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Erika the Sex Slave, Chapter 6

18 year old college student Erika becomes a sex slave
Unlike Erika, who was eighteen and a freshman in college, Zareen was seventeen and a senior in High School. That would've bothered me had the age for sexual consent in my state wasn't sixteen. Since Zareen was still in High School meant that she lived at home, something else that would've bothered me until I learned Zareen's home life wasn't a typical Pakistani household. Zareen lived here with her aunt and her family. Her parents were back in Pakistan. Her aunt was always preoccupied with her beauty salon and therefore never had time for her family. Her uncle had passed away several years back. Her aunt had three kids ranging from thirteen to eighteen and they were also preoccupied with their lives and never paid any attention to each other, let alone Zareen. Zareen had once spent a week in Miami with friends no one at home realized it.

As I waited for Zareen outside her high school, I checked the time. It was five minutes to One. Zareen had said since she was a senior she gets out of school at One. Normally, she'd go home or hang with her friends but now that she was my sex slave she had other obligations.

Saturday night Zareen came over wanting to be more free and willing like Erika, and I helped her loosen up a little. Next thing I knew I was in the bedroom ass ramming Zareen so hard and fast she was screaming nonstop. She had pointed out that all her ex's wanted to do anal and she said no causing the breakups. Naturally I felt fucking her in the ass was warranted. Before I kicked her out of the house Saturday night, I told her I'd pick her up from school on Monday so she can be better equipped for her new position.

At around 1:05 Zareen opened the passenger side door and hopped in. She was in a short black mini skirt and a white buttoned up blouse. Her hair loose and light pink lipstick and blush on her face. I told her to unbutton the first two buttons, which she did immediately. Her soft, smooth light brown cleavage became visible. I put on my shades and pull away.

Thirty minutes later we parked in front of the sex shop I had taken Erika last week. I hop out and Zareen slowly opens the door. She sees the neon sign and quickly looks around to see if anyone might recognize her. I walk to the front door and Zareen quickly runs up behind me.

Once inside there were three men in the store. One was the cashier, the other was a customer paying for his merchandise. The third guy was looking at blow-up dolls.

I motioned Zareen to go forward and she asked if she had to. I told her yes and from this moment on she is never again to ask me if she had to do anything when I gave an order or command. She slowly nods, swallows hard and exhales even harder. She steps towards the cashier.

The cashier and the customer see Zareen and smile.

"What can I do for ya miss?" asked the cashier.

Zareen looks at him and the other guy, exhales and nervously asks,"whe-where do you ha-have collars and handcuffs."

The cashier looks up and down Zareen and says,"both in isle 3. Do you want dildos also sweetie?"

"Thank you," Zareen says and quickly walks away from him to isle 3.

"Man, I'd like to handcuff that..." was all Zareen heard as she walked away from the register.

In isle 3 I was waiting for Zareen and looking at the collars. I told Zareen to pick out hers. Zareen looked at the wall and saw a variety of collars: SLUT, WHORE, SKANK, BITCH, TRAMP. Zareen picked up a BITCH collar and showed it to me. I said No. Then she picked up WHORE. I smiled and said that was OK. I had her put it on herself as I picked out a chain. I placed a thick metal chain on the collar and yanked it hard. Zareen came tumbling forward. I caught her before her face hit the floor.

We made our way further down the isle to the handcuffs. I also had her pick out a pair of handcuffs and leg restraints. We then made our way to the cashier. Zareen handed the items to the cashier, who was all smiles. He commented on the right choices and suggested if she wanted other 'fun' toys like a dildo. To my surprise Zareen said sure.

We went to isle 2 where Zareen picked out a red eight inch dildo, as we walked back to the register my eyes caught a paddle for spanking. I picked it up.

"How is this?" I asked the cashier.

"One of the best models I have. Sell like hotcakes."

"What kinda sensation does it give?"

"A sting, nothing more. Unless you're aiming to really cause pain."

"Mind if I test it on her?"

"Be my guest," the cashier says all smiles.

I tell Zareen to turn around, bend over and lift her skirt up a little. By now the other guy who had been looking at sex dolls came up front. He and Zareen made made eye contact and her face became beet red. She quickly looked down and she lifted her skirt a little. I walk over and flip it up all the way, exposing her ass barely covered in thin pink panties. I take the paddle out of the plastic and let one hit. The paddle lands on her bare ass, making a soft 'FWAP' sound. Zareen lets out a little yelp.

"See nothing more then a sting," the cashier says.

I hit it again, a little harder. The paddle board was surrounded by a thick soft semi-rubber which absorbed the pain on impact.

"You want this?"

"Yes sir. I want this," Zareen said, still looking down.

I hit one more time then told her to get up and turn around. When she did the third guy blew her a kiss, and the cashier couldn't help but compliment how nice her ass looked.

After paying we drive over to the mall. The car ride was in silent with Zareen looking out the window.

I had warned her that Erika was free and willing because I make her do things and she has no choice but to comply. Zareen didn't care and she wanted the same treatment.

I park in the mall and we make our way to the lingerie/costume shop. This shop was not the same one as I took Erika to. Inside the place was empty, probably because it was only 3:30 on a Monday afternoon. We browse through the selection and nothing jumps out to me. I had Zareen try on several different outfits, everything from a french maid to naughty nurse to Harmonie of Harry Potter fame. Even saw a Miley Cyrus costume. Disappointed we instead looked at naughty underwear. We ended up getting some naughty panties that read 'eat me' and 'lick me then fuck me' and 'my ass is for ramming'.

By five we were back in the house. I sat on the couch and watched as Zareen stripped down to nothing. I had given her the same rules as Erika, except Zareen was to be totally naked at all times.

Zareen's other rules was to suck me off as soon as she stripped.

Zareen walked over, got on her knees and unzipped my pants. She released my cock and started swallowing the head. Getting BJs from two women at the same time allowed me to compare both techniques. Erika would lick then suck, Zareen started off sucking then licking. Zareen also didn't suck or lick the balls. That would change.

As Zareen wrapped her mouth over my penis and started going down, her tongue started grazing the shaft. Zareen slurped and sucked as far down as she can go. Her head starts bopping up and down, let and right. I order her to put her hand on her lap and not to move them. She did and continued to suck. I put my hands on the back of her head and push her head down further. I feel the back of her head and she starts choking. I hold it in place for a about a minute when she raises her hands and pushes my hands away.


I grab her by the hair and slap her, hard. I put my face closer to hers and repeated that she followed orders or she gets punished. She nodded and apologized. Her hands went back on her lap and her mouth back on my dick. I pushed her head in as far as I could without making her puke. I slowly start moving my hips up and down as I start fucking her mouth. I feel pressure and I know I'm about to blow. And, I do. I release a thick hot wad of semen inside Zareen's pretty seventeen year old mouth. Her eyes pop wide open as I release a second batch immediately after the first one. The amount and force is too much for the inexperienced teenager and she starts to choke a little. From the corner of her mouth some cum starts escaping and dribble down her chin and fall on her hands, which are still firmly on her lap.

Just then the side door opens and Erika walks in. She strips down and joins Zareen on the floor just as I finish unloading. Zareen tries to swallow but couldn't, so Erika grabs her by the shoulder and kisses her hard on the mouth. Zareen transfers some if not most of the cum into Erika's mouth who swallows it like a pro. Zareen, not wanting to be stood up, pushes Erika's hands away, and licks some of the cum that escaped Erika's mouth during the transfer. She looks at the cum on her hands and asks if she can lick it. I smile and say yes. Zareen licks her hands clean, along with the corners of her mouth.

After they both clean up, I had Zareen show Erika her toys which would be used very soon. But first I was hungry and ordered my slut and my whore to make me dinner, with their collars on.

With them both in the kitchen, I was about to text Joe when he text'd first. He asked if he can stop by for an hour. I replied sure.


Around eight, Joe rang the doorbell and as usual Erika opened the door. Joe smiled and followed Erika in and slapped her ass after she gave him a beer.

"What's up?" I asked and Joe takes a sip.

"Good man," he replies admiring the portrait of a nude Erika on the wall.

"How're Janet and the kids?"

"Good. Janet is working late tonight. Apparently over the weekend some big shit happened with one of her clients and she called a meeting with them. The babysitter is with the kids right now because I said I had to work late also."

"I guess you wrapped up early?" I said and smiled.

"Something like that."


"Why the fuck you yell..." Joe started and then his words dropped as a very nude Zareen walked in with a tray of chips and dip.

"Want something to munch on?" I asked.

"Dude, what the fuck has your life turned into?"

"I don't know, but I love it."

Joe takes another sip and Zareen offers him some chips and dip.

"This is Zareen. My new slave."

"Whore. Nice." Joe says seeing her collar.

"Ever had a Pakistani pussy?"

"No, but it looks very tasty," Joe says eying her landing strip.

Zareen managed a smile but felt humiliated.

"You fucked her yet?" Joe asks me.

"In the ass Saturday and all day yesterday."

"How'd she enter your Playboy mansion?"

I spent the next ten minutes giving great details about Gary and Mark and how Zareen came by Saturday night.

"Watch this," I said and ordered Erika to take her panties off and sit on Joe's lap with her back to him and her legs spread. I then ordered Zareen to get on all fours and start licking Erika until I said to stop. Zareen also complies.

Joe sits with his hands on Erika's outer thighs, helping Erika keep her legs apart as Zareen licks her. Her tongue goes all over Erika's outer pussy lips and then starts licking her slit and eventually goes inside her pussy. Joe helps further by spreading Erika's pussy lips so Zareen has more to lick.

"This is so fucking hot. My dick need action!" Joe laughs and says.

I told him to sit still as I got up, dropped my pants and got behind Zareen. I stroked my dick and starting tapping Zareen's cunt. She was already getting wet. I started tapping her pussy light then started tapping it harder. Without warning I started pushing the head inside Zareen's pussy. The penetration must have caught her off guard when she lifted her head and turned around. I slapped her ass and told her to lick Erika until I said to stop. She immediately put her mouth back on Erika and I continued shoving my dick deep inside her.

I started fucking her doggie-style, another thing her ex's had wanted and she said no. In fact all she did was missionary and gave head. No wonder all her bf's broke up with her. By the time I would be done, she could star her in her own online porno.

As I fucked Zareen and she licked Erika, Joe was getting hornier and hornier. He started cursing and said he'd get up, dropping Erika and stopping the whole threesome if he didn't get his cock attended to.

Finally, I pull out of Zareen and said fine let the baby get some. I pulled both girls up and told Joe to go ahead. He stood, dropped his pants and right away grabbed Zareen. He ordered Erika on the floor and directed Zareen to go back eating Erika. Joe took his turn shoving his cock up Zareen's ass and started ramming hard. I got up and turned on the camera and recorded the action. I zoomed in on Zareen as her tongue lapped over Erika's wet juices and zoomed in as Joe pounded Zareen's ass.

Without vocalizing Joe cums insde Zareen's ass and pulls out.

"Fuck man. Miss fucking teenage girls. Their so tight!" He falls backwards and falls on the floor.

I tell Zareen to stop and look into the camera and say how this felt.

"I liked it. So exciting," Zareen says and smiles. I point the camera to Erika and ask for her thoughts and all she said was,"I want some cock."

I pulled them both off the floor and ordered them to clean up and come back fast.

After Joe and I put out pants back on he says,"I want to live here."

I just laughed and said what time he had to really be home.

"I should leave now," Joe says disappointed when Erika and Zareen walk back in.

Joe heads out and I head to the bedroom with handcuffs and leg restraints and paddle and dildo.

I have never had this much sex in my whole life, and I loved it!

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