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Summer Theater

A story of one of my most enjoyable acting parts i shall never forget

Summer Theater

                        By Rough Riding Tender Cowboy


      It was full dress rehearsal for the actors and actresses at the local theater, in preparation for the summer outdoor pageant.   The stock panels had been removed in order that we could use the lights and bleachers of the local rodeo grounds.   The setting was an Indian village located on the prairies of Dakota Territory in the early 1800’s.   The play centered on the life of the Plains Indian and the early settlers enduring the hardships of the time.   The director was the local historian and a bitch for detail, especially detail of each and every prop and costume.   I think the old biddy must have lived back then.

I had auditioned and received the part that I wanted as the son of the great Indian Chief and I had spent countless hours in the sun and working out so every tanned muscle of my hard body would ripple as the strong young Indian brave.   There was a method in my madness, as the leading lady, a super hot red head had caught my eye and I wanted to be her leading man.   Her name was Kathryn and she played he part of an Irish immigrant’s daughter traveling across the country to become a school teacher in the new frontier.    Her long flowing red hair was tied tightly in a bun and the frontier dress with at least 6 petty coats and a corset that had her tied in so tight it totally concealed her gorgeous body.   I had always seen her in rehearsal in street cloths before, this was so different.   When the young braves brought her to me as the spoils after the massacre of her family and threw her at my feet, her hair fell from the bun and dress was accidentally torn exposing a butterfly tattoo over her left breast.   I could not believe how aroused it made me seeing her at my feet pleading for her life.   Matter of fact I entirely forgot my lines till I heard the old biddy scoff at me. The rest of the play went well as far as I was concerned, although the director that was an impossible bitch to please remarked that we had better put a lot more effort into our performance before the live audience this weekend then we had in dress rehearsal.

It was nearly 10:30 pm as I pulled the breaker turning off the arena lights.    I was sure every one had headed back to town for some beer and pizza. As my eyes quickly adjusted to the full moon light evening I made one more visual scan across the area.   Remembering I had left my street cloths in one of the teepees I went back for them.   As I approached the main teepee I thought I heard a voice, I stopped and listened for just a minute as I heard Kathryn practicing her lines.   I peeked into the teepee to see a moon lit silhouette on her knees on a buffalo skin rug that was used as one of the props. My moccasins moved quietly as I stepped in front of her, and in a deep low tone recited my line “and what will the white woman do for my people if I choose to spare you?”

Tears flowed from her cheeks as she answered “It is not your people I choose to please but it is you oh great one. Spare me and I shall be your princess love slave forever. My life shall be devoted to satisfying you in more ways than you have ever dreamed possible.”

  These were not the lines from the play! Yet I quickly understood what was happening. What I did not understand was how aroused I had become almost immediately upon seeing her on her knees pleading for attention.

“I shall spare you and I shall call you Butterfly. No brave will be allowed to cast his eyes upon you as you shall be my chosen squaw.”

Her tear filled green eyes looked up at me as her fingers tugged at my buckskin loin cloth.   “Allow me to please you now, oh great one” she softly whimpered.

My natural instinct was to take her into my arms and comfort her, yet I knew that that was not what she had in mind.    It was time for me to put on the best impromptu performance of my life.   Moving forward, I came to stand above her. Looking down at her tear-stained face, my mind racing with the possibilities, I commanded her to remain where she was as I considered her means of pleasing me. “Woman do you feel worthy of my attentions?” I growled softly.

“Oh my master, I’m not sure this woman is worthy, but this woman will do her best to make her master happy in all ways.”

“Woman! Are you versed in the ways of pleasing a Man such as my self?”

  “Great Chief I have little experience in the ways of men and women but I shall   be more than willing to attempt any act   that you desire of this woman,” bowing her head she sat there before me a picture of total submission.

  And with that she began to again tug at my loin cloth, finally she managed to release the leather ties holding it in place. My totally erect manhood sprang forth to her gaze, her tongue slid out to moisten her lips as she gazed on me.   Her small hands reached up and softly began to massage my strong hard cock.

“No woman!   I must know if your body is worthy of my attention before your lips are allowed to please me,” I growled as I pushed her hands away.   

Her head bowed as her eyes looked downward she slowly rose from her knees and stood before me as she slowly began to disrobe.   Her hands shook as she moved buttons though holes, tugging the sleeves free she let the dress fall to the floor of the teepee. Like peeling an onion, layer after layer of petticoats followed the dress to the ground. At last she stood clad only in the corset and long stocking.

My breath was almost at a stand still as I watched her tug at the laces binding her into it.   Finally with a great pull the ties burst spilling her magnificent breasts into the moon light, the large areolas tipped with delicate coral nipples shown with a light all their own.   As my eyes followed further down her body, I took in the sight of her beautiful shaven pussy. My God this was even better than I had ever expected. Raising her leg to remove one of the long stockings I was able to see the moisture shimmering on the swollen lips of her pussy. My heart pounded in my chest as the animal lust I was now feeling griped my inner soul.

  Finally naked as God made her, she stood before me head bowed.

  “Oh Great Chief Sir I hope the body I have now revealed for your pleasure is worthy of pleasing you in everyway?” Her face turned up at me, her eyes somber as she awaited my decision.

I nodded my approval as I took her face in my hands and brought her lips to mine forcing my tongue past her hot lips tasting her.   Sliding my hands down over her soft shoulders I cupped her firm breasts, scissoring her hard nipples between my fingers.   I felt her nails carefully slide down my shaven chest as her lips followed.   Her tongue wiping over my hardened nipples then leaving a moist trail down my stomach as she slowly withered to her knees.  

“Now Master?   May I please you now?”   She softly begged.

My fingers tangled in her flowing red hair, I guided her toward me showing my approval.

Her fingers griped my hard cock as they slid along the length. Her tongue slipped out to taste the pre-cum gathering on the tip of my engorged cock. Swirling her tongue across the head, she brought her mouth down further on the shaft. Sucking me in deeper with every motion of her mouth, she slid my cock in smoothly all the way to the base. Groaning now as the sweet wetness of her mouth did its magic on my swollen member, I could barely keep my thoughts together. Sliding her mouth slowly from base back to tip, she began a rhythm on my cock that I had never felt before. Her hands soft and warm against my balls as she stroked them, fingers tickling the skin at the base of my balls teasing me to distraction, I could feel the cum rising in my shaft as I came closer and closer to the time of ejaculation. Thrusting my hips against her mouth I began to moan as hot cum flooded her wanting, sucking mouth. Pumping shot after shot of cum into the back of her throat; she swallowed and sucked even harder not wanting to miss any of it. Finally spent and a little dazed, I withdrew my cock from her mouth. Eyes shining up at me in satisfaction, she settled back on her heels and watched my face for signs of approval.    Closing my eyes I moaned my approval as I felt as if all the energy of entire body and soul had been drained over her luscious lips.   My legs quivered in weakness as I opened my eyes looking down to see her rubbing her swollen pussy with her fingers. I let myself drop to my knees as I took her in my arms and laid her quivering body down.   She was ripe and my body was so spent but I wanted to taste her sweetness on my lips.   My fingers found her wanting pussy, wet and swollen, and they slid in easily as my lips tugged at her breasts.   My finger sliding in and out of her wetness and up over her clit as I felt her legs spread even wider raising herself to my touch.   Her moans became louder as I softly bit her hard nipples and rubbed her swollen clit.   My lips moved over her body like an animal feasting on its prey until my face covered her hot wanting cunt.   My powerful fingers dug into her hips pulling her tighter to my face as I dined on her succulent sweet juices.   The sweet fragrance of her womanly lust oozing from her body filled my head as I licked harder and faster rolling my tongue over her clit and softly nibbling.   My tongue would dart deep into her pussy and back to her clit as I ravished her beautiful body.   I felt her fingers in my hair pulling my face tighter against her as her moans became louder and louder...   I could feel her hot body tighten and throb each time she orgasmed against my mouth. With each climax the juices of her pussy would become hotter and sweeter to my taste driving me to gorge my self on her honey.   I looked up to see a trickle of crimson blood coming from her lip where she had bitten her lower lip so hard to keep from screaming out.   My face wet with her juices and a burning in my groin from my cock that once again had grown hard and erect and yearned to be deep inside of her.   I took her in my arms and rolled her to her tummy as she raised her ass to me pulling her knees under herself.   I felt the wet head of my cock brush against her firm ass as I guided it to her pussy.   I rubbed the precumm covered head of my swollen cock against her swollen clit, and slapped it hard against her clit letting the precumm spray against her tummy.   Each time I would feel her push back and rise to me each time with her offering.   I guided the throbbing head of my cock just inside of her swollen pussy lips rubbing it up and down until I could no longer stand it.   Reaching up grabbing a hand full of red hair I drove my manhood deep and hard into her.   I held it deep feeling her strong muscles grip me for a few seconds.   Slowly drawing back to loves open door, I began stroking slow long strokes gaining speed with each thrust.   Her rhythm meeting my every stroke as the pace quickened.   I could feel my balls slapping her clit as the sound of our bodies crashing together filled the air.    I felt her wetness against my balls as her body jerked as she climaxed again, her pussy gripping at my cock trying to milk it dry.   As she climaxed over and over I felt her weaken beneath me.   The sting of my hand against her tight ass reminder her that she had not completed pleasing me as she bucked back hard against me.  

“Take me Master my body is yours!”   “Fuck me!” “Fuck me till your seed fills me!” she bawled.  

I reached around grabbing one of her breast massaging it as I drove my cock in and out with reckless abandonment.   My ribs beginning to ache as I wondered if I had any seed left as only a short hour ago she has sucked me dry.

Sweat poured from my chest and fore head dripping over her back as she screamed pressing her face into the buffalo hide as she climaxed once again.   A climax like I had never felt before rocked me as her pussy flooded my cock and balls with her wetness spraying on me.   Instantly my cock exploded like never before jumping and throbbing as if it were pumping all of my insides into her pussy.

I struggled to find the energy to keep my weight from collapsing on her as I rolled to one side taking her in my arms holding her close to me.   “Butterfly such a precious butterfly” I whispered as I softly kissed her forehead.   As she went to speak I softly placed a finger against her lips and shook my head no, and as we lay together in the warm night air of our teepee warped in each others arms.  

      Morning rays of sunbeams painted the eastern horizon as we awoke still wrapped together.   After a short exchange of smiles and soft morning kisses we hastily dressed. “I’ll buy breakfast” I said as we walked hand in hand to the parking lot.   “I’ll furnish the towels for a shower at my place after breakfast” she said with a smile.     Then with a twinkle in her eye, she added “I hear they are doing the Broadway play Best Little Whore House in Texas this fall in the down town theater have you ever thought about being a Sheriff in a small town with a whore house and a red head?”            



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