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Million Dollar Baby

Try not to get too turned on
Being different has its own unique problems, especially if you're a millionaire like me. My name's Jake and I'm living in a mansion, rich beyond my wildest dreams. All I want in life is a girl who will love me forever, and after ages of searching I think I've finally found her; Taylor. I've had so many girlfriends before her, but every single one of them just wanted me for the money. Things are different with Taylor though. You can easily tell she loves me for who I am, and she's a millionaire too so it's all good. I've known her for a few months, and we've gotten really close now. She is perfect in every way, except for one thing; she won't have sex with me.

I brushed Taylor's long, black hair away from her face as she lay asleep like a baby on the bed, snuggled under the duvet. I pulled the duvet down a bit, exposing her smooth arms and the flawless curves of her voluptuous body. I put my hand on her warm stomach and rubbed her affectionately, then began to slide it under her skin tight pyjamas. I delicately massaged her soft, velvety skin as I my hand slowly crept up to her juicy boobs.

Taylor suddenly stirred, and upon looking at her cat-like face I saw her sapphire blue eyes glaring into my hazel ones. She pulled my hand out from under her pyjamas and shoved me away. I couldn't take it anymore, this was the last straw.

"What's the matter Taylor!" I yelled, with anger prominent in my voice, "You won't have sex with me, and now you're not even comfortable with me touching you!"

"I'm sorry Jake, of course you can touch me," she replied while grabbing my hand and putting it back under her pyjamas. "I just freaked out because I wasn't even awake".

"And what about the sex part?" I asked impatiently.

"I told you, I want to get to know you better before we get that intimate," came the predictable response.

I was about to argue, but I decided against it; there's just no way you can win an argument with a girl.

"I'm jumping in the jacuzzi," I said flatly while storming out of the room.

I took off my boxers and stepped into the warmth of the jacuzzi; and at the same time Taylor walked into the room, surprising me. She had two big towels in her hand which she set down at the side of the tub. I watched her intently as she began to take her pyjamas off; with my dick growing larger every second.

Taylor unhooked her lace bra and dropped it to the floor, revealing succulent C cup boobs which looked as if they were just crying out to be touched and played with. My dick was hard before her panties came off, and she quickly jumped into the jacuzzi with her luscious ass and boobs bouncing exotically.

"You want to do something fun?" Taylor asked as she splashed me with water.

"Like what baby?" I asked curiously.

She lifted one of the towels, revealing a bottle of shaving cream, a razor and oil.

"I want you to shave my pussy," she said with a devilish grin.

"What??" I blurted out in shock, "You won't let me have sex with you, but you'll allow me to do this?"

"Yes Jake," she purred, "this will bring us even closer together."

I was too turned on by the thought of shaving Taylor's sweet pussy to go against it, so I grabbed her by the waist and gently placed her on the edge of the jacuzzi. She leaned back against the wall and opened her legs wide, with her pussy juices glistening. I couldn't believe how wet she was already, and my dick started to tingle with desire as I spread her sexy legs further apart.


Taylor's legs were spread wide open as she sat on the edge of the jacuzzi, displaying her tight little pussy that she wanted me to shave. She didn't have much hair down there; just a light cluster above her slit and a bit on the sides. With me half submerged in the water I had a clear view of her soaking wet pussy, which was pulsating slightly in anticipation.

I picked up the bottle of shaving foam and sprayed a bit on my hand, then brought it close to the exterior of Taylor's sweet pussy. I began to lather her from top to bottom with the foam, getting some of it on the insides of her silky smooth thighs. I looked up and saw Taylor with a naughty smile on her face; the sensation of me rubbing her pussy was pleasing her.

She got so aroused by the intimacy that she almost came all over me, and I noticed her clit beginning to swell up so I decided to tease her. I moved the hood of skin that covered her clit up a bit to reveal the sensitive little thing it was hiding, and I touched it lightly with my fingers. The moment I made contact with her clit Taylor jerked her whole body back in disapproval, but I could tell she liked it.

"Aah Jake not there!", she said while kicking me playfully, splashing me with water. "Touch me anywhere but there."

"Haha okay," I told her with a devious smile.

The layer of shaving foam all over her pussy was sticking out in little peaks like white meringue, and I continued to even it out with care. The foamy concoction was tickling her erect clit, and it was obvious that she was restraining to keep her arousal in check.

"Be careful," I heard Taylor say in a soft voice as I took the razor in my hand and slowly proceeded towards her pussy.

"You know I'd never hurt you baby," I assured her.

A slight whimper escaped Taylor as I gently glided the razor down the cluster of hair on the area above her slit, leaving behind a trail of pink, baby soft skin. I rinsed the the razor in the water every few strokes, and I was soon done with that area. Her sexy legs began to shudder as I got to work on the sides of her pussy.

"Ohh," she moaned as the blade made contact with her sensitive skin.

"It's okay baby,"I said shushing her. "I'll take care of you."

Taylor relaxed a bit and her hands moved to her chest, seductively caressing her enlarging breasts. I used my thumb and forefinger to lift her pussy lips away from the blade, and she moaned softly as I delicately started to shave the sides of her pussy. She was getting wetter with each stroke, and my fingers kept slipping off her pussy lips as I tried to shave her.

Taylor had tiny little hairs on her pussy lips, and I took my time to remove them with immense care; I didn't want to hurt my baby. I continued to remove every bit of hair all around her pussy, and before long there wasn't a single hair left. I dropped the razor on the side of the tub and poured warm water onto her pussy, then rubbed it dry with one of the towels.

Her clit was pulsating slightly under the hood, almost as if it was teasing me to go and touch it. I couldn't resist any longer; I spread her soft pussy lips apart with my fingers and rubbed her clit lustfully, causing Taylor to moan uncontrollably in pleasure as her muscles began to tighten up.

"Ooh stop that!" she moaned while playfully smacking my hand away.

I was floored by the beauty of her pussy, naked and exposed. The sensual explosion of encountering something so sexy seemed irresistible, and I wanted to get my mouth on it and eat her out so bad right now.

"That looks beautiful," I said as I blew cool air onto her now immaculate pussy, causing her to leak pre-cum.

"Aww Jake you're so sweet, I love the way you treat me," Taylor purred.

"Can I taste it?" I asked.

"What!" she squeaked, "No you cannot!"

"It will bring us closer together" I said with a devilish smirk, and lowered my face down to her tight, wet pussy...


My mouth closed over her shaven pussy and I licked her bare, exposed pussy lips with my tongue; intent on getting my tongue in there and eating her out.

She tried to wriggle free but my strong hands were on her smooth thighs, firmly holding her in place. I pushed my tongue past her soft pussy lips with ease, but even though she was soaking wet I couldn't get my tongue far into her pussy; she was so tight! I realised I'm gunna have to open her up a bit before I can penetrate her, so I trailed my right hand up her thigh until I reached her little pussy. Her legs trembled and shivered as my fingers spread her luscious lips apart, opening up the entrance of her pussy.

A loud gasp emanated Taylor as I thrust my tongue deep inside her, and I lustfully explored the depths of her soaking wet pussy. She tasted desirably sweet, and I savoured the taste of her sweetness while she breathed and moaned in pleasure. Her pussy was so warm inside, like a cauldron of delicious juices and I craved for more.

“No…Jake….ohhh…no..” Taylor moaned as she tried to resist, but her attempts were feeble; her sexual desires were overcoming her.

Her moans of pleasure got louder and louder as my tongue pumped in and out of her tight pussy, and her attempts to stop me had now subsided. Instead she started to thrust her hips up and down, trying to make me lick her clit. I avoided making contact with her clit on purpose, because I know she will be begging for it soon enough.

I slowly pushed a finger into Taylor's little pussy while I continued to eat her out, and I could feel her body twitching in excitement. I plunged my finger in and out as far as I could, pleasuring her tight hole while her clit remained untouched.

"Touch me there again", I heard Taylor moan softly; she was so turned on now.

I lifted my head up from her pussy and asked her teasingly; "what do you want me to touch?"

"My... my clit", she said as passion overcame her shyness, "I want you to touch it like before Jakey".

A big evil smile crossed my face; she only called me Jakey when she wanted something really bad. It's her way of kissing up to me, and it makes me go all weak inside. I ran a finger up her slit until I reached her clit, gently touching her there.

"Ahh yes", Taylor giggled lightly, "Right there".

I lifted the hood of skin that covered her clit and put my mouth back down on her pussy. Taylor moaned my name softly as my wet tongue slowly licked her little clit, with passion gripping her body. I flicked my tongue up and down, licking fast then slow, then building back up to fast, causing her clit to swell up.

Taylor hooked her left leg over my right shoulder and reached her hands around the back of my head, pulling me closer into her.

"Mmhh", she moaned as she pushed down on my head, making my mouth press harder against her pussy, "Ahh don't stop".

I suckled on her swollen clit ravenously, sending powerful sensations of pleasure through her body as she moaned loudly in ecstasy. I mixed things up a bit with some circles around her clit and some tongue fucking of her pussy. Every suck, every lick struck Taylor to her core as she got closer to climax.

"Ooh Jake!", she exhaled my name in pleasure with her whole body convulsing, "Ahhh Jake I'm gunna cum!"

Taylor's pussy erupted in an explosive fury as her orgasm hit her, sending gushes of her hot pussy juices flowing into my mouth like a waterfall. She came all over me and swayed her sexy hips seeking my tongue for more, making her cum over and over.

I lifted my head the from the intoxicating aroma of her pussy, enjoying the lovely sight of her tight hole pulsating; gaping open and closed as she orgasmed.

"That was amazing", Taylor said as she slipped down into the tub with me and wrapped her arms around me, "I think we're close enough now".

"Not yet baby", I told her.

"What?" she asked in amazement, "We're ready to have sex Jake, what's stopping us?!"

"There's something you have to do for me first", I said with a devilish smile.

I looked down at my erect, pulsating dick, then at Taylor's beautiful mouth...


The look on Taylor's face said it all. She knew exactly what I had plotted in my devious mind, and there was no way in hell she was ever going to agree on sucking my dick.

"Don't even think about asking for that", she said before I could even say anything.

"Why not?", I asked innocently.

"Because it's wrong and gross", she snapped with a disgusted look on her face.

But I wasn't taking no for an answer. I got up from the hot water and sat on the edge of the jacuzzi, where Taylor was previously. Then I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her close to me; her mouth was close to my dick now.

"Let go of me Jake!", she commanded, obviously upset, "I'm not going through with this!"

"Hey I made you orgasm with my tongue, so you owe me", I told her like a boss.

I put my right hand behind Taylor's head and pushed her head down while she furiously resisted. Her soft cheeks and lips brushed the tip of my cock, but I couldn't get it in her mouth.

"Open your mouth baby", I said seductively.

"Jake! Stop or I'm gunna bite it!", she warned.

"Haha you like me too much to bite it", I teased.

Despite my efforts I couldn't get my dick inside Taylor's mouth, and I didn't want to hurt my baby by forcing her mouth open. I was on the verge of giving up, but then I came up with a plan. I remembered how ticklish she always is, so I put my other hand down on her stomach and started tickling her. Her mouth opened wide as she tried to fight off the laughter, and I pushed her head down onto my awaiting dick as soon as her lips parted.

I pushed Taylor's head down until about five inches of my seven inch dick was engulfed in the warmth of her wet mouth. She lifted her head inexorably in a desperate attempt to escape, and when she reached the tip of my dick I pushed her head right back down. We repeated this process so her mouth was bouncing up and down, milking my rock hard dick while I moaned in pleasure. Her hot tongue and voluptuous lips brushing against my dick felt like heaven on earth, evoking amazing sensations that I've never had before.

But then Taylor did something kinda unexpected; she opened her mouth wide open. This took all the pleasure from her lips away, and her tongue alone wasn't satisfying enough for me.

"Close your mouth baby", I insisted.

Of course I was just bluffing, I wouldn't do that to my baby. Taylor tried to say something but I couldn't understand it properly; it sounded something like 'I'm gunna bite'. But I didn't care; I just reminded her about shoving my dick down her throat and-

"Ouch!", I screamed loudly.

I looked down and saw she had bitten my dick. It was hurting obviously.

"Oh my god Jake I'm so sorry!", I heard Taylor say in a worried voice, "Are you ok baby??"

I kept my eyes closed and didn't say anything; with my dick held tightly in my hands. I heard Taylor come closer to me and I felt her hands touch mine; she was trying to move my hands away from my dick. I loosened my hands a bit and allowed her to touch me there.

"Ahh!", I cried out as her delicate hands touched the tip of my dick.

"Don't worry baby", she said soothingly, "I'll make you feel better".

I was trying to work out how she could possibly make me feel better, when suddenly I felt Taylor's luscious lips gently kiss the very top of my dick. She started to slowly move her head down, enveloping my dick inside the warm comfort of her heavenly mouth...


The tip of my dick was still hurting like hell from when Taylor bit me, but the amazing sensation of her wet tongue and lips now gently rubbing the swollen part was slowly making the pain disappear. I thought she loved me too much to bite my dick, but I guess I deserved it for making her to do something like that.

Taylor's mouth was going up and down my dick gently... very gently to avoid hurting me. I gave out a soft moan as she did so; the moan was a strong mixture of pain and pleasure. She lifted her head up and my dick slid out of her wet mouth.

"Does it hurt Jakey?", she asked with concern and and a hint of guilt.

"Only a bit", I told her, "You're making me feel so much better. Don't stop baby".

Taylor delicately grabbed my dick in her right hand and wrapped her little fingers around it, sending warm ripples of pleasure seeping through my whole body. She tightened her grip and began to move her hand up and down, making the loose skin of my dick rise and fall rhythmically.

"Mhhmmm." I moaned in pleasure.

"Oh, so you like that huh?" Taylor said, smiling at me mischievously.

"Hell yeh", I replied in ecstasy with my dick tingling in her hand, "Put your mouth back on it".

She lowered her head down again and I felt her luscious lips close around the tip of my dick, with her wet tongue licking tentatively around the head. As Taylor suckled on the tip of my dick she continued to stroke her hand up and down the length of my shaft, using her saliva as lubrication.

The pleasure was starting to completely take over the pain now, and I wanted my dick deeper inside the haven of Taylor's warm mouth. So I put my hand on her head and pushed down, making her engulf my dick deeper and deeper into her mouth. About 5 inches of me was in her mouth now, and the sudden warmth around my hard dick almost made me explode. She let my dick rest there for a bit, then she started to slowly move her mouth up and down.

“Mmm that feels so good,” I moaned as I ran my fingers through her silky hair, "Go faster now baby".

I felt like ramming my dick into her mouth and deepthroating her, but I resisted the temptation. Taylor began to move her mouth up and down my dick with steadily increasing speed, and her undulation was soon sending waves of intense pleasure all over my body.

While still bouncing her mouth on my dick she arched her neck slightly, looking up at me. Oh my god... seeing Taylor's eyes looking into mine as she sucked my dick was so hot! However, she quickly lowered her sapphire blue eyes back down; I think she felt too embarrassed to make eye contact right now. But then she did something even hotter; she moved her hand down from my dick and started touching my balls!! She fondled my balls affectionately as she sucked my dick, making me moan uncontrollably in pleasure.

The pleasure was just too much now, and I couldn't control myself anymore. I grabbed hold of Taylor by her hair and started thrusting my dick as far as I could into her mouth, until I was deepthroating her.

I wanted to continue fucking her mouth with total abandon, but I didn't want her to bite my dick like before. So I quickly let go of her hair in fear and allowed her to carry on at her own pace. Soon she was moving her mouth faster than ever, sucking my dick as hard as she could until my whole body was shaking in ecstasy; ahh I was gunna cum any second!

We suddenly heard the sound of the door handle being turned, and Taylor quickly lifted her face up from my dick. At the same time my dick erupted and the sticky white cream came pumping out, splashing hot cum all over her face and juicy boobs. The door opened and someone was standing there, with a clear view of both of us...


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