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The Servant Girl

A 17th Century Lord indulges in his fantasies with his younger maid
Lord Charles Allsop III sat in the study of his grand house located in the beautiful Wessex countryside. He sat at his desk with a bottle of brandy that he poured small draughts of into a shot glass before consuming it to calm his excited nerves.

It had taken a lot of courage on his part to decide to indulge in one of his fantasies. A scandal could potentially ruin him after having built a reputation as a just and Godly man of the community. Had Lady Allsop not decided to spend three weeks in London visiting her sister he may not have decided to do this at all, but the lack of any sexual contact for more than a fortnight, coupled with his own lust crazed imagination, forced him into this room at this particular moment with a bottle of brandy and a small pouch of gold coins.

There was a gentle knock on the large oak door at the far end of the room. Allsop's heart skipped a beat as he cleared his throat before sitting up in his chair. He was in his late thirties and wore the fine clothes that were expected of a man in his position. The Allsop family fortune was built around wool farming and he owned several farms in the surrounding valleys. He still possessed quite a healthy appearance, although in recent years he had grown a little wider around the waistline, but was still considered to be quite a handsome and dashing figure amongst the middle to upper class women whom he found in his company.

Unfortunately for him the prospect of a sexual liaison with such women was low at best since there were many who would have liked nothing better than to ruin his reputation by revealing an affair. If he were to have extra marital relations they would have to be with someone of a lower class whose word could be brought in to question should it ever come in to public knowledge. Mary, one of his servant girls who maintained his house, was therefore an ideal candidate.

"Come in!" he called out.

The oak door opened and in walked Mary wearing her usual long blue dress and white bonnet that covered her dark black hair. Wrapped around the lower half of her waist was a white apron that hung down far enough to cover where her knees would be whenever she would sit down wearing this attire. Her clothes did little to show off her feminine features apart from a gentle mound in her chest where her breasts were and this was all the more enticing to Allsop who was a mix of both excitement and anxiety.

"You called for me, sir?" she said in a low and subservient tone as she bowed her head.

"Yes Mary," said Allsop. "Please close the door, would you?"

This was an odd request for Mary. It was customary for a man and woman to leave the door open whenever they were alone together, even if it was a household servant with the master of the house. Nevertheless she did as she was told. She knew her place and had quite a timid disposition that afforded her no courage to speak up about anything she may have disagreed with. Again, a perfect trait for Allsop's needs.

She closed the door and turned back around. Allsop gazed longingly at her fresh looking young face. She was nineteen and still quite naive in the ways of the world, having lead a sheltered life as a servant girl. The thought that she might still be a maiden only served to further heighten his excitement and by the same token his apprehension. There was still time for him to call this off but he had become so aroused by the thought of having her that he felt as though he were being forced on by his desires.

"I uh…I hear that you have been a good girl in your duties around the house," he stammered.

"Thank you sir," she said again, bowing her head as she did so.

"I think you are ready to help serve me in other ways," he began. "There would of course be financial advantages to this."

"I'm not sure I understand sir."

He reached into his money bag and produced a gold coin which he placed on the table before sliding it in her direction. The one coin alone was equivalent to a day’s wages for her and her eyes widened with delight.

"Now then, lift up your dress," he commanded as his heart began to race with excitement. Mary looked horrified. As he looked at her he began to wonder if she was going to run away but she just stood there unsure what to do. "Lift up your dress." The timid girl caught hold of the top of her dress and lifted it up several inches to reveal her dirty and well worn shoes.

"H-Higher!" Allsop tingled with excitement. The events were now akin to a runaway carriage. There was no going back now. He would be satisfied by her before the hour was out. She lifted her dress higher up, past her bare knees. "Higher! All the way up!" She began to roll the bottom of her dress and the white apron up until it sat in a bundle at the top of her smooth milky white legs. "Bit more!" he commanded with almost breathless excitement.

Already feeling dirty she nevertheless obeyed and lifted her dress up several inches higher to reveal her gull white cotton knickers that hung baggily around her waist and between her legs.

Allsop's mind became awash with lust crazed thoughts as he stared at her. His thoughts became confused as they overlapped one another and he fought to control himself. More than anything he was fighting the urge to simply throw her onto the table and ravish her. He had never felt like this before but the danger and excitement of the experience became intoxicating.

He took out another gold coin and placed it next to the first one. "Take down your knickers. Show me what you have hidden underneath."

She didn't know why she felt compelled to obey him. She had been brought up in a life where as long as you were paid you did as the master told you even if you thought it was wrong or simply didn't want to. A choice of saying 'no' was as alien to her as asking her to breathe water rather than air.

Using her right hand to hold up her dress she reached down with her left and started to push her knickers down her legs. Slowly they went down until they reached her knees. There she left them and she stood back upright to present herself to him. He stared longingly at the triangular shaped patch of rather neat pubic hair that covered her vagina. His mouth became dry with intense sexual arousal as he pictured himself touching it with his hand.

"T-Turn around," he again stammered from a powerful surge of adrenalin racing through his body.

Reluctantly, she started to slowly turn around. From the side the cheeks of buttocks curved outwards in a shapely fashion. As she completed her one hundred and eighty degree turn so that her back was now facing him, he couldn't help but think her bum resembled a rather ripe peach just begging to be bitten into. His erection was now swelling to the point where it was becoming uncomfortable and so he reached in to his trousers to adjust himself. He felt a surge of relief as he made it more comfortable for his cock to continue to grow as it surged with blood.

"Turn around again," he commanded as he quickly produced a third coin.

As Mary turned back around she saw the coin placed on the table with the others and she began to fear what he might ask her to do next.

"Sit down on the floor."

She lowered herself onto the floor with her dress still rolled up. As her legs parted he got his first glimpse of her fanny as her neat black pubic hair parted to reveal the treasure underneath. "Touch yourself. You know where."

Mary took a deep breath to help calm her nerves before placing her right hand between her legs that lay spread out in front her. She had been forced to fully remove her knickers as they began to stretch whilst her legs parted. They sat on the floor between her and her master and she noticed that his eyes took a keen interest in them as they glanced back and fore from her to her knickers and then back again.

She rubbed her hand over the triangular shaped pubic hair making it tickle her slightly as she did so, but this didn't seem to please him. He seemed to get frustrated that she was not doing as he wished her to do.

"Come on!" he barked. "Touch yourself properly!"

Feeling chastised she pushed her fingers into her small bush of hair until they touched the soft flesh of her fanny. She began to rub further and further downwards until she could feel her swollen clit becoming ever more sensitive to her own touch despite the fact that she wanted nothing more than to stop and run away.

As she simulated the act of female masturbation in front of him he found he could no longer contain himself. He stood up out of his chair, an act that made the nervous young woman jump in surprise, before unbuttoning his trousers thus freeing his almost throbbing cock.

Uncertain what to do, she carried on touching herself for his pleasure rather than her own as he walked towards her rubbing his cock until he stood over her. He leaned down with his cock in his hand until it rubbed across her forehead leaving a wet strip on her skin, indicating his level of excitement. It was not that he derived any specific pleasure from putting his cock on her forehead, but rather he relished the fact that it was touching her somewhere. It didn't matter where.

He tilted her head back to look up at him, her bonnet falling off as she did so. Hovering over her face he lowered his testicles down onto her lips and she instinctively began to lick each one of them causing him to groan with delight. Unsure if there was any specific method to this act, she imagined she was licking a pair of large strawberries dangling before her. It was clearly having a positive effect on Allsop who was shuddering at the touch of her silky tongue against his baggy flesh.

He quickly ran his hand through her dark hair as he held her head back, before pushing the end of his cock into her mouth. The suddenness of such a big organ thrust into her inexperienced mouth caused her to gag and choke a little until she slowly became accustomed to the salty member.

Allsop swayed his hips to move it around her mouth, forcing her head to start turning in unison with it so she would avoid her teeth making contact with his bell-end, something that he didn't seem to like too much. As she sucked on his cock she began to wonder if she was getting paid for this as well since he hadn't put any more money down.

Allsop's moans became louder and more frustrated. He suddenly pulled out of her mouth before reaching down for her and dragging her to her feet by her arms which bruised slightly from the rough handling of her master. He impatiently led her over to the desk where he had been sitting at and pushed her up against it. He pushed her down over the table before scrambling to lift up her skirt once more, it having fallen down during her transition from the floor to being bent over the desk.

He threw the long dress up over her back to reveal her peachy bum to him once more. She tried to stand upright but his stronger hand pushed her back down before it wandered rather aggressively between her legs.

He rubbed her vagina with quick and rough strokes. His fingers harshly pressed against her clit before he moved them back towards the opening of her fanny. He pushed them inside her and she winced with discomfort. She was barely damp at all having found this whole experience unnerving. Fortunately for him however he was wet enough for both of them. He rubbed his pre-cum that was oozing from his cock around the end of his organ before parting her buttocks with his left hand to allow him access to her vagina. He slowly eased himself inside her tight fanny that seemed to be trying to tighten its hold on his member.

Swaying in and out a few times as he became comfortable with her, he began to get in his stride. Keeping pressure on her so she couldn't move only heightened his pleasure from the experience and he began to thrust harder and faster despite her squirming. Each thrust brought him closer and closer to his climax. It was as though a dam had been built on the end of his cock and it was about to burst open. He was so excited from the experience that he knew this was going to be quick.

As his head began to spin from the pleasure he took from finally having her, he realized he couldn't finish inside for the risk of making her pregnant; a sure fire way to destroy his fine reputation. He therefore held on until the very last second, until finally he could take no more, before he harshly pulled out of her just as his cum spurted from the red mushroom shaped tip of his cock and up her back. The milky white semen landed in a line from the top of her bare buttocks and over her clothed back.

He stumbled backwards as he fought to control the dizzy sensation that circled his head. He quickly walked over to his seat before falling into it to relish in the euphoria of the whole experience, leaving Mary to clean up the mess he had made.

Once she was done he handed her five gold coins in payment for her services. They were truly appreciated by him.

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