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Dane I, Our First Time

My name is Rose, and I had known Dane all my life. He is 6 foot tall with strait black hair that falls to the middle of his back, eyes the color of the Caribbean Sea, and the body of a Greek God. As for me, I am 5 foot 9 inches tall with wavy red hair that falls almost to my knees, eyes the color of sapphires, and a lean lightly muscled body. I moved in with him at the beginning of my first year of college. We had never been more than friends, despite the fact that I had wanted him for as long as I'd known what it was to want a man. It was not until my first summer at college that things changed.




Dane and I had decided to go to a gay club that night. Both of us are bisexual so this would not be our first trip to a gay club. I laid out my clothes for the evening, a leather skirt that hit about mid thigh, a nearly translucent emerald green silk blouse (very low cut), a matched thong and sheer bra (black), and a pair of knee high black leather boots with three inch spike heels. Then I went into my bathroom for a shower.


I love the feeling of hot water running over my naked body; it's such a sensual feeling. As I washed my body my fingers dipped down to my pussy, I was so horny that I had to find some relief. I danced my fingers over my clit, gently rubbing back and forth. I lifted my other hand up to my breasts. Lightly I flicked my fingertips over my nipples, and lightly pinched them. Slowly I slid my fingers into my hot opening. Thrusting my fingers in and pulling them back out, I rubbed my g-spot. At the same time I used the heel of my hand to continue rubbing my clit. With the feel of the hot water running down my body, feeling like the softest of hands, I came hard. After turning the water off, I wrapped a towel around my body and used a blow dryer on my hair.


I walked back into my room to find Dane standing in the doorway holding his three favorite shirts. "Rose, I don't know what one to wear."


I laughed; he never could make up his mind what to wear when we went to a gay club. I glanced at his pants; he was wearing my favorite black jeans. They were skin tight and looked like they were painted on him, molded to his tight ass and strong legs. Without even looking at the shirts in his hands I said, "The black one. It looks the best with those jeans."


I walked over to my bed and glancing over my shoulder said, "Unless you want to watch me get dressed..." In truth I didn't want him to leave my room. What I really wanted was for him to rip my towel away, push me down onto my bed and take me hard and fast. But I knew that he would leave and let me dress, he always did.


He chuckled, "I'm going. I'm going." Pausing in the doorway he glanced over his shoulder and said so softly I almost didn't hear him, "One of these days I'm not going to leave when you say that." When I turned he was gone, but I was sure of what I had heard him say.


About an hour later we walked into the club. I started to bitch about the too high cover charge, until I heard the band on stage. It was one of my favorites, Nickleback, and the song that they were singing was a favorite, Never Again. I turned to Dane, "You knew they were going to be here tonight, didn't you?"


He smiled and shouted over the music, "Yes I did!"


The music was awesome, when isn't Nickleback incredible in person? Despite dancing with several women and a few bi men, I just didn't want to take anyone home. All night all I could think about was what Dane had said. The only time I really quit thinking about that was when I got the chance to meet Nickleback.   It was shortly after meeting them that I told Dane I was going to catch a cab and head home.


He looked at me for a moment and I just wanted to push him up against a wall and kiss him senseless. "You are not taking a cab home Rose. I'll take you home."


I smiled, "Dane you don't have to leave, I am perfectly capable of taking a cab home. Stay and have fun."


He leaned down to speak right next to my ear. "Without you it won’t be any fun here." Slipping his arm around my waist he led me outside and to his car.


When we got home I went to my room, leaving the door half open, and put in a cd. Turning away from my cd player I was surprised to see Dane standing in the doorway. He looked nervous, like he was unsure if he should be there or not.


Taking a deep breath he spoke softly. "Rose, I can't keep doing this. I want you..."


I didn't give him a chance to say anything more; I was across my room and kissing him before he could say anymore. After a moment of surprise he kissed me back. His tongue slid along my lips, before slipping between to dance with mine. I slid my hands up the front of his shirt to the top button and quickly pushed it free, then worked my way down freeing all the buttons. I parted his shirt sliding my hands up his chest and over his shoulders and pushed his shirt off his shoulders and down his arms to fall to the floor. God he was incredible!


He broke our kiss, only to kiss his way to my ear, lightly nibbling my earlobe. His fingers trailed lightly up the front of my body to the buttons on my shirt. He quickly freed all the buttons and striped me of my shirt, tossing it aside. He brushed his lips over mine before moving on to my jaw, nipping a light trail to my ear. Dane traced the outer shell of my ear with his tongue, nibbling lightly on the lobe. I was moaning softly. His mouth felt so good on me, better than I had imagined.


I slid my hands up his back, sliding my fingers into his hair. His hair felt like silk. Using his hair wrapped around my fingers I pulled his head back, and pressed my mouth to his. After just a few seconds I pulled my mouth from his. Moving to his ear, I nibbled and sucked his lobe. I smiled hearing him moaning. Slowly I moved my way down his neck, pausing to nibble his collarbone. I moved back up the other side of his neck to nibble and suck his other ear. As I was doing this I ran my finger nails down his back. I pressed my nails in just enough to leave light red lines down his back. This was something I knew, from one of his ex-girlfriends, that he loved.


When my hands reached Dane's waist band I traced it to the front of his jeans. Slowly I kissed my way down the front of his body. Pausing to flick my tongue over each of his nipples, suck each of them for a few moments. I paused again at his belly button, nibbling the edge of it before moving on. Now I was kneeling in front of him. I looked up to watch him as I freed the button of his jeans, and then as I pulled his zipped down. I traced my nails over the large bulge beside his zipper, smiling when I felt a shiver run through his body. With my hands at his sides I pulled his jeans down, slowly revealing the rest of his body to me. When I got his jeans far enough down his hard dick popped free. He was about 8 to 8 1/2 inches long, thick and cut, his hair was also trimmed.


I leaned in and flicked my tongue over the head of his dick then leaned back on my heels to push his jeans the rest of the way down his legs. As he lifted first one foot then the other I pulled off his boots and then his jeans. He stood there proudly, a smile full of lust on his handsome face. Watching Dane's face I slowly licked down his dick, all the way to his balls. I drew one in to my mouth, and gently sucked it before moving to the other. I licked my way back up to the head of his dick, tracing around the head with the tip of my tongue. I sucked just the head of his dick into my mouth sliding my hand up and down the shaft slowly but firmly. He was moaning almost continuously. After a minute or two of this I started working my way down, sucking the rest of his hard dick into my mouth. As I pulled back off him I let my teeth very lightly graze him. Another shiver ran through his body and he moaned loudly. I continued to suck him deep into my mouth and throat, pulling him from my mouth to lick up and down the shaft and around the head.


After several minutes of this Dane gently pulled me off his dick. "Rose stop, please, I don't want to cum yet." He pulled me up so that I was standing, still half naked, in front of him. Lowering his mouth to mine he kissed me hard. As his mouth plundered mine, mimicking other more carnal things, he slid his hands up my back to unhook my bra. Stepping back he pushed the straps of my bra off my shoulders and down my arms, letting it fall to the floor. Reaching out he lightly traced his fingers around my nipples.


I moaned softly, his fingers felt so good.   "Dane, please." I wanted more than just this gentle touch. He seemed to understand what I wanted because as he leaned in with a hard, demanding kiss, he pinched my nipples. I gasped against his mouth. His mouth left mine to kiss and nibble down to my breasts. Dane took my nipples into his mouth and sucked on them, nibbled on them both, going back and forth between the two. His hands slid down my back to the waist of my skirt. He quickly unzipped it letting it fall to the ground. With his hands cupping my ass Dane pulled me tightly against him, letting me feel his hard dick pressing against my panty covered pussy. I moaned, pressing closer to him, wanting him deep inside me.


Slowly Dane kissed and licked his way down my body to my panties. Looking up at me he pulled my panties down and I stepped out of them kick both them and my skirt aside. He kissed my belly and moved his way down to get his first taste of my pussy. His hands on my thighs he pushed my legs apart, opening the way for his mouth to my pussy. He moved forward, touching my smooth pussy with his mouth, and slid his tongue between its lips. His tongue flicked over my clit, wrenching a cry from me. Sliding his hand up the inside of my thigh he brought his hand to my wet dripping pussy. As he continued to lick my clit he teased a finger around my hot tunnel, dipping just the tip into me before pulling it back out. Without thinking I moved my hips in to him, trying to get him to bury his finger in me. Finally he pushed the full length of his fingers into me, and lightly sucked on my clit. I thought I might collapse, my legs felt like rubber. He moved his finger with in me, rubbing over my g-spot then pulling out.


I whimpered in protest to the loss of his finger. This time he pushed two fingers into me and did not pull out. He fucked me with his fingers as he continued to lick and suck my clit, driving me closer and closer to orgasm. Reaching up, with his free hand, Dane pinched my nipple and rolled it between his fingers. That was all it took, I felt like my body was exploding in pleasure as my orgasm thundered through my body. As I came down from this incredible orgasm, I found that Dane was standing in front of me with his arms around my waist. With a smile of pure lust he lifted me up in his arms and lay me in the middle of my bed. Stretching out beside me he traced his finger tips over my skin, dancing over my thighs, my stomach, my breasts, everywhere.


He moved over me, pushing my legs apart with his own. His dick slipped over my pussy lips and I lifted my hips. I slid my hand between our bodies to wrap around his hard dick. I slid the head of his dick over my pussy, slipping it between my lips to my entrance. Letting go of him I said, "Take me Dane. Fuck me hard, please!" He didn't need any more encouragement than that. He thrust into me hard and fast, making me cry out. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pulled part way out. I lifted my hips to meet him as he thrust back into me. The feel of his thick dick was perfect, even better than I had always imagined it would be. It only took a few thrust and I was cumming harder than I ever had before.


As my orgasm eased Dane started moving again. He thrust slow, but hard, building another orgasm in me. I watched as he slid one hand between our bodies. As he touched the finger to my clit I moaned loudly. I lifted my own hands to play with my breasts as he continued fucking my pussy and fingering my pussy. Both of us were moaning, getting louder the closer we got to cumming. I lifted my right breast to him silently begging him to suck my nipple. As his hot, wet mouth claimed my nipple I pinched the other. With so many different sensations in so many places on my body I was about to cum again, but I wanted him to cum with me.


"Oh, God! I'm going to cum again Dane!" My pussy was clenching on his dick as he thrust harder and faster, his own orgasm coming quickly. Tossing his head back he shouted as he thrust deep into me and came. Feeling his hot cum spilling in to me I came with a scream. I felt like the orgasm would never end, it just kept going. After what seemed like hours he collapsed at my side.


Still breathless I said, "That was incredible."

With a grim he said, "Yes it was."


I knew things were going to be a lot different from now on.

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