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Maledom (dominant male) Stories

maledom (dominant male)

Festival Fun

Spring Break Scenes: Two hot and horny college bros enjoy themselves

Heading down the highway, we were eager to get to the campground. It had been a long week of exams, and Rob and I were ready to blow off some steam. We’d planned the trip to Florida a few weeks ago, and I had been looking forward to it ever since. One of...

Degrading Corey

A dark romance unfolds as a young female masochist seeks degradation, finding solace in the arms of an older sadist who will meet her every need.

Life can be cruel. It has been to me. "Fuck," I grumbled to myself as I nosed my aging car into the driveway of the garage apartment. Corey, who I privately dubbed the Evil Half, was home. She earned this title because, to me, she embodied pure evil. Half...

The Big Game

Jay changes his plans for the day of the big game when Sandra reminds him of what he'd be leaving at home.

Game Day Sandra sat on the bed pouting, hunched over with her cleavage revealed underneath her silk robe. She’d thought he was joking when he mentioned in passing that he might head over to a long-time friend’s house for the big playoff game. Unfortunatel...

Triangle's Edge - Part 11

My fiancé and his best friend fixate on me, their excited members standing at full attention.

When I saw my boyfriend's cock standing at attention, all because of his handsome best friend's naturally talented mouth, I couldn't help but feel a pang of desire. As the heat of the moment consumed me, my usual jealousy melted away, replaced by an unexp...

The Closet - Chapter One

A man inadvertently discovers his wife's affair

It had been an unusually slow Wednesday at the office. I hung around a bit past lunch break before deciding to cut out a few hours early. Things had been pretty chilly between “the Mrs.” and me in the bedroom recently. There would be a couple of hours bef...

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Trickle Treat - Master's Cruel Masquerade Party

As Candice prepares for the party, she learns that her treat is a trick.

"Scary. Sexy. Obedient." You demand. "Yes, sir...but, how will I know who is who, Master?" A chuckle. "You won't." *** Harley Quinn! Trite, but classic. I'll terrorize master's guests with my bat until they subdue me. My makeup will run with...

Chapter 4 - When It All Changed

The first time she calls him Sir

Saturday morning arrived, and I dedicated the entire span to cleaning my house. Not that it was filthy or anything, but in the solitude of my own company, I managed to find dust bunnies I had previously missed. After several hours of deep cleaning, every...

Just A Reminder

Marc reminds Tara who is the Master

It's almost 9:30 when Tara wakes up this Saturday morning. Marc has already been gone for some time, but she notices that he has left an envelope for her on the dining room table. For the young woman, this kind of missive is always a source of anxiety and...

Back To The Dungeon

Marc and Tara go back to the Manoir for a very special night

A couple of weeks after her ordeal as the ”Offering” at the Manoir, Tara receives a call from Sir Charles. “How are you, my dear?” asks the old man. “Feeling great, thank you. I’ve completely healed from our last meeting; no more marks, no more pain.” “Th...

Chapter 01 - Red & Black

While her master is away, he monitors her every move

Mornings have never been my thing; waking up before 10 am should be against the law, in my opinion. But politicians don't listen to me, so why would the sun? At almost 7 am, the intense beams begin to peek into my large bay window. I used to have black-ou...