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A Harley Babe Takes Me For A Ride - Part Two

Two people's new love blossoms and completes each other.

This is the second part to my story about my neighbor. I encourage you to read Part One first.


After that first day I spent with Erin, I had enjoyed cooking out steaks for the three of us. Mike told me stories about how boring it was to live around here, school and some of the local gossip. Erin would fill in some of the left out parts here and there. It was a great way to wind down the day…one of the better afternoons of my life. We all chipped in and cleaned up, and then I bid them both a Goodnight, returning to my new place to finish settling in.

From that day forward, each time I saw Mike we greeted each other as good friends would and the same went for Erin. She and I had somehow fallen into more of a brother-sister style of friendliness, which was sort of strange.

On one hand, I didn’t want to rock the boat, wanting to take advantage of every opportunity to be near Erin. On the other hand, I definitely didn’t want to be just friends with her. After tasting the sweetness of her sexual charms…I knew that I’d never get enough.

This went on for a couple of weeks because it was obvious that Erin was a very busy woman. She was never around to catch after work or even unloading groceries. I talked to Mike about her, but didn’t want to seem overly interested in his Mom because she made it seem like she didn’t want him to think that. So until she made the next move, I was stuck in limbo. Even though I didn’t have to wait all that long, each day seemed like two to me.

Then one day I found myself out at a local park. I had been riding the bike, and stopped to take a break at a nice shady spot under a large oak and near the river that slowly wound it’s way through the county. I’d stretched out on the warm summer grass and drifted off a bit. I awoke to ice cold-water dripping on my face from somewhere above. I sat upright and heard that sweet giggling; turning quickly and grabbing a blue denim covered leg I pulled hard, and with a soft thud Erin landed right next to me!

“Hey, relax, its just water,” she exclaimed in surprise.

I guess she hadn’t planned to find herself knocked on her pretty little ass so quickly. She had been riding by and noticed my Harley, so she had shut hers down and coasted up to where it was parked. After noticing me lying nearby, asleep, she decided it would be a funny way to wake me up.

We sat there looking at each other for a minute, smiling and making some small talk again. It felt weird in a way, like we were teen-agers on a first date and waiting for the other one to make the first move. It didn’t matter a whole lot to me; I was thrilled because I could feel those familiar sparks of excitement flying between us again.

I wasn’t sure what had changed but wasn’t to worried about figuring it out precisely at that moment. I just looked into those bright, shining green eyes as I brushed a few loose curls of her red hair from the side of her face. I felt her lean forward and did the same until our lips softly touched, sending a shiver down my spine. Our eyes still open and locked onto one another, I pulled back only until I recognized the look of lust in her deep pools, and then pulled her face to mine again. We kissed deeper this time…much deeper…until I thought for sure my heart, as well as my mind, would be lost to her heart forever.

Our tongues dueled for supremacy as we explored each other’s mouths. She played with the fringe on my leather jacket with one hand while running the other through my hair. I wasn’t quite as timid as I held her soft cheek with my left hand, but firmly kneaded the firm flesh of her full chest with my right, as she softly moaned her approval to my manipulation of her nipples. When we broke the kiss, we were both short of breath and flushed with the built up passion of a need left unsatisfied.

Then suddenly she stood up and walked to the riverbank. I followed her and stood behind her with my arms around her mid section. She leaned back against me as I sighed and commented on the peacefulness of the scene before us. She seemed to be trying to decide something in her head, wrestling with it.

We talked softly, unaware of the people passing nearby or the kids playing on the toys. I cupped her large tits in my hands and squeezed them as I bit down gently on her right shoulder. Erin leaned back on me even more as she groaned in response to the biting of her soft skin with my hungry teeth.

“Oh Jon,” she hissed, “If you keep that up, I won’t be responsible for my actions.”

I continued to nibble on her neck, shoulders, and ear as I played with her stiff nipples that were now clearly visible through her shirt. She ground her perfect ass back into my growing erection, swaying it slowly from side to side as I nudged it into the crack of her ass.

Mmmm,” I said, “If only we weren’t separated by all this leather and denim…I could put this hard cock to better use.”

She surprised me then by pulling out of my grasp and turning to face me. I tried to pull her back into my arms but she was much stronger than she appeared to be, as she tugged and pulled me along towards the parking lot with her.

“Where are we going now?” I asked.

She flashed that wicked and sexy smile again as she giggled, “Come on, come on.” And so, I followed her as if under a spell, and in truth, I was.

She led me back to the bikes, told me to follow her and then we rumbled off through the park. I followed her thinking she was taking me back to her house for what I prayed would be another round of great sex. But instead, she led me through the park to a road that didn’t appear to be used any more, that ran alongside and then behind the baseball field. We rode through the baseball diamond and around the back access road. After a couple of minutes, it came out to a small clearing, occupied only by a couple of old shacks that appeared to have given in to Mother Nature.

“This is a part of the park that most people don’t think about anymore,” she told me, as we got off the bikes, “a bit more private.”

Then she walked up to me and forcefully grabbed my face, pulling my mouth back onto hers as she kissed me hard, and with urgency. I felt her grab my cock through my jeans and then tear her lips from mine.

“Where’s that thick piece of meat I felt a few minutes ago?”

“Must’ve lost it on the way over here, maybe you can bring it back to life for us,” I said.

She only looked at me and in a smart-assed tone, said, “Maybe?”

I watched as she stepped back a foot or two and pulled the scrunchie from her hair, letting her long red curls fall down to her narrow waist. Next she carefully unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it from her pants, revealing a silk red half-slip she had on underneath. I shed my leather jacket and as I reached to pull off my T-shirt, she grabbed my hands and told me to let her do it. I thought she was going to kiss me first as she leaned up towards me, but then she stunned me again as she grabbed my shirt collar and literally tore it in two and off my chest!

I stood with my mouth open for a second, and in that second she grabbed my thickening shaft again. “Hmmm, I see that we have some signs of life again.”

I thought back to her room when I had awakened tied to her bed…seems I should’ve sensed something like this coming. I thought at that very moment that this woman may just be too much for me, but I was determined to die trying to please her. With those thoughts running in my head, I watched as she slowly knelt before me and worked my jeans from my body, tugging them and my briefs to the ground. She slowly undid the laces of my boots and helped me step from my clothing, all the while my thick nine-inch cock twitched and hardened to its full height before us.

Erin took hold of my shaft in her cool, thin fingers, wrapping them around the base as she licked her lips and looked up into my ice blue eyes. She was teasing me and I knew it…but I was under her spell and in her control. Her green pupils never left my blue ones as she bent forward and began licking my cock-head, covering it with her saliva before flicking her tongue down one side and up the other.

“Oh God Erin,” I groaned out loud, “please, please... Suck my cock!”

“Well,” she said as she grinned happily, “at least you know the proper way to beg from a lady. You could’ve waited until I forced you to.”

“Are you so sure you could have?” I asked as she ran her tongue back down the thick vein that ran under my pole before returning to suck on my head again.

“Mmmm, quite sure,” she replied.

Then she began to swallow me inch by inch until her red lips were pressed against her fingers, and I felt the back of her throat on the tip of my throbbing cock. I saw her cheeks hollow as she drew it back out of her face and felt the soft swishing of her tongue along the way. ‘Yes,’ I thought, ‘I was quite sure she could’ve forced me to beg, too.’

While she worked on my stick, my thoughts returned to the way she had torn off my shirt, and how she had so delicately taken off her own. I glanced down at the red slip she still had on and began to wonder if she had left it on for a reason; a sort of dare perhaps?

I decided to try something that may or may not backfire…but I just had to find out. I reached down and played with the silk straps that help up her top. She pulled my pipe from her throat, stood in front of me and said, “You like my top, or just what’s inside it,” as she wiped some precum from her lower lip.

I leaned towards her slightly and said, “I need a closer look at the contents, dear lady.”

Then swiftly holding onto the fabric, I tore it from her body, pulling it into pieces and tossing it to the ground. In a second I’d know if she wanted this or if she’d never want me again. I got my answer when I heard a lust filled growl of excitement escape from her throat! She literally squealed with delight as she jumped against me, crushing her large round breasts into my chest.

We mashed our mouths against each other’s again in a heated embrace, as I reveled in the feelings of our union out in these woods. I felt her long legs wrap around my waist as I walked her back over to her bike, setting her down on the seat facing backwards. She released her grip on me with her legs as she sat on her Fatboy. Then she reached out and grabbed my pulsating stick, guiding me towards herself again.

I straddled the rear of her ride and we both discovered I was at the perfect height to nestle my cock snugly between her two glorious globes. It only took a second for her to hold them together and say, “Do it, Jon, Fuck my tits…slide that monster back and forth and cum all over them!”

It took me even less time to agree and began by pulling myself downward and then thrusting back upwards again. I was actually fucking her chest as she sat on her Harley in the back of the park. In the distance, I could occasionally hear the passing of a vehicle on a nearby road, or the sounds of screaming children in play, reminding us how close to civilization we actually were.

“Oh God Erin…it won’t be long now, Baby. I’m gonna shoot a big load of my spunk all over those beautiful tits of yours!”

“Do it, Jonny, do it. Cum on them, and on my face too. I wanna taste and see your cream pumping onto me,” she said back!

I could feel my balls churning and boiling and before I could warn her again, I felt what could have been a shotgun blast fire from the end of my throbbing cock. Erin let go of her breasts and leaned back slightly while she pumped her fist up and down my cock shaft, the first huge stream of thick, gooey cum splattering across her face from her chin to her forehead!

“Oh yes…that’s what I like, Baby,” she said, “Keep it cumming!”

I was too busy groaning and trying to maintain an upright position to say much, as I watched her milk my hose for all the juice she could pump from the end of it. Each squirt of my cum after the first stream landed on one of her two melons, or on her flat tummy, until she was dripping and covered with my sperm. After I finished, my cock was still as hard as when we’d begun.

“Damn,” she said as she looked at my dick, “Just like the last time! Does it stay hard this long every time?”

“There’s only one way to find out,” I remarked with a grin.

She climbed off her bike and stood against me for a kiss and I felt my cum being squished between us as we molded to each other once again. Each time it reminded me that here was indeed solid proof that there was a heaven, because I was surely holding one of his angels in my arms.

As we kissed, I thought of the times where Erin was playful like a child. Then there were the times she liked things rough. This seemed to be a sexual fetish of hers, and so I decided to give her more of what she obviously craved.

I began by slowly breaking our kiss and working my way down her centerfold-like body. When I reached her waist, I unbuttoned her painted-on jeans and began peeling them down her long legs. When they were down to her knees I felt her hands on my shoulders as I bent my face to her honey pot, pulled her red G-string aside and drove my tongue into her pussy.

“Mmmm you taste as good as I remember Erin,” I said.

“Well, I should be nice and juicy. I came once already when you shot your load on my face,” she told me as I lapped at her quim. “God it made me cum so hard when I saw your cream spurting out of your cock, not to mention fucking my tits like that too!”

I pulled one of her cowboy style boots off her left leg and worked her pant leg off. She’d have to leave them on her right leg, as I wasn’t giving her the option. I stood and looked into her questioning eyes before I grabbed her arm by the elbow and spun her around harshly, giving her a shove foreword, too. She sprawled out over her Harley again, this time facing forward over the tank.

“Grab onto the bars…as if you’re going for a ride,” I instructed her, “even though I’ll be the one doing the driving.”

She did as she was told, swinging her leg over and lying across the bike, not sure what I was up to but taking my lead anyways. I grabbed her legs and pulled her towards the rear of the bike. She was lying atop of it now.

“You’re not to let go of the bars with at least one hand at all times Erin…the other one you can use to play with yourself as I mount and fuck this sweet, tight twat of yours!”

With those words I stood behind her and rubbed my fat prick up and down her wetly moistened slit. I could tell she was getting into it as she moaned a lot. Then a thought occurred to me…’Yes, why not?’ I raised my right palm up in the air and brought it down open and swiftly onto her left ass cheek: SLAP!

“OohWee,” she squealed! Then the other cheek as just as fast: SLAP! “OoohWee!”

While she squealed, she didn’t complain or ask me to stop either. So I continued to spank the best looking ass that I’d ever seen until it was a rosy shade of pink! When she was expecting another slap, I held her by the hips and in one fast, brutal thrust; I slammed my entire cock inside her wet cunt until I roughly bottomed out inside her!!

“OOOOHHOOWWHH…,” she moaned as I filled her to overflowing.

Next, I felt her muscles clamping down on my thick cock, and before it registered in my brain what was happening, Erin began to cum for the second time that hour. I held myself still inside her cavern, as I didn’t want to let myself cum yet, I only wanted her to enjoy the orgasm she was having. I reached around, pinching and pulling on her engorged nipples as she spasmodically jerked on my steely pole!

When she began to slow down, I looked below her gorgeous ass-globes and could see that her nectar was drizzling onto the back fender of her bike before it dripped to the soft earth below. What an erotic sight! It made my cock jump inside her. I immediately began to pull my hard shaft from within her loosened tunnel and plow it back inside again…and again.

I had to hold onto her hips, as she was squirming side to side slightly and making a lot of noises that reminded me (for some strange reason), of the sound of a small child going to town on a plate of chocolate chip cookies. “MMMMM", “OOOOH", “Eeeerrr…aaaHHH”… and so on.

That’s when she said, “OH my god Jon, you fill my pussy up so good! OH Jon…promise me you’ll be around to Fuck Me whenever I need you to.”

“I promise baby, I promise.”

I knew I was getting close, as I really had to concentrate on other things as I felt my next load being prepared to be shot out of my shaft. Erin’s fingers inside her cum dripping gash. I began to really pound into her with wild abandon.

“Ouch Baby, fuck me hard.”

I redoubled my efforts, the sweat beginning to run off of me from my exertions. I was going at it as if my life depended on how hard I fucked this Harley Princess! It was then I slid one of my fingers into her oh-so-tight anal star; she simply squealed and exclaimed, "Just remember, payback's a bitch and so am I".

Then I felt her grabbing at my balls and saying, “Damn it Jon, I mean it…I, I. OH FUCK, I’m CUUMMMMMMING!,” she wailed loudly as I once again felt her love box, squeezing my prick as she went over the edge into oblivion!

My mind was doing flip-flops as my groin screamed right along with her into my own raging orgasm! “OH Christ,” I screamed out loud. I thought I could feel the big knob on the end of my dick explode into pieces as ribbon after ribbon jetted from the end of it and into Erin’s deepest recesses!

Minutes later…we had calmed down a bit and I slid from within her slick, heated channel. Amazingly, I was still half hard, and I was surprised by Erin’s sexual nastiness as she spun off her bike and dropped to her knees and cleaned off my dick. She told me she loved the way I had made her feel used and dominated; that she hadn’t let a man do that to her before, although it was her preference to be the one in charge of the sex.

I helped her button up her torn shirt…kissing each inch of her chest as I ascended, then assisted with her jeans. She helped me with mine and giggled when she said it was a good thing we had jackets along, since our shirts were reduced to rags.

I asked her if what she had said during the throws of our love making was true, or just something said in the heat of the moment. She kissed me long and softly with much passion, and when she pulled away from me she said something that made my life complete.

“Jon, I want you to be around to use me, to be used by me, and for us to share every one of our days with each other. It doesn’t make sense, but even though we’ve only known each other for a short time and we have lots to discover about each other yet, I find myself falling in love with you. Just think of all the things we have yet to explore and learn together…and the fantasies we can try."

I looked into her eyes and replied, “I have been in love with you since the first day I saw you from across the street…something just told me that you were the angel sent from heaven to rescue my lost soul. As for the fantasy part, I’d love to spend the rest of my days fulfilling every wish of yours.”

This was the beginning of our life together. Perhaps I will tell you of some of our future adventures, but it’s tough to pick out the best ones, as Erin and I continue to explore our deviant sides to this day.

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