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Tyler Part 1 - Cleaning Up

The start of a wonderful relationship with a good friends 17yr old daughter!!
Tyler... a friends daughter is a very sexy 17yr old, (and she knows it!) with short dyed blonde hair, lovely looks and a gorgeous body. With sparkling blue eyes and full lips, she's developing nicely!
Tyler helps to clean our house sometimes. It was on such a day , with the rest of the family out and me working from home that she came round to do the cleaning.

As usual Tyler just walked straight in to the house shouting "Hiya" as she closed the door. One of these days that sort of abrupt entry is going to catch me out!

Anyway, I popped the kettle on as Tyler got the cleaning tools out. Today she looked sexier than ever, in a short denim skirt, flat soled boots to just below her knees and a yellow low cut T-shirt neatly holding her pert breasts. As she bent down to get the polish etc. I got my first sight of her firm arse and her long slender legs.

Tyler went upstairs to clean. Every few minutes I found an excuse to go upstairs and watch her - bending over, on her knees, tits wobbling as she polished.

She was so fit. A beautiful young firm body in all the right proportions, a childish smile and eyes to die for. She always had an effect on me.

I went back downstairs and sat in my office to calm down. Eventually Tyler came in to dust there too. I watched again as she bent over to reach the back of the unit she was dusting - her legs just slightly apart. This time she saw me staring at her arse.

"Like what you see?" she said as she moved her arse around. I didn't reply, instead quickly averting my gaze onto some paperwork.

"I said - do you like what you see?" she repeated.

Shit. I was in a spot now. "What are you on about?" I said, casually looking at my PC.

Tyler stood up and walked over to my desk and swung the chair I was in around to face her. She stood with her legs slightly apart, turned around and bent over, her arse just 2 feet away from my face.

"I said... Do you like what you see?"

What was I to do now? If I said no then would she get all upset and girly on me? If I said yes did that make me a letch? On the otherhand maybe she wanted me to say yes...

"Yes you've got a very nice bum Tyler," I said sarcastically, looking away as if not interested. My face was reddening with embarrassment.

"Thanks. Do you like the look of these too?" Leaning on the arms of the chair she leaned forwards, her nose just millimetres from mine, giving me the most glorious view of her fleshy mounds - and she had removed her bra! When the hell had she done that? She definitely had one on when she arrived!

Her perfect firm breasts just hung there, so juicy, so squeezable, so edible!

"Yes Tyler you've got nice breasts too!" I said.

Tyler replied "Thank-you! I've noticed you looking at me every time I come round. You've been doing it for months. I bet you'd love to get your hands on me wouldn't you? Smack my butt? Suck on my tight titties? Am I giving you a hard-on?"

I gulped, my face bright red, and a growing bulge in my trousers. I could not believe this language from a 17yr old girl!

"Tyler, I think you need to stop this now," I said as firmly as I could, with those fabulous tits dangling in front of me.

"Why?" she said.

"Well, its not right," I replied.

"The thing is..." Tyler started to say,

"I'm really bored at the moment. College is boring, my love life is boring, and... Well I want some excitement. I'm 17, and I want some fun."

I just sat there in silence, dumbstruck! Here was a stunning 17yr old girl coming on to me big time!!

Tyler straddled me, wrapped her arms around my neck and continued.

"I want some fun! I think you do too. How many times have you fantasised about fucking me? How many times have you had a wank thinking about sticking your cock in my mouth,my pussy or maybe somewhere else?"

I just sat there in silence, not quite believing what I was hearing. I'd never ever heard someone talk like this. So candid, so beautifully open and honest.

"How many times then? Come on, be honest with me, because I've been fantasising about you doing all sorts of things to me. I've been playing with myself, imagining you sucking and fucking me. How many times, how many times?" she demanded.

She kept repeating this same question as she started to cry... tears began to roll down her face. The sheer effort it had taken to say what she had just said had clearly taken its toll.

I put my hands around her and drew her in to me for a hug. She sobbed lightly as I held her close.
"How many times...tell me," she sobbed.

"Hundreds" I whispered in her ear, my lips gently brushing her neck, the scent of her perfume pulling me like a magnet to her.

"Hundreds of times."

In response to my answer she held me tight and cried. "I want you so much," she whispered in my ear as she gently licked my earlobe.

I began to kiss her neck with tiny soft pecks. My kisses got stronger as they moved slowly to her cheek, towards her full lips.

Our lips touched, soft and gentle at first, short light brushes. Her lips were hot and wet, slightly salty from her tears. Our touches became longer and firmer. Tyler began to probe my mouth gently with her tongue, our tongues gently licking each others. I probed her mouth, going deep with my tongue and discovered her piercing - I'd forgotten about her pierced tongue. Somehow it made me kiss her harder, faster, deeper. As my breathing increased I found my hands down by her waist, her skirt now rucked up around it. I stroked her silky smooth thighs, trying to steal a glance down at her open legs as she sat straddling me. Her cute white and yellow knickers in full view.

Tyler, with her arms around my neck, leaned back and looked down at herself, her thighs and knickers exposed. She made no attempt to cover herself up. Instead she just smiled at me and slowly lifted her T-shirt up and over her head. I stared at her perfectly shaped breasts as she put her arms back around my neck and kissed me passionately.

I moved my hands to her waist and slowly ran them up and down her soft smooth torso, going close to but not yet touching her young firm mounds. Her nipples were erect, screaming for attention as I continued to lightly run my fingers up and down her sides, shoulders and tummy.

Tyler tossed her head back and leaned back as far as she could, moaning gently. She was desperate for me to touch her!

I slowly moved my hands up to her wonderful breasts. My cock was straining in my trousers. Much more of this and it would surely rip through the material! Slipping my thumb and forefinger under each tit I gently squeezed them, brushing my thumb across each nipple. She shuddered as I continued to gently squeeze and massage each firm tit.

Squeezing harder I began to roll her nipples between my thumb and finger, drawing a little yelp of pain and pleasure from her lips. Pulling her towards me she rose slightly to offer her breast to my open mouth. Starting with her left tit I gently licked and sucked her nipple, with more groans of pleasure leaking from her lips. With each gentle bite Tyler gasped for air and pushed her tit into me. I eagerly took more and more until most of it was in my mouth.

I moved to her right breast, keen to give it the same treatment. She pushed herself forwards into my mouth as I sucked hard. Tyler fondled her tit as I fed on the other, pinching and pulling at her nipple.

She began to rock backwards and forwards on my lap, rubbing her pussy against my straining hard-on.

Suddenly she pulled away from me and kissing me, slipped slowly to her knees. I knew what was coming, and I couldn't wait.

As she struggled with the buttons - my cock was straining so much, I stroked her hair and took a firm grip of her head. As the buttons came undone my cock was unleashed, its 8" standing proud and tall.

Tyler smiled as she took hold of me and began to slowly move her hand up and down. I throbbed as she peeled my foreskin back and exposed it to the room air. She continued this up and down motion for a minute or two before licking her lips and leaning forwards gently licked the length of my hard shaft. It took all of my strength not to explode right there and then. Watching this stunning teens tongue licking my shaft - I still couldn't believe my luck.

I leaned back in my chair and watched Tyler lapping her pierced tongue over the head of my throbbing member. I hung on desperately as she finally guided her lips over the head of my cock and slowly lowered her mouth down to take the head of my dick inside.

The intense heat from her mouth and the moist tongue sliding around my cock was driving me wild. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. Tyler took me in and out of her mouth, her lips gripping me tight and sucking gently as my cock slipped in and out of her mouth.

The sight of her head bobbing up and down on my cock was much better than I'd ever imagined. My balls began to tighten - my resistance was about to cave in.

"I'm going to cum Tyler!" I blurted. She kept on going, taking me in and out as I grunted out loud before hot gushes of cum shot out into her mouth. She gripped the head of my cock with her lips, her tongue lashing over it as I came, filling her mouth with my hot sticky load. Semen escaped her mouth as she began to swallow my cum.

After the waves of my orgasm subsided, Tyler licked up any drops that had escaped her mouth and she used her tongue to clean me up. I thought about her cleaning our house - I much preferred this sort of cleaning up! Climbing up to her feet she kissed me fully on the lips - our tongues intertwined. I could taste my own juices in her mouth.

She stood in front of me as I sat in my chair, bending forwards to kiss me again, her breasts hanging there. I fondled them, feeling the weight of each of them in my hands before they drifted down to her waist.

My hands slipped up her thighs and inside her skirt and I smoothed them across her bottom. I squeezed her butt and gave her the tiniest of smacks before my left hand drifted to inbetween her slightly parted legs .

For the first time I felt her pussy through her knickers. She was soaking wet and the heat coming from her was scorching. Skilfully I slipped her knickers to one side and lightly touched her slippery lips.

Tyler gasped as my finger dragged slowly up and down her dripping slit. Her pussy felt so small, her lips little more than an inch in length as I slowly increased the pressure on her lips. I watched her face as I continued to stroke her. Looking down at me, Tyler panted and let out the most exquisite sounds of pleasure as I slipped a finger inside her hot, wet and very tight cunt. Moaning loudly now as I fingered her hot snatch, she told me not to stop.

I slipped a second finger into her, stretching her tight hole wider and increased my speed and depth of entry, driving her crazy.

After a few minutes of gentle and firm probing I pulled my fingers from her and holding her, got up from my chair and turned her around, pushing her back onto my desk. Lifting her slightly I placed her on the desk and pulled down her soaking knickers. Light pressure on her inner thighs spread them apart and I got my first full view of her wonderful pussy.

She was completely shaved and smooth, her young slit the smallest I'd ever seen. I couldn't help thinking about how my cock might fit in there. Tyler rested on her elbows and squeezed her tits as I admired her cunt.

I moistened my lips and began to kiss her inner thighs as I moved slowly up to her glistening gash. I kissed all around her first, licking and kissing every inch of her very inner thighs. I licked all around her before very slowly, sliding my tongue along her pussy lips and parting them slightly as I probed just inside her. Her tiny cunt parted as my tongue probed deeper, and I buried my face into her centre.

Pushing her legs apart even more I moved up to the top of her slit and concentrated on licking the hood of her clit. I spread her lips slightly and her hood peeled back revealing her bright pink swollen clitoris. I rolled my tongue over it in a circular motion, causing her to rithe with pleasure.

"Oh God yes... Don't stop!" Tyler panted and with one hand pushed my face into her crotch.

I increased the pressure on her clit and kept up the same circular rythm until she cried out,

"I'm cumming!" As her orgasm hit Tyler stiffened before shaking uncontrollably, her body spasming in orgasmic ecxtasy.

As her explosion subsided, I continued to lick her gently, as she stroked my hair.

Tyler leaned forward as I got up and we kissed again. As we were in our embrace we were abrubtly interrupted by the front door opening. As quick as a flash Tyler grabbed her top and pulled it over her. Stuffing her knickers in her pocket she smoothed her skirt, grabbed a duster and began cleaning up again.

This was just the start of an amazing relationship.

(More to follow soon if you like what you've read! Comments Welcome!)

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