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Drunk Off Lust

Victoria's Halloween office party takes an interesting turn....

Despite the fact that my cheating rat of an ex-boyfriend was going to be at the Halloween office party, I still wanted to go. I’d been working particularly hard the past four months to prove to Mr. Dentone that I was worth of a promotion from Junior Marketing Assistant to Senior Marketing Assistant. The promotion meant a significant raise, my own assistant, and an office on one of the upper levels. An office with walls, with room for plants and decorations, was far more desirable than the sad gray excuse for the cubicle that I worked in now. I’d attended a meeting with Mr. Dentone yesterday—Thursday—and was promised a second interview next Thursday.

I truly believed that I earned a bit of party time. Good music and food was a given with parties in my office, so I was sure it would be an interesting time.

The only problem was Chase. The rat ex-boyfriend was going to be there with that slut from Accounting. I don’t just call her a slut because she knowingly slept with my boyfriend, but because I’d caught her giving blowjobs on more than one occasion to many different men on my floor.

The problem only stopped me for about two hours at the mall, while I let my mind wander looking for my costume. As soon as my eyes clapped onto myself in one of them in the mirror in the dressing room, the problem didn’t seem half as bad.

I didn’t know what the technical term for the costume was, but as I checked myself in the bathroom mirror at home, I knew it was sexy as hell and that Chase would be reduced to a Neanderthal slumped over in a puddle of his own drool. My nearly black hair fell in gentle waves down my back, lightly gelled to create a cold sheen. My 36B breasts were contained in a black corset with red stitching and lacing on either side. I had somehow squeezed into a pair of very tight black pants with slits up to the outer thighs and held together by crisscrossed red string. My feet had met my three inch heeled leather boots that came to just above my knee. I had thrown on several chain necklaces and bracelets, my nails a bright blood red to match my lips and my eyes smoky charcoal black. On a whim, I grabbed my red eyeliner and drew swirling designs down my left arm, accenting them with black body glitter.

I was ready.

I threw on my black leather coat to avoid giving my neighbor a stroke, and rushed out the door.


It was eleven thirty when I arrived; the party had been going on for a couple hours. I made my appearance and hung my coat up in the closet and I noticed male eyes on me. Eyes of doctors, werewolves, bees, giant staplers, and police officers swept up and down my body, pausing at my breasts and shapely rear.

I went to the bar to order a glass of rum and Coke, crossing my long legs in front of me as I sat on the barstool. The bartender gave me an approving wink as he set my drink down in front of me. I gave a silent toast to open bars and took a sip.

About fifteen minutes went by before I was spotted by Chase the Problem. He was dressed as a caveman, a costume that suited him surprisingly well. His faux leopard skin costume made him look like the idiot that I had built him up to be in my mind. His glassy-looking brown eyes gazed into mine unsteadily. He had a half drunk glass in his hand while the other hand steadied him against the bar.

“Hey sexy girl,” he slurred.

I decided to ignore him.

“Why are you being so cold to me? You look like you want attention.”

I rolled my eyes, “Where’s your new girlfriend? I doubt she’d like to hear you’ve been hitting on your ex.”

“No clue where she is and I don’t give a fuck. You were one sexy piece of ass, and still are from the looks of it,” he checked me out, nearly falling over in the process.

My eyes scanned the crowd, and I found her, dressed in a white nurse’s outfit so short, her ass was plainly visible. She wore no tights with her white hooker heels. Her blond hair was pulled into a bun and her brown eyes met mine angrily.

Chase put a hand on my shoulder, which I slapped off. “You cheated on me repeatedly and treated me like shit. Take a good look at what you missed out on by being a jack ass. Crawl back to that slut and leave me alone, jackass.” I left my drink at the bar and went into the women’s restroom.

As annoyed as I was with Chase, I was proud of myself for denying him. For being able to say what I wanted to say three weeks ago when I caught him in our bed with her. I fixed my makeup in the mirror, relieved that the bathroom was empty.

The emptiness didn’t last long. Mr. Dentone stumbled in, clutching a beer.

Mr. Robert Dentone was twenty-five, three years older than me. His athletic body was not entirely disguised by his James Bond costume. His eyes found me in front of the mirror. “ Victoria ! Good to see you looking so...much less conservative than you normally do.” His words were not as slurred as Chase’s, and he seemed to have better balance.

“Mr. Dentone? This is the women’s restroom.”

He moved toward me, smiling warmly, “Please, call me Rob.” He was entirely too close; I had pressed myself against the wall to maintain some sort of distance. He closed the distance. “I’ve been thinking of the promotion you interviewed for yesterday. I’ve got a proposition for you as a condition to you getting the job.”

I blinked at him, “What do you mean, proposition?”

“You’ve got quite lovely assets, Victoria. I’m a hands on sort of guy,” he set the beer on the sink next to us and ran his fingertips down my bare shoulder, tracing the red and black designs. “I would love to experience them for myself.”

I squirmed under his touch, suddenly noticing that he’d locked the door when he came in. My heart pounded. “That isn’t very professional…”

He leaned in, pressing his lips to mine, wasting no time and taking my lower lip between his teeth, biting none too gently. I squeaked and tried to shove him off, but he caught my hands and pinned them to the wall, one on either side of my head. A knee went between my legs to keep me motionless.

“I saw the way you looked at me when I came in, the blush rising on your cheeks and chest is a clear and universal sign of arousal, so don’t fight me on this. You’ll enjoy me, I promise.” His words were no longer slurred as he whispered them huskily into my ear, pressing himself against me. I felt something hard press against my hip, and I squirmed a bit harder, but he held me in place.

His lips traveled to my neck. Despite my squirming, I felt a part of me awaken, turned on by his show of dominance. I was turned on by his assertion of control over me. My head tilted to the side to allow him more room, but I kept up my “fight” to get free. When he bit my neck, I found myself hissing. Whether it was in pleasure or protest, I couldn’t be certain. He translated it how he wanted and bit my shoulder, eliciting a soft moan from me.

A quick maneuver from him had me pressing my chest against the wall, my legs spread, and both hands pinned to the wall in one of his. He pressed himself against my ass, grinding into me. “I know you’re enjoying yourself, why are you still fighting me? Not once have you said ‘no’ to me.”

I squirmed harder, biting my lip to hide my smile. He seemed to enjoy my struggle and cupped each breast in his free hand. His hand then drifted down to my pants, unbuttoning them and sliding them down my thighs to find me in no panties. I really kicked the struggling into high gear, shoving away from the wall and attempting to move to the side.

I barely moved an inch when he shoved me back up against the wall with his body. His hands hot on my skin as he reached between my legs to cup my mound. I knew I was dripping; I could feel it down my thighs. I heard his deep chuckle, and he bit my shoulder again, “Someone is having more fun than she’s letting on.” He pinched my clit before rubbing it with his fore and middle fingers, making me gasp and unconsciously lean into his touch.

He noticed the change in my breathing, “Starting to be honest with yourself?” He slipped his thumb into my soaking cunt and curled it in to find my g-spot. I groaned as he found it. He fingered me until I was about to climax before he withdrew his fingers, making me hiss in frustration.

Rob reached around and held up his soaking fingers close to my mouth. Without thinking, I wrapped my lips around his thumb, licking it clean of my juices. He pulled my hips further from the wall, and unzipped his pants in one fluid motion.

“I will give you one choice, Victoria . Do you want my cock in your pussy or ass?”


Rob bit my shoulder, “You know how I want you to ask…I love hearing you talk, so talk dirty for me, you sweet little slut.”

I bit my lip to keep from groaning aloud, shivering in pleasure from the shoulder bite.

Rob bit harder, “C’mon baby! Tell me your choice before I make it myself!”

“Fuck my soaking pussy until you erupt and spew your hot white cum into me, please!” I begged, shoving my ass out again.

He growled and kissed my neck as he lined himself up, lubing himself with my love juices. I felt him press the head of his cock to my entrance. I hadn’t had sex in a long time, so I was very tight, but he persisted. He groaned as he buried himself into me.

I panted, trying to relax to accommodate his size. “That feels so fucking good!”

He chuckled softly, “I haven’t even started yet!” He began to thrust into me hard and fast, reaching around to squeeze my breasts and pinch my nipples. All rational thought was obliterated as his paced picked up, and I found myself grinding back against him, moaning into the wall.

“I’m about to come!” I cried out.

He quickly withdrew long enough to spin my body around, pressing my back against the wall and pinning my hands to either side of my head before plunging himself into my soaking convulsing depths. His eyes locked onto mine, and his desire fueled my bucking hips. Rob took my desperate grinding as leverage to stroke deeper.

“Come for me,” he growled, his green eyes fierce.

I screamed as he slammed into me with renewed vigor, sending me over the edge as my climax washed over me. My inner walls clenched around him, milking his cock, begging for his climax. As I came, he leaned his head into the crook of my neck and poured rope after rope of cum into my pussy, moaning my name.

We stayed there for a long time, listening to each other’s panting. His arms drifted around my waist as he withdrew his now softening cock from me. I groaned quietly as he zipped up his pants. He kissed me square on the mouth and handed me the beer he’d brought in, whispering, “See you Monday, Senior Marketing Assistant. Happy Halloween.” And he unlocked the door, walking out as if nothing had transpired.

I pulled my own pants up my shaky legs, groaning as I tried to balance on them. He was drunk, I told myself. Maybe he won’t remember tomorrow. I tried to take a sip of his beer, but I couldn't. I looked down to see why. The cap was still on...

Holy shit... Monday will be interesting...

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