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Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

One night at your favorite motel.

Residing between an abandoned amusement park and a seedy strip club, the Parkside Motor Lodge and Cocktail Lounge did its best to distance itself socially from its neighbors. Turquoise script displayed its name in flickering neon while letters that glowed in icy blue and blushing pink promised that every guest would enjoy refrigerated air and the convenience of in-room adult movies.

Time and an abiding disappointment in its surroundings wore heavily on the Parkside. The lounge was no more, its doors chained and pasted with timeworn billings of cover bands and Karaoke nights. A cardboard vacancy sign taped to the office window was just the latest in a long succession of indignities.

The motel lay in the shadow of a giant Ferris wheel, the rusting legacy of the Parkside’s bygone neighbor. It stood in silence above the chaos of crumbling macadam, chain link fences, and gutted rides overgrown with weeds. The ring of blackened steelwork, with its geometric web of supports and hanging cages, was visible for miles.

When the amusement park closed its gates for the final time, the motor inn became an afterthought. Minivans loaded with vacationers no longer nosed between its painted white lines. Still, the old institution had purpose, which it fulfilled with the regularity of the setting sun. Late on a certain Monday night, from the stop light at the mouth of the driveway, a motorists would turn his head and detect shadowy movement in the dim lobby.


Alice McCarthy stood at the counter and watched a large woman lick powdered sugar from her fingertips. Greasy crumbs swept across the surface as a half-eaten doughnut rejoined its doomed comrades in an open paper box. The night clerk pulled her bifocals down the bridge of her nose and squinted at the driver’s license in her hand.

Alice looked at her watch for the third time in as many minutes, her thumb and toes tapping in rhythm. For the love of God, she scolded herself, stop fidgeting.

She turned her head toward the prattle of a television, grateful for the distraction. It was bolted to the ceiling just beyond a coffee station stacked with Styrofoam cups and little pink packets. The screen glowed with the image of Tom Selleck recovering a stolen manuscript. Magnum PI? She thought. They're still running those?

“For - the - last - TIME, Pete! Turn that thing DOWN!” Alice jumped at the eruption from the woman’s impressive lungs and the slam of her palms on the desk. Two lasers glared across the lobby toward the arrangement of corduroy and chrome furniture facing the flat screen. “You’re supposed to be WORKING! What about these lights? How’m I supposed to see over here?"

A mustachioed little man wearing black shoes, dress slacks, and a white wife beater greeted the imposing female’s blistering stare with a goat-toothed smile.

“I’ve just been reading, Loretta. I wasn’t watching.”

“I can see that.” The woman looked sideways at Alice and shook her head. She struggled to soften her tone. “Just turn down the sound on the television… okay? It’s giving me… a headache.”

“There’s a new study that says high testosterone levels don’t make men more violent like they previously thought. It’s right here in Psychology Today.”

“You don’t say, Pete.” Loretta leaned heavily on the desktop and chewed her lip.

“Says here they gave testosterone treatments to a test group of women since they practically don’t have any.” Pete rose to his full height, roughly half that of Loretta by Alice’s reckoning, and held up the periodical with a bony arm.

“Pete, the sound. I’m begging you.”

“They ran ‘em through all kinds of tests and found out the male hormone didn’t make the women any more aggressive than they were to begin with.”

“I bet it made ‘em stupider.”

“It’s all been verified, Loretta.”

“That’s relief, Pete, ‘cause I was startin’ to worry you might just go off on a rampage one-a these days.”

Pete picked up the remote and muted the sound before tucking a box of light bulbs under his arm. Loretta muttered at the computer screen and pointed her elbows outward, pulling the wings of her heroic bra upward with a mighty heave.

Alice wished she hadn’t split that last bottle of beer with Tony. A familiar, not unpleasant numbness buzzed along the surface of her skin and she needed to pee. She knew she tended to be careless when she drank and this would not be the best time to attract attention. 

She was a married woman about to have an affair with a much younger man. Odd how she hadn’t thought of it that way until the moment of truth, she mused. Married woman… affair… younger man. The words had a ring of intrigue, sophistication, sexual confidence.

Who am I kidding? She asked herself. I’m scared shitless. In a few minutes he’ll see me naked.

Loretta peered over her spectacles and fixed Alice with deadpan eyes. An invisible defibrillator sent a thousand volts into Alice’s heart. For an instant she was sure that all of her damning thoughts had spilled out of her mouth. Loretta’s jowls shook as she stifled a yawn. With a tiny shudder, she continued tapping her greasy keyboard with two thick fingers.

Alice told herself to get a grip; just stand here and don’t say anything stupid. She took a deep breath and allowed her eyes to trail over glossy photos of roller coasters, flying teacups, and crowded snack stands nailed to the wall behind the reception desk.

She was drawn to the picture of the brightly colored Ferris wheel. Alice remembered riding it as a child and watching the landscape rise and fall as the music played. She noticed something that had a lasting impact. Each time she was carried to the top, the view was different. Clouds, people, cars, even the sheep in a distant field had moved or even disappeared. Nothing ever stays the same, she said under her breath.

As Alice’s narrowed eyes moved from frame to frame, she noticed the steady glare of two bright lights in the neat rows of glass. There was movement, something that caused the beams to flicker.

She turned around and felt her breath escape in a rush. She had asked Tony to stay in the truck but there, on the other side of the wide lobby window, was his umbral form. The sight of his unmistakable, athletic slouch against the grille, one heel on the bumper, sent a shiver through her alcohol warmed body. More movement, the bend of an elbow, and the sudden intensity of a tiny red glow thrilled her in a way that she wouldn’t be able to explain, not even to herself.

With a sputter of light overhead the room brightened. The picture in the glass transformed before her eyes like one of those 3D trading cards she’d had as a child. Alice found herself peering back at a tacky little lobby with plastic, potted shrubs and an unsteady little man on a stepladder.

She wondered if the woman staring back at her was really Alice. It couldn’t be. Alice McCarthy was a wife of twelve years, mother of two, treasurer of the parent-teacher association. She cooked for her family, helped with homework, and watched Dancing with the Stars on Monday nights. She didn’t meet single men for drinks and rent motel rooms.

“One night?”

I can leave right now. I’ll tell him the truth. I’ll tell him I can’t go through with this. He’ll get over it. Christ, he’s twenty; of course he will. We can just kiss in the truck a while longer. I liked that. Maybe…


“Wuh… oh!” Alice blinked and spun around to face the indifferent tilt of Loretta’s head. She took a deep breath. “Sorry. Yes. One night, thank you.”

He is just too fine.

She knew it was wrong. She had come to this place at the edge of a dying city for one purpose. She was here to have sex, to remove her clothes and spread her legs for a near stranger who was scandalously young. It was what she had dreamt about for weeks.

It was immoral, yes. Even worse, it was reckless. She was putting everything she valued, everything, at risk. By any reasonable standard, her life was full. She had a large home, friends, a successful husband, and beautiful children.

Tony was an unbroken, young bull, a high school dropout. She had a Master’s degree in literature for God’s sake. To say they had nothing in common was laughably inadequate. And who knew what he was capable of? He might be unstable, even dangerous. No one in her right mind would do more than give his tight jeans a discreet inspection and later, during a steamy shower, imagine his hard buns while vibrating jets of water pulse between her legs. That’s what a decent woman would do.

“You’ll need to sign here, hon.” The woman craned her fleshy neck to look out the window past Alice. “And write down your license plate number.”

“Sh-sure.” Alice removed the chained pen from its holder and stared at the form. Her mind was racing and her heart was thundering. His plate number. His plate number. How am I supposed to know his plate number? She looked up. “I, um… I’m sorry. I can’t remember the…”

“Just the make and model of your car, then.” Loretta issued an elaborate sigh and studied the water stains on the ceiling with her puffy eyes.


“Okay… there.” Alice fixed her with a tight smile.

Alice knew getting involved with an unattached, young male might be the biggest mistake of her life. She could lose everything - her marriage, her friends, her home. And the kids; their lives would be turned upside down. She thought about the inevitable scandal and the delighted whispers. What was she doing with someone so young? Why doesn’t she act her age? Her ruin would be complete.

She wanted him anyway. Her body screamed at her when Tony was near. It was a need she felt physically, a knot in the pit of her stomach that grew worse with each passing day. There was no escape from it. She found herself distracted and frustrated by the business of everyday life. It was as if her mind only had room for the dark haired stranger who had somehow put a match to her. 

“Eighty-five.” Loretta handed Alice back her license.

“I’m sorry?”

“Dollars.” Loretta tapped a painted fingernail over the rate card taped beneath the glass countertop. “The room charge?”

“Oh! Jesus.” Alice dove into her purse and extracted a hundred dollar bill from her wallet. She blew her bangs into the air and rolled her eyes in mock exasperation.

Loretta sucked in a belch and opened the cash drawer.

“Room 202. Pull your car around to the right side of the building.” Loretta lifted the corners of her mouth almost imperceptibly and slid the room key across the counter. She curled one eyebrow. “You want Pete to help you with your luggage, Missus McCarthy?”

Alice heard a high-pitched cackle from the utility closet. Loretta folded her meaty arms and looked her expensively attired guest up and down.

“No, thank you. I’ll be fine.”


Tony blew a long stream of smoke out of the side of his mouth and watched Alice. He wondered what was taking her so long. It bothered him that Alice was taking care of the room. Knowing that you had to produce a credit card to rent a room these days, even when paying with cash, didn’t help his male pride slide down his throat any easier.

Tony wished they had gone to another motel. He had too much history here. But Alice insisted on finding someplace where no one she knew would ever be caught dead. She picked the right part of town, he thought, as he heard a bottle break to the accompaniment of laughter. 

Alice was supposed to be meeting with a fundraising committee for the school expansion project. At least that's what she told her husband. Tony met her at the parking lot of a bus station where she slithered into his truck bundled up in a raincoat and scarf, looking for all the world like a spy. They'd sat in the motel parking lot drinking beer for almost an hour before she worked up the courage to go in.

He leaned against his pickup and looked over the peeling façade of the old place. The Parkside Tony knew as a kid was unfailingly immaculate and always hopping. On special occasions his mother would take him to the little café that used to adjoin the lobby. Children racing along the corridors, suitcases rolling by on luggage carriers, out of state automobiles… it was a magical place to a little boy.

Tony peered into the lobby and frowned. A strange little freak with a thin mustache was prancing around the lobby and the scary bitch behind the desk looked like she wanted to snap him in two. Tony had wanted to accompany Alice to pay for the room but she wouldn’t let him. He understood. Even so, he kept an eye on her. She didn’t have the instincts a neighborhood like this required.

Tony rested his elbows against the hood and gazed skyward. Fucking Ferris wheel. To Tony, it was the defining symbol of his existence. Stuck. What good is a wheel that doesn’t fucking spin? He thought.

He took long drag on his smoke. Alice was looking through the glass at him or, rather, looking through him. She had a lost look on her face. He wondered if she was having second thoughts. How could she not? She was beautiful, smart. Rich as fuck. She had everything going for her. Why would she risk it all on him?

He didn’t know how it had happened, their… connection. Unlike Alice, he never concerned himself with the why of things. All he knew was that he had never met anyone like her and probably never would again.

The funny thing was that Tony had been thinking about a different girl when he first laid eyes on Alice. He was smoothing a trowel across a patch of wet concrete, replaying the events of the night before.

His mind was across town in a bedroom lighted by a single candle, the air laden with the pungence of sex. A heavy breasted girl crouched astride him, supported by her hands on his shins. Her full hips and buttocks rose and fell, seeping folds lacquering his stiff cock.

Breeze from a half open window turned the pages of an unfinished term paper and set them aloft one by one to land and slide across the wood plank floor. They’d had to be very quiet. Her father was a cop and no one would question the extreme measures required to subdue a dangerous intruder.

Tony growled and bit his lip. He watched the stretched lining of her cunt drag along his rigid length on each excruciating, upward pull. He breathed, trying to relax the muscles of his straining core, willing the pressure behind his pubic bone to calm. He lifted his eyes. The vampire from Twilight mooned at him from the ceiling while the bedsprings creaked.

He addressed the pouting movie star with a wink. Pay attention, Fuck Face. You might learn something. He began to knead the cheeks that rocked in front of him, his thumbs sliding deep into the crevice to massage the dark skin around her little knot. It pulsed to the action of the cock that plunged through her inner walls. He swiped a finger over his slimy shaft, slid it around her circular ridge, and began to push. A soft wail and a shudder… 

Tony blinked in the sunlight. The muted crush of tires on gravel brought him back. The biggest SUV he had ever seen rolled through the gate. It slowed as it passed him and came to a halt in front of the commissary. It hesitated, glowing red, before white back up lights flashed at him.


Tony turned his head toward the street. A collection of vehicles waited along the curb. He sank back with his butt on his heels and contemplated a wedge of geese honking overhead. He thought about Sister Frances, that tough old bitch. She’d threatened to can him more than once for his gruff treatment of the food bank’s patrons.

It wasn’t that Tony had anything against the women in those cars, volunteers who streamed in from wealthy suburbs. They were sincere enough, he supposed. He just hated being around them. He didn’t like the way they smelled or the way their puffy bellies spilled out of their designer jeans. He didn't like their endless chatter or the way they looked at him like he needed saving. Fuck that. All the salvation he needed was in six good numbers on a lottery ticket.

He stood and brushed his calloused hands together as the vehicle pulled even with him.

“Hi, um…” An enormous pair of dark sunglasses accompanied by dazzling teeth bobbed in the window. “Hi… sorry. Is this St. Margaret’s?”

“You lookin’ for the soup kitchen?”

“YES!” It sounded more like relief than affirmation. There was a jangle of keys and the car fell silent.

“No, no, lady. You don’t need to get out of…”

The door fell open and out she stepped, pushing her shades onto her thick hair. She smiled and extended her hand. Her grip was warm and firm and she looked him in the eyes.

“Alice McCarthy. We…” She looked over her shoulder toward the waiting caravan and waived. “We’re here to deliver supplies, food mostly, that we, uh… we…”

“Collected. Right.” 

He could tell right away that she was different. For one thing, she was young. Well, not young really, she had to be at least thirty, he thought, but she was younger than the others. More than that, she had something he couldn’t put his finger on. She seemed to have a kind of bounce about her. She was friendly, that was for sure, and she didn’t look at him like he was about to steal her car.


“Tony. I help out around here.” He gestured toward the patched sidewalk. He took a deep breath. “Awright, lady, you can…”



“My name. Alice.”

“Alice.” He dipped his chin and raised his eyebrows. She’d made him smile. “I was about to say, Alice, that there’s a loading dock on the other side of this building. You can pull your cars around one at a time. I’ll find some help to get you unloaded.”

She squinted up at him in her painstakingly faded jeans as if waiting for additional instructions. Tony thought the way she’d folded up the hems to her calves was sexy in a nerdy kind of way. The rest of her ensemble consisted only of black cross trainers and a simple red pullover with sleeves pushed up to her elbows but she had the look of someone who had been raised, and kept, with unsparing care. The way her hair fell perfectly into place, the healthy glow, and the country club looks all betrayed her station.

Alice tilted her head and brushed a lock of brown hair behind her ear. Tony noticed her eyes drop to his lips.

“Today would be good… Alice.”

She snorted and sealed a hand over her mouth with a giggle.

“God! Right… Okay, Tony. Today.” She turned back to her car, shaking her head and mouthing silent words.

She’s cute, he thought. He had trouble reconciling the cultivated voice, the expensive ride, and the big diamond on her finger with her youthful energy. She seemed like… fun. There was something else that he couldn’t identify, something that caused a tickling inside his chest.

“Hey.” He eased the car door shut with a click and leaned into the open window with folded arms. “I’ll check on you when I’m finished here. You know… like, show you how we’re set up. Okay?”

Alice pressed her lips together and turned her crimson face back toward the windshield. She emitted something that sounded like a stifled cough.

“That would… ” Her fingers were back on her lips and she nodded her head. “M’kay.”

Tony fell backwards and glared when the Navigator lurched into reverse and instantly screeched to a halt, rocking on its suspension.

“Sorry!” Alice laughed openly. “I’m okay… loading dock. Got it!”


Alice was back at the mission the day after she met Tony. She knew it was a stupid idea. After all, she was a married thirty-six year old housewife and he was just a kid. Happily married, she reminded herself. What was she expecting to happen? What good would come of another look at him? She told herself all day that she wouldn't do it, right up to the time she pulled past the gated of her driveway. 

She found him in a storeroom banging the cooling unit with a wrench. Her mouth dropped open when she saw him. Her mind hadn’t been playing a trick on her, she thought. He looked as good as she remembered. He had cut the sleeves off his thin flannel shirt and wore it unbuttoned, revealing a plexus of ridges from his chest to the frayed waistband of the jeans slung low on his hips.

One corner of his mouth slowly curled. “Alice.”

She drank in the deep cuts that defined his shoulders while reciting her carefully practiced lie. Some canned goods had been left unnoticed in one of the cars. It was no big deal to drive over an hour into bowels of the city to deliver them. The mission’s work was important. It was the least she could do.

Tony nodded and probed inside the cardboard box in her hands while he listened. Too late would Alice realize that the cash register receipt he extracted contained a date and time stamp.

“Uh huh.”

She thanked God for the microfiber top she’d worn. She could tell from Tony’s expression that he was more interested in the way the white material clung to her little round swells and flat tummy than the provenance of a carton of beans.

Over the next four weeks Alice became a regular visitor, donating supplies, serving meals in the soup kitchen, and staying as close to Tony as the bounds of propriety permitted. She became intoxicated by his unfiltered maleness. It began with his looks, of course, the dark features and sleek, powerful body. At first he kept his distance but his deep set eyes roamed over her in a way that made her feel like prey.

One day it happened. He was leaning in the doorway watching her stack supplies, thumb holstered in his pocket. He’d been quiet that day. She missed the off color jokes and the insults that she loved. In fact, he barely talked. Maybe he’s found someone, she thought; someone young and husband-free. He didn’t even seem to notice as she slipped by him, chiding herself for wanting to cry. She was already past him when a hand caught hers. She dropped her bag when he reeled her in and crushed his mouth over hers.


On some level, he had known it from the moment he turned the key to his room. It wasn’t going to work. But feelings like this - impressions, perceptions - always get lost in the noise, he thought. Deadlines, the argument with his girlfriend, itineraries, and a hundred other things, real things, pushed it to the outer rings of his consciousness.

The writer rocked on the back legs of his chair with his feet on the window sill and drummed a pencil on his knee. He looked at the rank and file of stick men in his spiral notebook and flipped the page. About face, boys.

He was there to write the opening scene of his novel, the one he’d owed his publisher for more than a year. It would open in the amusement park he had known as a child - carousels with brightly painted ponies, bumper cars, arcades packed with video games, and the ever present screams from adrenaline-pumping thrill rides. He thought that checking in here, the very room his parents had always reserved, would bring it all back in a rush of inspiration.

But writing is hard. It’s a soul crushing, humiliating, fucking siege. The old grounds didn’t speak to him. The Ferris wheel that stood motionless among the desolation mocked his naiveté.

Maybe he was just distracted. He couldn’t get Linda out of his head. She’d said they needed to talk when he got back. He knew it wasn’t good. He was just going through the motions, she had told him, with her, with his writing, his kids… everything. How could she love him when nothing seemed to mean anything to him? Tears were streaming down her cheeks. I wish I didn’t love you, she said.

He heard a deep, guttural growl outside his window and stood to cup his hands against the glass. Another psychopath joins the revival meeting, he thought. The bikers had been drifting into the lot in ones and twos over the preceding hour like wasps returning to the nest after a busy day of predation.

Something else caught the writer’s attention. A couple walked hand-in-hand, bathed in the red wash of a nearby police cruiser. He was tall, rugged, and dark. She appeared older but quite lovely and out of his league in most respects. Sex, he thought. He wondered if she was paying him.

He thought about the night before. He had brought back a girl, the fawnlike dancer from the club next door. He’d looked up from his Jack Daniels when the DJ announced her name. Let’s give a warm welcome to the newest member of our Bottoms Up family. Even the bartender stopped to watch her work, sweat beading over his lip as she rubbed the crotch of her g-string up and down the pole.

She crossed her arms over her chest and trembled when the door closed behind them. He hadn’t realized how young she was until she stepped out from the rotating blue and purple stage lights. She’d never taken money before, she said, her eyes flitting over the stained quilt on the bed. It broke his heart and at the same time drove him crazy with desire. The writer knew then that he was damned.

She was petite but her legs were long and she spread them wide. Her wispy, blonde hair and fragile features belied a cunt that was plump and moist. He touched her everywhere, turned her over, and pushed his fingers inside her. He stretched her hands above her head and saw her mouth fall open when he finally staked her to the bed with his erection. Soon her face was scarlet and the tendons in her neck grew taut. Slender arms strained against the grip of a single hand. How human pleasure looks so like pain, he thought.

The writer opened his laptop now and brought up a blank page. Thoughts had begun to form like the faraway strains of a nearly forgotten song. What began as unintelligible murmurs became a whisper. He began to type, not knowing where the words would take him.

He knew it wouldn’t be what he came here for, those sunny days when everything was possible. The park was gone. The motel was shit. This would be a different kind of story. It was the Ferris wheel that had been speaking to him. The wheel that turned and turned and went nowhere. Going through the motions, he thought.


Alice pushed through the glass doors and stepped into the soft colors of the night. A welcoming breeze carried the inviting, greasy aroma of fries from the drive-in across the boulevard and the echo of steel drums from a distant radio.

A broad shouldered male ran his fingers through a thick mane of black hair and pushed his buttocks away from the truck. With a flick of a finger, a tracer of burning embers arced into the dark. Alice was transported to a time when a beautiful boy, his car, and a full tank of gasoline held all the possibilities she thought she would ever need.

“So?” He approached her with a wide grin that would melt the polar ice caps. “Is everything, uh… everything set?”

Tony moved in close to Alice and slid a hand beneath her blazer to gather her waist. His lack of inhibition nearly took her breath away. Her groin bumped into the rock-like muscle of his thigh. Being this close to him, she had a barely controllable urge to lick the aftershave from his face and throat.

Collecting herself, she swiveled her head toward the parking lot and then checked the lobby. Loretta had resumed the annihilation of her pastry with a faraway look on her face and Pete was out of sight. Alice bent an arm behind her to pry Tony’s hand away from her back. She had to fight to escape the playful fingers that wove among hers. She stifled a laugh and spoke in a low voice through her teeth.

To-ny… please. I told you... you never know who’s wat-ching.” She tilted her head and widened her eyes for emphasis. “You were supposed to wait in the tru-uck.”

He knitted his eyebrows, sealed his teeth together, and peeled back his lips in a grimace.

“Why - are - we - talk-ing - like - this? No - one - can - hear - us.”

“You’re making FUN of me? Now?” Alice balled up a fist and threw a girlie right cross at his shoulder. “Here? You’re pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you?” She bit her lip, not wanting to encourage him with any sign of amusement.

“Pretty sure of myself?” His eyes widened. “You did just rent a motel room.”

She jabbed him in the stomach.

“I want to hurt you right now.”

Tony took her index finger in his hand and stroked it with his thumb. Headlights rolled across the curve of his dark eyes as an eighteen wheeler rumbled by. He looked down at her and curled one corner of his mouth.

“I’m sorry, Alice,” he said quietly, softening the husky fray of his voice. “I couldn’t help it. You just… you look so cute, all nervous and jumpy like that.”

Alice shuddered and felt weak at the knees. The misgivings she’d felt just moments earlier gave way to a nervous euphoria. She knew now that it was going to happen. All she could think about was stretching out naked on a bed and rubbing her skin against his taut muscles. Once started, she wondered how she would ever be able to stop. The thought both frightened and thrilled her.

Men found her attractive, she knew that. Friends of her husband checked her out. So did men at the service station when she filled her tank, even men at church and school. But Tony was different. He was young. He was… well, he was hot. She tried not to think about the perfect tits and asses that must be waived in his face every day, the young faces with flawless skin and carefree smiles.

“Your bedroom voice isn’t working, Tony.”

“Not even a little?”


“Well,” he lifted his free hand and wiped an imaginary crumb from her lip with his thumb. “Then let’s go to the room and figure out what does work.”

Alice felt it. She knew it wasn’t her imagination. Her vagina had moistened. She thought about the pretty new panties she had purchased for Tony’s eyes only and knew they would be soaked by the time he saw them. She flushed at the thought of him seeing the tangible effect he had on her.

“Hold it.” She scanned the parking lot as if seeing it for the first time, suddenly feeling exposed. “We can’t be standing out here.”

Alice pulled her hand away from Tony and strode around his pickup. She turned to find him right behind her when she reached the passenger door. She leaned back, palms pressed against the cool metal. How relaxed his body was, hands clamped on the roof of the truck, looking like he was about to kiss her. She struggled to keep her breathing even.

Looking up at him, her eyes were drawn to the complex shape in the sky. The Ferris wheel was silhouetted against a low cloud illuminated by the glare of the boulevard. It appeared larger in this light, imposing and noble.

“It’s beautiful,” she said, mostly to herself. Her eyes moved over the shadowy steelwork.

“I grew up not far from here.” Tony never took his eyes from her. “I had to look at that thing every day of my life.”

“There’s a saying. How does it go?” Alice was till staring at the huge circle. She was thinking about the way it used to make her feel. “Life is like a Ferris wheel? One minute you’re on the top… the next you’re at the bottom… something, something?”

“Just stay in your seat, enjoy the ride, and hang on until you reach the top again.”

Surprised, her eyes darted back to his. She opened her mouth to speak, but Tony continued.

“It’s bullshit, Alice.” A look she hadn’t seen before crossed his face. “They shut that thing down for good when I was twelve. When the wheel stopped turning, I guess we all got stuck on that ride right where we were.”


Alice slipped her hand into Tony’s outstretched palm and laced her fingers between his. They stood in front of his truck together facing two long rows of doors and windows, his free hand dangling two cans of beer in their rings. On the avenue a police car had pulled someone over, its bank of strobe lights washing out the streetlamps. Red brushstrokes flickered across the Parkside’s stucco walls and caromed off its darkened rectangles of glass.

Heading toward the metal stairs, Alice cast a worried look at the squadron of long, black motorcycles parked at the far end of the building. Two bearded, leather jacketed men laughed into their beers as a third popped his smoking bike onto one wheel; chrome spokes sending tiny flashes in a thousand directions. Yellow wedges of light spilled onto the pavement from four open doors while the relentless metal of Anthrax warned that the party inside was by invitation only.

By the time Tony ground the key into the lock Alice was shivering. What was she doing in a place like this? She wondered. The excitement and longing that she felt just minutes ago morphed into cold panic.

“Alice.” Tony removed his hand from the doorknob and pulled her lapels into his chest. He held his lips to her forehead and spoke. “It’s okay. It’ll just be you and me in there. Let the rest of the world go to hell.”

Alice hooked her hands on his shoulders and put an ear to his chest. She listened to his strong, steady heartbeat. How did he do that? She wondered. In the space of a few seconds he had made her feel secure. A ball of warmth formed deep inside her core and began to spread through her body. The bands of muscle and fiber beneath her fingertips put thoughts in her head that caused a flutter inside her stomach.

She smiled up at him, cursing her lips for trembling. “Let’s go inside.”

Alice choked on a laugh when the door swung open and Tony reached in to flip on the light. It was worse than she expected. The stiff purple and grey fabric of the bed cover and drapes, she was sure, would provide protection in the event of nuclear fission. At the rear, an improbable sink jutted from a wall across from the folding door to a closet sized bathroom.

“Um, I need to…” she played with her lip and pointed to the back of the room.

Alice had taken half a step when Tony gripped her waist and spun her around. No sooner had the impact with his body forced the air from her lungs than he closed his mouth over hers. Her eyes opened wide in surprise but his lips were wonderful and warm, meshing perfectly with hers. They were reassuring but insistent, communicating his intentions with absolute clarity. His tongue touched her lips and she opened her mouth without hesitation.

Tony slid his hands inside her lapel and slid the blazer off her shoulders without breaking contact with her lips. She straightened her arms to let it crumple to the floor. Alice’s mind was racing. So this was it, she thought. She was about to betray her vows. Adulteress. The word rang in her head. Even if her secret stayed locked away forever, things would never be the same. Nothing ever stays the same.

“Mmm... Tony, wait.” She broke their kiss and stared into the dark, questioning eyes that beamed back at her. This is crazy, she thought. “Wait.”

Alice grabbed his face with both hands and sealed her lips to his. She didn’t want things to be the same. She loved the way his dark stubble scratched her skin and the faint taste of beer on his breath. She loved the pure male feel of his lean muscle. Arousal spread through her veins like a drug. How could any sane person not want this? She wondered.

Now Tony’s hands were all over her back and buttocks, diving between her cheeks through the sheer material of her dress and grinding her mound against him. There was no pretense of modesty now. The restraint they had practiced was a thing of the past. Tony meant to have her and she was dying to be taken.

Her entire body lit up with goose bumps when she felt a tug between her shoulders and heard the sound of a zipper.


Things were happening fast, faster than she had expected. She was sixteen years his senior but felt young and inexperienced in his arms. When her dress pooled at her feet, the dress that should have been turning forty year old heads at the meeting that night, she became short of breath.

“Turn around.” Tony nudged her hips and she complied.

He squeezed a breast through the warm satin cup and pulled back her hair. She tilted her head to surrender her smooth neck to the warmth of his breath, his licks, and gentle bites. When he closed a hand around her throat his mouth again found hers. Alice realized how much she missed kissing. The real thing, she thought, the kind that made your lose track of time and chapped your lips for days.

They had been in the room only minutes and Alice was down to her bra and panties. Tony spread his long legs to lower himself and then she felt it. She arched the small of her back and pushed her bottom against the prominent lump in his jeans. She began to roll her hips and shoulders in an instinctive, lewd dance as Tony slid a hand down her belly and between her legs. The flat of two fingers pushed and kneaded her folds through the flimsy fabric. 

Their tongues explored each other as Alice let her weight fall against him. She felt his fingers slide beneath the elastic above her mound and whimpered into his mouth when they combed her soft hair. She was embarrassed by the sopping condition of her underwear but widened her stance despite herself. A single finger ventured lower and massaged the slippery hood of her clit as Alice ground the crack of her cheeks against his steel.

“God, you’re killing me.” Her hands reached back to grasp his hips and firm sides of his buttocks.

Alice felt a release and, in an instant, the front of her bra hung open. She knew without looking that her pale areolae had wrinkled in the cool air and her nipples had grown. An electric current ran from her pussy to her tips as the fingers of Tony’s free hand stroked and rolled the erect flesh.

“Mmmgh… Toh-Tony,” she panted. It took all of her willpower to grasp his hands and squirm around to face him. She looked into his blinking eyes and nibbled her lip. “You’re going to be standing in a puddle in about thirty seconds. I reeaaallly need to go.”

Tony lifted his chin toward the sad little sink, a twitch flashing at the corner of his mouth. “At least I can make sure you wash your hands before you come back.”

Alice stuck out her jaw and exaggerated a frown as she punched him in the ribs.

“Cheeky bastard.”

Alice swore she could feel his eyes on her ass as she scurried across the floor. She slid the bra off her shoulders and tossed it in the air behind her.


Her hands flew to her ass. Her panties were a wreck, the back of one leg opening jammed between her cheeks. Sliding open the door, she looked back. Tony had crossed his hands over the hem of his tee shirt and pulled it over his head.

“Don’t get lost in there,” said the voice inside the cocoon.


“Nooooo!” Kerri howled, trying to stop laughing long enough to reason with her boyfriend.

A moment earlier, she had been sitting on Glen’s lap at the edge of the bed, partying and joking with his friends. She was giving them a hard time about the universal male obsession with lesbians, telling the guys what fucking losers they were. The next thing she knew, she was lying back on Glen’s chest, staring into an opaque field of blue as someone peeled her tank top over her face.

“What? HEY! I didn’t mean… WHOA!”

She started bucking when two sets of hands secured her ankles and someone unsnapped her denim shorts. In an instant, she was topless and looking up at five hooting bikers and assorted female guests.

“Very, ungh… funny… MMNGH!” She thrashed her hips and legs, trying to free her feet.

Glen held her hands against her shoulders and put his mouth to her ear. “Might as well relax, Ker.” Glen smelled of bourbon and sweat. “I think Daisy’s gonna give you a treat whether you like it or not.”

“What? GOD!” She strained against his hands without effect, her face burning from laughter and embarrassment. “Someone give me back my fucking top!”

She wished like hell she had kept her big mouth shut. The crystal always did this to her, she thought. The energy and euphoria caused her to natter on and on as if she had the answer to the meaning of life itself and everyone, but everyone, needed to hear it. She just had to say it, didn’t she? “No bitch is ever getting between THESE legs.” Now it was time for her comeuppance.

A long haired woman with a solid build stood over the bed and closed two cold fingers over Kerri’s pebble-like nipple, producing a high pitched yelp to the delight and cheers of her audience. She wore her man’s leather Pharaohs MC jacket over a negligent halter, the sleeves hanging well past her fingertips. About ten years older than the other girls, her round, seraphic face seemed to wear a permanent smile. Kerri had felt instant, almost chemical, aversion to her when they met. The feeling was mutual.

Daisy dragged a nail over Kerri’s sensitive tips while she waited for her struggling, writhing captive to be stripped of her clothes. She moved between the sentries at Kerri’s feet and spoke with her eyes fixed on the crooked, fuzz covered slit.

“Spread her legs, please.”

“No… Daze, I didn’t mean anything by it. Please… GLEN?” Kerri tried to bend her knees inward but it was no use; her ankles were pulled wide and she was completely exposed. The partiers scrutinized her breasts and vagina between slurps of beer and lines of crank. Strangely, it was the smirking girls that made her feel most naked.

She craned her neck. “Glen, let me go. I get it. I’m a big mouth.”

“Shhhh… it will be okay. Just have fun, Babe.”

Someone had turned the music volume down and closed the door. A steady thump of bass vibrated through the walls from the party that raged on in the surrounding rooms. When Daisy knelt and let the jacket drop to the floor, Kerri’s eyes fell to the club’s logo tattooed above her heart: a helmeted skull with the churning front end of a Harley-Davidson leaping from its maw.

Daisy’s hands caressed Kerri’s creamy thighs while she stared between her legs looking for all the world like a kid who’d just had an ice cream sundae placed in front of her.

“Tonight you’re gonna find out why I like boys AND girls.” She batted her long lashes at Kerri and beamed at her like an innocent child. “And when I get tired of making you come in front of all these people… and you WILL come…” Chuckles and murmurs filled the room. “You’re gonna beg me to let you to lick my juicy cunt.”

The mood in the room had changed from revelry to anticipation as bodies found places around the bed. A profoundly wasted girl in a tight miniskirt tickled the sole of Kerri’s twisting foot and pinched her big toe.

“GLENNN?” Kerri’s smile hardened into a nervous grimace. She struggled to understand what was happening. This was all a joke, right?

There was a soft knock at the door and an enormous, pock faced man stepped inside. It was Drake, Kerri saw, Daisy’s husband. A pony tailed biker whispered something to him and he nodded. He began to unbutton his denim shirt. His massive torso was covered with an expanse of curly black hair.

“And THEN… you’ll love this… my husband will fuck this pretty pink pussy of yours.” She tapped the vertex of her sex, making Kerri jump and causing the miniskirted girl to double over with laughter. “From the look of it, you won’t be able to handle all of him so, if he’s in the mood to go really deep, he’ll just turn you over.”

Kerri rocked her head back and forth. “Daze, c’mon…”

Daisy knitted her eyebrows and tilted her head. “Aw, you look confused. Didn’t Glen tell you? The chapter president dips into all the new whores.”

Kerri wasn’t supposed to be within five hundred miles of that motel room. She’d left town nearly a year earlier, expecting never to lay eyes on the place again. As it turned out, New York didn’t need another graphic artist with a diploma from a community college no one had ever heard of. She came to understand that her earnings from waiting tables and hostessing parties in the Meatpacking District ensured only that she was more likely to freeze to death than starve.

Now she was right back where she started, living at her mother’s place and working behind the same cash register at the pharmacy. She’d even gotten back together with Glen, who hadn’t been too proud to overlook the inconvenient fact that she had dumped him. The only noticeable changes in him were the chopper he had gotten in trade for his Camaro and the new collection of burnouts he associated with.

When she’d ridden in that night with her arms wrapped around Glen’s waist, she glanced at the curve of the Ferris wheel peeking over the roofline. It reminded her of the wire wheel she’d bought for her pet hamster as a kid. Alice thought how like that hamster she was, running and running, never getting anywhere. And when she couldn’t run anymore she’d stop and allow herself to be carried up and around, only to find herself back at the bottom where she started. An endless prank. 

When Daisy’s lips moved over the curves of her inner thighs, Kerri stiffened like a board. She was in no rush, moving from one side to the other, all the time moving closer and closer to the helpless pussy.

Every muscle in Kerri’s limbs and back ached from pulling against the three men and she felt the strength leaving her. God, she thought, this can't be happening.

“Relax, you’re gonna like this part.” A smile escaped one side of Daisy’s mouth as her tongue traced tiny wet circles closer and closer to Kerri’s sex. Without lifting her head, she tied her dark hair in a loose knot with a few swift movements.

Kerri shrieked when she felt what she knew had been coming. Daisy’s mouth closed over her entire pussy. The flat of her tongue was loaded with wet warmth and pressed along the length of the crevice. The intrusion was humiliating, shocking, and strangely wonderful. A woman’s mouth, she thought. A woman’s mouth is on my cunt.

Daisy spread more and more liquid heat between the yielding labia with her soft, invading tongue, coaxing Kerri’s own, reluctant lubrication into her channel. Her hums and moans registered as soft, pleasuring vibrations inside Kerri’s pussy.

Kerri was shaking when Daisy removed her mouth with a wet sucking sound. By some instinctive force, she lifted her hips. More laughter. Daisy flowered the quivering pussy open with her thumbs to the vocal approval of the room. Kerri tried not to think about the eyes that were on her or the lewd comments. She knew her clitoris was standing up, sticking well out of its sheath, and that it had not gone unnoticed.

Daisy lowered her head again. This time her tongue, just the tip of it, ventured along Kerri’s slippery valley and dipped into her opening. It felt remarkably long and slender, snaking around the folded, textured walls inside her. Kerri looked between her legs and saw a nose nestled in her curly strip of hair.

All at once Kerri felt the familiar changes brought on by arousal. There was a glow in her nipples and she knew that the folds of her pussy were swelling. The strong, unmistakable scent of her sex reached her nostrils. Moments earlier it would have filled her with shame but now all she could think about was the talented tongue that was undoing her. Her clit was bristling, begging to be pulled and stroked, but Daisy ignored it. Frustrated, she dug her nails into Glen’s hands, dying to strum it herself.

“Let her go now.” Daisy looked up with eyes that were glazed and a chin that was covered with secretions.

Released, Kerri draped her legs over the winged gods that soared and battled across Daisy’s shoulders and grabbed the head that bent between her legs. When Daisy’s tongue pressed down on her screaming nub Kerri flooded her mouth.

Daisy pushed the clit forward and back, side to side. And when she slipped a single, slim finger into the hungry vagina, Kerri shuddered with a staggering orgasm.

She hadn’t realized at first that she had added her raspy voice to the cheers around her. She didn’t know how long it had all taken but noticed that people had moved from where she’d last seen them. Daisy had been thorough, sucking steadily and pushing her finger upward, prolonging and intensifying the waves of sensation beyond anything Kerri thought possible.

“God.” Kerri’s abdomen was sore and she struggled to fill her lungs. She lifted herself by straightening her arms against Glen’s chest. “That was… God.”

Daisy stood and waggled her hips as her thumbs pushed down on the waistband of her tight jeans, a dark explosion of hair coming into view. Her top had disappeared and two large, brown circles stared at Kerri from heavy breasts.

Her naked husband elbowed a biker aside and towered next to his woman. Kerri’s eyes fell to his cock, the likes of which she had never seen. Her vagina clenched and began to seep again. The phallus was nearly as thick as her wrist and curled toward the ceiling like the horn of some great beast. She licked her lips and felt her nipples pucker.

Drake looked at Glen and curled his upper lip.

“Everyone get the fuck out,” his deep voice rumbled as he drank in Kerri’s nakedness. “Daisy and me… we’re gonna get to know this one better tonight.”


Alice’s hands felt like foreign objects. She didn’t know what to do with them. She stood there, naked except for the sliver of silk covering her mound, feeling her nipples fatten under Tony’s gaze. If she’d been wearing pants, she supposed, she could jam them into her pockets. Instead, she meshed her fingers together in front of her panties, felt silly, and then settled on a pattern of crossing and uncrossing her arms.

It wasn’t his dreamy eyes this time that caused the heat to spread out of control over her skin. Tony had stripped down to his boxers and stood with his thoroughbred legs slightly spread, arms hanging confidently at his side, chest and shoulders armored with sinew.

Alice’s stomach tightened at the sight of his narrow hips and the dark trickle of hair that funneled down from his hairy chest, rode the rapids of his abdomen, and finally disappeared beneath the tattered waistband of his underwear. Her eyes fell further to the wet spot spreading over the outline of the wide bulb sealed against the lightweight cotton, dramatically tenting his shorts.

She thought there must be some kind of opiate pumping from the air conditioner to make her head feel so light.

“I guess I’ll go first.” Tony’s eyes sparkled.

His shoulders rose and stomach rippled as he pushed his underwear over his hips. She watched his soft, dark nest uncoil, popping free of the sliding elastic band. With a sly smile, Tony stopped, the thick root of his cock just barely exposed.

Her head snapped up to meet his gaze. “You’re teasing me?” Her dry tongue tried vainly to moisten her lips. “No. Get them off… now.”

The corners of his mouth curled upward, setting off tiny charges inside Alice’s chest. All at once she could breathe again and she wanted him more than ever.

He resumed dragging down his shorts, baring a long, veined shaft until the elastic caught on the prominent ridge surrounding his glans. Suddenly, his dick sprung free, slapping at his navel and swaying in the air inches from his belly.

She couldn’t take her eyes from it. Every penis is different, she knew. She’d always thought her husband had a pretty one and, from what her friends had hinted about their men, she hadn’t much to complain about when it came to dimensions. This was… different.

“Your turn.” Tony straightened up and kicked his boxers aside, never taking his eyes from her.

Alice’s heart was thundering. She now knew what to do with her hands, shredding the damp undies down her legs and flicking them at his chest with her big toe.

“There.” She was pleased with the maneuver. “Jerk.”

Tony snatched them out of the air and held them to his nose, making a show of it. But Alice was more interested in the clear liquid leaking from his slit and spreading over the head of his penis. Large oval shapes shifted in his dangling sac as the loose skin of his scrotum began to thicken and contract. She stared at his cock, so straight and upright. She’d never seen one stand that way.

Alice was mesmerized by this transformation; seeing his body prepare for the act of sex. Alice was both thrilled and anxious, knowing that she was the object of his lust. 

“Get over here.” His voice was thick, barely above a whisper.

She felt a warm release and a screaming, empty ache between her legs at his demanding tone. Alice closed the distance between them with two steps. He clapped a hand behind her neck and pulled her close, sliding his other hand over her mound.

“Tell me what you want, Alice.”

She slipped her hands between them and grasped his column. His skin felt so delicate and warm and yet the shaft was so impossibly hard. In her hands, his girth was more impressive than even her first glimpse of it. She thought about how it would feel pushing deep inside her. The glow of heat inside her pussy told her she was covering Tony’s hand with her thick liquid.

“I want to suck your cock.” She sunk to her knees.

In all her years with her husband, she had never sucked him this way. Those times she’d taken him into her mouth, she would be stretched next to him on the bed while he stroked or licked her. As a lover, he was attentive and tender. This was just something they never did. 

Now she was on her knees in a low rent motel room, about to service a strapping stud she barely knew. Wet warmth trickled over her inner thighs in anticipation. She wanted Tony to fuck her mouth. This is what she had been missing in her life, she thought, the raw expression of desire.

She smiled up at the soft, brown eyes that gazed down at her and whispered her hands over his chest and tummy. Her fingertips circled his nipples and felt them harden, just as hers had done. She beamed when she heard him growl.

Alice smoothed her hands over his hips and reached around to examine Tony’s prominently muscled buttocks. Her curious fingers dove into the warm crease between his cheeks and squeezed the firm globes. She shivered, sensing the stored power in the round haunches.

Alice’s voice quivered. “You have a beautiful body, Tony.”

Alice bent at the waist and turned her head enough to suck one mouthwatering testicle past her lips. His heady, almost sour, male scent filled her nostrils, driving her nearly crazy with arousal. One hand meandered around his hips and found the meaty tip of his penis. Five fingertips surrounded it, stroking, plumping, and twisting the darkened organ.

“Ohhhhhh… God, Alice.” Tony placed his hands around the back of her head and began to roll his hips. “Unghhh… that’s amaaaazing.”

Alice curled her fingers around his shaft and dragged her wet tongue to the base of his cock, lingering there and sucking. Her lips traveled up his hard length, leaving a shiny trail of saliva behind them.

“Oh, Jesus.” Tony widened his stance and slid his pelvis forward with his shoulders tilted back.

Yummy, Alice thought. She took long, slow licks of the heavy cock as she would a melting ice cream cone.

She felt his body stiffen and a hand grip her shoulder when she swirled her tongue around his hot, smooth glans. Alice moved her fist up and down his shaft while fingers rolled and squeezed his balls. She loved the way his thin layer of skin moved with her grip over the hard bone beneath.

She was an educated woman; modern, capable, and – as much as she hated the word – liberated. But kneeling in front of the young male and sucking his penis, this act of submission, tapped urges that were primitive and feral. Her desire was agonizing. She needed to be taken now, to be brought down like prey and fucked.

Alice glanced upward when she closed her lips over the head of his cock and began the long slide down his length. Tony’s head was tilted back and his eyes were closed. Soft sounds warbled from his throat. She might mistake it for sleep, she mused, if it wasn’t for the hand that pressed at the back of her head or the fingers that had found her nipple.

Tony’s hips rocked to the steady motion of her head. Alice gripped the base of his cock as she slid her mouth up and down the rippled member. She took him to the back of her throat, opening wide to accommodate him, and then pulled her wet lips over him, zigzagging her tongue along the underside of his shaft.

She began to drift away on a sensory carpet ride - his taste, his smell, the song of their moans accompanied by watery slurps and sucking sounds. She was lost in the power of the urgent cock that now plunged into her mouth and the electric current running from the fingers twisting her nipple to her empty cunt.

“Unngh… Alice, I’m gonna come.” Tony coiled a handful of hair around his fist.

She grabbed his ass with both hands, feeling his powerful muscles ripple with every thrust.

“Oh, Alice… ahhh…”

His penis leaped out of her mouth with a pop.

“Wuh… what?” Tony gasped.

Alice wiped the back of her hand across her lips and got to her feet, saliva running over her chin.

“I warned you not to mess with me.” She looked around on the floor and bent over to retrieve her dress. “I need to get going now but this has been nice. Truly.”

A shriek pierced the room when Alice was launched into the atmosphere, her dress fluttering overhead like a parachute. She squealed with laughter as her reentry bounced her backside on the bed.

Tony was on her before she could sit up. “Okay, lady, have it your way. I’m done messing around with you.” He hovered over her with his hands and knees caging her wriggling body. “I’ll just give you the fuck of your life, pat your ass, and send you home. How’s that sound?”

“Hmmgh… Call me when you get a driver’s license.” Alice’s fists were tucked under her chin and her bent arms were pressed tightly against her chest. “And a real job.”

“Huh? Did you say something? Be a good girl and grab me one of those beers before I get started, will you?”

“Are you a virgin, Tony? Don’t worry, I’ll show you what to do.”

Tony lowered himself and put his lips to her ear. “We’ll see how mouthy you are when I slide this up your ass.” He held his cock by its base and drummed it on her belly.

Alice lost all expression on her face. “Tony, I-I don’t… I never…”

“Tonight you do… you will.” He grabbed her wrists and pinned them over her head. Her breasts flattened out over her chest with only her pink nipples rising upward. He leaned in for a long, tender kiss. “But because you’re so sweet to me… usually… I’ll make it so you’ll never want it to stop. I promise, Alice.”

There he goes again, she thought. That voice, those eyes, the irresistible cock… no woman would question what she was doing if they could only experience this moment. She knew she was leaking freely now, and the need to have him inside her, anywhere inside her, was overwhelming.

“Do anything you want to me, Tony.” She was shocked at her own words but knew that she meant it.

Tony kissed her again. God, I love his kisses, she thought. He freed her arms and crawled backward over her to settle between her legs.

“I just have to taste you.”

Alice’s knees spread outward of their own accord, offering her sex to him. She watched him dip between her legs and felt his warm breath across her wet, delicate skin. He lingered there, she could tell, taking in her scent.

He licked the moisture collected on the curve of her thighs and slid his hands beneath her bottom to raise it from the bed. Alice groaned when he dragged the tip of his tongue up her glistening channel to collect her liquid sex and wash across her clit. Tiny eruptions vibrated deep inside her when he sucked the engorged nub between his lips and flicked his tongue across its trilling tip.

She arched her back. “Christ!”

His lips and tongue continued to torture her, applying enough friction and heat to keep her at the peak of arousal. He seemed to know when to back off each time she was ready to trip over the edge. Frustrated, she tried to push her fingers past his mouth to give herself relief but he slapped her hands away.

“God… please, Tony. What are you doing to me?”

“C’mere, baby.”

The bedcovers bunched beneath her cheeks as Tony dragged her with him to the corner of the bed. She was too interested in the way Tony’s cock stood so immovably rigid, despite the action of his legs and torso, to wonder what he was up to. The attentions of his mouth had left her pussy begging to be filled.

Alice could hear the muffled sound of a television laugh track bleed through the wall behind her head. She drank in the sight of Tony standing over her with one knee on the bed. Alice raised a foot and combed the soft hair of his chest between her toes. He took it in hand and, after some warm kisses along her arch, rested it on his shoulder. A tender nudge was all Alice needed to spread her other leg wide.

“Are you ready, Alice? Are you sure this is what you want?”

She couldn’t answer, too focused on getting air into her lungs. She nodded her head.

This is it, she thought. Alice was about to have a man who was not her husband inside her. Her pussy would know the shape and dimensions of another’s penis and learn the unique rhythms of his body. The wheel was turning and things would never be the same after this. Nothing ever stays the same.

Tony grasped his cock near its base and lowered it toward her pussy. The sight of his large, calloused hand slowly stroking the thick shaft was almost too much for her. She tensed when he leaned forward and brought the dripping wedge to her delicate labia. He began to slide it up and down, collecting her slick juice and nudging her clitoris.

Alice had dreamt of the moment their genitals would touch. The playful smile had left his face. His half hooded eyes, darker now, almost black, swept over her writhing body.

“God, I want you so bad, Alice.” He centered his cock and began to press.

“I… I whuhhh…”

Her mouth flew open and stomach disappeared with a sharp intake of air when his unyielding cock pushed past her pliable ring and plowed into her with one excruciating stroke. She dropped her foot from his shoulder and spread her knees as wide as she could.

“Ohhh… GOD.”

“You okay?” Tony pushed down on the back of her splayed thighs and drew back his hips.

She nodded. “Mmm-hmm.” But for a moment she wasn’t sure.

Her vagina had just been stretched beyond anything in her experience and now the unyielding tool plunged through her again. Tony gave her no time to catch her breath. She had the fleeting sensation of being drowned as he filled her with his long, rhythmic strokes.

Alice observed the rise and fall of his chest and studied the concentration on his face. She followed his eyes between her legs and watched his nectar covered cock piston in and out of her body. She forced her lungs to breath in time with his thrusts, still not quite believing this was real.

Alice gripped his forearms and felt their strength. She knew she was completely in his control, a prisoner of his urges. He would fuck her as he wished tonight and later slide his beefy penis into her virgin rectum. He told her he would and she knew he meant it. The idea made her at once frightened and crazy with desire.

“Oh, I’ve wanted this so much,” she breathed.

Tony blinked at her, as if surprised by the sound of her voice. His narrowed eyes burned with intensity she’d never seen in him. He reached under her ass and hooked his hands where her legs and torso met. He raised her hips, forcing her back to bow off the bed.

Tony growled as he fucked her harder, her breasts shaking with each thrust. He raked the walls inside her, the new angle and his size deep massaging her g-spot, making it swell and pulse. Somewhere deep inside, her orgasm had begun to build like a faraway drumbeat.

Alice saw the twitch at the corner of his mouth that told her something was about to happen. She yelped when he swept an arm beneath the small of her back and pulled her up against him. In an instant he was standing and she was sealed to his chest, legs wrapped around his hips.

Tony kissed the hollow of her throat and the tender skin below her ear as his hands held her cheeks and slid her up and down his upright pole. Alice slung an arm around his neck and let the other hang loosely at her side. The warmth of his lips and the ruggedness of his hairy chest added to the flood of sensations she was already feeling.

Tony impaled her again and again, expanding her vagina and lighting up new nerve endings. What had begun as tiny spasms now pulsed over Tony’s penis as shattering contractions. Alice felt her body begin to buck and the muscles of her arms and legs convulse around him. The pressure that had been building inside her now exploded, sending waves of heat and pleasure to wrack her frame. Her head dropped back and the room began to fall away.


The writer sat on the sidewalk outside his room with his back against the wall and one ankle crossed over the other. He watched the traffic light change colors above the empty intersection and listened to the hum of the neon signs. Crushing his last cigarette on the pavement, he checked his phone. 3:23 A.M.

He had been writing for nearly five hours, not knowing if it was shit. What he knew was that he was trying; it wasn't the formulaic crap that had paid for his vices for the last five years.

The music had stopped about an hour earlier and only two bikes remained at the far end of the lot. A rider sat aboard his idling Harley while a large, shirtless man spoke quietly to him. The large man clapped the rider on his shoulder and returned to his room.

The writer didn’t know how long the rider sat there and stared at that door. It might have been five minutes, maybe ten, before the rider cruised slowly through the parking lot past a solitary pickup truck and flew down the deserted boulevard. 

The woman he had seen earlier leaned against the pickup door, arms folded across her chest. The young man was talking to her, rubbing her arm while she looked at the ground, shaking her head. He cupped her face and kissed her forehead. It looked like the young man was about to turn away when she uncrossed her arms and slowly ran her hands up his back.

The writer checked his phone again. It’s just past 12:30 in L.A., he thought. He punched a key and held the phone to his ear, wondering if Linda was still awake.

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