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Hong Kong

Two executives meet in Hong Kong and conduct more than just business!


Chapter One

Finally arriving after a 16-hour flight from New York to Hong Kong, the last thing Amanda wanted to do was stand in line at Chek Lap Kok airport waiting to go through customs. Fortunately the line moved quickly and within ten minutes she was ushered through without incident.

Replacing her passport and identification back into her purse, she moved through the terminal to baggage claim where she retrieved her suitcase and then took a cab to the Star Ferry terminal. Taking the ferry across Victoria Bay to Hong Kong Island was not an inconvenience for her, even though she was jet-lagged and dog tired. She loved how the boats chugged back and forth from mainland Hong Kong to Hong Kong Island, especially now when twilight was settling in. She knew from having been to Hong Kong once before that the ferry ride was exactly seven minutes, with boats leaving every five to ten minutes. Once there, she would hail another cab to get to her final destination: the glorious Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

It was seven p.m. local time and as she boarded the ferry, she immediately got her second wind as she gazed across the bay and drank in the majestic skyline of Central, Hong Kong Island’s main business district. She loved how the island laid sandwiched between Victoria Peak, which loomed behind it, and the magnificent harbor that stretched out before it. Crossing the bay at dusk was when Amanda felt the romance of the city the most, as the lights of the ferry boats glistened off the rippling water and the city lights sparkled in the sky. On beautiful October nights like these, she could ride the ferry back and forth all night long and never tire of the magnificent view of the city or the ferries, fishing trawlers and Chinese junk boats hustling and bustling about the bay.

Arriving at the ferry pier on the island, she rolled her suitcase behind her and hailed a rickshaw at the end of the dock. She appreciated that Hong Kong was predominantly English speaking. She knew this was one of the reasons why so many companies like hers enjoyed doing business here. After asking her Cantonese driver to take her to The Ritz, she sat back and relaxed as the driver dodged around pedestrians, motorbikes and bicycles.

The last time her company sent her to Hong Kong, she stayed at The Ritz, so she knew that luxury awaited her. It was a truly beautiful hotel with plush rooms that were both cozy and distinguished. Grateful that she was finally here, she got to her suite, kicked off her shoes and plopped down on the bed, exhausted. Thankful that her business meetings didn’t start for a couple of days, she would spend much of this time sleeping, sightseeing and re-adjusting to Hong Kong time.

Chapter Two

Having rested throughout the weekend, Amanda was now ready to meet the new VP of real estate for Cloe’s Closet, the clothing chain she worked for. Their stores were in malls across the United States and they were now looking to expand into foreign markets. Hong Kong was a key place to introduce their chain overseas and the meetings they would be taking with various mall owners were crucial to growing their brand internationally. Amanda had been the VP of business development for ten years now, but Rick Leonard was just recently hired to negotiate the real estate deals. He was new to the company and worked out of the California office while she was situated in New York. They were scheduled to meet for lunch today, to get to know each other and talk strategy for a couple of hours before meeting with the owner of Ocean Center, a 700 store mall located in mainland Hong Kong.

Having had a brief phone call this morning with Rick, they decided to meet for lunch at The Peninsula Hotel where he was staying, located across the bay and within walking distance to their meeting. At noon, she left her hotel for the ferry knowing once she was boarded, she would be over to the mainland in seven minutes. She calculated the walk to The Peninsula to be ten minutes at the most. She had more than enough time to reach her destination by the 12:30 lunch appointment they had set. Trying to conduct a very important business deal with a new VP whom she had never met was a bit unnerving. But as she got off the ferry and meandered slowly up Salisbury road, she hoped it would go well.

As she strolled easily to the hotel, she remembered reading how The Peninsula has been a Hong Kong landmark since before World War II and is still considered to be one of the most prestigious hotels across Asia. Even the travel books stated that afternoon tea at The Peninsula was a “must do” for visitors. Today, she was meeting Rick in their fabulous French restaurant called Gaddi’s. She was looking forward to eating there every bit as much as meeting Rick. She was appropriately dressed not only for the upscale restaurant, but for the business meeting to follow after lunch. She was wearing a sleek black pencil skirt that hugged her hips and rested above the knee, black high heel pumps and a scarlet plum button down blouse that was opened at the top revealing a black lace camisole. Her jewelry was understated and the tailored black suit jacket hugged her figure. She looked every bit as professional as she did sexy.

Amanda was taller than most women. Standing barefoot, she was five feet eight inches, but she loved her heels so she usually stood two to four inches taller than that. She had a long slim waist and shapely legs that most men appreciated. But the most striking part of her looks was her auburn hair. Her nose was slightly upturned with a few freckles and her curvy figure wore her clothes beautifully. Her looks were a cross between a model and the girl next door, which made most men very intrigued. Although she had a soft, empathetic side to her, she didn’t tolerate fools lightly or admire laziness. She was formidable at her job but political enough to know how to walk softly and carry a big stick.

Entering The Peninsula, she crossed the luxurious lobby to meet Rick Leonard at Gaddi’s. As usual, she was right on time. As she approached the hostess stand, she looked into the restaurant and stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the most magnificent-looking man sitting alone at a corner table. She knew instantly that it was Rick. As he looked up from the menu, he saw her standing there and their eyes locked and held. An uncontrollable shiver coursed through her body. She was completely mesmerized by how striking he was. Not wanting to appear flustered, she proceeded into the restaurant and upon reaching the table, held out her hand and said in her most professional business voice, “You must be Rick Leonard. I’m Amanda Cain.” Standing up from his chair, he shook her hand while discreetly examining her as they sat down.

His eyes were deep blue and she was hypnotized by how beautiful they were. His dark brown hair and golden tan made them stand out even more and she couldn’t take her eyes off him. She noticed he was around six foot four, and although he was wearing a beautifully tailored Armani suit, she could tell he was muscular and in great shape. It wasn’t like her to get nervous with people – especially in business situations – but this man had her completely unnerved. All she could think about was how in the world she was going to work with him over the next couple of days and keep from jumping him. She could see he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring and that fueled her fantasies even more. Chatting easily while looking at the menus, Amanda’s heart skipped a beat when she looked up from her menu and saw him staring at her in a way that could only be predatory. Blushing slightly, she gave him a shy smile and lowered her eyes back down to the menu. Good Lord this man is smoking hot, she thought. And there was no doubt in her mind that a very strong electric current was shooting between them.

Keeping the conversation professional despite the palatable sexual tension, they organized their thoughts on how to best present their clothing chain to the mall owner and agreed that they would need a space that was around 2000 square feet. Finishing lunch, they paid the bill and walked the short distance to the mall offices for their meeting.

Chapter Three

The meeting couldn’t have gone better, and they were both fired up as they walked out of the building. She and Rick had tag-teamed the presentation like they had been working together for years, and they nailed it! The lease was being granted to them with a lengthy contract and a sweet deal. They talked excitedly as they recounted the twists and turns of the negotiation and complimented each other enthusiastically on how well they played their parts. They were amazed at how naturally they pitched the company together and their adrenaline was racing as they walked back to The Peninsula.

“Let’s celebrate with a drink!” Rick suggested. Amanda couldn’t have agreed more!

Continuing to talk about the deal, they entered the lobby and rode the elevator up to the Felix restaurant located at the top of the hotel. Sitting down at the bar, Amanda said excitedly, “The view from here is amazing! I’ve never been up here before!” Ordering two martinis, Rick explained some more about the history of the hotel.

Over the next two hours they drank martinis and talked about some business, but spent more time exploring each other’s personal lives. As their conversation progressed, Amanda began to realize that she was very attracted to him not just physically, but personally as well. He was brilliant at his job but he was also sensitive, thoughtful and funny. She couldn’t stop laughing at his stupid jokes and shot many back at him. Nothing attracted her to a man more than a great sense of humor; intelligence was very high up on her list too. And a smoking body didn’t hurt either!

Finishing their last drinks, Rick slapped his head and said, “I need to give you the file for tomorrow’s meeting. It’s up in my room. Do you mind coming up to get it?” Did she mind?

“Why Mr. Leonard!” she teased. “Are you trying to get me up to your suite?”

Giving her a long, deep stare he answered quietly, “Would you mind if I were?”

Instantly their light joking and teasing mood turned into one of heavy lust and hunger. Gently running her hand up his leg, she gave him a seductive smile and said, “Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

The ladies’ room was as elegant as she expected. She admired the attention to detail and loved how the sinks and fixtures were modern and extremely high-end. As she finished washing her hands, she heard the door open and sensed someone standing right behind her. Turning around she gasped when she saw Rick standing there with an intense look on his face. Before she could say anything, he grabbed her hand and pulled her into the spacious handicap stall and latched the door.

“Oh my God, Rick,” she breathed. “Are you out of your mind? This is the ladies’ room!”

Taking her face into his hands he whispered, “I can’t wait any longer. I need to take you right now.”

Pushing her hard up against the side of the stall he pulled her face to his lips and took over, kissing her hard and greedily. His body pinned her to the wall and she could feel his hard cock digging into her. Hot flames shot through her body as she lost all control to him. With equal passion and desire, she returned his kiss as she panted, “Take off my blouse.”

Giving her a wicked smile, he knew she was turned on by doing this in such a public place. The thrill of getting caught was intoxicating to her and she wanted more. As he stepped back slightly, he ripped off her blouse and pushed her lacy red bra down to her waist. Her beautiful full breasts were completely bare and seeing her nipples pointing up at him made his cock throb. Unable to stifle a groan, he put his hands on them and started to gently twist them. She could hear her own cries of pleasure echoing and bouncing off the metal stall and tile floor. Desperate for his cock, she reached down to his crotch, grabbed his zipper and lowered it while he continued to twist, pinch and squeeze her very red and very aroused nipples.

Freeing his cock from his pants, she grasped him tightly and stroked him back and forth, hard and fast.

“That’s it baby,” he moaned. “Squeeze that cock!”

She was so deliriously turned on she could feel an orgasm starting to creep up between her legs. The wet heat of his mouth crushing down on hers combined with her stinging nipples and his warm, thick shaft in her hand made her beg for more. Reaching down, he yanked her skirt up so it rested at her waist with her bra. Rick couldn’t have been more surprised or delighted with what he saw. She was wearing a matching red garter belt and thong. Turning her around so she was facing the wall, he stared at her beautiful bare bottom framed in red lace.

Unable to contain himself, he moved her over to the toilet and murmured, “If I had known you were wearing this during the meeting, I would have taken you right then and there on the boardroom table. Now bend over and put your hands on the toilet seat.”

For one brief moment she wondered if anyone would come into the bathroom and what they would do if someone did. But she was so hot and horny, all she cared about was what Rick was going to do next.

With her bare feminine mounds in his big hands, he squeezed and rubbed them. “Oh baby,” he growled as he continued to fondle her and lightly slap each cheek. Being spanked in a ladies’ room by this gorgeous sexy man brought out a side of her she didn’t recognize.

“Spank me harder, please!” she cried out. Delighted that her bottom was obviously an erogenous zone, he was only too happy to give it to her harder. As he stepped a bit to the side, he positioned himself perfectly to give her what she craved. Bringing his arm back, he spanked her over and over again. The spanking was good and loud as his flesh met hers. “That’s it,” she cried. “Harder, and don’t stop!”

Satisfied with seeing her ass cheeks shining with a pinkish hue, he responded, “I’m not going to stop until this beautiful ass matches your red underwear.” Without missing a beat, he continued to spank her in a methodical, steady rhythm.

With each slap, his cock grew harder and harder. Unable to hold himself back any more and seeing that her ass was now bright red, he moved back behind her and thrust deep into her while she stayed bent over. Grasping her hips, he plunged into her over and over again while she braced herself on the toilet seat. “God baby!” he cried out. “You’re so fucking wet. I’m going to have to spank you more often.”

Letting out a little laugh as he pounded into her she said, “If you think I’m wet now, you’re about to get soaked!”

Understanding that she was just about to orgasm all over him and desperately wanting release himself, he said “Then let’s get to it, baby.” It was only later that night in her hotel room when she wondered if people in the bar heard them explode.

Chapter Four

The next day their meeting was on Hong Kong Island where she was staying. This time Rick would be taking the ferry over to meet up with her and together they would present Cloe’s Closet to the owners of Pacific Place Mall, one of the nicest malls on the island. Waiting for him at the ferry terminal, she blushed slightly as she thought back to last night in the ladies’ room. She had no idea how she was going to keep a professional demeanor with him in the same room. As soon as that thought crossed her mind, she saw Rick walking up the pier wearing a beautiful suit and holding a leather briefcase. The description “Adonis” fit him perfectly. He took her breath away.

Giving her a big smile, he casually whispered in her ear, “How’s that beautiful ass feeling today?”

Laughing out loud she replied while hailing a rickshaw, “I can’t sit down without thinking of you!”

Two hours later, they were finished with the meeting and had a good feeling that they had their second Hong Kong store in the bag. A few minor issues came up, but they felt they could easily be addressed once they got back to the States. Once again, they felt that same incredible adrenaline high as they left the meeting. As they jumped into a rickshaw to return back to Central, Amanda boldly told the driver to take them to her hotel. As soon as the words left her mouth, she glanced at Rick, nervous because of her impulsiveness. But seeing the smile that was spreading across his face she knew instantly that he was pleased and had the same thing in mind. Sitting side by side in the covered rickshaw, they couldn’t see much except the driver’s back.

They weren’t even five minutes into the ride when Rick slowly slid his hand up under her skirt, pulled her thong away from her pussy and inserted his finger deep between her folds. As the rickshaw maneuvered its way down Murray Road, Rick finger fucked her with the driver and pedestrians none the wiser. It was exhilarating and it fueled a fire deep inside her. With the hotel now within eyesight, Rick pulled his finger out, straightened her panties and withdrew his hand from under her skirt. Laughing at seeing her disappointed look he said, “Don’t worry baby. That was just a warm up.”

It seemed like hours instead of the five minutes it took them to get up to her hotel suite. Once inside, she wanted him naked, now. Pulling off his jacket she tossed it to the chair. Unbuttoning his shirt, she took it off and grabbed for his belt buckle. She couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough. As she lowered his pants down to his ankles, she was completely amazed seeing him standing there in a tight black thong! Oh my goodness, she thought. That is the hottest thing I have ever seen!

She had never seen a man in a thong before and knew instinctively that most men couldn’t pull it off. But Mr. Adonis knocked it out of the ballpark! Her lower lips were throbbing and her whole body was aching for him. She was so fired up she asked in a low aching voice, “Can I spank you?” He was shocked and amazed by the directness of her question. No woman had ever spanked him before and he was more than intrigued.

Kicking off his shoes and pants he replied, “You can do whatever you like to me, baby.” Looking desperately around the suite, she pondered how she wanted to do it. Grabbing his hand, she led him over to the desk and motioned for him to bend over it and rest on his elbows. Instantly his cock shot straight out. This was the sexiest thing he had experienced with a woman in a very long time and he was rock-hard.

Tentative at first, Amanda swatted his ass cheeks one at a time. Seeing his muscular manly cheeks facing her as her small, delicate hand spanked them increased her arousal. Getting a bit bolder, she began to spank him harder and was rewarded by his groans of pleasure. He was on fire and so was she. She didn’t even realize that she was still fully dressed. Her eyes were completely focused on his bare ass and beautiful torso leaning over the desk.

After spanking him several more times he stood up, pulled her into his arms and said in a lustful tone, “That was so fucking hot, but you need to stop or I’m going to cum all over the desk.”

Taking her hand in his, he walked her across the suite until they were standing right in front of the big glass windows. The shades were wide open and darkness was descending over the city below. With her head in his hands, he gave her a long, slow kiss that made her melt. Placing his hands on her blouse, he started to undo the buttons. As she tried reaching for the shades to close them, she felt Rick catch her hand as he said, “No you don’t. I want to strip you right here with the shades wide open.”

The windows were floor-to-ceiling and ran the whole length of the wall. Anyone who looked over from another building or up from the street would see everything! For reasons she didn’t quite understand, her initial shock turned into excitement. And she could tell from how her lower lips were heating up and how her nipples were starting to pop through her blouse that she was game for his voyeuristic desires.

Reaching down she pulled his cock out of his thong and said in a threatening tone, “Well baby, if you want to put on a show, you better make it good!”

Chapter Five

Very slowly and methodically, Rick undressed her right down to her pink bra, panties and high heels. Leaving her standing for just a moment in front of the windows almost completely naked, he walked over to the CD player and popped in a CD. Returning, he scooped her up in his arms and started dancing with her. The music was soft and slow and his warm body felt good pressed up against hers. As they glided back and forth in front of the windows, his hands slid down to her bottom and started to squeeze and caress her.

With the windows now forgotten, Amanda reached up and put her arms around his neck and kissed him seductively and deeply. Moving his hands up along her back, he unclasped her bra and let it slip to the floor. Continuing to dance with her bare body exposed to the entire city, she lowered her arms and while putting one hand on his ass, she reached for his manhood with the other. Cupping his balls in her hand, she squeezed and fondled them while at the same time rubbing his ass. With every pull of his sac, his groans grew louder and louder.

Suddenly in one fluid motion, he had her body pinned against the window so she was facing out over the city. Her breasts were squeezed against the glass and she could feel the coolness of the smooth surface as he lifted her arms over her head and placed them against the glass. Dropping down on his knees, he gently slid off her panties so she was now completely and utterly naked except for her high heels.

Rick was on fire seeing her stretched out for the entire city to see. His cock was rock-hard as he stood behind her getting off on what they were doing. Sitting about four feet away was an upholstered armchair. He knew instantly what he was going to do next. Pulling the chair over, he turned it so the side of the chair was up against the window. Gently reaching for her hips, he pulled her toward him and bent her over the back of the chair saying, “I’m going to fuck you till you beg me to stop.”

Anyone who happened to be looking into their window would get a full side angle view of her bent over the chair with him ramming himself into her ass. As he pounded into her again and again, she cried out his name as the walls of her vagina welcomed the friction of his thick, hard penis.

“Oh yeah, that’s it baby,” he cried as he began to spank her hard while driving into her again and again. Finally unable to hold back any longer, he gave one final slap to her reddened ass cheek and released himself inside her, in full view of the city.

After gently helping her to stand up, he strode over to the curtains and closed them. As she stood watching him and rubbing her red bottom she teased, “Well Mr. Leonard, that was quite a show. I would say it calls for a standing ovation!”

Chuckling to himself he teased back, “Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. The ending is always the best part, don’t you think?”

Snickering, she threw his shirt at him and said, “Get dressed. We’re going out on the town.”

Chapter Six

Jumping on a tram, they rode from The Ritz-Carlton to Lan Kwai Fong, an area that is designed for pedestrian traffic only and is filled with bars and restaurants. The night was beautiful and they were both famished from their exciting day. Since they were both in the mood for Italian food, they agreed on Va Bene, which was noted for its wonderful bread and excellent service.

After having a couple glasses of wine, Amanda felt a silly streak coming on. While keeping an absolutely straight face, she kicked off her right shoe, stretched her leg out under the table and started rubbing his crotch with her toes. Seeing that he was giving her a look that one would give to a misbehaving child, she exploded in laughter and continued to tease his man area with her foot, completely hidden by the tablecloth.

Much to Rick’s chagrin, it was precisely at that moment when the waiter approached the table to clear their plates and inquire about dessert. But that didn’t stop Amanda. She kept right on rubbing his crotch as Rick attempted to speak with the waiter in a reserved tone. She was dying of laughter inside and it took all her effort to keep a straight face. As soon as the waiter was out of earshot Rick said, “You’re going to pay for this.”

Looking at him with big, innocent eyes she replied, “Why, whatever do you mean?”

Trying to look stern even though he was amused by her antics, he said in a threatening tone, “Oh I’ll show you what I mean.”

Inside of 15 minutes they were back at her hotel suite and Amanda was getting goose bumps anticipating what Rick’s revenge was going to entail. The moment the door to the suite closed, he strode purposefully over to his briefcase, which he had left behind. Curious as to what he was up to, she sat on the edge of the couch and watched him rifle through it. Grinning with satisfaction, he pulled out what looked like red rope, neatly tied up in a bundle. He also had something smaller in his other hand that she couldn’t make out. Feeling a little bit tentative about what he was holding, she asked, “What’s that?”

Chuckling under his breath, he walked toward her and said, “This, my dear, is what’s called Japanese bondage rope.” Holding out his other hand he said, “And this is a satin blindfold.”

Amanda was speechless, but instantly aroused. Before she could utter a sound, Rick motioned with his head and directed, “Get into the bedroom.” Following behind him, all she could do was stare at the bondage rope and blindfold in his hands. “Get undressed,” he commanded. “I’m going to torture you now, just like you did to me in the restaurant.”

As she stripped off her clothes, he threw the rope and blindfold on the chair and undressed. Standing completely naked, Rick picked up the items and approached her. “Lie down on the bed facing up,” he instructed. Once she was in place, he slid the blindfold over her eyes so she couldn’t see a thing. Making sure the blindfold was securely in place he said, ”Being blindfolded will make what I’m about to do to you even more exciting and pleasurable.”

The next thing she knew, he was tying the rope around both her wrists and securing each one to the headboard so her arms were outstretched over her head. After a moment of hearing him shuffling around the room, she felt his warm hands on her ankles and rope being secured around them as well. Pulling her legs wide apart, she could then hear him tying her legs to the footboard. Just picturing what she looked like outstretched, naked and bound to the bed made her clit start to ache and her lips start to pound.

“Now that’s a beautiful sight,” he whispered lustfully. “I’m going to bite those beautiful breasts and lick that bare pussy until you cum so hard you’ll soak the sheets.” Amanda was so completely turned on by only being able to hear his voice that she hoped she didn’t cum right then and there. She had never been blindfolded or restrained this way before. It was exhilarating and her body shook with anticipation.

Feeling him crawl up on the bed, he began to do exactly as he promised. He started by pinching her nipples and pulling them toward him. Her breathing increased sharply as she panted out her pleasure. Taking his sweet time, he lowered his mouth to her breasts and continued tormenting her with his lips and tongue. She could feel her eyes roll back as he alternated between biting her nipples and sucking on them. She knew they would be sore in the morning, but she didn’t care.

She let him continue to bite and twist them as she panted and gasped. Pulling his head away from her breasts, he shifted his body on the bed. The next thing she knew, his cock was being inserted into her mouth and seconds later, she felt his mouth and wet tongue lapping all over her engorged clit and slick folds. With his hard penis penetrating her mouth, she couldn’t do anything but groan. As he continued to suck all over her lady parts, she gave him the ride of his life with her mouth. She could move her head back and forth just enough to eat every inch of his length. Picturing what they must look like in this position increased the fire inside her until she felt like she was boiling over. But as usual, Rick’s timing was perfect. He lifted his face from her soaking pussy, pulled his cock out of her mouth, changed position on the bed and rammed into her. True to his word, the sheets got soaked.

After untying her and taking off the blindfold, he lay down next to her as they caught their breath. It was a wonderful feeling being curled up next to his body while he gently stroked her. These past two days with Rick had been truly amazing. They were a success as a team in their business negotiations and completely fused together sexually.

But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. They were both flying back to the States tomorrow: Rick to California and she was heading home to New York. Figures, she thought sarcastically. I meet this amazing man and he lives 3000 miles away.

As Rick got dressed, she slipped on her bathrobe and watched silently as he got his things together. Walking him to the door, she looked up into those beautiful blue eyes and handed him a piece of paper with her phone numbers and email address. After giving her one final deep kiss he said, “Any time you want to send me a sexy text or dirty email, don’t hesitate! And of course, there’s always Skype for…other things!” Laughing at his total naughtiness, she gave him one final slap on his behind as he walked out the door.

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