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Southbound Car

Josh and I could barely stand the distance between each other.
When I was 15, I met the love of my life, Josh, and now, at 18, we're still together. It started as a fling when my family was vacationing near Cape Cod. I was the strange sounding, tall, sexy southern girl and he was the super hot Dominician guy who just happened to find my accent crazy cute. I can understand why I got automatically wet seeing him, but what did he see in me? I wouldn't really find out until I turned 18 and moved up to Boston.

We had decided to drive down to Alabama, where my family lives, for Thanksgiving break. I never told Josh that the vibrations and feel of the road always turned me on, but I had a feeling he knew. We had been talking and he said he really wanted to give anal, jokingly, I had replied that he could fuck my ass all day if he wanted to.

"Are you serious?" he asked me. "Baby I'm serious if you are," by now I was so horny from the feeling of the road that I didn't care what we did as long as we fucked. I needed him to fuck me like I needed oxygen. He smiled at me before turning his attentions back to the road. Disappointed, I turned away from him and tried to fall asleep. This was to no avail. Around 2 a.m., he pulled off the highway and into a teeny town somewhere in Virginia. I thought we needed gas, but then realized we'd filled up an hour ago. I turned to him and asked why we'd stopped.
"Baby, I need to fuck you right now." I looked at his lap, sure enough, he had a raging hard on. I smiled and began to work my magic, kissing him while unbuckling his pants. I slowly reached down and freed his dick, which stood straight up like a soldier at attention- my own personal little soldier. I began to rub the lenght of him, the swollen purple head already leaking as I teased him. He stifled a moan in our kisses, his dick screaming for more than my hand around it. He began to undo my shirt and bra, allowing him full view of my perky 36Cs. I smiled, still jacking him off as he took one of my mounds into his mouth, softly sucking and biting on them. He repeated this more rapidly on the other before I decided to push him to the brink. I licked my lips an then licked his slit, his cum tasted amazing. As I took his entire member in my mouth, I teasingly flicked my tongue and swirled it around the shaft. I then began to bob up and down, sucking hard on his delicious dick. He grabbed my head and began to push down hard. He remembered that I still like to be dominated and started to take control, using his free hand to push my pants and panties off. I was glad I'd worn the cute little lacey thong Kursten decided to buy me because "they were so cute and the someone with a sex life should so have them ". He slid his finger into my folds, teasing me like I had teased him. I should have known better. He began to rim to outside of my cunt with a finger, before putting it in slightly, then slipping three fingers in. I let out a moan, which was muffled by his dick in my mouth. He let out a moan, and you could tell he was about to cum.
"Fuck! I'm cumming!! I'm cumming!!" and he did, a huge load shooting into my mouth as he said it. I swallowed ever drop. He was that yummy. He pulled his fingers out of me, I thought I was going to get more than that and disappointedly sighed. He climbed over the seat, pulling me with him as he did. He flipped me on my back and then pushed me into a sitting position. He pulled my legs apart so e could have a better view of my gloriously shaved pussy. His icey blue eyes were filled with lust as he dove into my pussy, licking the lenght of it before sucking softly on my clit. I was dizzy with excitement. He released my clit and began to flick his tongue in and out of me. I moaned, this was my second favourite part. He was skilled and could make me cum quickly, which is what was about to happen. I tried to hold back the climax, but I couldn't. I was moaning and then screamed.
"Fuck baby! I'm fucking cumming!!" and as my orgasm sent me into shutters, he licked up every inch of me like I was his personal lollipop.

I couldn't wait much longer. I wanted his dick in my cunt and his blood in my mouth. He could read my mind, and pulled me down a little farther so we could get what we both wanted. He rimmed my hole, probing before pushing his huge cock into me, I softly cried out (i was still tight) before ajusting to the rythmic slamming of his cock in my pussy. He lowered his neck to my mouth, still slamming into me. I never wasted time, and began to bite his neck, breaking the skin quickly with my razor sharp teeth. He moaned, he loved it.
"Mmm, god, Jess, bite me harder."
"Like that?" I asked, biting down harder, swirling my tongue and drinking every drop of his sweet life blood. I couldn't handle it anymore, the feeling of him in me and the sweet blood, I could feel myself building. This time, he yelled out that he was cumming. I wanted to feel him explode into me.
"Don't pull out!" I screamed at him, and he obeyed, letting himself cum inside me. It sent me over the edge and I came too. He pulled out and kissed me.
"I love you," he said.
"You're not spent are you?" I asked innocently. He smiled and said not yet, that he still wanted to fuck me in to ass. Now I have a nice ass, decent size and quite firm. He took the combination of our cum and coated his dick. He started to push in slowly.
"Harder," I moaned. This was better than I thought. He began to fuck me harder, this hole only a little bit tighter than my pussy. He began to pound into me, his balls slapping the base of my ass. He grunted and god did he feel good. He was so fucking good, I began to cum again in unison with him, he pulled out and exploded in my mouth. I drank him down once again.
"I love you too, Baby." I told him. He smiled and kissed me. We fell asleep in the back seat my car.

My friends back home loved Josh and my family gave him there approval. He asked me to marry him Thanksgiving day and we've been planning the wedding ever since. No one knows about Virginia except for us.
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