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Euphorica: Dream A Little Dream

This is the story about the guy who opened up a world of emotions and desires for me.

Thank you all so much for your encouraging words!
This is a vivid recurring dream that I can still remember to this day. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

When I was 16, I no longer considered myself straight and even though no one intrigued me, there was an odd guy here and there that would catch my eye. I hadn’t been interested in a guy since I was 13, even though I had a boyfriend at 15…but I never really liked him. I was 16 and flirtatious, ready for the world to throw anything at me. In other words, I was naïve. I was very interested in drama and had joined a drama class outside of school at the start of the year. By now, we had already performed a Shakespearean play together, so I already knew everyone well and until then, no one in particular had sparked my interested. Then there was Michael. Michael was 17 and an extremely confident, loud and hilarious drama student who every one knew, loved and aspired to. Girls wanted to be with him and guys wanted to be him. He wasn’t traditionally good looking but he had this serious inner sexiness that I could never quite put my finger on. He had light brown wild hair that would stick out at random angles, which he would always subconsciously mess up even more with his hand. He was quite tall and thin, yet proportioned and toned. I had never looked at him twice before, until one night, out of the blue I had the most amazing, sensual and vivid dream in my life. The dream came when I was at a drama camp for a production in which he played the main role, so you could say he had been in my head that day. The dream started with just Michael and me in our old drama studio where our regular rehearsals took place. I was sitting cross legged on the wooden floored stage facing Michael, who was sitting exactly as I was about a metre away. The room was dark with a single bright spotlight on us. We were both still wearing our school uniforms as school had just finished. I don’t know how long we sat there, staring at each other, but I was unaware of time. I was completely lost in his deep, mysterious deep green eyes. When he spoke, he was now sitting much closer to me, his knees against mine. He reached out a hand and stroked my cheek.
“Do you know?” he asked in almost a whisper, bringing his hand back to his lap. His amazing eyes didn’t leave mine.
“Know what?” I said in a kind of trance.
“Know what?” He echoed, “Do you know?”
I didn’t say anything this time, I wasn’t even sure if he had been talking or if I was reading his mind. I had always been fairly good at figuring people out but no matter how far I stared into Michael’s eyes, I couldn’t read him. I felt lost. I think that’s what made me so interested in him.
“Do you know how much I like you?” he said, still and almost emotionless.

“Why would you say that?”
“You’re so beautiful” He said, not breaking the trance between us.
“I think I’m in love with you.” I whispered.

“I love you.” he said almost as though it hurt him. And with that the trance between us had broken. I felt alive and deliriously happy that someone loved me. We almost leapt at each other. My arms wrapped around his neck and immediately my figures ran through his hair as we shared a hard and passionate kiss. He pulled me onto him, so that I sat in his lap with my legs wrapped around his waist. He kept his hands at the small of my back, while I leaned in to kiss him harder. Our tongues were going wild with passion and it wasn’t long before my tongue ached of the exercise. But the amazing feeling of kissing this mysterious man overrode my tired tongue. His hands ran down from my back and ferociously rubbed up and down my thighs. I broke our kiss and kissed his face all over. I planted long, warm kisses on his neck until he breathed sharply and whispered something inaudible in my ear. His hands were suddenly in my hair, pulling where it felt just right and he kissed me again. My insides were on fire. I was pressing my body so hard on his; it was like I was trying to become one with his body.
We were still sitting in an upright position with me on his lap when I felt him become hard on my inner thigh. I tried to press myself even harder against his chest if that were possible without breaking our kiss. His hands had run down my back and he was pulling my pelvis onto his dick. I could feel it pushing against my pussy as my body started instinctively thrusting. I was so horny and throbbing and I suddenly knew how our bodies could become one. He must have read my mind because he immediately gripped me tight and laid me back on what should have been the hard stage floor. But we were now on a bed, yet still onstage with the spotlight on us.
I was on my back and he was on top of me. My legs were still wrapped tightly around his waist.
Panting he said, “I want you, only you. Do you know?”
Once again I stared into his beautiful eyes and I had to fight not to get lost in them. “Yes, I know. I always have.” I said frantically.
He leant down and kissed my neck while his hand found my left breast. He slowly massaged and groped it with the palm of his hand and even though his hand was on top of my school jumper, dress and bra, I could feel his bare hand on my breast. I felt a rush of pleasure serge from my stomach through my body that escaped my mouth in a low moan. He stopped kissing my neck and I heard him laugh softly.
I met his eyes and demanded an explanation.
“Do you wanna know how I did that?” He said with a cheeky and proud smile. Without waiting for my reply he said, “’Cause I’m awesome.”
I just wanted to eat him up. I lifted my arms above my head and he pulled off my school jumper, revealing my button up school dress. My jumper disappeared out of his hands and within a second he had unbuttoned half of my dress. He stopped just before he reached my pussy. He seemed to hesitate. I had no idea why so to help reassure him, I pulled the dress off my shoulders and down to where his hands were still. His eyes scanned my upper body, lingering on my C cup breasts and met my eyes again.
Do you know? I asked him in my head, and he replied by pulling my dress off completely. He returned by untangling my legs from his waist and gently spreading the wider. He was now also suddenly in his underwear as his hands roamed up my legs. He was still staring at me, through me. I felt like he could see every inch of my body and ever thought and memory in my head. I liked it.
He was keeping himself up with one hand and with the other, he had finally reached the top of my thigh. I prayed for him to touch my pussy and again, in response, I felt his fingertip tracing a gentle line across. He had scooted down slightly so that his lips were kissing my inner thigh. And then he was kissing my pussy. My panties disappeared off my body the moment his soft lips touched me. I knew I was wetter than I had ever been before as I felt him gentle tease my clit with his tongue. My pussy was already throbbing so hard that I didn’t know how much longer I could last the foreplay. He licked and sucked me almost dry as my hand played with his wild hair. I felt his tongue enter my whole and my body erupted with pleasure. I orgasmed more quickly and intensely than I ever thought possible. I couldn’t last this any longer. Without so much as a thought, he came up and kissed me hard. We were now naked and my skin felt electrified against his. I could feel every place that made contact. We broke our kiss and stared at each other as I felt his cock press against my pussy. His eyebrows pulled together, he seemed hesitate again. I caressed his face with a hand and then I felt him inside me. He was thrusting slowly and I felt his large cock deep inside me. We felt like one body. He was kissing up my neck as he picked up his pace. I felt another orgasm raging through my body.
“Faster! Please, Michael, go faster!” I gasped. He penetrated me hard and fast and I could feel myself coming as he triggered my g-spot. Everything around me was spinning and blurring and the only thing I could see was him. I moaned and gasped for air as my pussy contracted tightly around his thrusting cock. My orgasm seemed to last for eternity as he rode me and shot load after load into my pussy. My hands gripped onto his back and my fingers ran down his body as my back arched. He found my breasts with his tongue and sucked my hard nipples while he continued to penetrate me. Immediately I was in my peak. Everything shone white and all I could feel was orgasm after orgasm and fire in my heart. And then everything cooled. I felt so content and euphoric.
I finally opened my eyes but regretted it immediately. I found myself away from Michael, alone and fully clothed in my bunk bed at drama camp. Only then did I realise that I had been dreaming and a instant feeling of disappointment washed over me. I felt like crying. It had all been so real, so emotional, so pleasuring.
I also felt very confused. Consciously, although Michael did intrigue me, I didn’t have any feelings for him. But this amazing dream became recurring and I started developing intense feelings for him. Every time he stared at me with those eyes, I pictured us together. Although I also hated him for staring at me like that. I couldn’t figure him out. Was he staring at me? Or staring past me? What was he thinking? Did he even like me, if only as a friend?
I was confused about everything. All I knew was that he was the most intriguing, mysteriously and uniquely beautiful creature I had met.


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