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Changing Sheets

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He watched her; watched one leg move in front of the other. . .
He watched her stand in the doorway of the bathroom. The light from it cast a silhouette of her slender tall body into the bedroom as she stood. As he lay on the bed, he could see all her curves, so well proportioned as they were, reflected from the orange glow of the room behind her as she stood. He didn’t have to see that she was smiling sexually. He knew it. Could feel it. Could imagine her sultry lips, her tongue running over them sensually as he watched her from where he was laying. She was taunting him, reveling in the darkness of knowing that her silhouette accentuated the positive features he so longingly wanted to touch. She could see the taunting was getting to him also. Taunting him with her sexual venom, what little she could see of him laying on the bed, she could see that one part of him come to life. It was the part of him that would unleash the sexual venom from between her legs. A venom so powerful, she didn’t want to keep it all to herself. She was ready to bite, and the moist orifice between the stems she stabilized herself on was ready for the strike. 

She still didn’t move towards him. The only things she moved were her legs, and she knew just how to move them to make him want her even more. She knew what he would be able to see as she stood, her body still silhouetted by the light of the bathroom behind her. Spreading her legs slightly and lowering one arm to her side while the other moved up so she could rest her index finger on her bottom lip, she knew what he was able to see. And she was getting hot just thinking about it. 

He saw how she spread her legs slightly and his eyes followed down her legs, to her feet, and back up again. His eyes caught the outline of what he wanted to get into most. Accentuated by the golden hue lingering behind her, the outline of her slit formed, the folds of it split slightly forming a camel toe, a pyramid of sorts, where in front, her clit rested behind its hood. His eyes stopped and stared in amazement. He was already hard, but this made him even harder and made him start to throb. He could feel the pulses inside his shaft with each beat his heart made. He began to feel like he was growing bigger and bigger and he couldn’t wait to plunge his rigid member deep inside the hole that was built for it. He could literally feel the folds of her labia envelope him, making him moan in ecstasy. He was unaware that the moan slipped out of his mouth. That was until she spoke.

“Hmm, ready for me in more ways than just one I see,” she exclaimed, her soft sexy tone almost calming. 

“You know it.” 

“Then, lets do something about that,” she answered and finally, she began to move. 

He watched her; watched one leg move in front of the other until she had strolled all the way to the bed upon which he was laying. She was smiling, her dimples formed in the smile as she began to crawl up in the bed. Her dark tresses flowing along her shoulders, half of them landing on the crease of her back, half of them hanging down in front of her, covering her firm protrusions. She crawled up, straddled him, and looked down into his eyes with hers as she lowered her body down upon his midsection. However, she didn’t lower her wet slit upon him so he could enter her. Instead, she sank upon him and let the contour of her gash caress his hardness, letting him feel the warmth and dampness of her opening along his shaft. She began to slide herself up and down him, slowly licking him with her lips that never speak as if she were running her tongue along an envelope to seal it. He wanted to seal it. He wanted to plug her warm wet perforation with his stiffness, sealing her up until the inevitable happened. 

“Mm,” she said as she bit her bottom lip slightly, “does that feel good?” 

“Uh huh,” he said, as he looked into her eyes. 

She still grinded against him, feeling his shaft ride inside the folds of her crevice, the tip of it tickling her clit as she rode back and forth against him. As it hit her clit, she squealed in anticipation at what would soon happen. Before that did, she stopped, leaned down to him, her firm small mounds tight against his chest and she began to kiss him. Up and down his neck, on the dimple in his chin, then finally, on his lips. Warm and inviting, she sunk into his lips passionately. He moaned a tender moan against her lips and she moaned back at him, never taking her sultry lips away from his. Then she slid her waist forward, her moist fissure gliding on him as she did until she felt his love pole pop up and the tip of it press against the opening she knew he so wanted to get into. She knew he could feel it there. She could feel it there. It pulsated a feeling upon the opening of her love canal. She let it. She rocked back and forth, teasing the tip of his cock, feeling it wanting to penetrate her and she looked at him and smiled sinfully into his eyes. 

“Like that? Is it getting you even harder? Can you feel the wetness of my notch taunt and lick it with its pink lips, tasting it? Can you feel me wanting you inside me as I almost grab the tip and pull you inside me?” 

At a loss for words, all he could muster was, “uh huh,” and a moan. 

She leaned more into him and pressed his body deeper into the bed. She kissed him hard, but with a soft touch, and rocked her body forward so that it arched the way she wanted it too. Arching the way she expected and feeling the tip of his erection just barely touching the flaps of her inlet, she knew she was ready and she could feel that he was more than ready himself. Leaning forward into him once again, she brought her body a little more forward, then, rocking backward, felt him there and took him inside as she rocked back onto his throbbing organ. Feeling him consume her as she leaned up, she moaned and sighed, “oh God,” and then began bouncing. Consumed by fire and lust, she bounced on him, slowly to feel the ridges of his throbbing sex stake against the sides of her rubbery damp cavity. 

He felt himself slide in and out of her with ease, each time she bounced. He tried to match her moves, but as dominant as she was being, he didn’t want to mess up the good feeling between them, so he just let her ride for as long as she wanted. He watched her move her body up and down, looking down occasionally to watch the plump curtains of her cavity shroud his round rigid staff. Slowly, he felt the wetness of her canal surround him as she lowered herself on him, all the way down, taking him all the way inside. Moaning slowly as she devoured him, eating him up with her wet labial gums, she arched backwards for a better feel of his organ as she just sat upon it, letting her muscle grip him as tight as she could. Her hair fell back behind her shoulders as her head tilted back, and finally exposed her round perky breasts, pointing her erect nipples toward the white ocean above her. The ceiling fan was turning full blast and the cool air blew over her body, especially her breasts and she felt her nipples react in accordance to the cool air blowing over the tips of them. As the cool air chilled them, she felt the sting of a spasm hit her and she tightened the rubbery walls of her love passage upon his rigid member, squeezing him, feeling him all around inside. Her labial lips engorged around him, she felt herself in a sexual heaven.

He grunted as he felt her tight grip upon him. He felt like he was being taken deeper into the depths of what felt like an infinite chasm. Warm, moist, and pliable, he felt the walls of her sexual cave collapse over him, pushing and pulling upon him in measures that could not be described. Every time she lifted her hips to rise, the feeling of her damp cavity divider slid against the hard ridges of his sexual baton and he moaned in pleasure. 

“Yeah, baby, that’s what I want to hear. I want to know that I am pleasing you,” she said as she lowered herself down upon him again. This time, when he went all the way in, she whimpered a sound like a little puppy because she made him hit that spot that had not been touched inside her in a very long time. He knew it also cause he felt himself hit that soft spot and felt it give slightly. 

He decided to try and match that movement again and arched his hips into the bed and pushed up, trying to hit that spot again and it worked. This time she let out a yelp that caused her body to almost go limp and collapse upon him. He felt the spot give a little more this time and he knew if he could match that move over again and again, he’d bring her to a point where she couldn’t help but climax before him. There had been only a select few of women that he’d been able to bring to that point before, and he wanted to try and see if he could bring her to that point also. 

It worked too. Each time he pushed his hardness into her, that spot inside her gave away more and more and she yelped in pleasure. It wasn’t a loud yelp, but a yelp that said, “keep going, I’m almost there” and he didn’t miss a beat. Just as hard, he pounded into her, over and over again pushing into her supple rubbery channel of love that enveloped his rigid rod in a tight, but yet soft grip. He slowed his thrusts into her down and he felt her around him even more. Suddenly, as he did, her body became stiff and she sat upon him for a second and in as much effort as she could, while she felt his hardness inside her, she spoke. It was more of an exclamation than just mere words. 

“Keep going, slowly, don’t stop. I’m almost there!” 

Slowly, as she requested, he thrust into her. Each slow movement into her he made, she moaned deeper and deeper until the depths of her moans hit that milestone and she shrieked out, “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! Oh shit, I am going to fucking cum!” 

And she wasn’t lying. His pace got slower and slower because each time he plunged into her, he felt the dampness of her climax fall upon him and her grip on him tighten even more. By the time he slowed his pace to a crawl, she fell upon him, the walls of her elastic passageway firm against his stiffness, and she sighed out, “I’m cumming! I’m cuummiinngg! I’m fucking cuuuummmmiiiinnnngggg!” 

With a grunt, as he felt the warm juice of her flow over his hard member, the tingle of his spasm culminated in his balls, making them rise and tighten inside his sack and then he felt the contractions happen and he couldn’t help but explode deep inside her hot moist orifice. Into about his third spurt within her chasm, she said, “Mmmmm, so nice and warm!” as she felt his hot cum hit that spot and fill her all the way up. 

In a hot rush of ecstasy, he felt himself subside from inside her and he felt his body give into the bed in which he lay as she sat upon him. Flushed, she smiled and lifted her body, pulling her sensitive crevice away from his now semi-soft organ.  As she did, she dripped the mixture of their liquor upon him and then laid on the bed beside him, still letting it ooze out of her and onto the sheet beneath where they lay. 

She sighed, rubbed her hands across her breasts, feeling her hard nipples a little, then let one hand drift down to her now red, plump sexually satisfied labial lips so she could massage them a little, along with her receding clit. She moaned in satisfaction as she felt the warm wet, still dripping lips of herself. She then smiled, looked at him in contentment, and laughingly said, “Hm, I guess I am going to have to change the sheets now! 

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