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What did you eat for breakfast?
I wake up in the morning, as I gain my bearings I realize that you're not beside me anymore. I shake my head as I sit on the edge of the bed, my feet on the floor, still naked from last nights activities. I stand up and stretch my morning hard on, pointing straight out.

I leave my room, and hear you moving around in the kitchen. I walk in, seeing you looking through the cupboards for food, and gaze at your bra and panty covered body. I shake my head, 'What a waste.' wondering why you bother to cover up your sexy body.

I walk behind you, and grab a hold of your hair, pulling your head back as I sink my teeth into your neck, biting down in the soft spot behind the vein. My other arm reaches around, and grabs the front of your bra pulling it below your breasts, hard enough one of the straps comes off your shoulder.

My hand paws at your breasts, pinching your nipples between my knuckles as I almost flatten your breasts against your chests. I groan into your neck as my hard dick pushes against your lower back. I grind my dick into you as I maul your breasts.

I finally take my mouth off your neck, and still holding your hair I pull you into the dining room, swiping everything off the table and bending you over it. Your cheek pressed firmly against it as I run my hand down your back.

As my hand reaches your panties, I tug them down and hard, the thin bands over your hips tearing with the force. Leaving them tattered and on one leg, I push my knee between yours spreading your feet apart.

Still using your hair to hold you to the table, my free hand runs up your pussy lips long enough to aim my dick before I slam it the entire way inside of you. Your pussy lips wrapping themselves around my dick, as your pussy muscles tighten against my dick.

I place my hand on your hip holding you firmly to the table as I continue to thrust in and out of you. I groan as my thrusts gain speed and aggressiveness. I pull back on your hair, bending your neck so that your eyes are almost at the ceiling, now using my hand to pull your hips back to me as I thrust forward.

My hand squeezes your hip roughly pulling you back hard against me. My passion grows in time with my thrusts, and your sounds, almost forced out of your mouth with every thrust. Our bodies slap together my balls against your pussy lips, you groin against your stomach.

Without warning my dick hardens and swells before I slam into you one last time. My cum shoots deep inside you, as I shudder on top of you. Another spurt, and I rest my head against your back breathing deeply. Another, as my body shudders, and another.

I fall into the chair beside the table, and immediately, you sink to your knees, and crawl between mine. You war lips wrapping around the head of my softening dick. I let out a sigh as I feel your tongue working its way around my dick.

You suck hard, and I groan out 'Oh Fuck!' as my and grasps the back of your head. 'Mmmm... that's it.' I begin to relax and enjoy the sensations of your mouth wrapped tightly on my dick. My hips start to pump up and down as I get into the moment, feeling my dick touch the back of your throat.

I hear a muffled moan around my dick knowing you're enjoying it almost as much as I am. My hips start making a bucking motions, and I start rambling in a half sigh. I feel my dick swell again as my cum begins to shoot into your mouth. I feel the suction change as you swallow each load, softly.

I hear a loud moan from you and feel your mouth quiver on my dick as you orgasm while swallowing. With a final shudder, my body relaxes the last of its cum already taken care of. I reach down and softly cup your cheek, pulling you off my dick. It falls softly as I pull your gaze to mine. I give you a lazy smile, "Morning."

My smile turns devilish, as I pull you to your feet, kissing you on the lips before pulling back. "Enjoy breakfast?"

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