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That first night back together

Long distance relationship coming back together for an interesting visit.
I couldn't believe it. My parents actually allowed this to happen. If they only knew what her and me did when she lived here. Both of us being 20 years old now, they should have known, right? Months ago I meet this amazing girl, Anastasia, and we started to fool around whenever and wherever we could. Cars, my bedroom, her bedroom, outside, just wherever. Well she moved away and we kept in touch and fooled around on webcam every once in awhile. We decided that the sex we were having with each other was worth something to us. If either of us had the money to visit we would.

I had talked to my parents about how she would visit, my mother allowing her to stay in our guest bedroom if she ever were to visit. I thought my mother was just saying that at the time. As a month or two flew by, I had gotten a job and starting saving up some money. I hit that lucky number in my saving account and told Anastasia the good news. She was overjoyed and couldn't wait to start packing. I only needed to confirm with my parents that it would be able to work and she would be able to stay at our house.

My parents said everything was cool. I smirked when I told Anastasia the great news and we knew something was definitely going to happen during her stay. I told her we should probably keep it cool while my parents were home and just wait till they were at work to fool around. She agreed, for now...

As she got here, I picked her from the airport and spent the day together, just catching up on not seeing each other in awhile. As the day started growing to night we went back home to relax and get her settled in for her stay. My parents were home but had to work tomorrow so they were about to go to bed. It was kind of late and had been a long day for Anastasia and I so we decided to call it a night and went to our rooms, which were right next to each other. With my parents in their room on the other side of the house, and the guest room and my room right next each other the house grew quiet.

As I was lying down to go to bed I felt something stirring in my pants. My cock knew Anastasia was here and wanted to play, but I decided not to try anything till tomorrow. In the mean time, I pulled down my shorts and let my cock breathe, slowly stroking it. A little too into what was in my hands, I didn't notice my bedroom door open and a dark figure come into the room. As I opened my eyes from the sensations I realized what was happening...Anastasia was in my room, with nothing but a towel covering her body. As she came closer she dropped the towel revealing her gorgeous breasts to me.

My jaw dropped as she reached over and took my cock out of my hand and started to stroke it. Slowly she went working my cock up and down. She then let the tip touch her lips and slowly took it all into her mouth. As she was sucking my cock, I pulled her closer to the bed and reached behind her to play with her pussy. Rubbing her clit back and forth, I knew she was wanting something as my hand became very wet. I had her deepthroat my cock for a minute then pulled her off of my cock. I stood up off the bed and pulled her off with me. I passionately kissed her and while doing so turned her around so her great ass was touching my cock. I then broke the kiss bent her over the bed, rubbed her pussy a bit then slowly guided my cock in. She moaned as it slid into her, and right as I hit the end I slowly took it out. Back and forth entering her pussy slowly, she was getting anxious and I could tell. I pushed her chest onto the bed a little bit more and started to pick up the pace. My cock was now fucking her pussy so hard and fast, I was surprised my parents didn't wake from the sound of our bodies clashing together.

She started to moan a little bit louder than I wanted so I took my cock out of her pussy and turned her back around. I picked her up and took her to the blank wall in my room. I placed her back up against the wall and then held her with one arm as I placed my cock back inside her sweet pussy. I began to fuck her as hard as possible and kiss her at the same time as to keep her from making so much noise. I could tell she was about to cum soon as she was too into my cock and not focused on the kissing.

"I want you to cum inside me," she said, " I need to feel your warm cum inside me." I didn't argue with her at all and felt that both of us were about to explode. Before I knew it she was starting to cum and I drove into a deep kiss as I thrusted one last time into her pussy. I began to cum as she was still going. As we both started to settle down, I brought us both back onto the bed and we asleep there, forgetting completely that we were sharing a house with my parents who did not know about our sexual relationship.

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