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Mel's Spankings Part 1

Mel's spankings at college

My name is Jim and I met Melissa at University. She was 18 when I met her and I was 19. She was about 5 foot 8 with long straight dark hair and a size 8. We lived in the same student house and after a few months started seeing each other. She was a virgin and we didn't have full sex for quite a few months but we talked a lot about it and soon after we did have sex for the first time I confided in her that I liked spanking and wanted to spank her.

She was very open to the idea but it was always a sexual thing with us and started as a bit of fun but became a regular part of our lovemaking. I would spank her mainly otk with my hand. She would often thank me after each spank. I was very gentle usually although as the relationship progressed the spankings got harder and although she protested during the spankings it was clear she enjoyed it and often after I had pushed her boundaries she would tell me that she had liked it and could possibly take more. 

The first time I ever spanked her properly (aside from playful spanks) was the day after we had talked about it. She agreed later that night to have her first spanking. She lived in a room upstairs with her roommate. I was on the ground floor with a room to myself. I asked her to come to my room at 8pm. She arrived at 8pm on the dot and ambled into the room with her head bowed. She wore a knee length skirt and blouse. I had made up a reason to spank her saying she had been cheeky and it wasn't acceptable and that she had to learn. Why are you hear I asked and she replied "to be spanked". Yes that's right I said, you have been a naughty disrespectful little girl and you deserve to be punished don't you young lady. She nodded and I told her that her punishment would be on the bare. I am going to put you across my lap and spank your bare bottom until I'm convinced you have learn' t your lesson.

I told her to remove her blouse and bra which she did but was embarrassed and tried to cover her breasts. Stop that. No time for modesty I told her. She put her hands to her sides and i enjoyed the view of her bare breasts and erect nipples. She had a lovely small pair of breasts - probably a b cup. I stood infront of her and cupped one of her breasts. She gasped and I roughly groped her. Then I sat down infront of her on the bed. Now take off your skirt skirt young lady i said which she did. I lent forward and reached out for her panties and pulled them down. I felt very comfortable with her normally but now felt very nervous and I could tell she did too. She stood infront of me, her delightful pussy on display in line with my eyes and I looked her up and down, she tried to avoid my gaze and was clearly embarrassed standing on display like this but I was enjoying it and I could tell that sexually she was too. Turn around I commanded and when she did I pushed her back gently which she quickly understood that I meant for her to bend over. Her cute little bottom was a gorgeous site but I wanted to see more. I pushed a foot in between her legs and said spread your legs Mel but stay down. She did as she was told slowly and I watched with my cock pulsing between my legs as her legs moved apart and I saw her beautiful slit which was wet with her juices and also her tight little bumhole. At that moment all I wanted to do was to release my cock and enter her as quickly as possible but I managed to resist (just) and just took in the wonderful site infront of my eyes. 

I was incredibly turned on and clearly she was too. I ran my hand up between her legs pushing my fingers between her pussy lips. She was so wet and it made my cock even harder if that was possible. I continued to lecture her and told her what a dirty little girl she was. She was here to be spanked yet she was getting turned on by it. Only dirty sluts gets turned on by being punished I went on and that is exactly what is going to happen to you. You must be a dirty slut I said. are you I asked? Yes Sir she replied I am. Infact Sir I'm your dirty slut she went on. And I deserve to be punished and used by you Sir.

Yes you do was my reply. I told her to stand up and step out of her panties and lie across my lap I. She complied quickly and I gently pushed her legs apart so I could see between them. I love this part of spanking- the first glimpse of pussy from between the cheeks of a ladies bottom as her legs are spread when she is across my lap and waiting to be spanked. I decided to tease her a bit first and started to rub her inner thighs. My fingers quickly touched her pussy and  I slipped first one and then two fingers inside her hungry pussy. She groaned obviously enjoying my fingers and caresses.

I then stopped as quickly as I had started and hand spanked her first very softly. I gave her  soft 12 spanks on each cheek and explained that was just a warm up. She acknowledged this and I went back to fingering her wet pussy again. Then I again withdrew them and started the spanking again. This time with more force and this time she felt them. Moaning & groaning with each spank. Mel stop that I told her or I will do it even harder ok? Yes Sir was her reply. Smack, Smack, Smack! Owwwww!!!! came the response - This just spurred me on and I spanked her harder alternating from one cheek to the other. As I looked down her bottom was now red all over and she had started to sob slowly. Ok you've had enough. 2 more on each cheek and then we will stop but I want you to thank me after each one ok? Yes Sir thank you Sir she said.

I lifted my hand and bought it down hard onto her red bottom. Thank you Sir. Another blow onto the same cheek and then 2 more spanks onto the other. After each one came a sorrowful Thank you Sir.

I stopped my arm which was tired but my cock was as hard as it could possibly get. I reached out for some cream which I had put on my bed earlier and started to rub some into her bottom and she whimpered. I started to feel between her legs and slipped a couple of fingers inside her extremely wet pussy again and she quickly responded. She started to push herself onto my fingers so I continued to finger her gently while reaching around with my other hand and gently caressing her clitoris. She came quickly, suddenly and loudly. I felt proud of her and told her what a good girl she had been. I told her I was sorry for having to spank her but that I had to teach her a lesson. After about five minutes while I still caressed her sore bottom and played with her pussy she stood up. I didn't say a word as she kneeled between my legs and looked up at me. I leant forward and kissed her passionately and as she kissed me back she expertly undid my jeans and out took a very hard cock out. She pulled away from my kiss and took me in her mouth and started to suck gently. She licked and sucked my cock, balls and even tongued my anus before I could take no more and exploded into her waiting mouth. She swallowed my cum for the first time ever. Smiling up at me with cum dripping off her chin she said "that was amazing Jim" and I had to agree. It was exhilarating and I loved it. I couldn't wait to do it again.

Hope you liked this first account of my spanking exploits - we had plenty more and I will continue to share them with you if you want me too.

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