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Flattery gets you everywhere

A flirt on Facebook turns into a fuck in a car park
I had just got back from the gym and was sitting in a towel at my computer desk after a quick shower when I decided to check my Facebook. I wasn't overly interested in the usual "I'm bored" status updates from various people I vaguely remembered from school. I was there for the App which was allowing me to flirt with women online at the click of the mouse. The main idea behind the app was that you would load up your picture's into a separate profile and give a description about yourself. People could then view your photo in a 'Hot or Not' style, and click on various tags depending on what they thought about you, or if they wanted to they could write a custom one.

So there were plenty of 'Cool' and 'Nice' tags on there and the occasional 'Hot' and 'Sexy' ones, which obviously gave my ego a boost, and in return I would click the 'Thanks' button and move on to the next tag before clicking on tags myself that the women would receive from me. It was all very simple and it often brought some interesting conversations and the occasional cyber sex chat.

On this particular night I was browsing through the pictures of the women on the site, and Louisa caught my eye.

She was gorgeous. Incredibly sexy, slim, amazing figure, long black hair, and older by a few years. She ticked all the boxes. I clicked on her picture to take me to her profile, and there were even more pictures of her to drool over.

It was clear to me that she kept in shape and dressed very well. Sexy and classy. I knew that a standard tag was not going to be enough for her, but I struggled to think of anything to write. Eventually I settled on 'Delicious' which in hindsight wasn't my best 'first impression' but I figured I had nothing to lose, and she was out of my league anyway, so what the hell.

I clicked send, and moved on to the next profile and the next one.

After a while of sending plain tags to some attractive women, and choosing to skip the ones I wasn't so keen on (I saw no reason to send any tags that might make someone feel less attractive, so preferred to move along) I decided to check the tags I had received and look at who had clicked on my pic to visit my profile.

In amongst the usual 'Nice' and 'Cute' tags I received a 'Hot' tag from Louisa, and she had also sent me a thanks for my tag. I looked at my profile views, and she was my last visitor. She had been to check me out!

I responded to her 'Thanks' with a personal message, something along the lines of "You're welcome, I really liked your profile and thought you looked stunning in your pics xx" and hit send.

Mins later she responded with a message complimenting my own profile, and commenting on my broad shoulders and muscley arms. Wow! She liked what she had seen. I decided to flirt with her a bit and see if she responded in the same manner I hoped she would. "Thanks Louisa, I'm glad you liked my photo's. I thought you looked incredibly sexy in yours, especially the one of you in a backless dress. Your hubby is a very lucky bloke xx"

I had no idea if she was married or not, but I wanted to find out and I wanted to let her know that I was very interested in what lay beneath that dress.

I waited for a response for ages, but it never came, so I decided to get myself dressed and go out for a bite to eat, feeling a bit deflated for being too forward and blowing my chance to flirt some more. I convinced myself that she was too sexy for me anyway, and tried to forget about it all.

A few hours later I got home and checked my Facebook again. 'Louisa has added you as a friend'!

I don't think I ever clicked 'Accept' so fast before. I was feeling much better about it all now, and logged into the facebook app to see if she had responded. She had!

She apologised for the late reply and explained that she had got a phone call that she needed to take, and then I had signed out by the time she was able to type a response. She then went on to explain that she was married, with kids, but she was in an unhappy relationship and was thinking of getting a divorce, but was putting it off for the sake of her kids. She ended by saying she thought I was very sexy, and mature for a 28 year old, but probably a bit young for her as she was 43. How wrong she was!

I hurriedly clicked 'Reply' and bashed out my response to her. "Hi Louisa, sorry I missed you earlier but I had to go out for some food. Sorry to hear about your marriage issues, I'm sure you know what's best for you and your kids. FYI, I find older women extremely attractive, and you are no exception. You look amazing, and the age difference would not be a concern for me as you look much better than most of the women I have dated in my own age group. If you have MSN and fancy a chat some time, you can add me. My email is Speak soon xx"

I logged off and got myself ready for bed, hoping to find an MSN request in the morning. I hadn't even met this women but I knew I wanted to fuck her, and I was going to try my best to make it happen.

The next morning I got up for work and quickly checked Facebook and MSN for any messages, but there were none. I went to work wondering if she would respond and if I would get to chat to her later on MSN.

That evening I got my answer. I logged on and found an MSN buddy request waiting from her. I was excited and accepted immediately. Seconds later she messaged me a simple "Hi" and we got chatting.

We started off asking questions about each other, our jobs, hobbies, all that sort of small talk. We spent most of the night glued to screen chatting before she pointed out it was 11pm and she had to log off soon and get some rest. I couldn't believe I had chatted for 6 hours to her and not even realised I hadn't eaten, or what time it was.

We said goodnight, and I decided to be cheeky and ask her to think of me removing her clothes as she got ready for bed. She replied with "Hmmm that would be good xx" and then signed off.

I got butterflies and my mind started to race. Was she flirting? Was she teasing? Should I be more forward or leave it at that?

I barely slept that night. I had thoughts racing through my head about how much I wanted to tear her clothes off and pin her to the bed. I wanted to lick her all over and finger fuck her to orgasm before flipping her over, pushing her head into the pillow and pushing my cock deep into her soaking pussy. I went to bed with a very hard cock, and wanked it furiously while thinking about what I would love to do to her if I got the chance.

The next few nights continued with usual chatter and the odd flirtatious comments thrown in to test the water, and I was starting to get the impression that she was as keen as I was to feel my hard cock inside her. Eventually she suggested a video chat, and I agreed without hesitation. I was eager to hear voice and see her moving around.

The video window popped up, and I accepted straight away, and then activated my camera for her to see me. It seemed like hours for the video to load, and I waited with my breath held, praying my internet connection wouldn't flake out. Thankfully it didn't, and her beautiful face filled my chat window and the first thing that got my attention were her eyes. She had deep green, wide eyes with a very cheeky glint. As my video loaded on her screen she dazzled me with a fantastic smile, and I smiled back. Wow, her photo's don't do her justice I thought to myself.

We exchanged a few nervous giggles and smiles and said Hello to each other before relaxing a little bit and starting to chat a bit more normally. We exchanged small talk about niff naff and trivia before I decided to go for broke.

I stopped mid sentence and simply said "I cannot believe how stunning you are! You look great in your pics, but even better on webcam. Such a great smile and enchanting eyes, I'm simply stunned" 

She smiled and looked away in a shy but flattered manner, and thanked me before saying that she thought I was quite fit and loved my big shoulders. I was flattered and explained how I had been in the gym a lot lately, and I was starting to build up some muscle, at which point she asked to see some more.

"Ummm, ok, what do you want to see" I asked her, a little bit shocked by the question, but excited about where this could go.

"Show me your arms" she said, shuffling closer to her screen. I obliged by rolling my sleeves up slightly, and flexing my bicep for her. She smiled and said "what about those shoulders?" which only meant one thing. The T-shirt had to come off!

I stood up and slowly pulled my T-shirt above my stomach, over my chest and up above my head before throwing it on the floor beside me and sitting back down in front of the web cam. I then flexed my bicep again knowing that my shoulder muscles would look bigger, and she sat there staring at the screen in silence.

I lowered my arm back down to my side and asked if she liked what she saw, to which she replied "Fuck yeah". This was the first time I had heard or read a swear word from her, and I was a little bit shocked, but she now had a wicked glint in her eye where the cheeky glint was a few mins earlier.

I decided that it was only fair that I got to see something in return, and I simply said "Now it's your turn!" and waited with anticipation for what she would do or say next.

Without speaking she stood up, walked out of shot of the camera, and the reappeared at the back of the room by the door, where she closed it fully and locked it. Then, with her back to me, she unzipped her dress slowly and looked back at me over her shoulder as she let one side slip over her shoulder. She then wriggled her bum slowly which made the rest of her dress slowly work its way off her other shoulder and then sink to the floor revealing a black bra strap across her tanned and toned back, and some sexy black french knickers obscuring part of her pert little ass. "WOW!!" was all I could manage to say, and she responded with another shy but flattered look and a smile. She slowly, teasingly walked out of camera shot and moved back towards the computer desk where she adjusted the camera angle slightly and then sat back down so I could see her face entirely, but just a hint of cleavage inside her bra. This had now stepped up a gear, and she was happy to tease me as much as I wanted her to, and I decided to tell her exactly what I was thinking.

"You don't know how much I want to lay you down on the floor and pull your knickers to one side before slipping my tongue inside your pussy". She bit her lip as she looked down again in her sexy little way, and then said "Hmm I would love that".

"I would lick my way along your pussy before lapping away at your clit and teasing my finger deep inside you, responding to your movements and licking you more until you moan and scream for me to fuck you"

Her eyes lit up and she brought a hand up to her breast and I could see at the bottom of my screen that she had given it a firm squeeze and was pushing it upwards. "Oh fuck, that would feel good. Are you hard?" she asked.

"Yes! I'm rock fucking hard just thinking about how much I want to flip you onto your front and lick your out from behind, letting my tongue tease its way up and across your tight little ass before licking my way back down to your clit. I'm horny as fuck thinking about how good you would feel wrapped around my stiff shaft and covering my cock with your hot wet pussy juice."

She moaned and I could see her right shoulder moving around on the screen as she closed her eyes and rolled her head back slightly.

"Are your touching yourself?" I asked, eager to her say yes. "Yes" she moaned in response, and stood up gently to reveal her hand inside her knickers and moving around slowly.

If my cock wasn't erect before, it was now. This sent me wild, and I stood up to show her my hard cock pushing my boxer shorts out into a tent shape.

She sat back down and looked intently at the screen, moaning as she rubbed her hard clit, and told me that she really wanted to put her mouth around my cock and tease it with her tongue. 

I sat back down and removed my cock from my boxers and gently stroked it below the desk and out of sight of the webcam.

I told her that I was wanking it whilst imagining her sexy tight body slowly engulfing it, and told her how much I wanted to release her pert tits from that bra and nibble away at them while she sank all the way down to my balls.

She reached behind her and unclipped the bra, slowly teasing it off each shoulder before raising it in front of the camera and discarding it over her shoulder. I couldn't see her tits, but I could see her teasing them and it drove me wild. She knew exactly how to get me worked up and I had to respond. I stood up, turned my back to the camera and slowly pulled down my boxers before kicking them off to the side and moving out of view of the camera.

I slipped back onto my seat, carefully ensuring that my raging hard on was not on camera. She adjusted her viewing angle, and it looked as if she was hoping that by moving her screen it would move my camera down, but it didn't and she moaned that I was being unfair and she was so turned on right now.

I asked her to prove it to me, and she removed her hand from her knickers and gently waved two sticky looking fingers in front of the camera before slowly moving them towards her mouth and teasing her tongue over them in a seductive manner. She moaned as she sucked them into her mouth and licked her own juices off them.

"I wish I was licking those fingers!" I exclaimed, and she smiled at me before slowly taking them out and moving her hand back down towards her soaking clit.

"You have no idea how much I want you right now" she said as she started to move her hand faster. I bet it was only half as much as I wanted her! I started to rub my cock faster and told her how much I wanted to be inside her. Her moans grew louder and she rubbed faster, listening carefully to every word I said to her.

"My cock is so hard right now and would stretch your tight pussy wide open. You'd be shuddering with pleasure as I sink it deeper into you, and gasp as my balls rest on your ass and my throbbing cock forces its way deep into your hot sexy body". Her moans indicated that she was close to covering her long slender fingers with her own sexy love juice, and I was throbbing with anticipation of hearing her cum with her fingers buried deep in her snatch.

"I'm wanking so hard thinking of how sexy it would be to feel you cum over my cock and drive you wild as I push deeper and harder into you, feeling you squirm in pleasure and writhe around whilst moaning and screaming into my mouth as we kiss"

That did it, and she proceeded to cum on camera for me. Her arm stopped moving and her head fell backwards. Her body tensed up and she stopped breathing. Her orgasm took over her senses and she let out a scream as her body started to shake in pleasure. This sent me wild and I wanked my cock harder and faster, wishing is was there in place of her fingers, and gagging to experience the flood of wetness cover my cock and drip over my balls.

She opened her eyes as her orgasm subsided and she realised that I was frantically beating my cock below the view of the webcam. She begged to see my cock as I neared my own intense orgasm but I refused. If she wanted to see it, she would have to show me, or better still, be there in person for the next one.

Realising I wasn't going to give in to her request to watch me cum, she started to describe how much she wanted to feel my cock stretching her pussy open and fucking its way deep into her before pushing me off and taking me in her mouth to taste my cum and lick off her own sticky juices.

She knew exactly what would finish me off, and I began to tense up and feel a familiar tingling in the end of my cock.

"I'm cumming" I exclaimed just before the first stream of hot sticky cum spewed from my raging hard cock.

My first shot shot a few inches in the air before landing on the back of my hand as I continued to wank myself to an enormous orgasm. The second shot went higher this time, and was just visible on webcam which Louisa saw, and immediately squealed out loud in excitement.

The next three jets of cum flew out equally as hard and high and then gradually the following cum streams got lower and less intense before I was left with a gentle pulsing stream of warm sticky cum on the back of my hand.

I looked up to see Louisa wide eyed and glued to the computer screen with a hungry look in her eyes. 

She told me how turned on she was and that she was so horny for sex right now. I told her how I was feeling exactly the same and that I would have loved to do all that stuff for real, but understood that she couldn't go that far as she was married. She said nothing for a minute, and the turned off the cam. As I wondered what I had done, she messaged me saying she had got to go and clean up, and would chat to me again soon. I was just about to reply when her mobile number flashed up on the screen and then she signed out.

I grabbed the boxer shorts I had discarded earlier, and wiped up my sticky mess before reaching for my mobile and typing her number into my contact list.

I typed "Thanks for an amazing show, you got me so fucking horny. xx", pressed send and then made my way to the shower where I had another wank just thinking about how sexy and horny she was, then made my way to bed for another restless night.

The following morning I had a reply. "I was horny too and I think we should meet. What do you think? xx".

My answer is obvious, but part two will cover it in more detail.

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