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Seducing My Neighbors (part three)

Seducing My Neighbors (part three)

It was something of a surprise when I found out that Paul Dirk had been making love to my daughters. Both Susie and Becky were now in college and only came home during the holidays and the summer. So they must have used that time to have fun with Paul. I must admit I was jealous. I had not been well serviced by my husband, Cal, for years now. Oh we often went on cruises and such, but he always ended up playing poker and then getting drunk and collapsing in our room. I hardly ever got a really enjoyable fuck out of him.

I am Samantha, or just Sam, and this all happened because I had been cut to half-time at my job. It was early June and I was working for an accounting firm. I knew the boss wanted to keep me around because of the way he always looked at me when he thought I didn't notice. I was aware that I was one fine woman. I took care of myself. I was tall like my daughter Susie, and lithe, with small taut breasts and long curvy legs. But my hair was more like my daughter Becky, raven colored and long and shiny with a lovely curl to it.

My boss had loved looking me up and down every chance he got, but the economy was going south and he had to let some workers go. He was nice enough to just put me on half-time. And so, without having discussed it with the girls, not thinking it was their concern, I happened to come home the first day of my new schedule without anyone there knowing I would be so early. Susie and Becky were home from college for the summer. Cal was still at work at his assistant manager's job at the local big box store.

I parked out in the front drive and entered the house, noticing that no one seemed to be around. I went up to my room to change out of my work clothes and put on something more comfortable. As I passed by Susie's room I heard her shower running. She must have finished swimming in the next door neighbor's pool and was washing off the chlorine. She and Becky spent most of the day at Paul Dirk's pool.

I was going to strip off all my clothes and was passing by the window on my way to the closet when I glanced out of my second story bedroom. I did not sleep with Cal anymore. He was usually drunk by 8 o'clock and so I just let him have the master bedroom on the ground floor and moved to a bedroom upstairs. That way he would not stumble and break his fucking neck when he staggered to bed.

My eyes seemed to be deceiving me, but out the window I saw Paul Dirk fucking someone by the pool on a chaise longue. I grabbed some binoculars from my closet and looked out the window from behind the curtains. It was a horrible surprise but it was Becky down there with Paul! My god, my daughter was being fucked by my neighbor, and as I looked closer I could see he was ramming his hard cock up her ass hole! My first inclination was to run screaming down and stop it. But something made me stop. I could not take my eyes off of them.

I hardly noticed as I slipped out of my clothes. Soon I was getting rid of the panties and bra and I was completely naked. I looked through the binoculars and started fingering my nipples with my other hand. They were hard and needed to be pinched hard. I rubbed and pinched and felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter. Then my hand moved to my cunt and twiddled with my clit, before moving to the swollen pussy lips and ramming a finger up my pussy and feeling the juices oozing out.

As I was making myself cream I could see Paul down by the pool screwing my Becky in the ass and I imagined her moaning with lust as I could see her thrusting her ass back to get more and more of Paul's cock up her bung hole. As he started bucking and cumming I was cumming myself in my room. Oh, god! I had not felt this way in years!

Taking a shower to wash off all of the sexual odors I could not help wondering what it would be like to have Paul fucking me instead of my Becky. It would be so wrong. I was in a bad marriage but I was still married. It would be wrong. I decided to not tell the girls yet that I would be home early from now on. I don't know. I think I was just wondering what else was going on here when I was not around.

That evening we had a pleasant dinner and then Cal started working on a bottle of bourbon. The girls and I watched TV until Cal looked like he was about to collapse. I helped him to his room and then said goodnight to the girls. I went up to my own room. I relived the day with a good masturbation party all my own, dreaming of having Paul ramming his long prick into my willing pussy. I was squeezing my tits and nipples with one hand and getting all wet. It was not wrong to just think about it. As I finished cumming all over my other hand I licked it clean and savored the taste of my own cunt.

The next day I was home early again, and again I found the house seemed to be empty. I went up to my room, glanced out the window, and saw Becky lounging by the pool. I wondered where Susie was. I had to know. I checked her room and then slipped out the back way and walked over to Paul's back door, but I did not knock. It was unlocked. We all left our doors unlocked during the day. I went in as silently as I could and then crept down the hall to his master bedroom. His house had the same lay out as did ours.

As I approached his room I could hear moaning and whimpering. I knew. I knew it was Susie this time. And Paul was making love to her. Oh god, I wanted to turn and run but I had to see. I had to see my daughter being used by the neighbor. I had to enjoy it, god forgive me.

His room door was wide open. Of course. This was his home. I got on my knees and crawled to the door. I peeked around the edge and saw what I expected. He and Susie were making love. This time he was getting a blow job from my girl. She was drooling all over his cock. She held his balls in one hand, squeezing them as he groaned in ecstasy. Her mouth was fucking his cock, gobbling and pumping it in and out.

My hand went to my pussy. I had taken off my panties when I got home. I know I was hoping to have this kind of fun. I rammed two fingers up my cunt and fucked myself into a raging cum as my daughter Susie was gulping down all the cum Paul was shooting into her mouth. He pulled out and shot cum all over her face. It made me cum just to see it. Damn, I wanted that cock myself, but it was so wrong. I had to resist. I quickly got up to leave, but he glanced over and saw me! I ran and got out of the house as fast as I could.

Again we had a pleasant evening until Cal began drinking. The girls, I noticed, were particularly happy looking. I now knew why they often had that satisfied look on their faces. They had be serviced by the neighbor. And I could not help but think of what he might do for me. But I put it out of my mind. Again I played with myself in my own room, but this time I used a brush handle to fuck myself. I had the best orgasm!

This went on for a few days, and almost every day I found Paul making love to one or the other of my daughters. Most often they just fucked in broad daylight by the pool. I saw Paul fuck my Becky hard and long with her legs up on his shoulders. He was ramming her so hard the chaise longue almost went into the pool. All the time I was peeping from my bedroom. And he would often glance up and grin. But he never stopped whatever sex act he was performing. I actually heard her squealing her lust as she took all his cum up her cunt. Then he pulled the condom off and threw it in the grass and grinned up at my window.

Another day Susie was being fucked from behind with her elbows in the grass and Paul's cock reaming out her cunt from behind. Fucking my daughter like a bitch! And all the while I was naked upstairs and using the dildo I had purchased to fuck myself and enjoy the view and the cumming. I could scream with passion and not worry. And I did. I never creamed so much in my life. And I would lick the dildo like a popsicle, getting all my own pussy juices into my eager mouth.

Finally, after this went on for two weeks my daughters discovered me home early and I had to tell them that I would be home before 2 every day now. They did not really understand that I had been home early for weeks now. They seemed a little despondent for awhile, but I think they soon realized that I would still be working the mornings and they could still have their sexual fantasies fulfilled by their Paul. But what about mine?

In all this time I had never seen the two girls with Paul at the same time, nor did they seem interested in each other. Perhaps that would happen someday. It was not happening now. Paul fucked them individually. I wanted to be fucked individually myself, but I knew it was wrong. I was not going to initiate anything. I was a good wife. I had always believed that and lived that way.

However, something happened. I came home one afternoon and looked out my window as I had been doing for weeks now, hoping to see something randy and hot. I saw Susie and Becky both sun-bathing. I did not see Paul. I began to change from my work clothes to put on my comfortable sweats. As I took my blouse over my head I heard something. I turned and saw Paul in my doorway. He was nude.

His cock was standing up and pointing at the ceiling. It was twitching and I could not help feeling my mouth start to drool. Oh shit! This was so wrong.

"Paul, this isn't right. You should leave. I shouldn't do this, you know that. Honest to god. I just shouldn't. Oh hell, I really shouldn't Paul."

"Okay, Sam. I'll leave. Just say so. Just tell me you don't want this cock."

"Oh mother of god, Paul. I am so fucking hot. Oh Paul. Oh god. Oh I need this so fucking much. Oh please don't go! Don't go! Oh please give me some cock Paul. Please."

He approached me and slowly finished taking off my clothes. Then he kissed me. I had not even been kissed in months it seemed. And he was so tender. He nuzzled my neck and I stretched it out for more. He licked my earlobes and sucked them in and I shuddered. I put my arms around him and felt his hot body as it pressed up against my small, hard breasts. I could feel his cock nudging against my fuck hole.

He placed his hands gently on my shoulders and slowly forced my down upon my knees. I was to worship his dick. I was happy to do it. I so wanted prick any way I could get it. I was on my knees and gazing up into his smiling eyes and I wanted to cry. I wanted to eat that cock so badly. I placed my hands on his ass, squeezed the cheeks and drew his cock to my mouth.

Licking the precum was making me get gooey myself. I could feel my juices leaking down my long thighs. I cradled his nuts in my hand and I licked them and sucked them into my mouth one after the other. He had grabbed my raven hair in his hands and he rammed his cock into my wide open mouth. He was fucking my face and I was already cumming.

I was doing everything I could to my own body with my free hands as he fucked my mouth. I was mauling my small tits and pinching the hard little ruby nipples. At the same time, with my other hand I was probing my cunt for my G-spot and, finding it, making myself have a huge orgasm, all the while taking that man meat into my mouth. I had never had so many orgasms all at once. I knew I would have more. This man was a fucking machine.

When Paul had decided I'd had enough cock sucking he decided he wanted to cum in another hole. For this first fuck (and I knew it was only the first) he was going traditional. He drew me up, hoisted me into his arms, and carried me to my bed. He tossed me on the bed and pounced upon me. He gave me a grandly expansive kiss and I could feel him spreading my legs wide. He placed a condom on his cock. Then he placed his arms under my long legs and pressed my knees up against my breasts. I loved to be fucked this way.

He pressed his still hard prick against my pussy hole. He slowly slid his cock head into my greasy cunt and my pussy almost sucked it in. I was so damned wet and juicy. He then rammed it in and I screamed with lust and passion. Oh god, I needed this in my cunt, so badly. He started grinding and grinding his cock into my willing pussy. I was shaking with the sensations he was causing. I loved it so fucking much and he was fucking and fucking harder and deeper and I could feel it banging against the back of my cervix and it felt so fucking good and he was fucking and fucking and I felt my body shivering with one orgasm after the other.

I could not stop cumming. I just could not stop. But finally he had to cum himself and he started filling the condom with his man juice. I could feel it bloating out and filling my cunt. He kept fucking me harder and harder as he shot his wad. He was acting like he had wanted this for a long time. I had wanted it since I saw him fucking Becky up the bung hole. It was the best damned fuck I ever had.

Collapsing upon my heaving body he wrapped his arms about me and started making out. Damn, this man was a great lover! I kissed him back and pressed him harder against my satisfied body. Then he rolled off and slowly rose with a smile upon his face.

"You will be well fucked again soon, dear Sam. Never fear."

And he took off the condom, tossed it in a trash receptacle, and passed out of the room. I presume he was going to get dressed downstairs where he must have left his clothing. I sighed with a great contentment. And I wondered what was next.

Waiting was not in Paul's vocabulary. Not any more.

Two days later, as I was walking up to the house after shopping on Saturday, I glanced over and Paul was standing by the gate to his pool. He was naked. His cock was hanging limply, but as I walked towards my front door I saw it rising. I felt myself start to cream in my panties.

The girls had taken off for the weekend to go to a nearby national park. They had always loved the outdoors. I passed into the house and found Cal passed out on the living room sofa. "Fuck this," I thought. I stripped right there and walked boldly out the side door to Paul's pool. He was waiting.

He took my hand and we both dove into the pool naked. My pussy had been freshly waxed just for Paul. I was looking forward to this. We giggled and played in the pool, splashing and trying to out swim each other. I was actually a better swimmer. Susie took after me in that department. After having such a good time it was a pleasure to hop out of the pool, dry ourselves with the large towels always available, and then fall into each other arms.

This man loved to make out. I did too. We finally ended up on the soft summer grass rolling around and making out. Our hands were groping and fondling all parts of our bodies. I especially loved stroking his long prick. It was so soft and yet so hard. And I loved the way he rubbed my bare pussy and made the labia swell and become wetter and wetter. Finally he moved between my legs and gave my cunt the lapping it needed. He ate me with gusto and almost in a frenzy. He moved around and fed me his boner.

As we performed a 69 I was already creaming with cum. Suddenly he crammed his fingers into my cunt and for the first time I actually started to squirt. It gushed out onto his face and he ate it all up. His face descended and he suctioned out the cream from my cunt. I was sucking on his cock as if it was going away and never coming back. I wanted it so much. At last I begged him to shoot into my mouth.

"Oh no my dear, sweet Sam. Oh no. You need something else."

He rose up, flipped my body over and pulled my ass up. I was on my hands and knees. He rammed his hand into my still greasy cunt, wiped the cum on my ass hole and he guided his prick to the winking pucker. Then he fed it in and began to ream my ass as it had not been reamed before. I was an ass hole virgin! Oh damn, the feeling was so strange but so fucking sexually arousing. I felt him fill me full and then begin fucking and screwing my ass. I loved it.

Pressing back against his cock was my only way to force more dick into my ass. He reached around and pinched my clit and I screamed with passion. Then he mauled my tits. Oh my god. This was good fucking. He reamed me and screwed me and I had orgasm after orgasm. It was running down my legs and I could not stop cumming. At last he groaned loudly and he rammed one last time and filled my ass with his cum. I was so tight it could not get out. He pulled out and I could feel all the cum spilling out my ass and leaking down into my pussy. God I was so fucking messy. I loved it.

Paul had seduced my daughters and now he had seduced me.

I was so thankful.

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