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Christmas Eve Wedding Pureness

Christmas Eve widowed wedding couple share new experience in lovemaking and healing.
We met at widow's bereavement class less than six months ago, and today we are to be married. I vowed I'd never marry again after twenty-five years of living with a controlling man. But, he paid the bills and took care of me and the children. Little did I realize how my life would be changed last Christmas Eve when a drunk driver took his life. And on that same day, a drunk driver took my to-be husband's wife of nearly thirty-five years. He walked into the widow's bereavement class just six months ago, and took my breath away. I did not know a man could do that to me again. As the saying goes, he was tall, dark and handsome – a gorgeous “chocolate man” as I later called him. I love chocolate and I got it in black man. I am an ivory cream white woman, and never imagined being attracted to a black man. His hair was very short, with sprinkles of white near his temples, and though he was nearly 15 years older than me, he did not look his age. He exercised on a regular basis and had a firm body with big hands, and broad shoulders. Our eyes met immediately and as he said they never looked elsewhere again. We spoke after the class was over and then went to the near-by cafe and talked for hours. Our lives were so much the same from religious views to commitments in marriage and our devotion to children. His four children were raised and out of the home. He was already a grandfather. I also had four children, two in college and two in high school.

We first just began meeting at the class, and going out afterwards. My heart leaped when he began calling me. I began wishing for the phone to ring, praying it would be Daniel. We began to see each other almost every day and met each others families. On Thanksgiving day, just five months after meeting, as both our families sat around a large table enjoying all the Thanksgiving fixings, we went around the table sharing what we were most thankful for. Daniel and I both gazed in each others eyes, giving our praises for each others friendships. It was at this moment, Daniel stood up, came by my chair, and knelt beside me and said “I would be most thankful if you would be my wife.” I never heard such silence and teared up right away. Once again my breath was taken away and this man looked so lovingly into my eyes with such adoring favor on me. I looked quickly around the table and I could see the hopeful anticipation from all of our children. “Yes! YES! Yes, I will marry you!” I proclaimed as I fell into his open arms. Everyone cheered.

We decided not to wait long, and being Christmas Eve was such a dark day in our lives and it was hard to make it seem like Christmas with so much sadness and change, we chose Christmas Eve for our wedding day. We wanted it simple; just our immediate family and the minister to marry us. My husband loved red on me. He said the first time he saw me I was wearing a red wool coat and fell in love with me. He was going to wear a black suit with a red silk tie.

Daniel and I became very close and our desires for each other were very intense. I so longed to feel a man with me again and touch and love my body. But we made a commitment to wait until our wedding night. There were many temptations, especially when we were alone, and his arms were around me and it just felt right. His deep kisses warmed me through and through and I felt such passion. Several weeks before the wedding Daniel told me he wanted to talk to me about our wedding night. I could tell he was nervous. We talked teasingly in the past about wanting each other, but not real personal. That night we were sitting on the couch, with the fire going by us, and he told me again what desires he had for me and could not wait until our wedding night. He said he had a couple of requests. He knew I was going to pick out my red dress the next day, and he asked if he could have some personal input on it. Bewildered, I asked him what. He wanted a beautiful shinny, silky red dress that buttoned from the top to the bottom in the front. He said he did not mind the style, that anything would look lovely on me, but he knew too, I'd want it well covering and not see through at all. And then he paused. With a deep breath he told me, it would please him well, if I would wear only the red dress on our wedding day, nothing underneath. I gasped and asked “No underwear? No bra? No panties?” He smiled shyly and told me he wanted to know that when he first saw me on our wedding day and as we said our vows, just underneath that silk I was all his – that he was that close to me. He also asked if I could be shaved, “everywhere, if you know what I mean”, as he said it. He wanted me smooth and silky, like the dress. I agreed, half heartedly, but agreed.

The next few weeks went by so quickly. I found the perfect red dress, double lined, silk with black velvet buttons from neckline to mid-calf. We were getting married at a beautiful Victorian Bed and Breakfast home. I and the girls dressed upstairs and soon we could hear the music playing for us to enter down the circular stair case to the large formal parlor where Daniel, our boys and the minister were waiting. Our eyes caught immediately and stayed locked through our vows. When we were pronounced husband and wife we kissed with such fervent wantonness, that we could barely separate. We spent an hour together with our family, taking pictures and eating cake. Daniel kept whispering in my ear he wanted to whisk me away and finally he did.

I knew Daniel had a surprise for our wedding night and the first few days before we flew away to Hawaii. But he gave me no details. We had a three hour drive, driving further and further into the north wilderness. We talked of our wedding day, laughing over little things that were said, and he asked if I was able to keep our secret of my nakedness under the dress. I shyly responded yes. I had such nervous jitters, like a 20 year old virgin bride, but here I was nearly 45. He held my hand firmly as we drove, occasionally brushing my cheek. I was so in love with this man.

We soon were driving down a pine tree-line trail and came upon a medium sized log cabin cottage, settled close to a beautiful, peaceful lake. I could see no other homes and no one was on the boat. It was near dusk as the car came to a stop. My heart was pounding, as I am sure Daniel's was. He got out of the car and walked to my side and opened the door. I stepped out and he took me in his arms. He suggested we first walk down to the lake. Maybe he was trying to ease the tension. We walked arms around each other up to the iced edge of the water. I looked up at my man. Oh, the adoration in his eyes just melted me. He took me fully in his arms, and began gently caressing me with his hands. I laid my head on his shoulder as his hands absorbed my fears.

“Let's go into the house,” he whispered as he took my hand. When we got up to the door he unexpectedly picked me up and took me over the threshold. Inside were three small Christmas trees lite simply with little white lights. There were several vases of red and white roses. He took me through the kitchen. There were several filled fruit bowls and bottles of wine in ice, waiting for our consumption. He poured each of us a large glass of wine, handed me mine, took his and the wine bottle and said “follow me, my dearest”. He took me to our bedroom. It was so glorious I cannot even begin to explain. A beautiful simple yet white satin bedspread was on the king sized bed, with rose petals covering it. Two more small Christmas trees were lit with old fashioned mini-electric candles. In the corner of the bedroom was a large standing mirror on wood claw legs with roses all around it. He took my wine glass and set it on the dresser and took me over to the mirror. He guided my shoulders to face the mirror and and put his arms around me, holding me tight. “Your all mine and I can't wait to see and touch every part of you and please you beyond anything you have ever felt or imagined” he said to my reflection in the mirror. I smiled and laid my head back on his shoulder. He stepped back to the bed and took off his suit coat and shirt as I watched him. Underneath he had a sleeveless t-shirt on, making him look even more handsome than I realized. He then came back to me, still standing near the mirror and started at my neck and locking eyes, one by one, felt down to each button, slowly releasing the material until he knelt down to finish the last few. He stood up and turned me again to face the mirror. I was not used to seeing my uncovered body in front of a mirror. “Watch, my love” he whispered in my ear. He pulled my dress wide open and his arms came around on my ivory skin and he slowly started at the top by my neck, and gently glazed his big black hands over me, going over my breasts down to just below my hips. He repeated this several times and then he stopped at my breasts, holding them both as he watched in the mirror. “You are more beautiful that I ever imagined” he whispered again. He let his thumbs go over my tits making them harden immediately, and me feeling such warmth down to my toes. He did this for several minutes and then a little harder as he pinched with his finger and thumb, increasing the intensity and and increasing the desire in me for more. He then again brushed down my body and lightly felt the smoothness between my legs. “Ohhh, so smooth and silky,” he told me. “Thank you for doing this for me”. I did not mind any more. He kept touching me further, his fingers touching my slit, feeling the warmth spilling out with moisture. He knew he was pleasing me. “Turn around now my dear” he told me. As I moved, I noticed my legs feeling wobbly, but turned to face him. He brought me in close and I felt his hardness through his pants push onto my body. “I want to feel more of you on my skin” I told him. Our eyes again kept locked on each other, as he removed his t-shirt, pants, socks and boxers (in that order!). Our arms went around each other, my aching breasts tight into his chest, his hardness pressing into my lower belly. We held each other tightly and then he asked me to sit on the bed, handed me the wine, and he took his as well. He sat on the bed, facing me, using one finger at times to trace my body, especially around my hardened tits. It was the first time I noticed his black cock so thick and long, standing at attention – I almost giggled, but I was too nervous to.

“I want you to trust me with something” he told me with a strong yet gentle voice. “You have told me much about your hurtful 25 year marriage of pain against your mind and spirit. I want to show you a different type of pain, that will linger between pain and extreme erotic pleasure. I want to spank you.” I uttered out with a loud gasp, “Spank me? What are you talking about?”

He held my chin with his hand and said “look at me love. I will love you . . . and you will understand if you give me the chance. I want to take away 25 years of pain with 25 swats on your beautiful bum while I also please you. Please let me show you. At anytime you can say 'ENOUGH' loud and I will stop.” He kept my gaze and I could see his love and concern, and though I could not quite understand, I trusted him. He took our empty wine glasses and placed them again on the dresser and asked me to stand before him as he turned to sit on the edge of the bed, his feet on the floor. He first just gently touched every part, lingering more on my ever increasingly wettening vagina, slowly slipping a finger in and out, then a couple of fingers. His other hand touched and lightly pinched one tit and then the other, and then twisting, making me flinch. My breathing was getting heavier and I was getting closer to an orgasm and he stopped. “Now let me show you” as he pulled me to the sides of his legs and bent me over his legs. He kept two fingers on my slit, and then said, “I am going to start” and gave me a slap on my bum as he pushed his two fingers in me deeply. I gasped. He did it again; and again; and again. Each time the spank was a little harder and each time he seemed to go into me further with his fingers, stretching and reaching within. He paused and asked me if I was okay about half way through to the 25 spanks. “Yes” I whispered, “you are erasing the pain with love”. He spread my legs, a little more and rubbed my swollen slippery lips before he smacked again with a little more power and intensity. I winced aloud at that one and yet, let out a sigh of relief as he quickly repeated this, harder on my bum and four fingers deeply penetrating each time, until all 25 spankings were done. I was so near an orgasm, but kept holding it in, trembling with pleasure in every part o f my being. He then pulled me to himself as I cried softly into his shoulder. He gently swung me around on the bed onto my back and laid beside me, wiping the tears away, tracing down to my breasts and tenderly touching my belly. “I love you my dear with all my heart and I still want to love you and show you even more passion than you have ever known.”

“You already have Daniel, and I do want all of you,” I assured him, reaching for his rigid thick cock and touched the tip and then taking a firm grip and rubbing up and down numerous times. He closed his eyes as his fingers touched me, again touching my swollen, wet and wanting lips. He noticed as he neared my bum it was still hot from the spanking. “Just a minute dear, let me get something to cool you off," taking my hand off his cock.

He returned with a small crystal bowl of ice and raised both my legs, putting a pillow under me and then having me rest my legs on his shoulders, giving him a full view of my most private lushes parts. He took the ice and gently rubbed over both sides of my bum, purposely avoiding my wanting slit. As I relaxed more, he took another piece of ice and started at my chin, swirling it around my neck and then down around each tit. I began breathing heavier. He took a few more pieces to my slit, and slowly inserted them into my hot flesh. I gasped at the new shock of this feeling, yet closing my eyes and smiling. He put more in. Then, he leaned down and sucked these lips, inserting his tongue into me, and then back to the outside. I began to shake as never before, reading to cum to a new heightened experience. Thankfully this time, he did not stop and I came and came again. He stopped for a moment, still pinching and twisting one tit and then the other and cooling me off with another piece of ice allowing his fingers to again penetrate deeply, keeping the ice inside to melt and searching my quivering insides to bring me to another heightened orgasm. I could barely breath keeping up with it.

“No more Daniel. No more. I want you IN me. NOW! Please put it in me now” I begged. He repositioned himself and brought the top of his big black cock to my waiting love hole. I loved seeing the color contrast, as we became one. He gently let the first cum juices lubricate me and I could not help but move my hips upward wanting him to go in me completely “Please now Daniel. I need to feel you in me”. He slowly went in and I felt myself stretch and my vagina complete grip his full cock. It hurt but again it hurt good. He moved up and down ever so slowly and we both watched as more and more of him disappeared in me. I moved my hips quicker than his slow thrusts wanting him to give me his full self. He felt my desire and finally, quickly with such force, jammed himself completely in me. It sucked my breath away and I screamed and fell back with my head not being able to watch. He hesitated, waiting for me to move my hips again knowing whether to proceed. As I moved more he again began pounding me with such intensity. I could feel him pulsing and knew he was coming and took his hand to rub the outside of my lips which needed extra attention and at once we both melted and came together with such oneness of love and passion. My orgasm lasted longer than ever, and it seemed he kept pulsing and spurting his seed inside me for several minutes. Our moans were in unison as we came hard and long. And then he fell beside me, his arms wrapped around me as we slowly felt the orgasms diminish.

“I never imagined I could feel like that” I said. “Me too,” he responded. And we both fell into a deep sleep, on this our Christmas Eve honeymoon night.
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