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Am I dreaming?

A fantasy meeting between two lushies.
Inspired by and dedicated to Sarah, my first fantasy-based story.

It must be a dream. My awareness is fleeting and partial. I am warm, comfortable and content. The faint echoes of a dream linger just out of reach. Beyond warm, there is something else; the subtlest physical sensation that pulls me slowly but surely from my dream and into a state of blissful semi-consciousness. Something delicious – pleasurable – is happening to my body. I feel…what could I describe it as? Aroused. The sensation is arousal. But it seems to have an epicentre. My cock. And my cock is really hard. Hard in the morning isn’t exactly unusual or remarkable in itself, but the sensation of what is happening, it occurs to me, is very unusual to say the least. It feels as though it is moving very slowly, and is warmer than the rest of my body.

Images of yesterday drift over me; a woman, a restaurant, lingerie, champagne, a gentle lingering kiss, gorgeous breasts, hard nipples. Random images play, but I am unable to focus on any one of them before the erotic slide show moves on. As I become more aware of my surroundings I recall the layout of the room. I am in a hotel. The room is very quiet – a high floor – and the room is only faintly light, the first shafts of sunlight squeezing through gaps around the heavy curtains. I am lying on my right side, just as I had done when I fell asleep, curled against the soft curves of the gorgeous brunette who had tried her best to kill me the night before.

What was that sensation? Did it matter? Was it still part of my dream? Whatever it was I didn’t want it to stop. My body was tingling and I could feel a growing tightness in my balls. It must be a dream, and I would surely wake any moment now, certain to forget the amazing sensations as my eyes opened. So I wait but the feelings and sensations continue, intensifying rather than drifting away. Maybe I am awake. And there is only one thing that feels quite this good…

It is certainly and unmistakably her skilled mouth; and she is engulfing me now. My mind starts to process the situation. She must have turned around, silently slid down the bed under the covers and started to suck me. I idly wonder if I had been hard already, or if she had taken my cock in her mouth and given me the kiss of life – I must remember to ask her later. But there is no time to think about that now; I am very hard, and somehow – surprisingly - almost on the verge of orgasm. And yet I wasn’t even fully awake. As I realise what is going on I recall the previous day.

There had been so much passion. So much naughtiness. Before my very eyes this sweet and charming creature had transformed into a ravenous, confident, sex-hungry playmate. I could see the need in her eyes and the unharnessed lust on her face. As she cast off her clothes to reveal her sexy, saucy underwear and stockings she seemed to also cast off her professional persona of data analyst to reveal the lithe, curvaceous body of a woman who liked to sin. Not a girl – a woman. A confident and truly sexy beast who knew exactly what she wanted and how to make sure she got it. The transformation was electric and immediately affected me; she always made me hard, of course, even from the very first time we made contact through the Lush website, but she made me a different kind of hard at that moment. The way she looked at me made me want to rip her remaining clothes off and….well, not wishing to put it too bluntly - fuck her. Fuck her really hard.

We had been so bad. We had done all of the naughty things to each other that we had described online. There had been wild and loud orgasms for both of us. I had made her pussy so wet with my fingers and tongue that her juices had run down the insides of her thighs as she orgasmed. She had sucked and stroked my cock so many times, either swallowing me or smearing my copious cum into her incredible womanly body, that I couldn’t now recall how many times she had brought me to a shuddering climax. And she had ridden me; gently and slowly while we kissed and caressed; and hard while she leaned back and stroked her clit in front of me. We had come together and separately, both of us unwilling to enjoy our own intense orgasm without giving the same in return. The afternoon turned into evening and night time and we kept going, seemingly insatiable and unwilling to waste the short time we could snatch together.

And now back in the warmth and cosiness of that same bed, she continues to suck my cock. I can feel her tongue moving on the underside of my head, her lips moving subtly up and down my shaft. I part my thighs a little and roll a little onto my back. Her nimble fingers move between my legs and I feel her gently cup my heavy, tight balls. A groan finds its way from my throat and she takes me a little deeper. She’s probably sensed me waking. Maybe she was simply trying to wake me – perhaps so she can slip my cock inside her and ride me before she has to leave. That would be delightful. But I don’t want her to stop what she is doing.

I feel suddenly selfish. She is doing this delightful thing for me,this intimate and selfless act of affection, and all I can think about is coming in her naughty, sexy mouth. I really should tell her I am awake. I should tell her to stop. Then get on my knees between her thighs and feast on her dripping wet little pussy. I know she will be soaking wet – she is always so delicious when she has been down on me. I should lick her lips, sucking them ever-so-gently into my mouth, then lick between them all the way up to the hood of her swollen clit and swirl my tongue around until she tries to squirm away. My fingers would tease her next, moving them slowly between her lips until they are slippery from her copious juices, then entering her as I continue to lick. I would feel her hips tilt towards me as I lick and suck on her clit, her pelvis moving to try to fuck my fingers. And I would sense the inexorable rise of her approaching orgasm. First in the rhythm of her breathing, the movement of her hips, then in the groans and whimpers that she can no longer hold inside. I would keep up the steady pace of my licking and sucking, and the stroking in and out of my fingers until I feel the flow of her juices on my fingers. Then I would suck her clit into my mouth and push her over the edge into a full, loud and shuddering orgasm. That is exactly what I should do. It turns me on so damn much to make her come on my tongue, to feel her body thundering and shaking as she comes on my face and my fingers, so that is exactly what I should do.

But I won’t. Not right now anyway, because the naughty little minx has just slipped her finger into my ass; I just have to cum myself.

It starts as a tightening sensation behind my balls. I try, vainly, to resist but there is no stopping my orgasm when she has me in her mouth. Even though I can’t see her – my eyes are closed and she is under the covers – I know she can feel the cum rising in me. She is probably smiling to herself, feeling like she has overcome my resistance and made me lose my restraint – ceding my control to her completely. I feel her hand on my shaft now too. Her hand and her mouth moving in unison. It arrives in a rush, the cum rising from deep inside me and firing stream after stream into her warm, welcoming mouth; I feel her swallowing and trying to breathe as she sucks every last drop from me.

My orgasm lasts for an age, my cock pulsing and throbbing in her mouth until I can’t stand the intensity and sweet torture of her wicked snaking tongue a second longer. I ease onto my back and lift the blanket. I knew she would be smiling.

“Good morning”. She grins. God, even her voice is sexy.

“It is now,” I gasp “Give me a minute, then it’s my turn, OK?”.

She crawls up my body like a cat who got the cream, licking the cum from her sticky paw.

“I thought you would never offer” she says sarcastically.

I can taste myself in her mouth as I start to kiss her, exploring her lips first then intertwining our tongues. My hand is cupping her cheek, softly stroking as we kiss. She has moved up to lie on my chest and I can feel her nipples pressed hard against me. Her legs are together between mine, but I slide one leg beneath her and her thighs part, straddling both of my legs. Now I can feel her pussy pressed against my cock. If she hadn’t just drained the very life out of me only moments before I would be manoeuvring her so I can glide inside her, but I am not yet recovered; my body is still tingling from her touch.

I raise my knee slightly and her body is so in tune with mine that she intuitively understands what I want her to do. She rises up on all fours above me and her spectacular dark hair falls around my face. I caress her back, just the very tips of my fingers brushing random shapes behind her as her mouth becomes more urgent upon mine. But I won’t be rushed.

My hands move steadily – achingly slowly perhaps – cupping her gorgeous tight little ass and squeezing ever-so-gently, then caressing all the way up her sides. I know she is wet, longing for my fingers inside her and my mouth to move all the way down but I want to torture her as she had me. We remain in an unbroken kiss, exploring and tasting. I idly wonder how much of my cum she has breathlessly swallowed in the last twelve hours and I feel my cock stir at the image of her delivering one of her signature heart-stopping blowjobs the night before. 

My hands drift around and cup her breasts and I brush my palms over her nipples in circles, feeling the hard nubs gently tickling my hands; if it feels nice on my hands I wonder what the sensation is like for her. Her gasp into my open mouth is my answer. I continue to brush her body, the softest contact possible with palms and finger tips and I can feel her melting into my mouth.

I break our kiss for a moment and whisper in her ear,

“What you did to me as I awoke was incredible. You are a witch, aren’t you? How did you get me so hard without waking me?”

“Easy”, she says grinning, “I felt you were hard against my back when I woke up and couldn’t resist taking you in my mouth. I can’t believe how hard you came – I thought I might drown!”

I lick the tips of both index fingers and start to work the slippery tips against her nipples. She presses her mouth to mine again. My God, I love the way this woman kisses.

I wriggle beneath her and slide my back about a foot down the bed which positions my mouth directly beneath her chest. Her spectacular, perfect, natural firm tits are right in front of me and I have no choice but to lick her nipples. I start with her right, my tongue snaking circles around the nipple before taking the tip in my mouth and sucking gently. Her chin drops to her chest as she watches me. My hands are gently squeezing both of her gorgeous orbs, feeding them into my mouth and licking and sucking in response to her heavy pants above me. I continue to gorge myself for long minutes and can feel her arousal building. Still licking and teasing her nipples, my hands move to her back again, then ease down to her ass. It’s always about her ass…

My thumbs move around to her hip bones and begin to grip her pelvis, rocking her almost imperceptible forward and backward as though my cock were inside her and she was riding me. Her panting is turning into gasps and occasional murmurs.

“Oh God, that is so good” she breathes

I lick her nipples for a little longer then shuffle myself a little further down the bed. I plant kisses on her stomach, lick my way down to her belly-button leaving a trail of moisture as I go. My hands leave her ass and go up above my head to resume the caressing of her nipples, but my mouth continues its delicate progress south. Her shaven little mound is above my mouth now and I feel her legs widen a little and her hips drop towards my mouth. I still haven’t touched her pussy yet and I know she is feeling the torture. I wriggle some more, kissing gently the last few agonising inches over her mound. My hands now move to her ass, fondling and squeezing. I glance up to see her head is pressed into the bed and she has grasped tight fistfuls of the bed sheet. Sweet torture.

I know what she wants. She knows what she wants. But I won’t let her have it just yet. I move past her pussy and start to kiss and lick the tops of her creamy thighs. Too mean? Maybe. She groans, aching for my tongue, and I move back up and start to brush her outer lips, kissing her pussy just as I had her mouth; gently exploring her lips, nibbling them between my lips then parting them with my tongue. She gasps, her legs trembling. She is soaking wet and much wetter than normal when I go down on her. As my tongue parts her lips the flow of her juices makes me swallow almost immediately. She is silky and slippery as my snaking tongue starts to move toward her opening, pushing my tongue inside her to taste the honey straight from the honeypot. She is delicious, sweet and I lap greedily to taste her fully. She is all I can taste in my mouth now and I am overwhelmed by my desire. My cock is hardening again, so turned on I am by devouring this tight little pussy. My tongue moves north now. I know that is where she wants me to go. I take an age to reach her swollen clit. I know it is killing her but the tension is exactly what I want.

When I finally reach her clit my gentle circular licks are as soft as I can make them but she still arches her back and cries out

“My God. Oh Fuck. YES”.

I continue to circle her clit for a while, gently licking and teasing then gripping her clit between my lips. Her breathing is raged, coming in gasps and pants and her hips are moving to a rhythm, backwards and forwards, riding my face. With the fingers and thumb of my right hand I start to spread her juices all over her pussy and tightly clamped little ass as though I were preparing her for my entry. My thumb slips inside her pussy and she pushes back against it, forcing it further inside herself then starts to gently fuck my thumb as though it were a cock entering her from behind. I let her continue to fuck my thumb like this – it is so hot! As she uses my thumb I start to tease her little ass with my middle finger at the same time and she relaxes, allowing just the slippery tip of my finger inside that naughtiest of places. God she is so horny this morning! Without missing a beat she continues to push back into me, thumb in her pussy and fingertip in her ass. Bad girl.

I love it when she rides my mouth like this. I want her to come in my mouth and for my face to be covered in her juices; my chin and my cheeks are already wet from her. I suck gently on her clit now. She is so close I can feel it. I stop licking for a moment and tell her how I feel.

“God I am so hard again. I love eating your pussy and I want you, no I need you to come on my face, Sarah, baby. Come for me, baby, I want to swallow you as you come just as you do for me. Come in my mouth. Please” .

Her reply is a long agonised groan of desire. She is pushing back hard against my hand and the two inserted digits. I start to lick her clit again in the same rhythm as her hips. Above me I can hear her muffled whispers

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Ooooh God. Like that. Just like that. Just Like that”.

I suck her clit into my mouth and she screams into the bed as though in agony.


I can feel her legs and her ass shaking and shuddering above me as she vainly tries to cling to the rhythm of her rocking, but her spasming pussy is controlling her as I suck and lick at her clit. I remove my hand from her, and start to lick and swallow the juices flowing from her as she orgasms, pressing my hungry mouth greedily to her as the all-consuming wave of climax breaks over her. She is panting and swearing, moaning and wriggling as she surrenders herself to her orgasm, her back arching as the pleasure from my tongue is suddenly too intense. I feel her trying to get away and I stop licking her now too sensitive clit and start kissing her lips. I think I might have to give her a little recovery time before I slip inside her…

…then again. I wriggle out from under her. As I kneel behind her on the bed she looks far too sexy to resist; her face is buried in the rumpled sheets to mask her squeals, her hair is tousled and falls tantalisingly around her shoulders. Her back is bowed downward squashing her gorgeous tits into the bed. Her knees are bent and her thighs are parted. Her sexily rounded ass – yes, we’re back to her ass again - is sticking up in the air exposing her dripping wet pussy. She looks amazing, and in this position she looks utterly defenceless. How could any red-blooded man resist taking her like this? My cock is hard for her, even though it seems only moments ago she was swallowing my cum. She must be a fucking witch!

“Don’t move” I growl.

I lean forward over her and start to kiss her back, at the same time rubbing my rejuvenated cock against her ass. As I kiss her back and shoulders she shudders again. I reach around and squeeze her right breast then roll the bullet-hard nipple between my thumb and fingers. My mouth moves to her ear

“I want to take you from behind now, Sarah. Don’t move. I want you just like this. You look so incredibly sexy with your ass in the air and your tight little pussy all puffy and slippery wet. I want to push all the way inside you. I would like to take you slowly and gently. I would really like to. But I doubt even I have the self-control to do that for long. I predict that once I am inside your tight little pussy all my good intentions will fall by the wayside and I will be forced to….” I pause, for effect “…I am going to need to…to FUCK you. I am going to have to fuck you really rather hard”.

”Oh God,” she whispers.

I take that as a yes. I grip my cock in my left hand and stroke my length a couple of times. The tip is already starting leak a few dew drops of pre-cum, so I guide the head to her pussy. As I start to slide the head between her lips I can feel she wants me inside her – she slides her hips back to meet me and rather unexpectedly I enter her. Naked. She gasps. I gasp. She feels so wet and hot inside. I leave my head inside her and we gently move against each other, just my head inside her. As I wrestle with the condom wrapper I curse at my sudden clumsiness.

“Jesus” I curse. Then without warning she pushes back against me, taking most of my length inside her. “JESUS” I gasp again – that feels amazing.

“Forget that thing – just fuck me. Now!” she hisses.

“ Yes Ma’am!”

She feels so tight – she always does. I feed her my cock an inch or so at a time, but I am teasing myself as much as I am teasing her. As I had predicted the sensation of slowly burying myself and withdrawing is impossible to sustain. After a couple of minutes of “slow and steady” I grasp her hips and suddenly thrust into her, the force of my thrust lifting her knees off the bed. I hear a torrent of muffled expletive from below me, but I pound into her hard again, over and over thrusting my cock as deep into her as I can. I can feel my balls on her clit at the end of each stroke. I know I can’t maintain that for very long – just a few thrust like that and I want to come - so I settle back into a more steady rhythm and she pushes back against me. Her pussy is just so slippery that there is barely any friction so I find myself able to calm my urge to come. But I can feel the tension building in her again. Each time I thrust to the hilt she is pushing back against me.

I lean forward, my torso along her sweat-glistening back

“I love to take you like this. I love fucking you like this. Your little pussy feels so good around my cock. So tight. So slippery wet. And I am so deep inside you. Does it feel good for you too, Sarah?”

“Yes. So. Good. So. Intense”. Her words are gasps, punctuated by thrusts.

“Reach down and touch your pussy while I am thrusting inside you – I want you to make yourself come”.

It is a command and she enthusiastically complies, immediately reaching down beneath her stomach. I feel her fingers between her lips, occasionally brushing the base of my cock as I continue to thrust.

“Yes. Like that baby!”

I find it so sexy, so incredibly and irresistibly erotic when a woman plays with her clit to make herself come.

“Ooohh. Oooohhhhhh. God. Are you going to come inside me?” Her voice carries an edge of desperation.

I manage to answer, my breath short and my heart pounding, the world centred around the blood coursing through my swollen cock.

“Yes, baby. I am close. So close. I want you to come then I will too, OK?”

I feel her fingers quicken. She is pushing back hard against me to meet my thrusts. The slap-slap of my thighs on her gorgeous little ass has me losing control. With my left hand I reach forward and grasp a handful of her mane of lustrous dark hair, twisting it around my fist and pulling her head gently but firmly back. Almost reflexive my right hand rises then falls on her ass cheek; once, twice, each met with a gasp.

"Oh FUCK, yeah", she squeals.

Two more stinging slaps met with delighted yelps, her cheek reddening.

Suddenly she moves her legs together and she becomes incredibly tight, gripping my cock like a vice. I can’t get as deep into her but the sensation of her being so tight is incredible. I feel her fingers, frenzied on her clit, the tips of her exquisitely manicured nails brushing my balls. That tips me over the top.

“Sarah. I….can’t….you need for me….I am going to come. Now.”

Words fail me and I can feel my cum rising as my cock swells. I am almost there. So is she.

“YES. YES. YES. YES. I’M COMING. YEEEEEESSSSS”. She muffles her cries in the sheets as her back arches upward in ecstasy, her orgasm consuming her as I release jet after jet inside her, my legs shaking and gripping her hips to help me balance. My head is swimming and the blood rushing in my ears.

We stay like that for an age, gently moving against each other until my hardness gives way and I slide out of her, collapsing on the bed next to her and she slides forward, face down, her hand still on her pussy. I can’t find any words. But we are both smiling and panting, faces flushed. 

Eventually I manage something approaching understatement.

“That went quite well”.

“Yeah, not too bad” she laughs, her sexy purr lighting up the room, “Not too bad for an old fella, anyway”.

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