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Another Friday Night

It was another Friday. Every Friday night since they'd come to this town they'd found their way down to the local bar for all you can eat fish and the brunette that made herself comfortable in close proximity to her guy.

Her first trip to the bar wasn't exactly comfortable. She could see he liked looking at the girl and liked saying her name like she was a close friend. The cute late thirties bar owner was attractive and seemed to be irked to see him accompanied by the new woman. That night while waiting on their party she practically ignored every one at the table. The night would have turned out better if he hadn't kept his eyes glued to the brunette.

"What's wrong with you?", he asked.

"It's not fun watching you watch another woman for two hours."

Taking her cigarettes, she left their bed and wondered about the thing to long into the night.

Another Friday sitting at the table. The woman slopping salads on the table asked the man how he was holding up after a family tragedy. His voiced cracked. The one beside him knew there were tears in his eyes as he bowed his head and managed to reply,

"We're getting through it."

It hurt to see another bring him to tears. She wondered at the emotion this lovely brought from her man. He and the other continued to talk. She sat and listened to her name fall sweetly from his lips.

At that moment, she wondered why he was with her. She'd figured a long time a go, everybody deserves one that brings emotion.

Another Friday. She watched him looking up at the brunette with that sweet look she rarely saw outside of this bar. He gave the woman standing close to him the same order as all the weeks before. The woman with him decided on doubles in hopes of tasting some alcohol. Turning his chair away from the bar he looked at the one across from him. He loved her. Wondering if the bullshit was worth it, annoyed at her mood, he weighed the situation.

It's harmless and I'm tired of it!

He wasn't the only one pissed, she could of blown her top right there. If she didn't want him she would of found her way home and on to another life right then. Times were tough. She struggled with any worry she brought him.

What the hell? Friday nights with him and her!

Friday and the food is brought over. She serves his lady and goes to fetch his meal. Bending at the waist, the brunette stops face to face with him and says,

"I didn't forget you."

Assuredly he replies,

"I know you didn't."

More bullshit!

Sick, she looses her appetite again.

After they got home, the thought of waving a hand between their noses and asking if they could refrain from sweet talk when she was around told her this might not end well.

Wanting her, he took his woman every way a man can. She knew he wanted to show her something as he laid there watching her, touching himself.

"What you doing? Playing with yourself?"

"Waiting for you.", he said.

Before getting in the bed she removed her bottoms. Knelling at his knees she took all of him in her mouth. She looked to him, as if she worshiped the thing. She wondered how she could love anyone so much. Still thinking about the woman she choked. Stopping, she wiped the wet that ran down her chin. He watched her and knew as well as she did. This is what it is all about.

Taking his cock from her he said,

"Keep that thought."

Moving behind, he pushed her shoulders down and took a hold of her raised ass. She found her fist and sucked on the knuckle wishing he was still there. Seeing the sheet soaked around her hand made him want that mouth. He stuck it in her hot cunt, slamming in again and again. Fighting the pressure of his hand on her backside, she rose on to all fours and took it and then rested her face back down on her hand and sucked allowing him to crunch her melting body between his grip and cock. He hit something deep inside starting a flood. Raising on all fours she straightened her shoulders, midsection and hind and took his thrusts again buckling when she couldn't. Roughly he pushed in to her rippling in and out forcing a mess to soak her clit. She found that wet with her fingers and listened to him say,

"Spank it." as he pulled her legs apart.

"Get it for me. I want to feel you tighten around me."

Spit from his mouth dropped in a plop on her asshole. Pulling from her, he shoved in to the spit and felt her jerk forward shaking and then squirm. He held her tight. Wanting more tight, he went deep and hard and listened to her moan. She was tight. Back up on her knees she wanted it. Pushing in to him, spreading a leg, she let him hit home. She felt his cock rub through to her pussy. Closing around him she was where he wanted her to be.

Taking himself from his lovely wet mess he rested on the bed. She found it hard to move after the fuck. Making her way towards him she found him with her mouth again. He watched her savor the flavor of herself from him. The woman now thoroughly fucked opened her mouth completely allowing his cock to slide easily down her throat. She continued jagging him with her lips. Her soft fat tongue fell from her mouth suckling him. The wet poured from her. She tapped swollen lips into his groin keeping time with the taps she gave her fucked clit.

Yes, he exploded down her throat and she sucked the last drop from him.

Drifting off to sleep wasn't hard for either of them. It was Saturday.
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