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A Ride To The Lake

Tags: sex, erotic, lake
A nice, scenic motorcycle ride leads to hot sex in the lake.
Just as Lynn was daydreaming about that hunk she saw at the gym last night, she hears the phone ring. A little annoyed, because it was just starting to get steamy, she shuts off the water and hurrily wraps a towel around her tanned, curvy body. She answers the phone, in a bit of a huff. It is Glen on the other end, her good friend and sometime lover.

He tells her that he just bought a new Harley and wants to take her for a ride. She loves bikes, so tells him to give her about fifteen minutes and she would love to go. She hangs up and hurries to fix her hair and makeup, then find something to wear. She decides on her red lacy boy shorts and matching red bra, tight black jeans, black wifebeater, and black leather jacket. She dabs on a bit of the perfume that she knows Glen really likes.

A few minutes later Glen pulls into her driveway, she can hear the rumble from inside. She walks swiftly to the door to check out the new bike. Glen hops of the bike and greets her with a big hug and kiss. Lynn walks around the bike, checking it out. It's a glossy black with all the chrome accessories. Just the rumble and look of the bike turned her on a little.

Glen asks her if she's ready to take a ride and she says yes. Glen hands her a helmet and they both get on. He fires up the bike and Lynn gets an immediate rush from the roar of the engine and then the vibrations begin and turn her on even more. Glen tells her to hold on, so she grabs his waist and they take off.

Glen takes them on a ride through the country. It is a beautiful day. There are very few clouds in the sky, the air is warm, and the wildlife is out enjoying the day. The vibrations are really getting to Lynn, she feels herself getting a little moist. She begins rubbing Glen's back and sides. Eventually she slides her hand down and grabs his cock.

Being caught off guard, Glen jerks the bike to one side a bit. Fortunately he is able to recover without much of a problem. This makes it obvious to him that Lynn is getting turned on. So, to avoid wrecking his new bike, he decides he needs to pull over soon. In the distance he sees Pine Lake and heads for a secluded area. Once there, he stops the bike and Lynn asks why he stopped. He tells her that her hand roaming was getting a little dangerous, so he thought he would stop so she could let her hands roam as much as they wanted to safely.

Lynn removes her helmet with a sheepish smile on her face. Glen pulls her to him and they kiss passionately. Their tongues wrestle with each other's as their hands explore each other's bodies. The intensity increases and their groping increases. Glen slips his hand under Lynn's shirt and squeezes her left breast and nipple. Ready to move things along, they start ripping off each other's clothes, throwing things all over the place.

Once completely naked Lynn tells Glen that she wants him to turn the bike back on. He asks why she wants him to do that, and she tells him to just do it. So Glen hops back on the bike and starts it up. Lynn pulls him off the bike and then hops on. With a big grin on her face, she leans back and lets the vibrations run through her body. After a few seconds Glen can see a small puddle form on the seat in front of Lynn's pussy.

He begins stroking his rock hard cock as he watches her enjoying the feeling of the bike between her legs. Not being able to take it anymore, he moves over to Lynn and starts kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples. Lyn reaches for Glen's cock and starts stroking it. Glen then pulls her off the bike and turns it off. Lynn gets on her knees and begins teasing the head of his cock with her tongue.

She then licks his shaft from base to the tip. She then takes his cock in her mouth and bobs up and down on it swiftly, sucking as she moves up the shaft. She grabs his cock and licks and sucks on his balls. This feels so good that Glen lets out a loud groan. Lynn begins sucking his cock again, this time stroking it as she moves up and down. Glen grabs a handful of hair and Lynn hears him faintly say, "Oh yes baby!"

Glen feels his cock start to throb, and realzing he is on the verge of cumming, he pulls her off and lays her on the ground. He spreads her legs and starts licking her pussy lips and flicking her clit with his tongue. She tastes so good as he licks up the juices that have already escaped. Lynn squirms a little and lets out several moans as Glen does his magic on her with his tongue.

After a bit, he slips a finger in her pussy and finger fucks her while teasing her clit with his tongue. Lynn's moans increase in volume and frequency, and her juices flow more heavily. After several minutes of having her tight, wet pussy finger fucked and her clit teased, Lynn screams out for Glen to fuck her pussy hard.

Glen responds by pulling her to him and starts teasing her pussy with the head of his cock. Then he slips inside her, and thrusts his hips back and forth, slowly at first. He increases his thrusts and his hard cock penetrates her deeper and deeper. Then Glen has an idea, and pulls out.

He grabs Lynn, and pulls her up. He then leads her to the lake and they both jump in. Glen then grabs her and pulls her close. They start kissing passionately once again. The water is chilly, but the passion between them is very hot. Lynn wraps her legs around Glen's waist and Glen inserts his cock into her sweet spot once again.

Lynn rides his cock, moving up and down on his shaft, her legs squeezing his hips and ass tightly. As Lynn pumps on his cock, Glen holds her tight and kisses and sucks on her breasts and nipples again, from time to time kissing her lips and neck. Lynn's pussy feels so good on Glen's throbbing shaft and his cock fills her pussy very nicely. They both moan loudly and their breathing becomes very heavy as their bodies move in rhythm.

As Lynn continues milking Glen's cock with her tight pussy, he tells her that he is about to cum. She tells him that she is close too and that she wants him to shoot his load inside her. She pumps even harder, feeling his cock going deeper into her than ever. After a few hard thrusts Glen explodes inside her very hard. At almost the same exact moment, he feels her juices gush around his shaft, her body quivering.

With Glen still inside her, they kiss and grope each other for a few more minutes. Then they get out of the water, and Lynn realizes that the trip to the lake wasn't so spontaneous as Glen grabs a couple of towels from his saddle bag and hands her one with a smile and wink. Once they dry off each other, they gather their clothes and get dressed again.

They hop back on the bike, and Glen takes Lynn back to her house. Once they arrive, Lynn gives him a squeeze. They both take off their helmets and Lynn gets off the bike. She gives him a kiss and tells him thanks for the wonderful ride.

As Lynn opens the door and walks into her house, Glen puts on his helmet and rides away, both of them having flashbacks of the adventure rushing through their minds.

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