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The Storm - Part 1

Ex I make the most of a heavy thunderstorm...
There was a heavy atmosphere that hung in the air as a storm raged throughout the evening. Aiden and I ran towards my house, which I shared with my mum. The deluge of rain ricocheted off our bodies. With the key in my wet hand I fumbled trying to get it in the lock. Eventually, the door flew open and we darted inside. There was a harmonious silence of relief to be inside and out of the rain. We looked at each other both drenched and dishevelled, my makeup smeared, and rainwater dripping from my hair. The silence broke as our deep breaths turned to laughter. Standing at 6’4”, Aiden moved his head down to meet my face, kissing my wet lips. I smiled and looked up at him.

“Behave!” I said. “My mum will be home soon. Maybe we should get out of these wet clothes and dry up.”

I took him by the hand and lead him upstairs. At the top I directed him towards the bathroom, as I made my way towards my bedroom. I tugged off my soaking top, brushing past my black lace plunge bra and threw it into the laundry basket. I unbuttoned my skinny jeans, zipped down the fly & tried to pull them off past my matching black lacy shorts, which slipped down a little with the friction. I struggled, but eventually the jeans came off as I fell backwards onto my bed sending my legs flying up in the air. I lifted myself off the bed, pulling my shorts back up and stroking myself briefly in the process.

I rummaged through my chest of drawers looking for a top which I could lounge in. Just as I was bending over, Aiden walked through the door, quietly sneaking up behind me, put his bag on the floor and placed his cool hands on my hips.

“I have something you could wear?” he suggested. I straightened myself up, puzzled, and stared up at him. He leant down, unzipped his bag and pulled out a large claret and pale blue football jersey – it was his personalised West Ham shirt. He thrust it towards me, his dark brown eyes longing me to put it on. I reluctantly took it from him, a sarcastic smirk spreading across my face, and pulled the shirt on over my head.

“There!” I said looking up at him once the shirt was on, and put my hands on my hips. I was only 5’2 and a UK size 8. Aiden was 6’4 and an average size for his height. The shirt was huge, hanging down towards my knees like a large dress.

Aiden sniggered & mumbled, “That’s so hot!”

“I look ridiculous!”

“No, it’s really hot on you!” he said, and reached down and pressed his lips on to mine, sneaking a little tongue in to my mouth. Aiden was such a good kisser. I quivered as the kiss grew longer, pressing harder. As I reached up to slide my arms around his neck, Aiden brushed my skin with his fingertips as his strong arms encompassed my body. I couldn’t help but notice something pressing against me. Looking down I could see a tent growing in his jeans. His hands moved up towards my breast as he massaged it lightly. I smiled as we continued to kiss. I loved it when he played with my boobs. I groaned a little as I felt that familiar feeling stirring between my legs. He moved his hands stroking down my torso, trailing his fingers further down and started rubbing me through my panties.

I pulled away from the kiss, my lips tingling. I could hear the rain drubbing against the window, the thunder clapping louder as the lightening moved nearer. I was so turned on but knew we didn’t have long alone so needed to try and avoid any situation.

“I… er… I need to put the jeans in the laundry basket…” I mumbled, coming up with a daft excuse. I was a little flustered and turned towards my bed where my jeans were piled in a heap. I was about to lean over to grab them but before I could, Aiden pinched my bum. I spun my head to face him with a forced scowl. He stood there laughing. My eyes drifted from his gaze to look down at his crotch that had grown bigger than ever. I returned my gaze to his face that was now beaming with anticipation.

“Sorry babe, I just really want you, especially in that jersey,” he explained whilst stroking my bum, “I can’t wait till we’re alone tonight so I can have you.”

Hearing these words made my moistness throb with the prospect of what was to come. The thought deepened pushing me over the edge and I started to tingle.

“Is that so?” I asked, sarcastically. “Well, in that case…” I hoisted the jersey up to my waist revealing my thighs and lacey shorts, pulled them down a little so they fell on the floor, revealing my shaved, smooth miss and watched as Aiden’s jaw dropped. I smirked at him, bent over the bed, slapped my bum & stared him straight in the eye. “Fuck me!”

Aiden’s jaw hung in a state of shock as he stared at me, while I stood there half naked wearing his football shirt, bent over and rubbing a finger up & down my wet pussy. He didn’t need telling twice, licked his lips and smiled while fiddling with his fly. His jeans & boxers dropped to his ankles whilst his erect cock sprang free.

He moved closer to me and placed one hand on my hip, with his other he moved my hand away. He then licked two of his fingers and started running them up and down my lips before inserting them into me. I moaned as he did. He slipped them back and forth, lightly circling my clit with his thumb. My tight pussy pulsated as his fingers fucked me. My hands gripped the duvet in front of me, squeezing it with each movement. Suddenly, he pulled his fingers out of me and started to stroke my extremely wet pussy once more before gesturing them towards my mouth. I turned my head around to face him and without hesitation I closed my lips around them licking my own sweet juices clean from his fingers. He grinned at me as I sucked away, rubbing my bum with his other hand as I did.

When I’d finished, he leant back grabbing his hard cock and rubbed it tantalisingly up & down my wet, swollen slit. His gentle teasing movements were broken when he abruptly plunged it into me. I gasped as I felt the fullness inside me. I clenched the duvet as he slowly glided back & forth. He picked up pace quite quickly and Started moving faster, harder. I moaned loudly as he fucked me from behind, his balls slapping against me. I swung my hips, pushing back against him, matching his pace. He thrust into me over and over, grabbing my breast from under the jersey. He squeezed and played with my nipple, intermittently flicking it. His other hand reached round & started vigorously circling my clit. I yelled out in ecstasy, the bed banging against the wall.

I jerked my head around and shouted “harder!” to which Aiden obeyed. Removing his hand from my breast he grabbed a fistful of hair and yanked it back. My insides were trembling as he repeatedly slapped and grabbed my ass, forcing himself deeper into me. My moaning getting louder, I could feel myself getting close and I knew he was too. I could feel it building inside me, growing stronger. I was going to cum. I clutched hold of the duvet as my orgasm rushed through me as Aiden drove into me one final time. Both out of breath we collapsed onto the bed.

All of a sudden, there was a clattering from downstairs as the front door burst open with a thud.

“Hello!?” shouted the voice.

Aiden and I looked at each other and shot off the bed; me pulling my panties back on and grabbing a pair of PJ bottoms off of my dresser, whilst Aiden fumbled trying to get his jeans back up.

“Act normal,” I whispered. He tiptoed into the bathroom to clean up, whilst I quickly straightened my hair and tried to act nonchalant. I ran downstairs still wearing the football jersey with the PJ bottoms, to find my mum pulling off her raincoat and shaking her wet umbrella.

“Hi,” I said, clearly quite flushed. “Still raining then I take it?”

She looked me up and down gaging what I was wearing, and gave a confused expression.

“I’m going back out in a bit…” she replied, “I don’t want to interrupt your fun this evening.”

“Fun?” I asked, puzzled. “What fun!?”

“The bedroom window was open Anna. And I could hear you from down the street…”

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