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My best friend's girlfriend CH.6

I was awakened by a different noise the next morning; running water. Kath had just switched the shower on. Sensing my opportunity, I decided to quickly wake myself up and surprise her. I moved quietly but hastily into the en-suite and peered round the shower curtain. I was treated to a magnificent sight and I joined her under the shower's hot spray.

"Good morning, beautiful" I whispered into her ear.

"I was hoping you might join me babe" she replied "I'm feeling really horny this morning".

"Me too baby" I said whilst moving my hands around her waist and slowly up her body towards her breasts. I began to plant soft kisses along her neck. Meanwhile my hands had reached her breasts and I began to simultaneously play with both her little pink nipples. They almost immediately hardened under my touch.

"Tom, I want you really bad" She moaned as she began grinding her ass and pussy against my now throbbing cock. The combination of the hot shower and the intense grinding that had started up meant we were both breathing heavily on each other's necks. The urge to slam my cock hard into her tight pussy was overwhelming. That's when I felt her open her legs slightly, inviting me in to her. "I'm on the pill" she managed to whisper between moans as she sensed my slight hesitation.

That was all the invitation I needed. I slid my rock hard cock along her soaking pussy teasing her, making her more wanton. The tip of my cock played with her swollen, sensitive clitoris. "Tom, please. I need you in me!" She begged me. This practically sent me over the edge in anticipation so I stroked my cock back along her aching pussy to the tight entrance. I proceeded to slowly move the head in so that the whole head rested just inside her. I waited a few moments to let her adjust to the size. "Oh my god Tom you feel fucking amazing" She shuddered. As I pushed my full length slowly inside her she let out a long moan "Ohhhhhhhhhh..." she cooed. Once I was fully inside her I waited a couple of moments before slowly pulling almost all the way out so that once again the head rested just inside her. "Holy Fuck Tom, smash my pussy right now. Iv'e never wanted to be filled so bad" She practically screamed as she took up a position where both her hands were up against the shower wall, her ass and pussy pointing up towards me behind her.

"Okay baby, here it comes" I grunted before pushing inside her slightly quicker this time and pulling out again. I built up this speed for a minute or so until I was at a speed which had her moaning my name constantly and the satisfying sound of my balls slapping against her ass could be heard. I had also managed to find her g-spot and I made sure every single time my cock slammed into her it made its way directly to this spot. To add to the pleasure I moved my right hand round the front of her sexy body to rub her swollen clitoris whilst my left hand moved around to pinch and tease her hard nipples. After a couple more minutes of this she was practically collapsing in pleasure so I stopped the pleasure of her nipples in order to support her around her waist, however I kept up the assault on her clit.

For the next five minutes I slammed into her at full speed until she let out a huge moan "Oh FUUUUUCK!" She moaned. "Tom i'm gonna cum! Yes.... Right there baby!!" she screamed and after smashing once more into her pussy she let out a massive scream "HOLY SHIT IM CUMMING!" And with that I felt a huge gush of liquid over my thrusting cock as she released her beautiful juices to me. This triggered my own orgasm which had been quickly building and I too let out a grunt.

"Fucking hell i'm cumming too!"

"That's it Tom fill my pussy!" She screamed. And with that I unloaded stream after stream of hot cum straight into the depths of her pulsating pussy. With both of us in a state of utter bliss we sunk to the floor and held each other with the hot shower spray washing away the stench of sex.

After about five minutes of sitting on the shower floor enjoying the warm afterglow of sex, I spoke first. "Wow baby, that was incredible" I managed to say.

"Tom i've never cum that hard before. That was just so intense" She replied. "Now carry me back to bed?" She whispered

"Of course sweetheart" I said softly. I gathered up all my remaining strength to lift her with me, turn off the shower and wrap her in a towel before carrying her over to the bed. I quickly dried her off before putting her under the covers. I then dried myself off quickly and got under the covers with her, pulling her tight against my chest.

"This is my favorite place in the world" She whispered before drifting off to sleep. I smiled and kissed her forehead before proceeding to drift back to sleep as well.

I awoke about 2 hours later and was greeted with a beaming smile. "I was watching you sleep for once" She giggled. WOW! That giggle gets me every time.

"Oh were you now? I hope I don't snore" I joked Shit, do i? i panicked.

"No, you're a peaceful sleeper Tom" She smiled.

"Ah, that's really good news" I laughed. "You know, I just thought... We are being really lazy recently"

That giggle again. "Yeah but it's okay because this has got to be the best place in the world"

"Hmm.. I'm going to have to agree with you there" I said."I've never been as happy this you know Kath? I love you"

Me neither Tom, I love you too" She replied with a smile. "But in all seriousness it's nearly midday we should get up" She added with a little laugh. Just then her phone began to ring. I stole a glance at the caller id; Cory. She looked at me with a worried look on her face but I gave her a nod and a smile to reassure her.

"Er.. Hello?" She said answering the phone. "You're what? No... don't Cory... I'm coming back home for half term in a week anyway...No I do understand but... Oh fine, when though?... In a few hours?! Jesus... Yeah fine! But Tom's going to be here we have an important project to do!" and with that she hung up. I waited a few moments before speaking.

"Are you okay baby?" I said softly.

"Yeah, it's just as you will have gathered Cory's on his way up here. He says he needs to talk in person." she seemed really worried and I could see her beginning to get upset so I pulled her into a tight embrace.

"Hey, it's alright. We will get through this and then we are in the clear completely. He probably just wants closure. It's fair enough. You know i'm here for you" Was all I could think to say.

"Yeah okay, I suppose" She said. With that news, we proceeded to get up and get ready for what was sure to be an uncomfortable encounter to say the least.

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