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My first 'frat' guy....

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I do apologise for the length of this one, but I felt that I had to include the dynamics of the situation for the whole story to really shine through! Enjoy!

I was invited to my first ever 'frat' party on a weekend not long after my first story happened. (I say 'frat' because it isn't an official one, but everyone calls it a frat anyway!) I had no idea just how wild those things get! (College is really opening my eyes to a lot of things!) I was invited because the guy from my last story — Superman…let’s call him Jared — was invited by one of the frat guys he knows. He was told to bring a friend, so he asked me. Needless to say, I was super excited…and slightly worried, because I had absolutely no idea what I should wear! I had never been to one before. It was lucky for me that Jared had. It was a pool party to celebrate the ending of the warm weather, which made me think think they were slightly crazy. I wore my favourite bikini with a long top/dress — it is in between the two. The top was made of a very sheer material, so you could see my bathers underneath. I walked over to Jared’s room to show him what I was wearing.

I knocked on his door and waited for him to answer. It took a few moments, I think he may have been asleep… when he finally answered the door, he smiled and then saw what I was wearing. He pulled me into his room and closed the door. He walked me over to his chair and he sat down. I climbed on top of him and we started to kiss. He kissed me on the lips, down my neck and onto my chest. He lifted my top over my head and kissed my chest again, after grabbing my ass! He spanked my ass and then suggested that we leave, otherwise we might never get there! So I stood up again, put my top back on and waited next to his door. While I was waiting he told me that there was a guy he wanted me to meet at the party. When he finally decided he was ready, we walked down stairs and jumped in his car.

When we arrived, we got out and walked up to the house. People started talking to Jared immediately and asking who I was. He explained that I was Alice, the one from the party. It was amazing, everyone knew instantly who I was…. haha I didn’t mind! Jared and I slowly made our way to the drinks. On the way however, I lost him in the crowd of guys that started conversations. I made it to the kitchen myself and gratefully accepted a drink from a really hot guy! We started talking and I found myself growing increasingly attracted to him. (Let’s call him…Parker.) He was very muscular, a football player. We moved out of the kitchen and started dancing to the music.

He was holding onto my waist with one hand from behind and following my movement. He started getting closer to me and moving his hand slowly down to my hips. By the time the song ended, I could feel his cock through his surf shorts. I suggested we go and get another drink and he obliged. He followed me back to the kitchen and got me another drink.

As we talked for a while longer, I had several shots of tequila and a whiskey. I was starting to feel a little tipsy when he suggested we go and dance again. We started dancing before we even got there. This time we were face to face. Parker was amazing! He knew exactly how to move to make me feel really horny. It was shortly after he was driving me wild when I spotted Jared. He made his way over, dancing through the crowd. When he saw who I was dancing with, he smiled and patted Parker on the back. He leant down to my ear and told me that this was the guy he wanted me to meet. He asked Parker if he realised who I was, and Parker said no. (I didn’t realise, but I hadn’t told him my name!) Jared told him and he smiled.

Jared asked if we wanted another drink and he went and got them. Parker and I kept dancing. Jared arrived back to find Parker and I making out. We took or drinks, I was really thirsty by this time from all of the dancing, so I downed my drink pretty fast. Both Parker and Jared just stared in amazement. I started dancing again and this time, Jared and Parker both joined in. I had Jared behind me against my ass (his favourite spot) and Parker in front. After dancing for ages, Jared leaned over to my ear and whispered that Parker and I should find somewhere a little more private, before he exploded. I hadn’t realised it, but Parker’s pants were getting extremely tight! I grabbed his hand and lead him out to the kitchen again so he could hear me when I whispered in his ear and asked if there was anywhere more private that we could go. He grabbed my hand and lead me upstairs to what I presume, was his room.

He closed and locked the door. It was pretty dark in his room, which made me feel electrified. Not knowing exactly where he was, and feeling him watching me. I felt his hand on my hip and his lips on my neck. When he touched me electric currents ran through my skin. He turned me around and pulled me against his body. He held onto my waist and kissed my neck, shoulders and chest. He lifted me up and put my ass on a table. I had no idea where in the room I was. He told me to lay down, so I did. He ran his hands over my body, he leaned over and started kissing down my stomach. When he reached my bikini bottoms, he ran one finger underneath the top, from hip to hip, and a little tingle ran through my pussy. He pulled them off and kissed from my belly button down to my clit. He held onto my hips and started to lick my pussy. It was incredible! His tongue knew exactly what to do. He flicked his tongue over my clit and he ate me out until I came. Parker then wrapped his arm around my waist and lifted me onto my feet. He asked if I wanted his cock yet. I told him that I wanted to suck it first and that it was my turn to do the work. I knelt down in front of him, un-tied his shorts and asked him to take them off on his way to go and sit on the edge of his bed and wait for me. He did as I asked and sat quietly. I slowly made my way over to him.
I grabbed onto his hair, gently, and I pulled his head back. I kissed under his chin and down his neck. He let out a little sigh. I let go of his hair and knelt in front of him, running my hands down his chest and onto his stomach. He shivered as I reached his belly button. I told him to lay back and relax, and so he did. He had the most incredible looking dick I have ever seen. (It matched his body really!) It was almost perfect. I began by licking around the head of his cock and teasing him for a while by putting just the head in my mouth. I then licked up the length of his shaft and started sucking. He wasn’t small, not by any means, so I took as much as I physically could. As I was sucking away, enjoying myself quite thoroughly, he put one hand on my head and began to pull gently at my hair. My body went into overdrive. (No one had ever done that to me before, and I liked it!) I sucked and licked his cock until he stopped me when he was about to cum. He sat up and grabbed me around the waist again and kissed me deeply.

He stood me up, turned me around and sat me onto his lap with my legs on the either side of his. I sat down on top of his cock and slowly lowered myself onto him. He reached up, underneath my bikini top and started feeling my breasts and playing with my nipples. (One of my favourite things for a guy to do while he is doing me from behind) He moaned in my ear as he started to bounce me slowly up and down. His cock felt so big in my pussy. It didn’t take long for me to reach the point of orgasm again. As he felt my pussy tightening on his dick, he bounced me faster. I could tell he was about to come by the moans he was giving me, so I tried to hold my orgasm for as long as I could. When I finally felt him starting to come, I let myself go. He pulled me down onto him as far as I would go as he moaned into my ear and his cum exploded into me. After we were finished, he slowly moved me off of him and sat me on the bed next to him. He kissed me while playing with my hair.

We cleaned ourselves up and sat on his bed and talked for a while. I was starting to feel a little tired and he offered for me to lay down on his bed while we talked. I gratefully accepted. He lay next to me and we continued to talk. After what I am sure was quite a while, there was a knock on the door. Parker yelled for whoever it was to come in. It was Jared. He was just checking to make sure everything was good because we had been gone for a long while! Parker and I both laughed and told him that everything was good, fantastic even. Parker invited Jared to sit on his bed, and he did. The three of us talked for nearly the rest of the night. We all went and got breakfast together the next morning. (we didn’t go to sleep at all. I think Parker may have dozed off at one point after I had been playing with his hair, but Jared and I were talking, so it didn’t really matter)

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