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Lonely at Uni Part 1

Jessie gives herself to a new friend...
University was a tough transition for me. Having to leave behind all my family, my friends and my boyfriend. They’d all promised to visit me as soon as they could, but I was still teary-eyed as I said my goodbyes to my parents and siblings and pulled out of the drive to start the 4-hour car journey. I’d refused help with moving my stuff in; it would only drag out the inevitable moment when I’d have to say goodbye.

I should introduce myself. My name’s Jessie; I’m 18 with brown eyes, black hair and a slim build. I have 34C breasts and – at the risk of sounding vain – a hot ass. I don’t like to sound arrogant, but I’ve always been taught to appreciate what I have, and what I have, overall, is a good body!

Eventually I got to the city and after a bit of driving and a few stops to ask for directions, I found my halls of residence. By this point I was feeling a lot better about everything, but I must have looked a mess, because when the woman at the office handed me my room keys and parking permit, she smiled warmly and said, ‘Don’t worry, everyone’s in the same boat.’
My slightly cheery mood almost vanished when I realised my room was on the second floor, and there were so many other people moving in that the lift was never available. By the third box, I was ready to collapse in the corridor, when suddenly it was taken from me. I looked up to the most welcome sight I’d seen all day: a guy with a warm smile offering to help me with my boxes. Together we moved the last of them quickly and by the time we were finished, I was almost in a good mood. Almost.

‘Right,’ he said, as we placed the last couple of boxes on the floor. ‘Now for the important thing.’ And he turned to me and hugged me, knowing it was what I needed most. Now I was in a good mood. I gave myself over to his arms around my neck, and put my own on his back as my mood lifted.

The next few hours were spent talking, laughing and food shopping. His name was Will; he came from a town a couple of hours’ drive away from mine and he played guitar. He’d left behind a girlfriend, and he knew I’d left behind a boyfriend. The more we spoke, the more attractive I found him. His skin was mocha-coloured, his head covered in dark, soft curls. He wasn’t classically handsome, but his cheekbones and full lips fascinated me.

That night, our floor gathered in the kitchen for a drinking session. I only had a couple of drinks, but it doesn’t take much to get me drunk. Will and I ended up sitting next to each other, his hand on my knee under the table as we drank and smoked, and it wasn’t long before I was resting my head on his shoulder. As the night went on, Will got his guitar and started playing for us, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. By the time he was too drunk to play, my pussy was soaking wet. My boyfriend forgotten, my inhibitions gone, as he sat down next to me, my hand immediately snaked under the table towards his crotch. He didn’t seem surprised, but happy to let me slowly rub his cock through his jeans. When he announced he was going to bed, I was disappointed, but shortly afterwards, my phone went off in my pocket. It was him, and the text read simply, “5 minutes.”

And 5 minutes later, I was at his door, having told the others I too was heading to bed. He opened the door, and the look on his face flooded my pussy once again. Without a word, he stepped aside and I walked in, nervous but so horny. I heard the door close and felt his hands slide round my waist. I sighed loudly as his lips met the side of my neck, and I let my hand wander up to hold the back of his head as I slowly ground my ass onto his cock. I turned to face him and pulled him down to my lips, sliding my tongue into his mouth as his hands moved down to grab my ass. I couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough. In my haste, I tore off most of the buttons on his shirt, and the body I saw underneath took my breath away. It wasn’t perfect, but it was so damn close I didn’t care. He had the faint outlines of a six-pack and the V-shaped lines leading down to his crotch were incredible. As he took off my top, I saw his biceps flex and my pussy gave another twinge of excitement. My body was calling out to him, and he was responding. No sooner was my bra off than I was kissing my way down his chest, past his hard stomach and down to his crotch. His jeans and boxers came off easily, and I finally saw what I was waiting for: his semi-erect cock. I was happy to see that he shaved, like me. I took his cock in my hand and started pumping slowly, looking up at him with my best “fuck-me” eyes. He looked down at me, watching me jerk him off. As his cock got bigger, I was more and more impressed by the sheer size of it. Almost 8 inches long and so thick. I ran my tongue slowly over the head and he moaned, pushing his fingers into my hair and forcing his hard dick into my mouth. I’ve never been able to deepthroat, but I thought I’d try all the same. He groaned loudly as I gagged on his meat again and again, making it wet with my saliva. As I stroked his huge cock, my lips found his smooth balls and started sucking. Eventually he pulled me up by my hair and began to kiss me again as he took off my jeans and panties. My pussy was literally dripping wet, and as his fingers found my sensitive clit, my juices ran slowly down my leg. He brought his fingers up to his mouth and moaned as he tasted my sex. He pushed me onto the bed and I lay there, breathing heavily with anticipation as he knelt down and put his head between my legs. His tongue on my clit was like electricity through my whole body. I jerked violently as he put his tongue on me for the first time, and I grunted like an animal when he pushed his fingers into me. I couldn’t wait any longer; I wanted his cock.

“I’m wet enough baby, I just want you inside me, please,” I begged him.

This seemed to be exactly what he wanted to hear, because he immediately travelled up my body and kissed me deep.

His cock was so big it almost hurt, but I relaxed and let my pussy take him in. It was bliss, feeling him slide inch after inch into me, hearing him moan as my tight cunt wrapped around him, grabbing his hair as he started to thrust. He fucked me hard and deep, kissing my lips, my neck, my chest.

“How does it feel baby?” he asked me in a deep voice, looking deep into my eyes, penetrating me in more ways than one.

“It feels amazing, Will. I need this so badly,” I gasped back at him, wrapping my legs around his waist. I felt connected to him, beyond the primitive notion of sex. We were giving ourselves to each other. This is something I’d never felt with my boyfriend, and the feeling turned me on so much. And he sent me over the edge when he put his lips to my ear and said:

“I want you to cum for me.”

And I did cum. I came harder than I’ve ever cum in my life. I moaned his name as my pussy pulsated around his huge cock, which must have sent him over the edge, because moments later I heard his strained voice mutter:

“I’m gonna cum baby. Oh, fuck, Jessie!”

And he thrust deep into me as his whole body tensed and he unloaded his desire inside me. For a moment we did nothing. He stayed inside me, his exhausted cock growing softer by the second, and I kept my legs wrapped around him and my fingers in his hair. Then he kissed me so gently, over and over, his hand on my face, and I moaned into his mouth as he slowly pulled out of me and lay down next to me. I fell asleep with his arm round me and his cum inside me...

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