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Her Wake Up Surprise

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This is my first story so I thought I'd make it a true story...
Myself & F (My GF, I'll describe her in a second) had along day of running around and decided on an afternoon nap. We both like to sleep naked so we helped each other disrobe. I started, first with her pants; I unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned her jeans and wiggled them past her hips and then her legs. I followed kissing down and back up her legs as I went; next was her shirt, I pulled it over her head and undid her bra next and let it fall to the floor.

Let me take a second to describe both of us. I'm around 5'5" and she's the same if not a little bit taller (Yeah, I'm on the short side). Brown hair & eyes, I'm not one of those guys who really sees a point in shaving my body so I have the works (Chest, tummy, etc.). I do however trim around my dick so it’s not a forest. My dick is pretty average, around 7 inches. She is blond with blue(ish)/steel eyes. A nice toned body (she’s a dancer), 36B chest, A nice round ass with wide hips (which I love), and lovely legs to go with the package. Now back to my story..

Next she took off my shirt and started kissing my neck while undoing my belt and jeans letting them slip to the floor and letting my semi-hard dick spring free. She continued to kiss my neck and shoulders while reaching down and grabbing my dick and stroking it softly. I reached around and started massaging her ass. After a few minutes of teasing we climbed into bed and started cuddling. She curled up next to me and wrapped her leg around me and started grinding her pussy into me while stroking me gently. It wasn't too long that we both just passed out from exhaustion.

After a good thirty minutes or so I woke back up to her still catching some Zzz's so I decided to wake her up in an unconventional way. I rolled over and started kissing her neck letting my hand wander down her smooth stomach and into her panties, feeling her trimmed landing strip leading the way to her clit. I started to play and tease it while I started kissing and nibbling on her perky nipples. It wasn't too long before she started to wake up and letting out soft moans of approval.

Soon after I started to let my fingers go down and start playing with her lips and teasing her. When the room started to fill with her sweet aroma from her wet pussy and started to rock her hips I figured it was a good time to let a finger slip into her tight little hole and gently finger fucker her while playing with her clit with my thumb. It wasn't too long before she was moaning louder and squirming all over the bed.

So I took that as my cue to go from sucking on her nipple to kissing down her tummy, start sliding down her panties kissing her thighs as I went down. I worked my way back up kissing and licking her thighs as I made my way up to her wet pussy. With one gentle sweep I licked her from just above her tight little asshole, between her sweet pussy lips, and up to her clit where I began to encircle it with my tongue. She let out a gasping moan wrapping her legs around my head and frantically looking for something to grab a hold of and ended up with my hair. After a few minutes I decided to slide my tongue into her soaked hole, she started bucking her hips forcing my nose to rub against her clit while I tongue fucked her.

Without a word she got up and grabbed my arm leading me to lay down on the bed. She crawled up on top of me kissing my neck, my chest, tummy, and took the waistband of my boxers in her teeth; pulling them clean off my body. She climbed back up taking a hold of my now hard and pulsing dick and started stroking it slowly while circling my head with her tongue. I placed my hand on the top of her head and she understood without a word what I wanted, and engulfed my entire dick into her mouth letting it hit the back of her throat.

We both let out a soft moan as it happened. She continued to bob up and down on my hard cock letting her free hand fondle my smooth balls. After bringing me close to filling her throat full of cum several times she took my dick out of her mouth. Then she started stroking me softly again kissing my thighs and before I knew it she was sucking on one of my balls, then both of them. I absolutely love it when she sucks on my balls.

She started climbing back up kissing every inch of my body on the way up and when she thought she was going to get a kiss from me I flipped her over on her back and started rubbing her pussy lips with the head of my cock and slipped it into her soaked aching pussy with ease. She let out a loud moan and wrapped her legs tightly around my waist. I decided to give her what she wanted and muffled her moans with a passionate kiss.

After bringing her to an orgasm and almost filling her full of hot cum I flipped her over into doggy and slid my hard dick back into her hot pussy and started fucking her harder, giving her a soft spank here and there. She likes having her ass teased when she’s really turned on so just to put her over the edge again I spat on her tight, virgin asshole and started rubbing it with my thumb. Her soft moans let me know she approved, so I slide my thumb into her tight hole while fucking her pussy. She’s not into anal play normally; but she gasped with approval so I took this as an opportunity to try something new.

I got up and guided her hand to her hot cunt and told her to be a good girl and keep playing with herself and that I'd be right back. I grabbed two of her vibrators and some lube. I gave her one and let her have some fun playing with her pussy. I got behind her and started kissing her lower back, her ass, and gently separated her cheeks kissing and licking my way down to her virgin hole. She let out a loud gasp as I teased her and let out a moan when I slid my tongue into her hole. I decided to test the water a little bit more and slid a finger into her, no disapproval so I put one more in and eventually her vibrator. She was in complete ecstasy.

I took this as my cue to lube up my dick, her ass, and get into position. I rubbed the head of my dick against her tight hole and pushed into her. She let out an "oh god!” I pushed hard putting my hard cock deeper into her. I let it rest for a bit half way in for her to get used to the feeling and before long she pushed against me sliding the rest of my cock deep into her asshole. I asked her if she was okay and got the response.

"Baby, I'm fine. Just fuck my asshole already!"

So I did as I was told and grabbed her by the ass and brought her back into me letting my dick slide in and out of her tight hole. After a while I couldn't control myself and I buried my dick deep into her asshole filling her full of hot cum. That put her over the edge and soon after she was cumming and getting my bed soaked with her juices.

I collapsed on top of her and lay down next to her.

Me: "So, was that a good way to wake up?

Her: "It was great; we will need a repeat performance soon"

And.. Back to sleep.

This is my first story(Well, it's a true story). So.. Feedback is welcome. Thanks for reading.

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