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Penny's Other Life, CHAPTER 3

Penny makes the most of her forced modeling
Penny spent the week struggling with her emotions. Every time she saw her boss, Mark, she wondered if Mr. Brown had already told him of her transgression, and she dreaded getting the call to come to his office and be fired. Once, he did call her into his office, and she arrived shaking visibly and had to quickly take a seat.

But the conversation was not about her; it was about young Phoebe, the checker at MORE4LESS. Mark was unusually inquisitive about her and asked for Penny's input on her character, whether she was reliable and whether or not she could be trusted with a confidence. Penny defended her as much as possible but was unable to determine the reason for Mark's interest.

Penny still made her daily inspections through the Y facility, but took care not to hesitate and get into any conversations with her young exhibitionist friend who might easily have quizzed her about her credit card meeting with Mr. Brown.

Penny was torn between the thrill she felt in posing and the revulsion she had for being forced into it. And, of course, the very real threat of losing her job.

The following Monday a call came for her in her office. It was Mr. Brown.

"I am going to see you tonight at 9:15, right?"

"No," she replied, "I don't really want to come."

"I have Mark on the other line right now; shall I tell him about you?"

"No, don't do that. Haven't I paid you off enough already?"

"I don't think so. I am still being hounded by my security people. They are insisting that I have that video hidden somewhere for some reason. I am still under a lot of pressure. I can expect you at the back door at 9:15?"

Reluctantly Penny agreed to be there, went home, gave herself a long, hot bath and thought about what lay ahead. Finally she arrived at a decision.

"What the hell," she thought as she soaked in the tub, "if I am forced to strip for this bastard, I might as well enjoy it."

So, she decided to dress up for the occasion. First came beads of body lotions from a row of colorful bottles. Then she put on one of her most exciting bras - the black one with the perforated material and the round cut out, lace-trimmed hole for her nipples. She chose a black garter belt and black stockings, and the smallest black thong panties with just enough material to cover her heart-shaped bush. She sat in front of the mirror and applied her make up, tidied her hair and sprayed herself liberally with perfume.

Standing up, she moved over to her full length mirror and admired the entire combination.

"Hmmm, nice try, but not exactly America's next top model," she thought as she twisted herself this way and that, looking over her shoulder to see her smoothly rounded, naked ass. "I wish I had a camera," she muttered to herself. Then, realizing what she had said, she laughed out loud at herself. She'd soon enough have an ample supply of pictures of her luscious ass!

She covered up with her regular, everyday inconspicuous clothes and set off back to the market. It was exactly 9:15 when she got there and the door opened at once. Mr. Brown led her back to his office and locked the door as usual. There were more lights on in the room this time. They were focused lights with colored gels in them, aimed towards the couch.

Mr. Brown saw her surprise at seeing the extra lights and explained that they would help make better quality photos - photos that he could sell for more on the Internet.

"Internet?" she queried anxiously.

"Don't worry," he replied, "no one will recognize you. I’ll Photoshop your face to make it completely unrecognizable."

Penny was not at all sure about that and the photoshoot started off in a most tentative manner. Mr. Brown had to go to tedious lengths to persuade her to remove even the first of her outer garments. But as soon as the lingerie began to appear, a subtle change occurred. Soon it was Penny again who was controlling the action, offering his camera the angles that she loved to exhibit. She even suggested changes in the lighting and she chastised Mr. Brown for not having a better couch.

"You can't expect a beautiful woman to pose on a tacky couch like this!" she declared.

"Ah yes," he retorted, "but don't forget you are a slut!"

"If I'm a slut, then I'll behave as a slut," she thought to herself, and far from being insulted, Penny took it as a challenge to pose more provocatively. Soon she noticed Mr. Brown's face beginning to perspire and, glancing down, a bulge begin to appear in his pants. Penny's motivation now moved from self indulgence and self absorption to one of seduction - fascinated as she was to see what this large black man's cock looked like. She had heard about the reputation black men had, but never imagined she'd find herself in a situation that actually offered her a chance to find out if it were true.

The next time he came close, she reached out and grabbed his cock through his trousers.

"What are you doing?" he yelled as he sprang backwards, but Penny held on tight, would not let him go, and brought her other hand up to grab his balls as well.

"Oh my God!" she remarked huskily, "you are enormous! I've got to see what you look like!"

She pushed Mr. Brown back into a chair and, before he could object, began to unbutton his fly. She reached inside, pushed his underwear aside, and grabbed his tool. Her fingers couldn’t begin to make it all the way round. Mr. Brown was shocked into silence as she undid all the buttons and tried to loose his cock, but it wasn't until she undid his belt and opened up his entire front that she could get the length of it out into the open.

It was uncircumcised and huge. His balls hung way below and were equally massive. She gasped and he groaned. When her fingers began to trace patterns on his cock and her nails began to scratch his balls, his manhood twitched and thickened even more, hardening into a rigid truncheon. All the blood must have drained from his brain to fill his heavy genitals because he lay back in a stupor, his eyes rolling back in their sockets.

Slowly Penny pulled back his foreskin and licked the end of his night stick. A great sigh came from his chest as Penny attempted to put her mouth around the head. It could not be done. But she licked and tickled and pulled and pumped his shaft as deeply satisfied moans slipped out of his mouth.

"What are you doing?" demanded Penny. "Take pictures! I want copies too."

He reached for the camera and began shooting again, her face mostly hidden behind his great cock.

"Don't stop when you cum," she ordered. "I want a money shot!"

It wasn't long before Penny felt the contracting in his balls, and she pumped faster until great gobs of sperm flew across the floor in pulsating streams and landed on the couch.

"Did you get that?" she asked.

"I don't know, maybe," he responded weakly.

"Same time next Monday?" she asked breezily, as she threw on her street clothes and left the room while Mr. Brown was still sitting, breathing heavily in the chair with his pants around his ankles, recuperating.

The story continues in Penny’s Other Life, Chapter 4.
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