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Seducing Collette

When Lydia and John move in, their pretty neighbor will have a hard time to resist the horny couple
She was the first thing I saw when I looked outside the kitchen window of our newly acquired house in the small Yorkshire village, and I was smitten the moment I glimpsed the saucy twintails in her red hair, the big eyes that appeared to look at the world with utter astonishment and the lithe form of her cute body, pale skin painted with delicious freckles and barely covered by the lime-green bikini. ‘Blessed be the weather gods for allowing me this sight,’ I thought to myself, quite aware how rare real summer days were in this part of the world. She bent over and picked up something from the grass, and the yummy, tight buttocks and well-toned legs made me sigh dreamily.

Her cute nose wrinkled slightly, and the pout on her lips when she looked down into the grass at whatever it was that had caught her eyes was so adorable, I think I fell a bit in love. Oh, I know, I was still far too excited from having escaped the tightness of our city flat, the morning rushes and crowded sidewalks, the grumpy people and smelly, dirty alleys. Everything here appeared so idyllic, romantic even, and watching our pretty neighbor walk across her lush lawn looked just like out of a cheesy romance movie. Still, I couldn’t draw my eyes away from her, and every movement I watched made my heartbeat stumble and my mouth dry.

“Like the view?” John’s body pressed against my back and his strong arms wrapped around me.

Leaning back against my husband and resting my head against his shoulder, I sighed again, then giggled. “It’s spectacular!”

“Oh!” It had taken him a moment to notice our neighbor and become aware of my double entendre, but I was sure I that there was a hint of desire in his voice.

“She looks good enough to eat, doesn’t she?” I allowed my own voice to betray the arousal that had gripped me and turned around in his arms, rubbing my crotch against his and feeling the confirmation in all its steely glory.

“You’re shameless, Lydia!”

God, even after ten years together, that playful, calculating smirk that pulled on the corner of his mouth still managed to reach directly between my legs and make my stomach flutter. “That’s why you love me, don’t you?” My hand slipped inside his pants and I felt his stomach tremble.

“We’re not finished unpacking the clothes,” he growled, but his eyes already had the promising gleam I had been aiming for.

“Fuck the clothes,” I snapped back and unbuckled the belt. “Or better, fuck me!” My fingers opened his button and pulled down his zipper with practiced ease, and they drew a trembling gasp from him when I grabbed his stiff, huge cock through the fabric of his boxers and slowly moved them up and down.

“Slut,” he accused and spun me around, well aware that nothing got me hot faster than dirty talk. He pushed me forward so I had to prop myself up on my arms on the counter top and pulled down my shorts, slapping my pantyless bottom. “Naughty slut!”

I giggled, knowing how he loved to discover that I had been going commando. His hand delved between my legs and rubbed hard back and forth, forcing me to spread my thighs as good as I could with the shorts still around my knees, not that he had to check if I was wet enough. Nobody knew better than him how easily my juices could be enticed.

Then I felt the head of his cock against my entrance, silken and hot, and my hips jerked backwards in an instinctive attempt to impale myself on this wonderful source of pleasure. His fingers, which were wrapped around it, prevented me though and drew a needy growl from my throat.

“Impatient?” He teased and rubbed his cock-head up and down my creamy slit.

“Fuck me!” I ordered, the last syllable trailing off into a gasp when our neighbor turned slightly and allowed me to appreciate the pretty boobs beneath the tiny fabric of her bikini top. “Hurry up!” I urged. “I want to keep watching her while you shove your thick pole into my cunt until I see stars!” Two could play the dirty-talk game.

A groan behind me told me that I was successful, and I had to brace myself on the marble counter against the mighty thrust with which he pushed his manhood inside me. The feeling of his stiff rod stretching my insides never lost its wonder, and my breath escaped in a long, throaty gasp. “Shit, yes, just like that,” I urged him on.

He pulled out and gripped my hips hard, holding me in place with just the tip of his cock buried inside my cunt. He knew that it wasn’t tenderness that I needed right now.

“Push it in!” I demanded. “Stop teasing me!”

He chuckled. “The redhead got you worked up quite quickly, didn’t she?”

“Stop talking,” I growled. “Start fucking!” Twin-tails brushed something from her boob, probably a gnat, and I wondered if they would feel as firm to the touch as they looked. Deciding that I couldn’t stand much more teasing from my husband, I turned up the naughtiness. “Just imagine her on all fours in front of you while you bury your cock all the way in her delicious pussy, her soft walls clenching around it and her lips forming the sweetest whimpers every time you thrust into her.”

He jerked forward, burying a few inches inside me. Hah! “I want to see your fuck her,” I encouraged his fantasy - and my own - some more, “while I guide her pretty face between my thighs and tell her to kiss my dripping cunt.”

His thighs slapped against mine and his balls touched my pussy lips. Heat welled up in my pussy. “Yes, fuck!” I shouted with elation.

“Dirty… little… slut!” John chastised between gasps, and the rhythmic slaps of our lovemaking filled the air. He didn’t hold back. He didn’t need to. Just watching our pretty, scantily clothed neighbor amble through her garden had already made me horny as hell, and all I needed was a good, rough fucking.

“Shit, yes!” The deep moans that welled up in my chest prevented me from more outspoken responses, and my eyes kept glued to the pretty, graceful young woman outside. She bent down once more and I wondered what it would feel like, taste like, to bury my tongue in her snatch from behind.

John’s right hand reached downward and his fingers rubbed roughly over my clit, just like he knew I loved it. Each thrust of his cock spread my folds and sent heated waves of pleasure all through my body. My chest heaved and my moans sped up. His own grunts followed.

“Fill me,” I urged, my hips trembling with need and my voice rising in pitch. “Shoot your load inside me. Fill me with your come!”

He pinched down hard on my clit and it sent me over the edge. “Yes!” I shouted, my voice breaking, my whole body shaking in the onslaught of pure pleasure and my cunt clenching hard around his cock.

He speared me once again, twice, a third time, then he pulled me close and I felt his stiff rod throb inside me. He bit my neck hard while he spurted his seed deep into my womb, and my pleasure exploded once more.

We moaned, grunted and groaned in synchronized perfection while we rode out the delicious aftershocks of our copulation.

“I wonder if it was wise to move to the countryside,” John whispered into my ear with an amused undertone.

“And why would that be?” I asked in return, still out of breath.

“You’ll have the whole village corrupted before the first year is over.” He nuzzled the sensitive skin under my ear.

“And that is a bad thing why?” I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Yes, why?” He admitted, and we both had a good laugh.

“Would you light me a fag?” I asked with a quiet sigh when I felt his wet, sticky, slowly softening cock slip from my pussy.

“Here you are, dear,” he replied after a few seconds and held the lit cigarette out in front of me.

I took a deep pull and exhaled slowly, enjoying how the small kick of nicotine travelled over my skin like a smooth blanket. John moved next to me and leaned forward too, also smoking. We were both non-smokers unless it was after sex. Which meant, we did smoke quite a bit on good days.

“I’ve never seen you get so horny just from watching a clothed woman,” John surmised aloud.

I took a long draw and blew the smoke upwards. “She’s got something about her that really tickles my fancy, I don’t know…”

“She is cute,” he agreed after a moment of hesitation.

“Cute?” I asked, looking over and raising an eyebrow. “I think you meant to say ‘sizzling hot’, didn’t you?”

He grinned sheepishly. “That too.”

“You just want to fuck her sweet pussy,” I accused.

Just at that moment, as if it was choreographed, she bent over again, and I could see John lick his lips.

“And her bum,” he agreed. “Yes, definitely her bum!”

“You’re such a pig,” I told him and slapped his arm.

“More like bull, don’t you think?” He winked.

“Not right now.” I tried to sound disappointed and stroked his flaccid cock through the trousers.

“Just give me a minute.”

“Oh no, not now. I’ve got to finish unpacking before I’ll start lunch,” I told him, stubbing out the cigarette, pulling up my shorts and twirling away. “I’ll do that now while I think of a way to lure sweet twin-tails into our bed.”

“Tease!” I heard him shout when I raced up the stairs with a giggle.


“Collette,” she introduced herself a few days later, wrapped in a white terry-cloth robe and appearing rather bashful.

I forced myself not to giggle at her sleepy look. I had rung her doorbell quite early in the morning on purpose, determined to catch her off-guard, and I had succeeded.

“I know it’s quite early, but I didn’t know if you’ve got to go to work, so I thought I’d come by as soon as I saw some light. My husband John and I have moved into number five a few days ago, and we wanted to invite you over for lunch so we can get to know each other. I saw a bit of your flower garden and it looks awesome!”

“Uh, that… that would be nice,” she answered, clearly off balance.

“Perfect!” I exclaimed, giving my best exuberant schoolgirl rendition. “How does Saturday sound? Anything planned already?”

“Uhm, no…” She blinked a few times.

“That’s wonderful,” I trilled and hugged her, feeling her freeze in my embrace. “See you Saturday at twelve then, Collette!”

I heard her mumble when I raced back to our house, the time it took her to close her front door a clear sign of success.

“Just you wait till Saturday, little red riding hood!” I chuckled wolfishly.


Collette hadn’t lost her bashfulness when she showed up on our doorstep right on time the following Saturday, a nicely wrapped bottle of Shiraz and a wonderful flower bouquet in her hands. Which made her completely helpless against my second hugging assault, and I made sure to give the sweet, young woman lots of body contact before I started to rattle away about how I loved Shiraz and how beautiful the flowers were. I didn’t have to lie there, not that you get any wrong impressions here. I didn’t tell her that my mind included her in the ‘beautiful flowers’ though.

John had fired up the barbecue in the back of the garden, and I pulled her along all the way through the living room. The nice thing about the patio table was that it was small, really small, and round, making it as good as impossible to sit there eating without bumping knees a lot. A big shade made of sailcloth protected the patio from the summer heat, and I had fallen in love at first sight with the flooring made from hewn stone and the shoulder-high, unfinished brick walls that kept the wind out and reminded me of holidays in Greece and Tuscany.

“Sit here while I fetch a vase for the flowers,” I told her and pushed her gently into one of the chairs, not letting on that I was noticing her shapely thighs when the hem of her dark green summer dress caught on the seat and slid up. “They are breathtaking!”

I turned towards the garden and shouted, “John! Come here and greet our new neighbor!” When he trudged around the corner in the tight shorts and even tighter tee which showed off his muscled frame and which I had more or less forced him to wear, I thought I noticed a small blush on Collette’s cheeks and had to restrain myself from clapping my hands together.

“Be a dear and keep her entertained while I fetch a vase for the lovely flowers she has brought us.” I didn’t wait for a reply and went back into the house.

When I came outside again, I made sure to do so quietly.

“...pretty young woman like you.” John was obviously already wrapping her in sugar-coated, sticky strings of compliments, something he was good at.

The guilty look on her face and the reddening of her cheeks showed that she was taking the bait.

“Stop flirting with our neighbor and get the beef on the grate,” I admonished and had a hard time not to giggle with glee when I saw her jump and look down guiltily.

“Sorry that it took me so long,” I told her as if nothing special was going on and put the vase down on the table. “Here, let me pour you a glass of wine. How inattentive of us, letting you sit here without anything to drink!”

“It’s okay,” she quickly brushed my concerns away. “I’ve only been here a few minutes anyway.”

So she was talking full sentences. That was good. I had been a bit fearful that we’d overwhelm her. “So how long have you been living here?” I inquired and sat down in the chair to her left, holding up my glass to her.

She clinked hers to mine and took a sip, letting out a small sigh and closing her eyes. “Wow,” she whispered, “this is good.”

‘You look good enough to eat yourself like this,’ I wanted to tell her. “It’s our favorite,” I said instead, “We discovered the winery on our honeymoon and have been addicted to it ever since. At first, we feared that it was only this good because we were shagging like rabbits all the time when we weren’t eating and drinking.” I could see her eyes get even wider than they already were and her cheeks turn darker. Definitely yummy, yes, I thought. “But it’s kept its magic. But back to you…” I looked at her expectantly.

“Oh, yes,” she stammered, more than a little flustered. “I’ve lived here since forever. My parents moved to the Canaries a few years ago, after I graduated from university; my mother’s got rheumatism and the climate there is a lot easier on her than ours here.”

I nodded in understanding. And who wouldn’t want to live a thousand miles closer to the equator, rheumatism or not. “I hope you’re not lonely, living on your own.”

She bit her lip cutely, unwilling to respond, and I felt that I had touched a sore point.

“Have you been in our house before?” I quickly changed the topic.

“No. The previous owners, the Carruthers, were a bit, uhm, introverted. I don’t think anyone from the village ever stepped inside.”

“Then it’s time you get a tour. Come on, I’ll show you around!” I didn’t wait for her reaction and simply pulled her up from the chair and behind me.

Shouting to John what I was doing and that he should call us when lunch was ready, I pulled her back into the living room. In short time we were happily jabbering about interior design, colors and antiques, and she turned out to have a keen eye for that kind of thing. In short, we had fun, and she warmed up more and more while we walked through the house.

I could hear the shower start when we were stepping onto the stairwell that led upstairs and knew that the timing was going to be perfect. So I showed her the guest room first, taking a few minutes to explain my plans for the still undecorated room until the shower stopped again and I herded her into our bedroom.

“This my favorite furniture,” I told her with a grand gesture towards the huge four-poster bed with the railing at the top and bottom. Stepping behind her and leaning in close, I whispered, “You won’t believe how much fun John and I have already had there.” Her perfume was sweet and lemony, with only a hint of exotic spices. Sun, one of my favorites and perfect for her.

I counted down in my head. Three, two, one. She opened her mouth to reply, but right at that moment the door to the connected bathroom opened and John stepped out in all his naked glory, stray drops still glistening on his skin, his hair shiny and wet and his cock dangling from his groin slightly engorged.

Perfectly played!

“Oh god!” Collette spun around, her face flaming red, and she quickly covered her eyes with her hands.

I had a very hard time to keep from laughing.

John’s mouth twitched too, but he kept his cool. “Sorry,” he said, quite a bit deeper than necessary, and walked across the room, his hand almost brushing our embarrassed neighbor. “Let me just put on underwear, then you can look again.”

He dug a pair of briefs out of the drawer and slipped them on. I could see his cock twitch a few times, attempting to rise to attention, but he somehow managed to keep his arousal in check. One more thing that I admired about him.

“All done,” he exclaimed happily, and Collette finally lowered her hands again, although she froze for a moment when she saw him stand there in just his briefs, the bulge on the front showing off his size.

She quickly looked at me. “Sorry,” she stammered, “I didn’t mean to… I mean…”

I was tempted to let her dig her grave with her words, but I didn’t want to risk that she might flee the premises before we had even started with the main event.

“It’s okay,” I reassured her. “No harm done. John!” I then said a little louder. “Shouldn’t you be outside and take care of the barbecue?”

He shrugged. “I’ve turned down the heat and covered it, so it doesn’t need my attention, and I needed to get rid of the smoke and sweat. It’s going to be ready any minute, though.”

“Good, we’ll bring out the salad then.” John had slipped on a fresh pair of shorts by now, but his upper body was still bare. He walked by, mumbling about female slave drivers, and I gave him a sharp smack on his backside. Collette’s small intake of breath didn’t escape my notice.


Collette’s embarrassment was quickly replaced with enthusiasm when she saw the salads with cashew nuts, Greek cheese and herbed croutons. We carried them outside and were just putting them on the table when John arrived with a plate full of grilled goodies, small steaks, lamb chops and seafood skewers that filled the air with the most delicious aromas.

“Mm, that smells wonderful,” I moaned, quickly followed by a loud rumbling in my tummy, and we all had to laugh.

“Come on,” John urged, “sit down and eat before it gets cold.”

Together we filled first Collette’s plate to the brim, ignoring our pretty neighbor’s coquettish attempts to slow our efforts, then our own.

I held up my glass. “To wonderful neighbors!”

John echoed me, so Collette couldn’t do anything else but shyly say the same. We clinked glasses and took a sip, and then it was time to dig in.

Collette’s eyes strayed to John’s muscular chest every few seconds, something she couldn’t be faulted for. “The flowers are brilliant. Are they from your own garden?” I asked her between mouthfuls.

“Yes, they are all self grown,” she admitted, flushing slightly but with pride in her eyes.

“I especially love these orange and yellow lilies,” I told her. “They are so pretty and sexy… almost naughty.”

She blushed again, and I was tempted to start counting how often I could magic that lovely shade of red onto her cheeks.

“My wife’s absolutely right,” John declared and took a sip from his wine. “The perfect flowers for you.”

The stammered “thank you” almost made me giggle. Instead, I let my leg move a little to the left so my knee brushed against hers. Her hand froze for a moment, the fork only inches from her waiting mouth, but she quickly realized that the only means of escape would be to scoot her chair backwards. She looked hard at her plate when she finally continued eating.

I winked at John, and he instantly took the hint.

“God,” he moaned, his head tilting back in almost-orgasmic bliss. “Have you tried the lamb tenderloin? It’s to die for!”

“There’s only one piece of that,” I reminded him with a slight pout. “How could we have tried it?”

“Oh, sorry,” he quickly apologized with that cute sheepish grin. “Let me fix that.” He cut a small piece off, picked it up between thumb and index finger and held it out towards me.

I leaned forward, aware of the wide-eyed look in our neighbor’s eyes, and wrapped my lips around his fingers, sucking in my cheeks and teasing the piece of lamb from his grasp with my tongue. He was right. I had to fake nothing when I leaned back closed my eyes in delight, slowly chewing the spicy meat. “Wow,” I moaned. “That is wonderful!”

“Want to try it too?” John asked Collette, his fork hovering over his plate.

“Uh, I don’t know…”

“Come on, you’ve got to try it,” I urged.

“Okay,” she relented. I had to admit, John had outdone himself. The lamb looked almost as yummy as it tasted.

I watched with mounting anticipation when he took his time cutting off another piece, and I almost burst with glee when, instead of lifting it up with the fork, he took it with his fingers again.

The emotions running over Collette’s sweet face were delicious to watch. Eagerness. Disbelief. Embarrassment. Arousal? Yes, definitely that too! John’s hand came closer and closer, and the emotions flickered even faster. Her eyes were wide like a deer’s in the headlights.

I put my hand on her thigh, not too far up, whispering, “Open up, honey!”

I could see the internal struggle going on, and I could feel her tremble ever so quickly. Her lips parted as if to say something, but I moved my hand further up and managed to turn her attempt to speak into a surprised gasp. Then John’s fingers reached her half-opened lips and she surrendered.

Her soft lips closed around my husband’s fingers and her tongue fought to extricate the spicy piece of grilled lamb from his teasing grip. I leaned closer to her and whispered into her ear, “That’s so fucking sexy!”

She shuddered, and my heart did a happy dance. We had her.

I picked up a lemony shrimp, and when her eyes opened after she had swallowed her lamb, I held it out to her.

“Have you ever made love with another woman?” I whispered and was answered with a slight shake of her head. “Let me make love to you,” I continued, my other hand sliding further up her smooth thigh. “Let us both make love to you!”

Her lips felt incredibly sensuous when they embraced my fingers, warm and soft, and when her silken tongue wrestled with my digits to get her price, my skin grew hot. John’s hand had followed my example on her other thigh, and she leaned back, slowly chewing the shrimp with an expression of pure rapture while we rubbed small circles on her thighs.

“What are you…” she started to ask, but John’s finger on her lips hushed her, and soon afterwards she was once more allowing herself to be fed a piece of meat by my husband. Then it was my turn again.

I don’t think she really noticed when I pulled the dress over her head and unclasped her bra. I’ll never forget the aroused and astonished look in her eyes when I wrapped my lips around her stiff, rosy nipple and tickled it with my tongue. We kept feeding her, alternating pieces of grilled goodness with hot kisses, and soon both my and my husband’s fingers met inside her frilly panties and softly caressed her moist folds.

“Please,” she suddenly pleaded, and I knew quite well what she was asking for. Nodding towards John, I slipped out of my tee and shorts, grabbed her hand and pulled her into the house again. She followed me like a lost puppy, her steps insecure and her eyes shaded with arousal. She was the perfection of innocent yumminess.

“You’re beautiful,” I told her, my voice throaty and trembling with desire, and pushed her softly down onto the couch. Her eyes were incredibly big when she watched me as I climbed onto it too and stretched out between her legs. She bit her lip, and I lightly nibbled on the soft skin at the top of her thighs, drinking in the sight of her beautiful body, the pert breasts that cried out to be kissed, the heaving chest that betrayed her arousal and, once I pushed aside the crotch of her panties, the pretty, puffy pussy lips crowned by neat strip of short, red hair. The heavenly scent which wafted from her folds filled me with giddy excitement.

The moment my tongue delved between her folds, her back arched and her head tilted backwards. Small, high-pitched moans announced how she enjoyed my lover’s kiss and spurred me on to worship the center of her pleasure with all my devotion. I licked and suckled in all the ways I loved myself, placed small bites all along her pussy lips and teasingly tickled her clit. John joined in too, naked as well, and covered her breasts with greedy kisses.

Suddenly her moans turned into small wails and her body stiffened. I suckled hard on her clit, and her thighs clenched around my head. Her body writhed and shook, and I had to fight to keep my lips on her pearl and run the whole length of my tongue slowly up and down. Her wails turned into whimpers, but her body kept shaking and trembling, and it took almost a minute until she suddenly grew slack and released her hold.

“God,” she groaned, barely above a whisper. “Oh god, oh fuck! God!”

I giggled and John chuckled. I slid upwards until my breasts pressed against hers. The look of absolute satisfaction in her face was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

“So beautiful,” I whispered, and when I lowered my mouth to hers, her lips parted invitingly.

When we broke the kiss ages later, she looked at me in puzzlement. “How… I mean, this is crazy! You’re married, and we’ve only just met, and…”

I rested my cheek against hers. “It’s alright. John and I love to share. You’re too wonderful to resist, sweet Collette.”

Her arms wrapped around me and I slid one leg outside of hers so my thigh came to rest on her slick pussy. She noticed it and began to rock her hips lightly against it. “Can we do that again?” She whispered.

“That and much more,” I promised. “Anything planned for the weekend?”

“Nothing,” she replied out of breath.

“Then we have lots of time to have our wicked ways with you. Let’s go upstairs to our bed, we’ve got more room to move there. I want John to take you from behind while you taste pussy for the first time in your life. How does that sound?”

The shudder that raced through her body, the moisture spreading on my thigh, her breathless moan and the fiery lines which her nails painted on my back were all the answer I needed.
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