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Old Dog, New Tricks

At first Rachel was hesitant, but finally gave in to John's new aproach.
Rachel wasn't your typical girl. She didn't go out and party any chance she could. In fact, at the age of 20, she still lived at home. She went to school and did everything her Mom asked of her. Outside of school and work, she didn't have much of a life; her sex life, well, was pretty much non existent in itself. Outside of the rare occasion of masturbation, she didn't get any action. She had longed to feel the touch of a man since the break up with her high school sweetheart, John.

Rachel isn't too keen on meeting new people, especially guys. She is really self conscious of her image, no matter how many times John told her she was beautiful. Rachel stands at 5'4", her weight is around 130, give or take a couple pounds. She has natural wavy brown hair that flows down to her shoulder blades with bangs that cover her forehead, brown eyes and a few blemishes oh her face from her high school days. She has a real pretty face, but her body, like most girls, bothers her the most. Rachel isn't by any means fat, but she isn't exactly skinny either. Her breasts are a comfortable B size; not too firm, but don't sag. Her stomach is flat, but not toned. There isn't much flare to her hips. Rachel hates her legs. She has thick thighs, which John really likes, but has thick ankles. There isn't any definition to her calves what so ever. She always feels like there is a lot of room for improvement, no matter how many sit ups or laps around her block. She doesn't feel like it's ever enough.

She began to miss the feel of John against her body. Even though sometimes he was just there for the sex. She missed the way he made her cum near the end of their relationship. She just missed the feel of John, period.

John was your typical teenage guy. Always horny and not necessarily getting it from the same place. He took Rachel for granted throughout high school. He knew she would be there. Every weekend, he would make up some excuse to not hang out with her and go fuck some other girl from the next town over. Rachel had no idea.

John is 5'8", weighing around 155. He's not a very big guy. In high school, John had shaggy hair that girls were absolutely in love with. Rachel had thought it was extremely sexy. He has hazel eyes and sporadic facial hair. John was well built from wrestling. He could get pretty much any high school girl he wanted.

 John and Rachel had an up and down relationship. At times it was fantastic and other times they wanted to kill each other. Rachel was in love with John. He loved her as well, but just wasn't real committed to the relationship. As they got older, he became more aware of how good Rachel was to him. He cheated less and less as time went by.

He graduated a year before Rachel. In her last year, John had finally grown up. He stopped taking advantage of Rachel and quit taking her for granted. He began to appreciate what he had. Too little, too late. Sure he became pretty good at pleasuring her, but she wanted more than an orgasm to feel wanted.

Rachel began to get fed up with John's bull shit before he began to straighten out. She missed the way their relationship was in the beginning. John caught on to this but didn't act quick enough. Finally, Rachel reached her breaking point.

John was devastated. He never imagined being without Rachel. When Rachel left his life, his pride and confidence went with her. His luck with females ran out. He didn't know what to do. John always knew that Rachel would always be there. She was his security blanket. Now that she was gone, he had nothing to fall back on.


Time had gone by and John was finally starting to get over Rachel. He still wasn't able to find another girl and was beginning to get frustrated. Jacking off was only getting him so far. He was determined to either get Rachel back or find a way to get laid.

Rachel had moved on much faster than John was able to. It didn't take her long to stumble across another guy. In fact, it didn't take long for her to fall for this guy either. It made no sense to John, for the simple reason that she's afraid of something new. He was sweet and charming, the way John USED to be. He was taller than John and possibly bigger too - not that she would mention it to John or anything. He resembled John in looks; that may be why she fell so quickly. He didn't quite have the long hair, but it wasn't short by any means. This is where things get fucked up. John could never fathom why she would want a guy who looked as goofy as he did. His eyes were set rather far apart.

Rachel never admitted whether or not she fucked him - not that she ever would. The thought of Rachel being with another guy tore John up to no end. Can you blame him? John felt like a hypocrite, of course, for feeling this way, but how can you not be crushed by the thought of another cock inside your girl?

Anyways, John tried everything to get back with Rachel. He figured he could try the same tactics she tried when she felt their relationship was in jeopardy. This is when it dawned on him that she held the power of sex. If she wanted it, she got it. John, well, that wasn't going to work unless he was absolutely a smooth talker or she was just that big of a slut. The latter was out of contention for sure. He didn't know what to do. Eventually all he was able to do was jerk off using his own tears as lube.

John began watching a lot of porn. He wanted to learn some new stuff that may or may not help him during sex. He wanted to learn different positions, different tactics, anal; anything that would make him more irresistible to future partners. Most of all, he wanted to be irresistible to Rachel - like that would ever happen, again. John also started writing erotic stories, mostly because he wanted to show Rachel what was new in his sexually active mind.

Rachel made a mistake by leaving John. It killed her to think of the way her and John used to be. All the memories that would come flooding back when she heard a certain song or smelled a certain smell. It drove her nuts that she wasn't able to let him go. She kept reassuring herself, telling herself it was better this way. She began putting all of her attention and concentration on her new boyfriend.


Rachel dated her new boy for about 6 months before he decided he had enough. His excuses, as lame as it was, is that he's not ready for a relationship. He basically left her for another girl. Rachel was crushed. Her first reaction was to call John. But she didn't want to get a "told you so" from him. She knew she fucked up, but didn't want to face reality. Yet she still wanted this guy so bad.

John was finally over Rachel when she proceeded to tell him that this guy had left her. At first John was thrilled. He figured he'd have his chance to win her over. His hopes were quickly dashed when she wanted him to text this guy to tell him what a fuck up he is for leaving her. John was nothing but a vent for Rachel's emotions and frustrations towards this douche bag. He wanted to see Rachel in person, but she knew what could possibly happen if she were to be in his presence. As much as she wanted to see him, she also wanted to remain faithful to a guy who's out fucking another girl.

John became more and more persistent with his persuasion to get Rachel to finally come over. She was reluctant at first, no matter how bad she wanted to be in John's presence, she also felt like she could easily take back the guy who left her. This frustrated John to no end. He just wanted to show her that he can be the man she has always wanted, to show her the love that he had lacked to show in the past and to show off his new sex appeal.

One night he finally succeeded. Rachel finally agreed to see John. She was laying in bed and felt lonely. She knew John would be there to comfort her, if need be. Rachel decided to call him, out of sheer boredom and loneliness of course, to see what he was doing. John was always able to make her laugh and feel better about herself. As the conversation progressed, the more Rachel was wanting to hear John's plea for her to come visit him. She actually wanted to go see him! John noticed a difference in her voice. It was that of want and openness. Gathering up the courage, afraid of rejection of course, he asked the question she had been longing to hear. Overcome with excitement, he nearly lost his composure as he finally got the answer that he'd been hoping for all a long.

Rachel was captivated by thoughts of what her and John would do. Shall she stay the night with him? Should she fuck him then leave? Should she just spend some time with him to see how he is now before fucking him? All these questions were swimming through her pretty little head.

John laid there with a massive hard on. He knew if he played the right cards, he could bed her that night. He thought about his plan over and over again while he waited for Rachel to show up. It took everything he had to not touch himself. He had a feeling he would be finding satisfaction at some point that night.

An idea crossed John's mind. The only reason she called is because she wants to get fucked. Why else would she fucking call? He had a feeling she just wanted sex. He knew it had been awhile since she'd been fucked, so why not?

Rachel finally showed up to John's place. She was excited, scared and really fucking horny, all at the same time. She knew she could get what she wanted from John. What she didn't know is that John had some other ideas to satisfy her, as minimal as they were, but definitely slutty needs. She wanted to be a whore tonight.

John greeted Rachel while she walked back to his room. Not much had changed. The living room was pretty much in the same order. Couch to the right of the front door, with the entertainment center opposite of the couch. He still had the same chair with the ottoman in the corner next to the couch. To the left of the living room was a very small dining room. It held a round dinner table with four rolling chairs. The kitchen branched off of the dining room. A hallway split the living and dining room. The hallway led to John's room, the bathroom, then finally his roommates' room.

John led Rachel back to his room where his life had been held. His computer, where he watched his porn and wrote his stories, where his sleeping quarters was held and his wardrobe. They entered his bedroom.

Now this is where most would think John would begin his immediate seduction of Rachel. You are partially right. Instead, John felt like the better approach would be to sit Rachel down in front of his computer and show her some of his work. That he did. He showed her his recent erotic stories, his different porn stashes he had and his different techniques that he acquired over the past few months.

Now, Rachel could've been weirded out and left right then and there. John was afraid of that, but decided it would be for both of their better interests if he took this chance. To his surprise, Rachel was transfixed with what was laid out before here. Rachel was wet beyond description. She was amazed at the things John had acquired over the past few months. She couldn't believe that she was in the position to even be able to experience what she had been missing out on.

Slowly John had made his way behind Rachel. She was too transfixed with what she had been reading to notice. He placed his hands on her shoulders and gradually made his way down to her breasts. Rachel held her breath as she felt his hands cusp her breasts. She missed the way his hands felt. He took her nipples and began roughly pulling and pinching on them.

He decided he was going to treat her like a whore; the whore that she had always, never admittedly, wanted to be. He turned her around and stood her up. Rachel was shocked at his sudden change of behavior. He went from the guy she knew who could make her laugh, who was caring and passionate about her, to this lust filled, animalistic guy who scared her, yet at the same time increased her arousal.

John drew her in for a passionate, lust filled kiss. He forcefully removed her shirt and proceeded to take off her bra. All his built up lust and passion for this girl was coming out in one, mean rage. He cared for her and wanted to make her happy, but he also wanted the satisfaction his poor dick had failed to receive. Rachel was completely shocked, yet turned on at the events that were beginning to unfold for her. She knew she walked into a sex trap. She knew what could possibly happen if she came to visit John. What she didn't know, is that she was in for a long night of built up lust and rage that John was willing to unleash on her.

John pushed her back on his bed and frantically removed his shirt and sweatpants he had been wearing. Rachel followed suit by removing her pants. John grabbed Rachel by the hair and sat her up as he forced his dick inside her mouth. He was fully erect and began forcing his dick down her throat. He didn't care if his roommate woke up and heard the commotion going on his room. He wanted the piece of ass that he'd been after for a long time. He wanted to claim what was rightfully his.

He grabbed her head and started thrusting in and out of her mouth at a fast pace. His dick hitting the back of her throat only increased his arousal that much more. Rachel looked up at John with a wide-eyed expression. She didn't expect John to treat her this way. She knew she set herself up for this, but didn't think he would be this brutal. She could feel herself become aroused quickly. John kept up his thrusting, forcing all of his dick down her throat. He could feel that he was almost to the edge so he backed off and pulled his saliva covered dick from her mouth. He then pushed her back onto his bed. Climbing up her body, he planted his wet dick between her breasts with a wet 'slap'. Instinctively, Rachel pressed her breasts together so John could fuck them. A few more thrusts later, John removed his dick from her breasts and forcefully entered his mouth. A smug look of satisfaction came across his face as the head of his cock spread Rachel's lips once again. She opened wide and allowed John's dick to enter her throat with ease. When he was done with her mouth, he slid down her body and shoved two fingers inside her cunt and began working her clit with his thumb. He wanted to make sure she was nice and wet before he stuck his cock deep inside her wanton pussy. Hearing her loud moans only increased his thrusts of his hand. John wanted to make sure she wasn't going to forget this night, ever. Even if she decided she didn't want to be with him.

John pushed Rachel back down on her back and lined his dick up with the entrance to her pussy. He pushed his way inside her for the first time in almost a year. He missed the way her pussy felt around his dick. He just missed being inside this bitch.

Rachel's head was a mess. She wanted to be mistreated like a whore. She wanted to be degrade. She just didn't expect her fantasy to actually come true. She didn't think John would ever do something like this. He had always been the sympathetic and caring guy. He was totally different this time around and she didn't want this to end. Feeling his dick pound her cunt made her lose all sense of reality. Her lust and his dick took her far away from the room she was getting pounded in. She loved the way he was taking complete control of her. John awakened the slut inside Rachel.

Looking down, he couldn't help but feel pleased that he was finally fucking Rachel again. He drove his dick in as far as it would. He heard Rachel let out a lengthy moan as his balls slapped against her ass. John propped her legs up on his shoulders and started with long, slow thrusts. He gradually picked up speed as her moans grew louder and louder. Rachel's moans were reaching a pretty high volume. By now, John was really laying it to her. John felt Rachel tense up for a few seconds, hold her breath then relax. This signaled that she had just cum. He noticed that her pussy was more slick from her cum. He kept pounding Rachel until he felt he was near the edge. Hearing her pleas for him to cum, quickly sent him over the edge. He quickly pulled out and forced his dick back inside her mouth. He grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth relentlessly. He wanted to deposit his cum down her throat. Nearing the edge, he picked up his pace. Finally he unleashed a massive torrent of hot cum down her throat. Rachel gagged at first, but took his load like a champ.

He removed his softening dick from her mouth and sat down next to her. Rachel was stunned. Nothing of that sort has ever happened to her before. She was very turned on by the sheer fact that John had completely taken her. She was amazed at the way he took control without fear that he was going to be stopped.

Without a word, John laid back on his bed and pulled Rachel back with him. They cuddled and chatted about what had come over John. Rachel couldn't get over the fact that John had taken complete control of her. She wanted to return the favor. She wanted to act like the whore that she had always wanted to be. She wanted to show John what kind of lovers they could be.

Rachel sat up and took John's soft cock into her mouth. She began sucking on it with a renewed enthusiasm. She loved the way his dick felt in her mouth. His dick grew harder as Rachel began bobbing her head up and down. John reached down and grabbed another handful of her hair and began pumping in and out of her mouth. Rachel swung her leg around John's head so he could eat her out. John let go of her head and spread her pussy lips. He stuck his tongue deep inside her which caused a muffled moan from Rachel. He pulled out his tongue and began flicking over the outer region of her cunt. She began bucking back onto his face. He located her clit and began flicking it with his tongue. Rachel started writhing more and more. He clamped down on her clit and inserted two fingers inside her sopping wet cunt. Getting bolder, he removed his fingers from her dripping wet pussy and began rubbing his finger over her asshole. Rachel froze as she realized his intentions. Before she could protest, John stuck his middle finger in up to the second knuckle. This caused Rachel to yelp. Still attached to her clit, he began working his middle finger around her ass. He could feel the muscle clench his fingers as he lube it up using her juices. His dick grew harder in Rachel's mouth at the thought of sticking his cock in her ass. John removed his finger and replaced it with his tongue. He was in new territory so he wasn't quite sure what to expect. To his surprise, the taste of her ass wasn't that bad. He finally forced his tongue passed the muscle ring of her anus, making sure her entry port was nice and lubed to prepare for his invasion.

Rachel couldn't believe that anal stimulation could feel that good. The guy before John had tried to stick his dick in her ass without any preparation or lube. Needless to say, she was in pain. Feeling John stick his finger in there and then his tongue, felt amazing. She knew what she wanted to try that night. She was going to stick his cock up her ass whether he knew it or not.

Rachel turned around so that his dick was lined up with her pussy. She slowly began to sit on it. She let out a gasp as the head of John's dick split her lips. With one fluid motion, Rachel dropped straight down. They both let out a moan when she reached bottom. She began rocking back and forth on his dick. It felt good, but John wanted more. He began thrusting upwards while Rachel rocked back and forth. Rachel was soon cumming from the stimulation. She flooded John as she continued to ride him. She then stopped and raised herself off his dick. She had other plans.

At first John was confused. He didn't know what she was about to do. He wasn't sure is she was going to get up and leave or what. Next thing he knows, Rachel is guiding his dick to her puckered star. Rachel is nervous at first. She knows it hurt the first time. She kept thinking that this time may be better. She took her chance and sat on his dick, this time it went into her ass. Using the help of her juices and John's saliva coated finger, his dick went in easier than the last dick. Rachel began slowly riding his dick. She wanted to get used to the sensation before she let him have it. Each thrust made it easier and easier for her to handle. She felt a thrill of excitement at the fact she had a dick in her ass. She also felt an increased arousal.

Rachel began riding John's dick like it would be her last. John loved the new feeling. Her ass was much tighter than her pussy. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer so he started matching her thrusts. He couldn't believe that she actually wanted to take it in the ass.

John quickly rolled her over so now he was on top of her. They were in basic missionary position; only difference, he was in her ass not her pussy. He began forcefully pounding her ass, causing Rachel to have an anal induced orgasm. Her juices rolled down to her ass and just added extra lube for John's dick. He felt the end was fastly approaching. He quickened his thrusts until he felt the cum racing through his dick and splash against Rachel's bowels. He collapsed on Rachel while his dick soften, allowing him to pull out and lay next to her.

Rachel couldn't believe that had just happened. She finally got the satisfaction that she had been longing for. She just couldn't get over the fact that John fucked her ass and she liked it!

Her libido was heightened from there on out. She couldn't get enough of him. She had been extremely turned on by the sheer thought of anal. Any chance she could get, she had John's cock in her ass. John enjoyed the sexual attention he was receiving. Sometimes he felt that she was only there for sex, but who fucking cares. He's getting his dick wet and Rachel is getting off.

Rachel and John worked things out and are now back together. Their sex life is much better than it was in the past. John is now good to Rachel and hasn't cheated on her.

I'm not too sure how to end this story so I think I'm gonna stop there. Please leave feedback. Feel free to send me a personal message if I should've ended it any different.

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