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Taming Her Flock

A redheaded little lamb needs discipline, and Kayla is ready to provide it.

The last hour at work had been torturous for Kayla.  The closer the clock edged to quitting time, the more her anticipation of the evening that followed swelled.  The experiences of the last two evenings at Mary’s house were still fresh in her mind, and a new delight awaited in Penny this evening.

She wasn’t surprised when Robert pulled up to shuttle her to Mary’s.  Mary had explained that after the first happy coincidence, she had arranged for Robert to be within a block of her place of work, and off-duty until minutes before Kayla’s shift ended, nearly ensuring he was assigned her ride, and no other.

As soon as Kayla climbed into the car, she asked, “Still on penance?”

“Yes, Mistress Kayla,” he answered.

Kayla was surprised by how quickly and comfortably she slipped into the role of Mistress when she asked, “Would you like me to put in a good word for you, my little lamb?  What would you do for me if I did?”

“I would love to please you, Mistress Kayla.”

“Good answer,” Kayla said.  She then moaned and shivered from the thought of it.  “To Mistress Mary’s, then, my little lamb.”

“Right away, Mistress Kayla.”

Luck with the lights and traffic saw them out of the city in record time, and from there, it was a short journey to Mary’s home.

As had happened the evening before, Mary opened the door as Kayla approached.  Mary pulled the younger blonde in for a kiss.  Kayla could hardly miss that the brunette’s kiss was even more passionate than usual.

When their lips parted, Mary said, “You had a taste of disciplining Gregory yesterday.”  She paused, and a crooked grin spread across her face.  “Or rather, he had a taste.”

Kayla let out a moaning chuckle as she remembered the buff, hung man licking her pussy clean after filling her up.

Mary continued, “Penny has been a naughty little lamb, and needs to be disciplined as well.  You can feel free to join in any way you choose, darling.  Whatever you’re ready for.”

“I understand,” Kayla said, emphasizing it with a nod.

“So, shall we, darling?” Mary held out her hand, and Kayla took it.

The older woman led Kayla up the stairs, and then to the left at the top.  Once again, they entered the room where Gregory had been tied to the table the previous evening.  This time, Penny was waiting.

Penny stood nude with her hands crossed in front of her tummy.  Her long, red hair had been styled immaculately, and the tuft on her mound was artfully trimmed as well.  Her large, pale breasts rose and fell with her breaths, which quickened as the other two women entered the room.

Mary said, “Penny here was late yesterday, and once again today, weren’t you, my little lamb?”

The redhead answered, “Yes, Mistress Mary.”

“It is a common failing for Penny, and she knows the penalty quite well,” Mary said while walking toward the couch with her heels clicking.  Kayla followed, and stood next to the couch while the brunette sat down.  Mary crooked her finger, and Penny approached.

It wasn’t difficult to determine what Penny’s punishment would be when she lay down across Mary’s lap.

Mary caressed the redhead’s taut bottom, and then nodded for Kayla to approach, immediately followed by a glance at Penny’s butt.  The older woman moved her hand aside when Kayla reached out.  The redhead’s butt was tight, smooth, and felt wonderful beneath Kayla’s fingers.

Mary placed her hand atop Kayla’s, and slowly guided it around the curve of Penny’s buttocks, and between the redhead’s legs.  Kayla slipped a finger between Penny’s nether lips, and could feel how wet the woman was.  It was apparent that this punishment wasn’t something she was dreading.  Kayla brought her finger to her lips and moaned as she tasted the nectar coating the tips.

The brunette raised her hand and brought it down with a resounding smack on Penny’s butt.  The redhead yelped and dropped her head down on the cushion.  When Mary raised her hand again, Kayla could see the red mark where the strike had fallen.  Mary’s hand came down again, on the opposite cheek, and Penny once again yelped.

“What did you say when I asked you about Mistress Kayla yesterday, little lamb?” Mary asked, and then spanked her again.

Penny contained her yelp between pursed lips and answered, “I said she was beautiful.”  The last word jumped in pitch and volume when Mary’s hand came down again.  “And that I wanted to taste her, Mistress Mary.”  Once again, her voice leapt when Mary spanked her.

Kayla certainly wanted that.  Her intimate muscles tensed, as a flood of wetness arose between her legs.  Penny was writhing on Mary’s lap, trying to rub her pussy against the older woman’s leg.  Her ass sported a rosy hue from the strikes of Mary’s hand.

More turned on than she would have expected by the display, Kayla asked, “You want to eat my pussy, my little lamb?”

Penny cried out from another hard slap on her buttocks.  “Yes, Mistress Kayla.”

Kayla followed with, “Eat my pussy and make me come all over your face?”

Another strike, another cry, and then Penny answered, “Yes, Mistress Kayla.”

Mary let her hand glide over the redhead’s abused butt.  “Isn’t it even more beautiful now, Mistress Kayla?”

“Yes, it is, Mistress Mary,” Kayla answered.

“Feel how warm it is,” Mary suggested.

Kayla did, and she certainly could tell the difference.  She couldn’t resist, and dipped her fingers into Penny’s sex as well.  The redhead was even wetter, her juices dribbling from between her lips.  Kayla moaned from the bittersweet taste when she sucked her fingers clean.

Mary asked, “Would you like to help?”

Turned on, and having felt just how turned on Penny was, Kayla nodded and stepped into position next to the couch.  She brought her hand down with a smack on the redhead’s ass – though not nearly as hard as Mary had.  Penny whimpered and actually lifted her butt slightly.

Kayla had engaged in a little spanking play before, but the urge to match the older brunette welled up within her, and she acquiesced to it.  She brought her hand down hard, and gasped from both the sting and the sight of the ripples passing through Penny’s butt from the blow.  This time, the redhead yelped.

Mary spanked the opposite cheek a moment later.  Caught up in the thrill of control, Kayla followed suit.  Spank, spank, spank.  Both women’s hands fell on Penny’s ass in turn, over and over again.  The redhead whimpered and yelped from the blows as her ass blushed a brighter red.

“Mmm,” Mary moaned after one spank, and left her hand resting on Penny’s hot, red butt.  Kayla gave the opposite cheek one last smack, and then did the same.  Penny continued to whimper from the feeling of the hands gliding over her abused bottom.

“Show her what she wants,” Mary said.  “Let her see what she can’t have until she has served her penance.”

The redhead looked back over her shoulder as Kayla went to work on the buttons of her blouse.  Mary responded with the hardest spank yet, drawing a shriek from the redhead.

“Close your eyes, little lamb.  You may look when I tell you,” Mary ordered.

Her voice quavering, Penny responded, “Y-yes Mistress Mary.”

Kayla could already tell that her panties were growing damp, so she quickly undressed under Mary’s sultry gaze.  The brunette licked her lips and moaned once Kayla was nude.  On a whim, she lifted her leg and placed her foot on the arm of the couch.  Mary was quick to accept the invitation and dip her fingers into Kayla’s pussy.

“So wet, darling,” the older woman said.  She then brought her fingers to her lips and sucked them clean with a moan.

A nod toward the opposite end of the couch prompted Kayla to sit down there.  She bent one knee, resting it against the back of the couch, and let the other drape over the side, parting her legs wide, only inches away from Penny’s face.

“Keep your eyes closed, little lamb,” Mary instructed, and then pushed on the back of Penny’s head.  She guided the redhead until Penny’s nose hovered mere centimeters above Kayla’s pussy.

Kayla reached out and ran her fingers through Penny’s long, red curls.

“Your mouth is watering, isn’t it, my little lamb?” Mary asked.

“Yes, Mistress Mary.”

Mary teased, “You want to see her, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress Mary.”

When the thought popped into her head, Kayla asked, “You want to taste me, don’t you, little lamb?”

Penny whimpered and said, “Yes, Mistress Kayla.”

Mary smiled and nodded in approval at Kayla joining in.  She then said, “You may look, my little lamb.”

Penny’s eyes opened, and she slipped back so she could see more than Kayla’s pussy in extreme close-up.  The redhead’s eyes came alight and she smiled as she beheld Kayla in all her glory for the first time.

Penny’s eyes widened a moment later when Mary’s hand slapped against her butt.

“Up on your hands and knees, little lamb,” Mary instructed.

When Penny rose to obey, Mary slipped off the couch.  Penny then assumed the position, still drinking in the sight of Kayla.

Feeling deliciously naughty, Kayla began to squeeze her breasts and trace the parting of her nether lips with her other finger.  Penny whimpered and bit her lip in response.

Mary discarded her top, revealing a black bra that was designed more to attract attention than the functional – but still pretty – bras the older woman usually wore.  She suggested, “I know how good yours feel, but wouldn’t you like to feel Penny’s?”

On the verge of doing so anyway, Kayla released her breast, and cupped one of the redhead’s dangling globes.  Penny had larger breasts than either of the other women, and they hung pendulously.  Still, the pale globes were firm, and her nipples – which were also larger – were stiff with arousal.  The redhead moaned quietly from Kayla’s touch.

Mary left her bra in place and unbuttoned her skirt instead.  When she pushed it down, it revealed a garter belt holding up her black stockings, and a pair of lacy black panties.  It all matched her black heels, and the look was stunning.  Kayla squeezed Penny’s breast a little harder, and her fingers dipped into the parting of her lips.

The brunette let her hand rest on Penny’s raised ass and asked, “You can see it, can’t you, darling?  How badly she wants to taste you?”

“Mmm hmm,” Kayla responded, and then brought her fingers to her lips to suck the slippery tips clean.

Penny shivered, and then looked over her shoulder at the brunette.

“Not yet,” Mary declared, and then gave Penny’s butt a mild swat.

The redhead turned her attention back to Kayla while Mary walked past the couch, toward the cabinet on the back wall.  Kayla continued to play with Penny’s breasts – and herself – turned on by the almost desperate need in the redhead’s face.  The slow click of Mary’s heels on the hardwood floor ended, followed by the faint creak of the cabinet doors opening.

Kayla lifted her hand from between her legs, acting as if she was going to give Penny a taste.  The redhead’s eyes lit up, but her expression turned to a pout and a sad whimper escaped her when Kayla brought her fingers to her own lips instead.  She then gave Penny’s right nipple a hard pinch, as a sort of silent rebuke.

The cabinet doors closed.  The clicking of Mary’s heels echoing back from the walls sounded somewhat ominous, and Penny’s broken gasp added to that feeling.  Mary returned, holding a black riding crop.  She rested the leather tongue of the crop on Penny’s back and dragged it along the redhead’s skin as she continued past the couch.  The leather glided over the curve of Penny’s buttocks, and then between her legs.  The redhead shuddered when the leather flap touched her sex.

Mary wiggled the riding crop for a second, and then lifted it.  Kayla could see the tip of the leather tongue glistening with Penny’s juices when the older woman lifted it to her lips.  Mary licked the redhead’s nectar from the crop, and then bent the rod.  Penny’s bottom lip quivered when she heard the almost imperceptible sound that made.

The older woman held the crop a few inches above Penny’s ass, and then gave a slight flick of her wrist.  The leather slapped against the redhead’s skin, and she winced.  “Why are you being punished, my little lamb?” Mary asked.

“Because I was tardy, Mistress Mary.”

The crop came down on Penny’s other cheek – a little harder.  “And what do you say?”

“I’m sorry, Mistress Mary.”

Though she barely moved her wrist, the crop popped loudly on Penny’s ass, and the redhead yelped from the sting.  “Is it going to happen again, my little lamb?”

Penny’s mouth opened, but she said nothing, which Kayla found strange.

Mary chuckled and smacked the redhead’s ass with the crop again.  “Very good.  Don’t make promises you can’t keep.  Is it going to happen any time soon, my little lamb?”

“No, Mistress Mary,” Penny answered.

Mary brought the crop down on Penny’s red ass and asked, “Mistress Kayla, do you think she’s been sufficiently punished to earn a taste of you?”

Though she was fully prepared to answer yes, she saw Mary give a shake of her head and hold up one finger while lifting the crop above Penny’s ass.  Following the cue, Kayla said, “I think she needs one more, Mistress Mary.”

Penny yelped when the crop came down.  Mary held up one finger again, and offered a crooked grin.

“And another,” Kayla said.

The crop fell on Penny’s ass once more.  When her yelp died down, Mary mimed lifting the redhead’s chin, then pressed a finger to her lips, and pointed at Kayla.

Kayla followed the silent instruction, using the hand she had been tickling her folds with to lift Penny’s chin.  No doubt, the redhead could feel how slippery the digits were.  Though Penny’s eyes were misty, there was no missing the excitement lurking within them.  Kayla panicked for a moment when she couldn’t think of anything to say, but then something came to her.

Kayla asked, “Are you sorry for being a naughty little lamb?”

“Yes, Mistress Kayla,” Penny answered.  She then cried out when the crop came down again.

“Good,” Mary said.  She tapped Penny’s butt with the crop and said, “Up on the table, my little lamb.”

Penny drew in a shuddering breath as she straightened over her knees.  The redhead then slipped off the couch, and mounted the table.  Mary positioned her with nudges of the crop until she was on her back, near the foot of the table, with her legs spread wide.  Kayla rose as well, aching to be touched by more than her fingers.

Sliding the leather flap of the crop along the V of Penny’s legs, Mary said, “Give her the taste she’s earned, darling.”

Kayla wasted no time in following that suggestion.  She mounted the table, and straddled the redhead’s face.  Penny’s tongue swiped her folds the moment they were in reach, and then parted them when Kayla settled into place.

A high-pitched sigh of relief passed Kayla’s lips as Penny’s darting tongue calmed the aching need.  The redhead licked her with skill and vigor, demonstrating how well she had been trained.  Kayla squeezed and caressed her breasts, moaning her approval.

Penny’s tongue paused for the briefest of moments, and she whimpered at the same time as the crop smacked against her breast.

Kayla glanced over her shoulder and watched the next strike fall on Penny’s left breast.  The right already bore a blush of red from the first smack of the crop.  As before, Penny’s tongue faltered and she whimpered when the crop came down – but only for a fraction of a second.

As much as watching it happen was triggering an unexpected spike in her arousal, craning her neck to do so was hardly comfortable.  Kayla turned her attention back to the redhead between her legs.  Penny’s tongue probed and flicked.  Her lips suckled Kayla’s folds.  She didn’t neglect Kayla’s clit either, slowly increasing the pressure, pushing the blonde toward a peak.

Kayla whimpered and writhed, listening to the pops of the crop falling in an irregular, unpredictable pattern.  Penny’s fingers, which were curled around Kayla’s butt, tensed with each smack.  Little sounds of painful pleasure emerged with each one as well.  The redhead continued to devour her with ever more ravenous hunger.

The pops of leather striking flesh faded into the background as Penny’s tongue pushed Kayla ever higher.  Kayla ground her pussy into the redhead’s face, smearing it with her juices.  Then suddenly, the sound of the smack from the crop emerged from farther away, with a muted quality.  Penny cried out, and sucked in a ragged breath before putting her tongue back to work.

Kayla glanced over her shoulder to see Mary wearing a wicked grin.  The older woman let out a growling chuckle, and then brought the crop down between Penny’s legs.  The redhead yelped again, but recovered from the sting more quickly.

“Make her come, little lamb,” Mary ordered before spanking Penny’s pussy again.

The redhead locked her lips over Kayla’s clit, sucking hard.  Her tongue tickled the swollen bud as well.  Though she whimpered with every smack of the crop on her abused flesh, she held on tight, driving Kayla toward a peak.

Again and again, the crop fell.  Sometimes, it was the sharp pop of contact with her breasts.  Sometimes, it was the slap of striking her pussy.  Kayla found herself anticipating each smack.  Penny whimpered into her folds, sucking even harder when leather slapped against skin, and squeezing Kayla’s ass.  Kayla moaned and whimpered, riding Penny’s face hard as she perched on the cusp.

She came with a wail, punctuated by a smack of the crop on Penny’s pussy.

Kayla trembled and bucked atop the beautiful redhead, coming hard.  Her screams echoed back from the dark-painted walls, joined by Penny’s whimpers, and the strikes of the crop.  The redhead continued to lick and suck relentlessly – keeping her coming – until Kayla had to lurch away. 

Kayla fell forward onto her hands.  Her breaths came in hard pants, broken by whimpers whenever another wave of climactic energy would surge through her.  Mary stepped around the table and moaned in approval while caressing Kayla’s back.

The orgasmic shocks slowly ebbed, letting Kayla catch her breath, and she let out a long, languid moan as the afterglow settled in.

“Well done, my little lamb,” Mary said.

Penny responded, “Thank you, Mistress Mary.”

“So good,” Kayla moaned.

“Thank you, Mistress Kayla,” Penny said.

Mary then ran her fingers through Kayla’s hair and said, “I hate to ask, darling, but I’m aching.”

With no small amount of effort, Kayla sat up over her knees.  She looked down, and seeing Penny with her face covered in pussy juice was a temptation she couldn’t resist.  She braced her hands on either side of Penny’s head, scooted backward, and sought the redhead’s lips.  They shared a passionate kiss, flavored with Kayla’s juices, and then Kayla sat up again.  She accepted Mary’s hand to help her dismount the table.

Mary then handed her the crop and said, “If you’re interested, darling.”

Kayla absently stroked the crop while looking at Penny.  The redhead’s breasts and pussy had the same rosy glow as her ass.  The leather tongue glistened with Penny’s nectar, prompting Kayla to lick it. The mingled taste and scent was unique, and enticing.  She shuddered – with pleasure – as she thought about using the crop on the beautiful woman.

Mary leaned down and lapped up the dribbles on Penny’s chest, and then moved to the redhead’s lips.  The two kissed, and Mary cleaned up all of the wetness decorating Penny’s face.  Curiosity caused Kayla to wave the crop, testing out how it felt in her hand.

“It feels good, doesn’t it, darling?” Mary remarked as she climbed up on the table.  “Try it.  Your little lamb enjoys it.  That’s why she has these quite purposeful lapses of tardiness.  Isn’t that true, my little lamb?”

Penny smiled and said, “Yes, Mistress Mary.”

Mary then said, “You want Mistress Kayla to discipline you, don’t you?”

The redhead glanced at Kayla, smiled, and then answered, “Yes, Mistress Mary.”

“Try it,” Mary said again, and then straddled Penny’s face, looking toward the foot of the table, so she could watch Kayla.  The older woman trembled from Penny’s tongue slipping between her folds.

Kayla raised the crop, and the feeling of doing so raised goose bumps on her skin.  The feeling of power combined with the knowledge it was something the redhead wanted was incredible.  She brought the crop down on Penny’s right breast.

Mary moaned.  Penny whimpered.  The redhead’s breast jiggled from the strike, and her muscles tensed from the sting.  Almost before she could form the thought, Kayla’s wrist flipped, slapping the opposite breast with the leather flap.

Mary held up a hand, indicating Kayla should wait.  It was hard to hold back, but she did.  When Mary nodded, and pointed at Penny’s right breast again, Kayla was quick to follow through.  Mary pointed at the same breast again, and Kayla slapped it with the crop.  The leather had barely popped against skin before Mary pointed at the left breast.

The older woman waited a few seconds before biting her lower lip, and pointing at Penny’s pussy.

The redhead’s toes curled, gripping the edge of the table, and she yelped into Mary’s folds when the crop snapped against hers.

Kayla dragged the leather tongue slowly down Penny’s reddened pussy lips, and with a little manipulation of the crop, managed to slip it between them.  The amount of wetness glistening on the leather when she removed it left no doubt about how much Penny was enjoying it.  She licked it clean – once again savoring the unique flavor.

She needed no further instruction.  Pop.  Smack.  Pop.  Smack.  Kayla was drunk on the feeling of control.  Every time she paused to let the redhead anticipate the next strike, she had to assuage her own need with her fingers.  The blush of red on Penny’s breasts and pussy spread and deepened with each strike.

Kayla was so enthralled with the newfound pleasure that she was caught off guard when Mary voiced hers with a loud scream.  Kayla brought the crop down one last time on Penny’s pussy – directly over her clitoral hood – and then left the leather flap resting on the rosy flesh while she watched the older woman come.

Kayla had never felt more alive.


Even when climbing out of the bath more than an hour later, Kayla was still tingling all over from the experience.  She had ended up taking Mary’s place on Penny’s face as soon as the older woman recovered.  She dove into the redhead’s sweet pussy at the same time, while Mary plunged three fingers deep into Penny’s canal.  Kayla and Penny had both exploded into thundering orgasms almost simultaneously.

Once they had blotted their bodies dry, Mary led Kayla back to the bedroom.  The older woman said, “I want to show you something.”

Kayla nodded, and took Mary’s hand when it was offered.  Hand in hand, they strutted nude out into the hall, and to the right.  Mary paused, opened the next door down the hall, and led Kayla inside.

The room was bare of furnishings, but about the same size as Mary’s bedroom.  A door led to a bathroom just as well-appointed as Mary’s own.

Mary said, “If you don’t mind me tempting you to accept my offer, darling, we could go shopping and furnish this room to your tastes this weekend.”

The two rooms had almost the same square footage as her whole apartment, and Kayla found that words failed her.

“So, are you tempted?” Mary asked.

Kayla was more than tempted.  The spanking session with Penny had broken loose desires she had never known were within her.  Swelling with confidence, she asked, “What time should I be here Saturday?”

Mary shivered and moaned.  “If you’d like, I could gather our entire flock and welcome you properly Friday evening.  You could stay the night, and then we’ll go shopping in the morning.”  She paused, chuckled, and said, “Or afternoon.”

Kayla leaned in for a kiss and said, “Afternoon, I think.”

“So, is that a yes to my offer?” Mary asked when their lips parted.

“Oh yes,” Kayla answered.  She then grinned and said, “I think Robert might be ready to complete his penance.”

Mary chuckled.  “I suppose he’ll be giving you two rides tomorrow, darling.”

Mistress Kayla already couldn’t wait.

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