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Hot Tub and Snow

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It was a cold January day which found me sitting at my computer wondering how I would entertain myself. With the snow flying outside the prospects of finding something fun to do dwindled as the minutes seemed to crawl by.

Being lulled into the glow of my screen it was a shock when my phone vibrated in my pocket snapping my mind back to reality. Looking at the screen a simple message flashed, “I’m coming, be ready.”

Now this message came from one of my closest friends. Her name is Kelsey and she is not your typical sexually active girl. Kelsey had a body that she could work with and show off her assets, but she never seemed to be interested in that. She was almost the stereotypical nerd. She could quote Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. In fact, she had come over on more than one occasion wearing a cloak.

Kelsey had a body, though, which could make a man turn his head if she were to show it off, but she didn’t so it was only her friends who noticed. She had beautiful eyes which always showed a small amount of shyness. These led to her shoulder length brown hair which flowed down to her great body. Kelsey’s biggest asset was her chest. Even hidden, her breasts were at a size which would make many fantasies fly through my head of them dangling above me as I teased them between my hands.

But Kelsey never was one to make any sort of sexual advance towards anyone, so when I got this message I didn’t expect anything to come of it but a friend who needs an escape. Kelsey arrived at the door in a knit hat and a warm winter jacket. I invited her in, allowing her to get out of the cold which generally comes with snow.

We had a nice time catching up on our lives, exchanging stories and laughs about music and work. Her day hadn’t been the greatest since her boss didn’t seem to want to fix anything at her job, and when this occurs it always seems like the workers are the ones to get yelled at by customers. After a day of having people yell at you it’s always good to find a way to relieve the stress before you take it out on people who don’t deserve it.

So staring out the back of my house Kelsey turned around quickly to me and said, “I brought my suit if you don’t mind getting in the hot tub with me.” Needing something to do, I readily agreed. I gave her a place to change while I trekked out into the snow to open the hot tub and get it ready. Rushing back inside, I quickly grabbed my suit and changed. I made it out of the bathroom before Kelsey had descended the stairs. Kelsey came down 5 minutes later with a towel wrapped around her, covering what I assumed was the one piece suit she usually wears.

We decided to leave our towels inside so that they would be warmer than the snow when we finished. I placed my towel by the door and turned around to a shocking surprise. Kelsey’s towel had been tossed to the side and there she was standing in a very sexy two piece suit. She had a smile on that begged the question if I liked what I saw. Seeing her breasts barely held in by the cloth made me have to turn away before the tent in my trunks gave her an answer without me even having to say a word.

We opened the door and ran quickly through the snow and jumped in to a 104 degree hot tub with the steam floating up into the cold air. It is always a wonderful sight to see snow floating down and meeting the steam that is rising up and creating a nice little rain in the middle of January. Again the small talk filled the air as I kept trying to focus my attention anywhere else but on her sexy body which now had been covered in hot water and steam. This turned out to be a harder task than I had originally thought as each time I turned my head I caught a glimpse of her perfect chest floating in the water as water bubbled up between her breasts making them glisten in the light of the hot tub.

We decided moving around and trying the different seats would be fun since each one had jets hitting on different parts of the body. Each time we moved she seemed to find a way to get close to me and my eyes kept being drawn to her wet body, and I swear she caught me more than once having my eyes glued to her. She seemed to smile and enjoy the effect she was having upon me which became apparent when she found reason to brush her hand across my lap letting my erection betray the thoughts going through my mind.

With one last smile Kelsey took hold of my erection and stared into my eyes as I gasped from the surprise.

“What is this I have found?”

Grinning, I looked back at her and pushed forward to kiss her deeply. “You are just going to have to find that out for yourself.”

I started kissing her neck and my hands reached around and found the ties that had restrained her breasts to this point and gave a tug releasing them from their bounds. They floated free hovering on the water for about 5 seconds before I could no longer resist them and my mouth became instantly attached to her nipples, drawing a gasp and moan from her mouth. As I allowed my tongue to flick over her nipples her hands resumed massaging my cock through my suit, sending shocks through my legs.

I pulled her suit bottoms down with my hands, allowing my fingers the opportunity to explore her thighs and legs; I loved the effect it has having in the rhythm she was stroking my cock. Without warning I shoved two fingers inside of her, making her gasp and rise up out of the water as the sensation rocked her tight pussy. As this happened her wet nipples came in contact with the cold air; the nipples became extremely hard and sent a new sensation down her body. I started to push my fingers deep and fast into her pussy while her hand resumed its assault on my cock.

I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers as her eyes rolled back into her head as an orgasm washed over her almost as hot as the water we were sitting in. Pulling my fingers out I allowed her a second to feel the tingle of her body radiate from part to part. Using this time I took off my own suit allowing my cock to spring forth waiting for its chance to take my friend.

I took the head of my cock in my hands and rubbed it up and down the entrance of her pussy until Kelsey grabbed my ass and pulled my cock deep into her pussy. I started pumping my cock deep into her pussy feeling her hands pull on my ass to make me go deeper and fuck her harder. Feeling her pushing me harder I allowed my cock to enter her balls deep while my mouth started nibbling at her neck and ears. This sent her over the edge as another orgasm ripped through her while her fingers dug deep into my back. I kept pumping hard feeling the tightness in my thighs telling me that my orgasm was soon to follow. I pulled out and lifted my cock above the water wanting to watch as my cum would cover those tits I had had my fantasies about. Seeing my cock come out of the water Kelsey leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth moaning as she tasted her juices on me. She bobbed her head deep until I moaned I was going to cum.

As if she had been reading my mind Kelsey pulled my cock out of her mouth and started pumping it fast in her hands while pointing it straight at her tits. Looking up into my eyes Kelsey whispered, “Cum on my tits.” Wave after wave of hot cum erupted from my cock and splattered across her tits as I let out a guttural moan.

I sank back into the water as my legs had lost their feeling. Kelsey just looked over at me and smiled as she dragged her fingers through my cum and slowly placed it in her mouth.

“That was amazing,” I breathed.

“Well we will have to do it again,” Kelsey smiled.

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