sat down, spun on her butt to face me, and offered me a wicked grin before dragging me back into her pussy by the hair.

I gave her a deep, broad tongued lick, gathering as much of her pussy juice on my tongue as I possibly could.  She tasted divine, and I wondered if she’d awakened from a sex dream.  That was what usually prompted her to jump me early in the morning, and would certainly explain how wet she was.

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Though I had a strong suspicion what was coming, I went for another scoop of pussy juice anyway.  She was having none of it, and yanked me toward her clit.  I sucked her hood between my lips, and my wife yelped.  The sound jumped in pitch and volume when I started shaking my head and tonguing the swollen button.

I let her slip from my lips with a slurp, licked her clit hard for a couple of strokes, and then pulled her pleasure nub back in.  I used only the tip of my tongue to tickle it that time, never letting her know when it was going to dart in.  She started to writhe and whimper, and one particularly strong twitch yanked her clit out of my lips.

I moved as if to latch back on, but lifted her hood with my thumb and attacked her unprotected clit instead.  She yanked my hair hard and let out a shriek when I did that.  While she was still lurching from the shock, I pushed my middle finger deep into her slippery canal.  She gasped as I pulled it back out – slick with her juices.

She could keep my tongue at bay, but a finger was another matter.  I pressed the slippery digit against her back door while I maintained the assault on her defenseless clit.  She put up a little token resistance, but the truth was that she wanted it.  All it would have taken was a good tug on the handful of hair she had, and I’d have pushed that finger right back into her pussy.

She grunted when my finger popped into her ass.  I pushed it as deep as I could, gave her naked clit one last lick, and then sucked it in again.

My wife writhed and bucked – yanking at my hair.  Ever louder whimpers and yelps tumbled from her lips.  Her ass pinched tight around my finger wiggling in her back door.  I cut my eyes up, and saw that she had one breast squished in her other hand, and her face was red.

I doubled down, sucking hard and worrying her clit with my tongue as fast and hard as I could get it moving.  We’d only been married a year, but we’d been together for six, so I knew when she was right on the cusp.  I pushed her to the edge and then stopped – just for second.  It was long enough for her to let out a weepy wail of protest.

Her wail turned into a shriek almost as soon as I sucked her clit again.

I love to make her come.  Of course, I could have done without her damn near pulling my hair out as she thrashed on the table, but beggars can’t be choosers.  I rode out her throes and chased her clit – listening to the sweet serenade of her screaming in ecstasy.

When she let go of my hair, I wisely pulled away from her pussy.  More than once, I’d gotten a foot in the ribs for hanging on just a little too long.  Her hand landed knuckles down on the table with a rap that sounded painful to me.  She didn’t flinch, so I assume it sounded worse than it was.

I kissed and caressed her left leg, which always shook uncontrollably at the tail end of an orgasm.  The quakes settled just a little after her ragged gasps turned into sighs and moans.  She looked absolutely gorgeous lying there all flushed and spent with her pussy winking at me.

She started chuckling as the aftershocks of her orgasm faded.

“Good, babe?”

“Uh huh,” she answered, and followed it with a moan.  She slowly pushed herself upright, and I stood up enough to kiss her when she leaned in.

When our lips parted, I stood up the rest of the way and guided her hand between my legs.

She snatched it away and slid off the table.

“Really?” I asked with laughter in my voice as she walked away.

She gave her bare ass a smack and said, “Hurry up and finish with work.  You promised to take me out for breakfast.”

“I’ve got sausage right here,” I called after her.

“After breakfast,” she yelled back.

I shook my head, adjusted my uncomfortably hard cock, and started to pull my laptop back over in front of me.

I wasn’t all that bothered that I had to grab some napkins to wipe off the table first.

Written by RejectReality
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