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Between Courses

Between Courses

Pre-Dinner Drinks

Marcus Taylor could tell she wasn’t enjoying herself. He’d seen enough genuine smiles at these corporate Christmas events that he could spot a fake one a mile off. It was a shame, he was sure if someone could pull a real smile to her lips she would be the most gorgeous woman in the room. Perhaps he’d have to give her a reason to smile. Thoughts of him slamming his cock into her high-class cunt filled his mind, increasing his pulse rate. 

He poured the expensive bottle of champagne into one of the glasses on his tray, ignoring instructions that it was designated for the table of executives. He filled the rest with the cheap and nasty stuff, and then made a beeline straight for her. 

“I can see you don’t have a drink. Here’s a special glass, for a special lady,” he said, with a tone that he hoped had sent shivers down her spine. 

She accepted and tipped back the drink in one go, keeping her eyes on him the whole time. He felt his level of arousal go up a notch under her seductive gaze. He couldn’t help his roving eyes from taking in her gorgeous body, which was clad in the finest silk evening gown. 

And there it was; a genuine, dirty, gorgeous smile. 


Elisabeth Brimley hated being dragged along to her husband, David’s, work Christmas events. It was just another one of those occasions when she had to plaster on a fake smile and pretend like they were the perfect couple. If only she’d taken her father’s advice, instead of reacting in an adolescent rebellion and marrying a man over twenty years her senior. 

At least there was some fun to be had at this party, in the form of her sexier waiter. With every glass of expensive champagne he served her, she felt her need for him grow. Yes, Mrs Brimley could be a very naughty girl when the mood took her, not that her husband had ever bothered to find out. 

She was just answering another boring question on the state of British politics, when she felt someone press their body lightly against hers. She looked up to see her young waiter stood next to her. She glanced across the table; her husband was oblivious to her, so she moved her arm discreetly to her side and stroked up his leg. 

“Are you having the soup, Miss?” 

“Mrs,” she corrected with a wink. “No, soup isn’t the hot, thick, liquid I want tonight,” she quietly purred in his ear, as he bent over to collect her unrequired cutlery. 

She didn’t miss that his gaze had dropped to look at her impressive cleavage. She repaid him by sliding her hand higher up his thigh, until she found his equally impressive solid cock. She couldn’t help but laugh when he groaned and quickly walked away, spoon in hand. 

Main Course

Every time he went to her table he was treated to a magnificent view down the front of her dress. He also enjoyed the fact that she had become more daring with her gropes, practically jacking him off through his trousers. The small apron covering his front was struggling to contain his raging erection. 

“Do you want stuffing with your meat?” he enquired, while he served the main. He’d asked that same question to all the guest at that table, but it took on a very different meaning when it came to her. 

He nearly dropped the serving dish when she responded with, “I’d like stuffing with your meat.”

When he collected the plates at the end of the main course, she handed him her napkin. She then excused herself from the table and went to the ladies-room. He couldn’t help but be mesmerized for a moment; watching her ass swing as she walked away. 

He entered the kitchen and read her note that was scrawled in eyeliner on the cotton napkin.

Meet me and I’ll let you do anything! 

Fuck. What a sexy fucking bitch! I’m going to enjoy fucking you,” he thought to himself, as he rushed to find his friend to cover for him. 

He was walking towards the ladies, when the door to the unoccupied clock-room opened and he was pulled inside. The room was dimly lit, but he was still able to see his salacious diner in front of him. 

“I don’t have long,” she said breathlessly. She started kissing him passionately, but she felt his surprise at her pace. “My husband is giving his speech after the main. I have to be back before dessert, or he’ll notice I’m not there.”

“Won’t he look for you while he’s giving his speech?” he asked, between her deep, probing kissing.

She laughed, as she unzipped her gown. She quickly removed her silk covering, leaving her completely naked. She relished the look of shock on the young man’s face at seeing her with no underwear. 

“Don’t be stupid. He’ll be too busy kissing the chairmen’s ass to even give a glance in that direction. I’ve heard that bloody speech a million times already. Now, stop wasting time and drop your trousers. I want to see that gorgeous dick of yours.” 

She would have liked to take things a little slower, but time wouldn’t allow. Luckily, their interactions over the course of the meal had made her pussy wetter than India in monsoon season. He was relatively short, so she slipped off her heels to adjust her height and grabbed him by his dick.

“I’m ready for my stuffing now,” she giggled. She bent forward, loving the feeling of exposing herself fully to this man; a man that wasn’t her husband. She could hear her husband’s voice giving his speech. Marcus slid his cock deep inside her for the first time. 

“Oh fuck, yeah. Show my married pussy what it feels like to be fucked by a real man,” she spat, with the same intensity she felt from being filled by his young dick. 

She loved the feel of his hands mauling her ass cheeks while she rubbed her clit. He pounded into her fast and deep. Her body jolted with every powerful thrust of his cock. She was free to be herself; she never felt freer than when she was being fucked by a man that really wanted her. 

She looked back over her shoulder to see the crazed, lust filled look of her lascivious partner. She wanted to look him in the eyes while he fucked her. She squealed her delight when his hand spanked her ass cheeks hard. The sting she felt only intensifying her fevered desires. 

The pressure inside her was building to point of explosion. She could hear his low groans of delight and the sound of his young body slamming into her. She could also hear her husband’s speech; she knew he was getting close to finishing. She just hoped Marcus was too. 

She felt alive. The fear of possibly getting caught was rushing through her body. The pleasure that this miscreant was giving her was just what she needed to get through her mundane life as a wife, in a passionless marriage. She felt his grip on her body tighten and she knew he was about to fill her adulteress cunt with his seed.

The sound of applause could be heard coming from the dining room. Her body convulsed and her orgasm tore its way around her sweat covered body. Her cries of pleasure were masked by the applause. 

She hardly had time to let the haze settle, before she pulled herself off his still softening cock. Turning around, she delighted in taking his cock in her mouth. Elisabeth loved the taste of a man’s cum on her lips, especially if it wasn’t her husband’s. She made sure she cleaned every last drop. 

She’d dressed and straightened herself as best she could and kissed him quickly, before she casually left the cloakroom. 


He watched as she calmly walked back to the table and greeted her husband, no doubt with the feel of his cum seeping from her freshly fucked cunt. She gave her husband a kiss on the cheek; a kiss with lips that had only moments before been around Marcus’ cock, a cock which moments before that had been in her pussy. He wasn’t sure if it had actually happened. The entire thing seemed like a crazy dream being played on fast forward. 

He nodded his thanks to his friend, who responded with two thumbs up. He picked up the tray of desserts and walked over to her table. Handing them out, he shared a look with her, a look of mutual gratitude. 

“My lord, have the cows gone on strike? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a jug so small. Elisabeth, do you want yours?” Mr Brimley asked his wife. 

“You can have it, David. Too much cream in one night is bad for a girl.”

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