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Owning Me

I had always been attracted to my brother in law Mike, although I never admitted that fact to either him or my husband. Both my husband and his brother are over 6"; Mike is 6-2 with my husband topping him at 6-3, both with solid, muscular bodies.

I lost my job a month back, leaving my husband the sole bread winner. He worked overtime, but we still could not afford to keep our place, so his brother suggested we move in with him in his three bedroom. He was recently unemployed too, and needed to share rent.

My husband was still working, which left Mike and me in the apartment alone. We started spending a lot of time together. Mike would always find little ways to touch me or tickle me. One morning we were tickling each other, which soon turned into a wrestling match on the floor.  Things got way too serious, because as I was pinning him (he let me) to the floor, he popped a huge boner. I quickly got off of him then, excusing myself, telling him I had to take a cold shower.

I was in the bathroom naked, when I heard the bathroom door open and shut behind me. I quickly wrapped my towel around me, and there was Mike by the door in only his boxers, looking really sexy, and still with a huge hard-on.

"Mike! What are you doing in here!?"

"I can't take this anymore Jess!" Then he crossed the bathroom quickly, trapping me between his body and the wall. Before I could protest, he was kissing me hard. I couldn't think, and I was extremely turned on, even though I knew we shouldn't be doing this. He started nibbling my neck.

"Mike, you really shouldn't be doing this to me. Please stop..uuh.." I moaned, because just then Mike slipped his hand under my towel and was rubbing my pussy. My body betrayed me as I begin to moan to his touch, and I could feel my pussy dripping as he finger fucked me.

"Did you really think you were going to tease me and get away with it Jess? I want you, tell me you want me too!"

"No, I don't want you Mike, cut it out!"

"I wish you wouldn't have said that!" Before I knew it he was scooping me up into his arms and carrying me towards his room.

"Let go of me you big ox!" I yelled as he tossed me onto his bed. He quickly shed his boxers and laid on top of me between my sprawled legs, opening my towel. I gasped as our naked bodies pressed together. I could feel his cock poking into my inner thigh. He violently kissed me again, slipping his hand behind my neck to immobilize it. His tongue slipped all the way into my mouth to the back of my throat, and I almost gagged. "Kiss me back!" he demanded, and I obeyed. Then he moved to my throat, searing it, then nibbled my neck, releasing my mouth.

"Before I am done with you, you will beg me to fuck you, and then I will own you."

"Seriously Mike, please stop!" I pushed against him, but being only 5-1, and his 6-2 body outweighing mine by almost 100 lbs., the effort was futile. I bucked against him, but this only served to excite him further. He shifted his hips, and buried himself deep inside of me. I felt the last of my resistance slip away, as a new sensation spread hotly throughout my body. I came instantly on his cock. He kissed me again, gently this time and I responded, surrendering. Slowly he began to move inside of me, and I knew that even if I wanted to, I knew I was helpless to stop him from taking what he wanted. I softly moaned his name. He picked up the pace, and soon I was fucking him back wantonly. He paused on top of me and looked deeply into my eyes, stroking his cock up and down my pussy lips.

"I want to hear you say it Jess. I want to hear you say you want me."

"I want you Mike."


"I want you to fuck me please!"

He started thrusting into me again, putting my calves on his shoulders. "I have wanted to be with you like this for a long time Jess. I want you so bad right now I can hardly think straight!"

He fucked me harder and harder, until I was no longer softly moaning his name, I was screaming it. I could tell I was about to cum.

"I want to cum deep inside your pussy!" I was suddenly alarmed at this, and I realize that this whole time he had not put on a condom.

"No Mike, you can't," but it was too late. We came together, and he shot his cum deep inside me. I started to sob. He collapsed on top of me, gently stroking my head and kissing me.

"I thought you wanted me Jess? Don't cry, baby. I love you, you know." He rolled to his back and held me tight against his chest.

"I do want you, that's why I'm crying. I want you, but I shouldn't."

"It's okay, my brother will never find out. If you tell him, I'll just tell him what a slut you are and how YOU came on to me!" I laughed.

"I don't know if I can live like that, but we can try."

From that day on, when my husband left the house, Mike would seek me out. Although I feel guilty, and can no longer resist his sexy body. We make love everywhere, his bed, my bed, the laundry room, the back seat of his truck (while parked in the closed garage.) I never thought it was possible to be in love with two men at the same time; I am still in love with my husband, but Mike and I have a different bond, and like I said, he owns me.

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