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Santa's Little Helper

A naughty interlude interrupts the busiest night of the year
The snow lay deep, all around the huge wooden barn where Twinkle Toes was piling up the presents in their respective sacks. This year she had addresses beginning with A to D. Some were for America, some for Europe, some for Africa, Asia and Australia. She looked round and gave a huge sigh as she contemplated the almost endless line of gift-wrapped parcels. She was sure the list was getting bigger every year.

Outside she could hear the grunts of the reindeer and the chomping sound they made as they fed on sugar beet, ready for the following night’s trip.

‘Soon, it will be time for Gumbo and his team to get them all bridled and harnessed up,’ she thought, as she gave a particularly odd-shaped present a little shake.

When it was time for her break, she made her way over to her little hut and chucked a log on the fire and lit a hob on her stove so she could warm up her mulled wine. Then she threw her hood back and undid a couple of buttons on her red cape as the fire began to crackle and the smell of cinnamon and cloves filled the hut. It was customary for all the girls on gift duty to wear Santa outfits at this time of year, so as to distinguish them from the reindeer crew. It was okay, but it had the draw-back of making the guys a little frisky. Not that she minded the extra attention, but all those hormones could be an awkward distraction, when you had a deadline.

Twinkle Toes put her feet up and sipped the spicy claret and she was warmed up in no time. The warmth soon emanated down to her feet, which were clad in her regulation red ankle boots and she felt a lovely warm glow.

All too soon it was time to get up and get back to sorting presents. The big man himself might drop in at any time and he wouldn’t be happy if he saw her section was falling behind. She went back out and the snow crunched under her footsteps as she headed back to work. It was almost dark now, not that it had ever been that light and there was less than twelve hours to go. As she entered the barn, it suddenly went dark, as a pair of hands covered her eyes and someone said, “Guess who?”

“Gumbo! I haven’t got time now, have you seen what I’ve got to do?”

“Awww… just a quick one, it’ll warm you up!”

“I am warmed up!”

“You look so sexy in that outfit!” exclaimed the green-coated reindeer herder. 

“I haven’t got time.”

“You have, you even undone a couple of buttons look!”

“Oh, I forgot…”

“No, you thought Gumbo would be paying a visit and you got yourself all sexy!”

“No! ha ha stop it! Hee hee Gumbo! It tickles! Ooooooh!”

“Just five minutes…”

“Nooo! Heeee hee!”

Gumbo pulled on Twinkle Toes’ sleeve, which made another button pop open and she pretended to resist, pulling in the other direction, her feet slipping on the stone floor, as she was gradually pulled towards the edge of the barn. Then, Gumbo caught his foot on a large brown package and was sent flying, taking Twinkle Toes with him and they ended up in a pile of hay, which had been left out as extra bedding for the reindeer.

Now, Twinkle toes was lying on top of Gumbo with her boobs pressed into his face and her red cloak, almost fully open, allowing Gumbo’s hands freedom to explore her smooth body, clad as it was in her white lingerie.

“I always preferred my girls on top!” chuckled Gumbo.

His arousal was pressing into Twinkle Toes’ panties and she looked into his eyes as she kissed him on the nose, his little beard tickling her chin.

“You’re so sexy!” he said, as his left hand ran down to her waist, sending shivers of delight through her body.

“I know you said. Will you go on top? I like to be dominated!” she said.

“Hmmm… dark horse, you are!” said Gumbo, rolling her on to her back and gazing over her delicious body.

He slipped his fingers past her pantie gusset and wriggled them, until he felt her warm moisture envelop his digits. He knelt between her legs and placed kisses on her cleavage and gave her nipples little bites through her lacy bra, making them instantly hard. Twinkle Toes gave a little moan, relaxing and opening her legs wider as Gumbo lifted his green cloak and undid the big brass buckle on his green trousers.

She held onto the open ends of his coat by the wooden toggles as she felt him enter her. She finally yielded to his stiffness and she gave out a long, “Oooooh” as he slipped in. A few bits of hay began to flutter down from the stack behind them as he began to thrust. Some landed on her face and she blew them off, as her whole body began to move to and fro. Her little red boots were pointing up to the barn roof, her legs apart and springing outwards each time Gumbo thrust into her love box.

The white bobble on Gumbo’s hat was bobbing up and down as he stroked his length in and out until eventually the momentum made it fall over his eyes momentarily, before dropping to the floor. Twinkle Toes had a big smile on her face, and the corners of her mouth changed shape slightly each time she emitted a little ‘”Oooh oooh!”

“Oooh Gumb…bo…don’t be…oooh! Long….he could drop in…any….ooooh….minute!”

“Nooo….nearly…. there!”

Gumbo cupped her boobs, squeezing the flesh into little mounds, until her cleavage was almost bursting out of her bra. She looked so sweet, but so sexy, lying in the barn like that. A jingle of bells could be heard outside, between Twinkle Toes’ moans. The reindeer were getting restless. If either of them were to get caught now, it would lead to a stern rebuke, at least.

But she didn’t care now. She wrapped her legs around her naughty lover, gripping his cloak in her fists. Her little pot of loving sweetness began to tremble and spasm and she could feel Gumbo getting harder and harder. It was almost too much and she knew someone might hear, but she was too far gone. Even the thud of a reindeer’s hoof on the side of the barn didn’t distract her and the moment grew more intense. She looked up at Gumbo, his face was full of passion as their intimate embrace reached its conclusion.

“Oooh yes! Gumbo! Ooooh I’m so close…. Oooooh don’t stop. I’m cum….”

“Yes…oh my little darling Twinkle! I can’t hold on…. Yes!" 





Gumbo plunged his hardness into his girlfriend with a few last fervid thrusts of his pelvis and suddenly nothing mattered as he was overcome with orgasmic ecstasy. Twinkle toes was beside herself as their love-making reached its climax and she gave into her feelings, her body jerking and trembling from head to toe.

Almost at the same time, a fresh flurry of snow began to fall on the village and there was a distinctive booming voice.

“Ho ho ho!”

“Blinking flip! It’s him! I better….”

Gumbo jumped up, fastening his trousers furiously and putting his hat on the wrong way round and he made a dash for the door. Twinkle Toes went the other way and immersed herself in her work, her panties still steaming and full of the stickiness of her illicit moments in the back of the barn.

The next few parcels were for Connecticut, Colorado and Cumbernauld. Before long she would be onto the Ds and then she could settle down in her hut with some mead and a few homemade mince pies. It was all in a night’s work at the little village. It was hard work, but rewarding, as she knew what happiness her job brought to the millions of people around the world. The one perk in the job, was that you got your presents first. And having a boyfriend like Gumbo, even if he did smell of reindeers, made it all worthwhile for the rest of the year.

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