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Bad Behavior Corrected

Tags: spanking, anal, sex
A fictional story
The story "Bad Behavior Corrected" is a fictional work written by me. Any use or reposting of this story without my permission is not allowed.

Your behavior has been terrible the last week. You have been disobedient, lazy, and disrespectful.

I order you to report to me for your punishment. You arrive wearing a shirt that shows off your pert little tits and jeans that are like a second skin. You have on a pair of white running shoes that look new.

I make you stand in front of me and look me in the eyes. I can see your lower lip tremble slightly as I make you tell me why you are about to be punished. Your breathing has become a bit harder and your eyes are slightly misty. I tell you that before we are finished that you will indeed be a very sorry little girl.

I kneel down in front of you and remove your shoes and socks. Once they are off, I stand up and remove your shirt and bra. Your nipples are hard and standing out proudly. I pinch and twist each one, making you whimper and gasp at the pain. I reach down and unfasten your jeans and pull them down, making sure your panties are still up. I tell you to step out of your jeans. I fold them and lay them on my chair. I tell you to go stand in the corner with your nose pressed tightly in the corner, your hands on your head, and not to move.

While you are in the corner, I move a chair into the center of the room. I keep an eye on you to make sure you do not move and I can see your breathing is a bit more ragged. Your panties are nice and tight and bottom fills them out nicely. I can tell the anticipation is working on your sense of dread. You know that before I am through, you will be punished well and your tears will flow.

I sit in the chair and order you to come to me keeping your hands on your head. As you stand in front of me, I tell you to spread your legs wide.

I can smell your perfume, and your juices. I can sense your fear and arousal. I reach out and put my hand on your panty covered pussy. It is very hot and moist. I run your pussy through your panties for a moment and watch your legs start to tremble. I reach up and put my fingers into the waistband of your panties, slowly pulling them down. As your panties come down, I can see your juices in the crotch. I tell you to step out of them and you place a hand on my shoulder as you step out of your panties and then resume your position, with your legs spread and your hands on your head. I tell you to ask me for your spanking.

"Please spank me Sir." you say in almost a whisper.

"Louder." I tell you.

In a louder, but ragged voice, you say,” Please spank me Sir."

I tell you to get over my lap and watch as your pretty little bottom is pointed up in the air. Your feet are just touching the floor on one side and your head is almost on the floor on the other side.

I put my hand on your bottom and see you flinch. Your bottom feels warm on my hand. It is going to feel much warmer before I am through. I rub your bottom in circles. I can feel you start to squirm on my lap.

I raise my hand and the spanking begins. The swats are not terribly hard, but they do leave a sting. I alternate cheeks, right and left and from the middle of your bottom down to just above your knees. I spank you for 5 minutes and your bottom and thighs are dark red. You are squirming and bouncing on my lap. With each swat, you gasp and squirm more.

I tell you to stand up and as you stand, I can see tears on your face. I am not an easy pushover and I realize that your attitude has not yet really changed.

I stand up and tell you to remove my belt and hand it to me. You look at me with imploring eyes as you reach for the buckle of my belt with trembling hands. You unbuckle it and slide it out of the loops. After doubling it, you hand it to me. Without being told, you turn and bend over the chair putting your elbows and forearms on the chair seat and spread your legs as wide as possible.

In this position, you have nothing to hide. Your little pussy and asshole are both on display.
I place my hand on your bare bottom and curl my fingers around so they are up against your asshole, then I slowly run my hand up your bottom. I reach down and stroke your pussy finding it sopping wet.

I raise the belt and bring it down hard on the center of your bottom. You jump and cry out, but resume your position. The next stroke lands just below your bottom, on your thighs and you holler louder. I can hear you crying out loud now. I can see your back moving from the crying. I continue to spank you with the belt until every inch from just above your knees to the middle of your bottom is beet red. I tell you to stand up and go into the bathroom and get the KY Jelly. You know this means you will not get out of having your little bottom fucked.

Once you have the KY, I tell you to lube up your bottom. You put some on your finger and rub it around your little rosebud and then put some more on and lube up the inside. I tell you to get on the floor on your hands and knees. With a sigh, you get down on all fours. I can see some of the lube on your bottom. I take down my pants and move close to you. I reach down and feel your pussy.

It is sopping wet. I tell you to put your head and chest on the floor and hold your bottom up. I put the head of my cock against your little asshole and begin to push. I can hear you gasping as your sphincter muscles begin to loose the battle to keep me out. You let out a little while as my cock slides up your bottom. I can feel the heat from your bottom on my stomach as I bury my cock to the hilt. I give you a minute to adjust to my cock and then begin slowly moving in and out. As I am moving, I begin to pick up speed. I can feel your asshole gripping me like a tight glove. Faster and faster I pump until I can’t hold back anymore. I press my cock up your bottom as far as possible and then shoot my load of hot come deep in your bowels. I hold you tightly against me until my cock has deflated and slides out.

I tell you to go back to the corner and keep your nose pressed into it. As I watch you move to the corner, I can see my come leaking out of your bottom.

Now that you have been punished for being disobedient and lazy, I tell you that your final punishment for being mouthy is about to take place. I go into the bathroom, get a rag and a bar of soap and work the rag into a lather. I come back out and tell you to come to me and kneel in front of me. You see the rag in my hands and I see you swallow hard.

“Please……” you almost whisper.

“No Honey, you know you deserve this, don’t you?” You slowly nod. “Open your mouth as wide as possible.”

You open your mouth and push the rag in and work it around. You grimace but keep your mouth open anyway. I take you by the arm and help you up and lead you over to the chair. Once I sit down, I tell you not to let the rag fall out of your mouth and pull you over my lap again. This time there is no warm up. I begin spanking your bare bottom hard and fast. I can hear your squeals and protests through the rag. You bottom is bouncing all over my lap and I have to tighten my grip to keep you from falling to the floor. Slap after slap comes down on your bare bottom.

After a few minutes, the fight goes out of you and you just lie across my lap and sob. The punishment is finished. The point to which I was pushing you has been reached. I tell you to stand up. I take the rag out of your mouth and take it back to the bathroom. While there I grab some lotion. When I come back, you are in the same spot making faces from the taste of the soap. I sit down and put you back over my lap. I spend a few minutes putting lotion on your bottom and rubbing it in.

When the lotion is rubbed in, you stand up. When I get up, I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom. My cock has had time to recover and it is now hard again. I lie down on the bed and have you sit on top of me. I guide my cock into your steaming, wet pussy and you begin to bounce up and down. It doesn’t take long before I can feel your pussy starting to grip my cock tightly.

You start moaning and say “I’m commmmmminggggg.”

I can feel your pussy turn to hot liquid as you come. That is all it takes to put me over the edge and I thrust up and come. We lay there, you on top of me, for a while. I kiss the top of your head.

“I’m sorry.”

I hear you say. “Honey, it is all over. I love you.”

I hope you enjoyed this story. Coments are welcome.


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