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Long Time Coming
kiera & Wilful

Long Time Coming

Contributing Authors: Wilful 

You're going to take every drop I give you. Do you understand? Say it!

"Are you crazy?!" I clang my cup of tea unevenly down onto the saucer, the spoon cartwheeling onto the glass tabletop.

"Yes, why are you even asking?" Ashley replies, snatching a tissue from the box amongst the clutter at the other end of the table and wiping up the droplets of tea.

"Because, Ashley, you've reached a whole new level of crazy if you think I'm dancing with Will tomorrow night." I wipe the bottom of my cup with my own tissue and scrunch it into a ball. Placing it aside on the table, I lean into Ashley and whisper, "He's Australian!"

Ashley barks a laugh. "Kiera, Will's not that bad. I don't know why you keep saying you can’t stand him. He fancies you, has a cock - a large one if the rumours are true - and he's hot. That's usually your type."

"How big is his cock?" I chew the tip of my finger.

"Seriously, that's all you got from that?" she scoffs. Her expression hardens. "You need to fuck him and get it out of your system." Ashley's perfectly-shaped eyebrow arches. "Or maybe you can't, and that's your problem?"

"My problem is that he's an annoying man-whore who's ten foot tall and drives a Smart car," I snap back, a little harder than I intend. "He has no shame, and probably has syphilis."

"He's not ten foot tall," Ashley spits. "You're a gnat's cock taller than Frodo. Everyone looks giant to you! And that Smart car was his sister's. He borrowed it to pick you up from the airport." 

"TAKE THAT BACK! I'm way taller than a Hobbit." I punch her arm.

Ashley bats me away with a grin. "He only sleeps around because you keep turning him down. The man's half in love with you." She touches my forearm. "And you with him."

"What about his syphilis?" I sneer playfully.

"He doesn't have syphilis!" She punches my shoulder. "Girl, you're in denial. You're so hung up on his delectable arse, you can't think straight. Regardless, you ARE dancing with him at my wedding."

"Why do I have to?" I pout. "It’s a stupid tradition."

“You’re my maid of honour,” she explains like I’m a child. “And he’s the best man. You’re dancing with him.”

“Bollocks! I’m not coming.” I look away at the boxes of decorations stacked on her side table next to the seating chart. “It’s not like I know anyone there.”

"I'm marrying your brother." Ashley's mouth forms a thin line.

"We're not that close." I wave my hand dismissively before taking another sip of my tea.

"Michael's your twin," she retorts over the rim of her own cup.

"Jesus!" I throw my head back." I still don't see why I have to be there."

Ashley stands, snatching up my cup. "Suck it up, Buttercup. You're coming." Then she leans over me and whispers, “And you’re dancing with Will.”

I lean back in my chair. "Fine! but you owe me big time."

"No," she shoots back from the other side of the kitchen bench. "You'll owe me when I'm Maid of Honour at yours and Will's wedding."

"Oh, my God! Stop talking right now!" I throw one of the balled-up tissues at her as she bends over to slot the saucers in the dishwasher.

"Kiera and Will sitting in a tree…" she sings to the dishes before slamming the door shut.

"Stop!" I stand and push in my chair. "fine, I'll dance with him," I sulk, snatching the cloth she passes across the bench. "But you're wrong. I'll never kiss that man, let alone marry him."

"Uh-huh, we'll see." She beams. "I bet you five jars of Nutella you have your knickers round your ankles and his head between your thighs before midnight tomorrow."

"Girl, you should not be giving away Nutella like that," I laugh, wiping the table and handing her back the cloth. "I accept. But make sure I get it before you leave for Bora Bora."

"Yeah, yeah, I look forward to taking all that Nutella on my honeymoon," she taunts. "Just make sure you're here by eight tomorrow morning, okay?"

"Fine!" I snap as I snatch up my handbag, the contents spilling all over the floor.

"Classy," Ashley laughs. "You need to quit the dramatic exits. You always drop something, you klutz."

"Why are we even friends? All you ever do is insult me!" I glare at her, pinching my brow theatrically. Then lifting my nose in the air, I announce, "I'm reconsidering gracing your wedding with my presence." 

"Nice try, Bitch! Be here, eight o'clock sharp, or I'll tell Aunt Iris about your little fantasy involving a certain Australian who you are so obviously in love with.," Ashley smirks back.

"I don't love him!" I say aghast, stamping my foot.

"Girl, I love you dearly, but your selective inability to comprehend more than one thing at a time is seriously annoying," she says as she pulls me into a tight hug.

"I love you too!" I say, squeezing her back. "I shall see you in the morning, Tart." I skip outside, wrapping my scarf around my neck and tripping on the doormat.

"I love you more!" Ashley laughs back at me from the top step. 

I give her a majestic Queen-Elizabeth-II wave as I gracefully slip into my car and shut the door.

"Your scarf is hanging out the door!" Ashley cries out in fits of laughter, shaking her head at me.

"God, give me strength. This is all his fault. Stupid Australian! He probably doesn't even kiss that well," I mumble to myself as I open the door and pull in my scarf. "Hmmm, how big could it be?"

"Hey, Kiera!" Ashley calls out, causing me to wind down my window. "You know, talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, right?" 

I give her the finger, winding my window up as I peel off, only stalling once. Thoroughly humiliated, I crank up my radio to drown out Ashley's howls of laughter.


"Bloody hell, Simone!" I reflexively snap at Ashley's beautician who thrusts another pin into my scalp. 

"Well, if you'd just hold still," Simone retorts. "It's not easy trying to wrestle a bird's nest like this into submission. Would you look at these split ends," she huffs at me in the mirror. "You know, Tesco sells moisturising shampoo now?"

"Fuck off!" I snort indignantly, unable to come up with anything clever.

"Honestly, you're like a filthy street urchin. Please, sir, may I have some more." She stabs me anew. 

"That's enough, Simone," Ashley glowers as she sweeps into the dressing room. "I'll take over from here. Kiera will help me get into my dress. Would you please go and check on Aunt Iris. The latter is not a question."

I snicker, knowing Aunt Iris is the devil incarnate to anyone who's not family. The glare I get from Simone as she storms out of the room is well worth the puncture wounds in my scalp.

"Oh, Will, there you are..." she purrs seductively in mockery, closing the door behind her. 

"You can fuck off and all!" I warn her with a smile. Then noticing how beautiful she looks, I coo, "O-M-G, you look amazing!"

"Nothing an army of the best stylists in London can't whip up in a jiff," she smiles modestly. Ashley eyes her reflection in the mirror and giggles. "They really did do a good job, didn't they?"

"Stunning," I gape, my eyes welling.

"Thank fuck I'm their boss." Ashley grins as she pads over behind me. "This would have cost an absolute fortune if I had to pay for it." She deftly slips the last pin into my hair, adding a tiara. "There, all done."

I glance at myself in the mirror and can't help but smile. My dark hair is shining and neatly pinned. My brown eyes are shaded, my lashes are long. I stand and walk to the wall mirror, almost tripping. My bridesmaid dress is light blue, almost the colour of the sky. I feel like a Princess.

"Simone might be a demonic, head-stabbing harlot, but she's almost as good as you at making me look pwiddy," I tell her, pouting my lips and fluttering my lashes.

"You're pwiddy before we start," She pouts back, wrapping her arms around me from behind and we stare at each other in the mirror. " It's barely a chore to make you look beautiful. Now help me into my dress," she adds, kissing my cheek.

“What the hells’ her problem anyway?” I ask as I unclip Ashley’s dress from the hanger and fluff out the skirts.

Ashley tilts her head to the side as her hands find her hips. “You really are oblivious, aren’t you?”


“Simone was going out with Will,” she says, slipping out of her robe. “Well, as much as anyone does,” she corrects.

I feel ill. “So, umm, what does that have to do with anything?” I stammer.

“Remember that drunken scene you caused at my birthday party?” Ashley’s tone is alarmingly like my mother’s was.

“Not really,” I murmur, feeling the heat rise in my cheeks. I pay far too much attention to her dress in an attempt to avoid her gaze.

She flashes me an incredulous look. “Will ditched Simone that night to defend your honour.”

“You mean when he beat up my boyfriend?” My voice cracks.

“I mean that wanker who slapped you in the car park,” she corrects sternly. Then she giggles. “Oh, my face! My face!” Ashley clutches her own face, mimicking my ex- that night. “That's my livelihood, you savage buffoon! I'll see you in court."

"Oh, my God!" I laugh. "He totally sounded like that! What was I thinking?” I sit down on the stool in front of the dressing table and lay her dress across my lap.

“Oh, probably the same thing you always do when you set out to shag the nearest penis with a heartbeat, you slag.” She glares down at me with her hands on her hips. “Absolutely nothing.”

The door crashes open to admit a towering Australian into the dressing room. “Today’s stuck-up English wedding brought to you by Spanks,” Will announces, smacking Ashley hard on her backside.

Ashley yelps and jumps a full foot into the air. Landing, she backhands Will with a hard slap on his chest. “You shit!” she growls.

“You can’t go around smacking brides on their wedding day!” I demand up at him. Why does he have to do tall, dark and handsome so well? God! And in that suit…

“Hey, that’s what they said at the Johnston wedding across the hall,” Will replies, looking around the room and helping himself to a handful of chocolates. Then freezing at the death stare I’m giving him, he says, “What? This isn’t the only wedding here today. I went into the wrong room. There was some blonde bending over in a white dress and a pissed-off little brunette in there.” He turns to Ashley. “You can see how I made the mistake.”

Ashley snorts a laugh and then tries to cough it away.

“What are you wearin’ this shit for anyway, Ash?” he goes on, gesturing at her white shapewear before popping another chocolate into his mouth. “You’ve got a smokin’ hot arse. You don’t need this stuff.”

Ashley tries to explain how it makes her dress look better, but he doesn’t believe her. Will turns to me and says, “Ah, bullshit. I bet you Mini’s not all trussed up under that.” He points at my waist. “Nup, there you go, G-banger.”

I look down in horror to see a visible panty line in the sky-blue fabric. I bolt up off the stool and juggle Ashley’s dress in my arms as I smooth my palms over my hips. Spinning to catch different angles of myself in the mirror, I’m relieved to see it was just the way I was sitting.

“Hey, if you weren’t shakin’ up with my best mate,” he says to Ashley, “I’d have my tongue so far up your arsehole -”

“All right!” she demands, pushing him away, but unable to keep the smile from her face.

Lowering his voice, Will goes on, “You know, if Micko hits the piss too hard this arvo and he can’t get it up, you let me know. I’ll see you into married life good and proper.” Then in response to Ashley’s sigh, he says innocently, “What? I’m the best man...”

“Would you just help Kiera hold up my dress so I can get into it please,” she says much too patiently for my liking.

Will slips his large hands into the shoulder straps and lifts Ashley’s dress away from me. White cuffs stretch out from under the charcoal pinstripe of his jacket to reveal Uncle Bernard’s gold cufflinks. “You goin’ in from underneath, are ya?” 

Ashley nods and he lifts it high up into the air. She and I tease out the skirts so she can dive up into it.

“That’s definitely how I prefer to get in there,” he says to me, winking an eye that’s almost the exact colour of my dress.

I ignore him, but the warmth flushing my cheeks betrays me. It’s all I can do to gently guide the dress over Ashley’s face so it doesn’t smear her makeup. Once she emerges safely out of the sweetheart neckline, I start tying her bodice.

A commotion at the door disturbs us.

"Get your hands off of me, you vicious little strumpet!" Aunt Iris screeches, waving her walking stick in the air at a cowering Simone as they tumble into the room. 

“But, Aunt Iris –“ Simone protests.

“I’m not your aunt!” Aunt Iris snaps, causing Simone to look away. "And don’t you look at my boy like that, you Harlot. He's not for you," she adds, her piercing grey eyes blazing with intensity. 

Simone furrows her brow as she looks between Will and Aunt Iris. “But he’s not your –“

“Will is family!” Aunt Iris declares. “And it's my duty to my beloved Bernard and Doris to see that he's wed to my Kiera so they can give me beautiful grandbabies.”

“Oh, Christ! Not so tight!” Ashley gasps. “I can’t breathe.”

“Sorry,” I whisper, loosening my grip on her bodice ribbons. The colour returns to my knuckles.
“Death hasn't stopped me,” Aunt Iris goes on as she snatches a bottle of champagne from the table and hands it to Will. “I'm ninety-two and fit as a fiddle. Some common tart like you won't stand in my way, capeesh?" 

Simone is dumbstruck, as too am I. Regaining myself somewhat, I glare up at Will, “You're letting her watch The Godfather trilogy?" 

The memory of how the awkward Aunt Iris movie nights began rushes back to me with a chill. Visiting Michael and Ashley a few years ago, she had wanted to watch a classic murder mystery, rather than any of “this new racy business”. Of course, Will had been only too happy to help out his best friend entertain his ageing great aunt, bringing over Basic Instinct. As Michael, Ashley and I sat there cringing, Will feigned innocence as only he can, pointing out that it had to be a classic given it was twenty-five years old. Worse still, Aunt Iris had loved it.

"Of course not. We finished that. We're on season five of Game of Thrones now," Will grins, twisting at the cork in the bottle.

"That we are, Young William," Aunt Iris slurs. The champagne in her own dressing room has obviously been opened already. "That Cersei is a right cunt!" 

“Aunt Iris!” Ashley and I cry out in unison.


The cork shoots across the room, knocking a glass vase full of roses. Simone dives to steady it, but as she reaches the armoire, the vase tips back and pours its contents onto her chest. She shrieks. Juggling the vase, Simone lets the flowers slop to the floor.

“Ooh, fuck!” Will breathes through his teeth.

I double over with laughter, but nobody else seems to find it funny.

“Kiera!” Ashley scolds.

I look up at Will for salvation, hoping at least he will see the funny side.

“Fair suck of the sav, Mini,” he betrays me with a glint in his eye. Expertly filling three champagne flutes threaded between his fingers, he continues to torture me. “You’re bang out of line.”

“What?” I gape, feeling the colour rise in my cheeks. I glance over to see Ashley dabbing at the front of Simone’s dress with her robe. Even Aunt Iris calls a ceasefire to shuffle over and retrieve the spilled roses from the floor.

“It’s only water,” Ashley offers. “They have cracking hand dryers in the loos here. If you stand in front of them for a couple of minutes…”

Simone storms out of the room in a huff. The glare she levels at me could shatter glass.

“What the bloody hell did I do?” I whine to no one as the door slams behind her.

Will hands me one of the glasses. “Don’t worry about it, Mini. She’ll be all right,” he says, nudging my hip with his own. “That’s far from the first load that one’s taken on her tits.”

I spit a gushing spray of champagne all over Will. The bubbles fizz painfully through my nostrils as I choke myself with fits of coughing laughter.

“Kiera!” Ashley cries again. “What the bloody hell is wrong with you?”

Before I can compose myself, Will jumps in, “I didn’t peg you for a spitter.” He brushes the foam from his front to little effect, then stares straight into my eyes with the corners of his mouth pulling back. “I guess that’s a tick in the cons column.”

I can’t stop myself. The words leave my mouth in an outrageous toffee-nosed affectation. “Well, actually…” God, it's gotten so hot in here, I can't think.

Will’s eyebrows fly up in surprise. For the first time since I have known him, he is speechless. 

"She’s got you there, Young Man,” Aunt Iris beams, taking a seat and gulping back a glass of champagne in one hit. “Such a handsome couple, like my Bernard and me. You'll give me such beautiful great Grandchildren. 

“Bernard and I could never have children of our own, though lord knows we tried. That man was insatiable, morning noon and night and even in between he would find me and put his hands up my -"

"Oh, my God! Please, somebody kill me," I cry. I cover my ears and start chanting, “La la la.” 

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, Kiera.” Aunt Iris makes herself heard through my palms as she holds out her glass to accept more champagne from a chuckling Will. “You can hardly boast about your cock-sucking prowess without expecting one to comment on the subject. Let me tell you, Bernard used to love this thing I did with my -”

“Aunt Iris, please, I don't want to hear about your sex life with Uncle Bernard," I beg of her.

"Well, we had a rollicking good time of it. You could stand to learn a thing or two, Young Lady,” she retorts indignantly, polishing off another glass. “As I was saying -" 

"Yeah, righto,” Will interrupts, returning the empty bottle back to the table and picking up a full one. “That’s my cue to nick off.” Then more quietly to Ashley and I, “I’d like to hold onto the ability to get an erection.”

Ashley smiles knowingly as Will escapes the mental imagery Aunt Iris is about to inflict on us. But the only thing I can picture is Will’s erection. I swallow down the lump in my throat.

Will opens the door and turns back into the room. “Ladies, it’s been lovely as always. I’ll see you out by the garden in twenty minutes or so.” Stepping through the door, he calls loudly down the hall, “Micko, I’ve found some champers, Mate!” He glances back at Ashley and winks suggestively, clicking his tongue.

“Get out!” Ashley giggles, gently closing the door in his face.

“Oh, my God, Ashley. Why do you encourage that man?” I sigh.

"You're going to stop this, Kiera Hamilton," Aunt Iris tells me sternly, pointing her walking stick at me. "Don't give me that look," she continues, "You're going to stop punishing my boy for doing the honourable thing. 

“He's eight years older than you; you were sixteen. I love that boy as if he were my own, but I would have taken my walking stick to him had he pursued you back then." 

Her face falls, and she suddenly looks like the frail ninety-two-year-old she is. " That boy loves you as my Bernard loved me. Love like that should be cherished, not thrown away." She pulls out a pale-blue handkerchief and dabs at her eyes. 

Shit, I wipe my own eyes with my fingers. “He hurt me, Aunt Iris. When he left…” The memory swirls painfully in my heart.

“He was always coming back for you, Sweetheart,” she soothes, shuffling over to me and taking my hands in hers.

I feel my bottom lip tremble, then it spreads to my chin. “He broke my heart.”

"Enough now, Kiera,” she breathes, cupping my cheeks in her hands. “I'm getting old, Love. And I miss my Bernard terribly. I want to see you happy and settled, and I want to hold my beautiful grandbabies before I get to be with him again.

“Oh, Aunt Iris,” I sniffle. I feel my walls begin to crack.

“When I took you kids in, I promised your mum I would take the very best care of you.” Aunt Iris stiffens like a lioness. She glances at Ashley. “I never had to worry about Michael. But you, My Dear… The only person I trust to take care of you is right down the hall cleaning off the champagne you spat all over him.”

I snort a chuckle and Ashley puts her arm around my shoulders. It’s no use. I can’t hold it back anymore. My defences crumble into a million pieces.

Aunt Iris goes on fiercely, “Now stop being a silly little girl and go get him before some vixen like Simone traps him and takes him from you!"


I stride down the hall towards the bathrooms on a mission. I don’t know what I’m going to say. All I know is I have to talk to him. I have to see him.

The blast of a hand dryer behind the door on my right draws my attention. I push on the stick-figure wheelchair in the middle of the door to reveal Simone inside. She is holding up the hem of her skirt in front of the dryer, her shapely legs almost as tall as I am.

“What now?” she hisses at me.

In an instant, the wind is blown out of my sails. She is so beautiful - tall and blonde and big boobs. She is everything I’m not.

My blood runs cold. 

Of course Will would be with her. Why wouldn’t he? All the women I’ve ever seen him with are like her."

What the hell am I doing?

“Well?”, Simone demands. Her face is screwed up impatiently.

It takes me a second to regain myself. I open my mouth to say something when I hear a hand dryer go off in the room behind me. I turn to see it’s the gents. He must be in there.

Emboldened, I turn on my heel, letting the door swing shut behind me without saying a word. I cross the hall and burst into the men’s room.

Will is in his shirt sleeves, his suit coat neatly draped over the edge of the vanity. He has his tie off and is holding it in front of the drier. It’s the same colour as my dress. He looks so casual, so comfortable.

So sexy.

He smiles at me. It’s a friendly smile, filled with warmth. It’s like he’s expecting me to be there, like I belong there. “Hey, Mini,” he breathes as the dryer turns itself off.

My heart skips a beat at the sound of his pet name for me and I feel my face flush as he towers over me. He looms there forever. His presence seems to grow, enveloping me.

He reaches for me.

“What are you doing?" I squeak as his lips trace my neck and my arms are pulled tightly behind me, I feel the bite of his tie on my wrists as he secures them.

"You owe me a kiss," he whispers seductively in my ear, still nuzzling. 

"Since when?" I say breathlessly, his hands sliding up my arms leaving a trail of fire.

"The boathouse, twelve years ago. You ran off when Aunt Iris came in looking for Bernard," he says as he turns me to face him, hands sliding up my neck.

I search for the words to respond, but the memories are too painful. Aunt Iris’ explanation of why he had to leave isn’t enough. He was gone for six years. I try to make sense of my feelings. "I was -" 

His lips claim mine possessively. Despite myself, I instinctively try to reach for him, but my hands are tied firmly behind my back. His tongue traces my lips demanding entry and I give it. It feels like an explosion inside me as our tongues collide. He groans as he deepens the kiss, hand reaching to grip the back of my neck. His other drifting down to my arse has me whimpering. 

His hand on my arse starts bunching up and lifting my dress, my backside hits the sink. I try to pull back, but his grip on my neck only tightens. His control of our kiss leaves me helpless to do anything but respond, regardless of my dress now being up past my knees. I squeal as I'm suddenly lifted and seated onto the side.

"What are you doing?" I pant as his lips attack my throat, his hands forcing my dress up past my thighs.

"Kissing you," he mumbles from my neck, hands forcing my legs further apart.

"And you have to tie me up for this, why exactly?" I manage to summon the control to raise an eyebrow.

"I’m not letting you get away again, Kiera," he growls, his gorgeous blue eyes blazing into mine. The sound of my real name on his lips gives me tingles. “Besides, I can't have you messing up my hair now, can I? You think I wake up looking this good?” he smirks into my lips and kisses me again. 

"Probably," I add dryly against his lips and roll my eyes at him, causing him to laugh. 

"Cheeky little Pomme," he replies against my lips, before dropping to his knees.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" I squeal and try to force my legs together, but he grips them tightly, holding them apart.

"I’m kissing you, Kiera," he mumbles as his lips make their way up my thighs, his hands sliding up to grip my arse. He growls, "God, you fuckin’ nail a G-string, you little fucking tease. Always driving me crazy with your short skirts and tight jeans, making my dick hard," he continues as he tugs me forward towards his mouth.

"But I just kissed you," I pant. I want his mouth on me. Jesus!

"Interest on what you owe. Twelve years’ worth, Mini.” He sweeps his finger into the front of my knickers and scoops the white silk to the side. “Oh, Fuck ME!" He groans as he sees my piercing. "Fucking beautiful," he adds as he leans forward and takes it between his teeth, tugging gently.

"Oh, Fuck!" I cry out as his tongue lashes my clit and he pushes a thick finger inside me. 

"You better fuckin’ believe it! But first, this," he mumbles from between my thighs. "Jesus, you have such a beautiful cunt, Mini. I fucking knew it would be," he adds before feasting. His thumb replaces his finger which trails back, and he starts sliding it inside my arse. His tongue alternating between licking my folds and fluttering over my piercing.

"Yesss!" I gasp. "God, Will, I need you to fuck me. Please!" I beg as his finger slips fully inside me and the door flies open.

"Oops. Sorry, darlings. I heard you cry out, Kiera. But I can see Young William is taking good care of you," Aunt Iris whispers way too loudly. 

Will freezes and I turn puce. Will's head is between my legs, his finger is up my arse, and Aunt Iris is standing at the door pleased as punch. I don't think life can get any worse than this. I feel Will laughing from between my legs and glare at him.

"Yeah, ahhh," Will clears his throat. "Aunty Iris, do you think you could give us a few minutes, please?" he asks.

"Oh, of course, darlings. Take all the time you need," She beams. "Kiera, why are you the colour of a tomato? You'll clash with your dress," she observes.

"Erm," is all I can muster as a reply.

"Honestly," she carries on, "It's just a bit of anal play. I don't know why people turn there nose up at it. Your Uncle Bernard and I enjoyed it immensely."

"Oh, my God, kill me now!" I raise my eyes to the ceiling. 

Will, the fucker, his shoulders are shaking with laughter. "Aunty Iris, about that minute?" 

"Oh, yes, of course, darlings. Forget I was ever here." Aunt Iris backs out of the doorway. Then she pops straight back in again. “Oh, William? I’ll get that Nutella out of your sister’s Smart car for Ashley, shall I?”

Is she fucking kidding me?

Will gives her a thumbs-up from between my legs and I just want the ground to open up and swallow me whole.

"I'll see that no one interrupts you,” Aunt Iris says. “Carry on as you were." She backs out of the bathroom, clicking the door shut. Then her piercing screech echoes through the door. “Simone! That’s enough of that. Lower your dress, Dear. Have a little class for goodness sake. I need you to fetch five jars of Nutella from…”

"Will, we need to sto… Oh, shit!" I moan as his tongue flicks my clit, thumb and finger sliding in and out of me. 

"Mm-hmm. Shhh, you heard her. She was never here," he says softly, his face lifting, his stare fixates between my legs. "So fuckin’ beautiful," he adds before sliding his tongue through my folds and latching on to my clit. 

"Oh, Fuck!" I cry out. Do I care that she was here? I don't think I do as his finger starts sliding faster, his thumb expertly circling my opening, his tongue joining in with his lips and fluttering the underside of my clit. 

He releases my nub and growls, "Come for me. Come for me, right now!" He continues his assault on my clit.

"Yes! Oh, God, Yes, right there, Will. Don't you fucking stop. FUCK!" I scream as I come all over his face. I don't care who can hear us. I've never come so hard in my life. He continues to lick me, It's too intense, and I can't stop him with my hands tied behind me. "Will, please. I need you to stop," I beg breathlessly. I look down and see him watching me. His eyes are on fire as he takes one long final lick and begins to stand.

"That was the hottest fuckin’ thing I've ever seen," he growls, his hands gripping my face. "taste yourself. You're fuckin’ delicious." His lips are on mine and his tongue swoops into my mouth. I've never been a fan of kissing after oral sex, but this gets my blood boiling as I taste myself on his lips.

"Will, please untie me," I beg. I’m suddenly racked with self-consciousness as I realise how vulnerable I am, my legs splayed so ludely.

"No fuckin’ way! I'm going to bang the shit out of you now, and you won't be able to stop me," he says as he attacks my lips. His hands reach down to undo his belt. 

"I won't stop you, I just want to touch you," I gasp between kisses. 

"I’m not risking it. I’ve wanted my cock in you for too long now, you little tease," he says as he lines himself up at my entrance. 

I hear his trousers fall and I pull away to look down. His hand is fisting his cock. "Oh, thank you, God. The rumours are true," I mumble as I stare at the biggest and most beautiful cock I have ever seen. 

"What rumours that, Babe?" He lifts his head to smirk at me, his eyes twinkling. 

"Cocky bastard. You know damn well what rumour… Ohhh yes!" I cry as he starts slipping inside me.

"That's right, Baby, take my cock in your tiny cunt. Fuck you're so tight," he groans with his head thrown back as he pushes in further. "That's it. Take it all." He grips my hips and shoves in deeper. 

I've never been so full. My cunt is gripping him like a fist. He starts to thrust, and it feels so good. "Jesus, you're huge, “I pant.

He barks a laugh, then his expression turns menacing. "My name’s not Jesus. You say my name when I'm fucking you," he says harshly, nipping at my bottom lip, thrusting until he's fully seated. 

"Will," I whisper softly, kissing him gently to appease him. I feel giddy with the thrill of surrendering so completely to him.

"Good girl," he responds, kissing me with a desperation that matches his thrusts. His grip on my thighs is the only thing keeping me in place, and it's going to leave bruises. God, I want it to. "You feel so good," he whispers between kisses. "I always knew it would be like this."

"Me too," I whisper back, meeting his thrusts and frantic kisses with my own. He’s such a savage – a gorgeous, take-no-prisoners, wild Australian savage. "So good. I'm so close," I whimper as I start to feel that familiar tingle, his cock so deep inside me, hitting all of the right places. It's never been so good. 

"Fucking come for me, Kiera. Come all over my cock," he demands. He's pounding into me now, his finger slips between us and he pinches my clit. "Now! Let me feel it."

"Oh, GOD!" I scream, and he slaps my arse hard in reprimand.

"Will! Oh, fuck! Fuck, Will, I'm coming!" I cry out as my body explodes at his command.

"Ahhh, I can feel it. Fuck, your greedy little pussy is milking my cock," he groans loudly as he slides his cock in and out of me slowly, helping me come down from my orgasm. His body is rigid with tension when I finally look up at him.

"On your knees, Mini," he commands as he pulls out of me and lowers me to the floor. My legs are like jelly, but I obey and kneel, putting my face in direct line with his cock, coated with my wetness and dripping with pre-cum. He fists it and starts to stroke. "You're going to take every drop I give you. Do you understand? Say it!" 

"Yes, Will," I whisper, eyes transfixed on his hand stroking his erection, my mouth watering for a taste. I lick my lips. “I’m going to take every last drop. Give it to me. Give me your cum, Baby. Let me show you how good I am.”

He shudders, his face a picture of torment. "Dirty girl," he gasps.

"Oh, yeah. I’ll show you how dirty I can be," I fawn up at him, my eyelashes fluttering. I take him passed my lips. My tongue is circling the head of his cock. Hand still fisting his shaft, he strokes as I suck. 

I suck harder, desperate to make him come.

"Such a good girl… Sucking my cock… Christ, I love you, Kiera!” He screws his eyes shut. Will groans, “Fuck! Making me come so hard," he cries as he starts spurting hot cum inside my mouth - so much cum. I try not to spill any but I can feel it escaping my lips and dripping down my chin. Still, I keep sucking, watching his face as he comes, his eyes never leaving mine. 

We stare at each other for an eternity, frozen in the starburst of his words. I know he blurted them out at the height of his orgasm, but I know they’re true. He loves me.

My man loves me.

He slides his softening cock from my mouth and wipes his cum from my chin with his thumb. "I thought you were going to take every last drop,” he teases.

I open my mouth so he can see my tongue covered with his release, then I swallow it all down. I suck his thumb into my mouth, licking it clean. “You were saying?”

"Oh, good girl," he growls.

Brimming with pride, I snort a chuckle. I love that I can give him a run for his money. I bet I’m the only one who can.

Will grips my shoulders and guides me to my feet. Even in heels, I only come up to his chin. He tilts mine up so he can bow to claim my lips with his. 

His kiss is so deep, so undaunted by the flavour of my mouth - his cum, my pussy. It tastes like sex to me and my stomach starts to flutter all over again.

“Me and you, Mini,” he whispers into my mouth. “This is it, yeah?”

I moan. My heart swells. I want to believe it so badly. “Promise you’re not going to leave again?” My eyes well at the words.

“I swear to God, I’m never ever going to leave you, even for a minute,” he breathes, his eyes shining. “I don’t care what that old bag threatens to do to me. You’re mine, Kiera.”

The smile splits my face and I feel the tears running down my cheeks. “Oh, God, my mascara.” My hands are still tied behind my back and all I can do is wipe my cheeks against Will’s chest, my makeup smearing all over his shirt.

“You’re gonna need to touch up that lippy too,” he chuckles, kissing me again.

We trade more banter and kisses as he unties my hands and we clean ourselves up as best we can. All of Simone’s work on my face is completely undone, but at least my hair still looks great, tiara and all. Will looks okay too, most of the damage from my makeup hidden by his jacket and tie.

“You still smell like the floor of a pub,” I tease as we make our way out of the men’s room.

“And whose fault is that?” he retorts, smacking my arse so hard that I squeal.

“Yours, you shit!” I turn and slap his chest. Turning back, I run straight into Michael.

“Oh, excuse me…” my brother starts, before he realizes it’s me. He lets me shove past and I hear his astonishment to Will behind me. “Did you just shag my sister?!”

“Too fuckin’ right I did, Mate,” Will boasts loudly, his words staining my cheeks as I stride away. “What? Better her than your fiancé.” Then he calls out down the hall, “Hey, Mini!”

Mortified, I stop dead and turn to face them. Will shakes a stream of Tic Tacs into his mouth and then tosses the pack down the hall to me. Snatching it out of the air with one hand, I spin on my heels and continue back to the dressing room.

“Yeah, you did.” I can hear the proud grin in Will’s voice, and I can’t help but swing my hips as I strut away.


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